2017-02-28 Thats Not How Justice Works

Poison Ivy

Batgirl had arrived at Arkham not long after it was reported that Pamela had escaped. She crouched atop the top of the building's front facing wall, peering down at the police as they congregated outside the Asylum and spoke to members of the facility's staff, taking statements and such.

When the police had left, Batgirl had gone inside through access on the building's roof and she made her way to the cell that Pamela had been staying inside of. Using technology in her armor to disrupt the cameras of the Asylum, the caped woman stood at the mouth of the cell unkonwn to any of the facility's staff. She scanned Pameala's room with her glowing white eyes and started her investigation into how Pam escaped and where she might've gone, hoping to find any clues with the highly advanced systems inside of her suit.

First and foremost…the room 'stinks' from body odor. It smells like a football team were in from the game and left hours ago, and no one bothered to clean up. Must be Poison Ivy's old pheromones that were in the cell while she was there.

Second, the room is quite clean. Immaculate one might say, except for the pile of grass near a table….

Batgirl move to the center of the cell and she simply let her glowing white eyes scan the interior, carefully looking everything over. Eventually she'd come to settle on the pile of grass and then would move toward it.

The woman in the black/gold armor would crouch and extend a gold gauntleted hand toward the pile of grass where she'd move to pick a sample of the flakes up and draw them up to her nose to give them a quick sniff, curious to know if this was the source of the stench in the cell.

It's easy to determine that it was the source of the stench in the cell. Also, if Batgirl picks up any of the grass, it crumbles in her hand….like it had dried up a long time ago. If she scans it with her equipment, it's not hard to find out that it was the only purpose…to make the orderlies think she was still there.

There is, however, something under the table….it looks like a flash drive….

Batgirl watched the grass fade away from her armored hand and she exhaled softly before her glowing white eyes looekd over and spotted the small item under the table. The glow of her eyes deactivated and Barbara's blue pupils were visible now instead. She moved toward the table and put her hand beneath it to slide the drive out and up, turning it over in her palm she'd look the small item over, turning it slowly around in her fingertips.

The drive is seemingly ordinary, something to plug into a usb drive to watch upon a video player or some sort. Upon the piece of tape, it reads 'for the bats'……..

Batgirl would stand there-after and make her way out of the cell and Arkham as a whole. Once back outside, she landed on her armored feet upon the cold concrete of a random alley in the Narrows and walked toward the lightly armored 'sport model' of the Batmobile. Within moments, Batgirl had ascended the car and dropped inside of its open canopy.

From within the closed canopy of the Batmobile's cabin, Batgirl slipped the drive into the vehicle's onboard computer system and she activated whatever was held within its databank.

On her way out, batgirl would find Ivys point of escape….the ventilation system. She apparently used a home-made acid to break open the grate and get out….a long time ago.

Once inside of the batmobile, and the flash drive is plugged in, playback auto-executes.

Upon the monitor, Pamela stands back from the screen and sighs. "I know the orderlies won't find this, but I know the bats will. The batS….plural. Batman, Robin, Nightwing, or Batgirl. Once my little decoy has worn off…you'll be there. So, let me make this clear….I don't want to be found. Not by the bats, not by the criminal empires….anyone. I just want to go back to a normal life….as normal as it can be like this. I do know my first few years when Pamela Isley disappeared and I became Poison Ivy, I wasn't exactly the most fun person in the world. I thought I had a reason, when that professor experimented upon me. If I encounter him again…..I will kill him. And hopefully…only him in the process. No one should have to be experimented upon like that. So I'm going to ask that you don't find me, or at least, when you do, leave me be. UNless you need a botanist and toxicologist, then I'll try and help."

"For now, I just want to try and move past what has happened to me, and I think seeing one of the bats is only going to hinder me, rather than help me. I know I'll see you again, Bats, or one of your team. You don't give up. But….you should know that….I'm trying."

She then starts to reach for the recorder, before she stops herself. "One more thing. Whoever's listening tot his…..there will be three missing orderlies in Arkham. They're dead. All of them. They decided I was too good looking to pass up, so they tried to rape me. Too stupid to read my sheet to know that my kiss could kill them, but their pants going down was the biggest hint. They didn't even back off when my turned my skin green, so…..that's what happened. They'll be off the souteast shore of the Asylum."

"Until next time….hopefully it won't be soon." Ivy then blows a kiss to the recorder, and turns it off…..

About halfway through the recording's playback, two Homeless men had approached the Batmobile and were both drunk as can be. They were walking around it and tapping on the vehicle to try to get the attention of 'The Batman, man!' inside of it. It was mildly distracting, but Barbara was focusing her sky blue eyes upon the screen and watching Ivy's message.

When the message concluding, Batgirl pressed a few additional buttons and then spoke.

"Alfred?" She said into the Car's comm system while the two homeless men were tapping a metal pole against the top of the vehicle's canopy.

"Yes, ma'am?" Alfred's voice spoke back in proper English tones.

"Contact the GCPD, let them know that there's four dead employees from Arkham Asylum on its southeastern face, likely near the water's edge."

"Right away, ma'am." Alfred responded.

"I'm sending you the footage that Ivy recorded, lets find out if there's any hidden clues inside of it." Barbara would pause then. "I'm headed home."

From outside the Batmovile, the bums were laughing and having a great time. One of them went to unzip his pants in preparation of relieving himself on the car, when its engines suddenly came on and its headlights FLASHED to life. Both homeless men fell backward and landed on their butts in the alley.

The armored vehicle shot forward and raced down the alleyway toward the nearby street.


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