2017-03-01 Mona the Merc


Late evening, or early morning, depending on your particular preferred label, and Mona is perched on a rooftop not far from one of the Gotham mob businesses. She's got some high tech binoculars up to her eyes as she looks down on whatever business is going ong

Batgirl usually worked until dawn out on the streets, at least when she didn't have to get some well needed rest since she worked herself to near-exhaustion out on Gotham's streets at night.

With the sun rising in the east, Batgirl was on her way toward finishing out for the night when she discovered the strange unknown figure in that of Mona, perched upon a building.

Approaching from behind, the woman in the black and gold armored suit also perched on the edge of a ledge, about twenty feet behind Mona's position, up upon some old metal scafolding left to rust atop the building.

Batgirl would stare at Mona for a few moments before she'd simply, clear her throat, to announce herself.

"something I can do for you?" the mask wearing Mona says softly, having some kind of voice changer on her throat to adjust how she sounds, slightly alectronic buzz to it. The person isn't right behind her from the sound so Mona isn't all that concerned yet.

Batgirl heard the response and she dropped off of the ledge and landed on the roof of the building that Mona was upon. Standing at her full height now, she kept her blue eyes upon Mona and walked slowly toward her, but she stopped about ten feet away now, her armored hands resting at the sides of either of her armored thighs.

"You can let me know why you're perched on this roof, dressed like a thief… scouting like a thief…" Batgirl said. She had voice modulation on her suit as well, but she wasn't using right now, leaving her voice normal in her every-day pitch and tone.

"Which you're doing too," Mona says with amusement, lowering the binoculars for a moment to look over at Batgirl. "Well hello gorgeous," she says, green eyes clearly sweeping over Batgirl.

With her black and gold cape gently swaying in the cold air, as well as her wealth of red hair that poured out of the back of her mask/helmet… Batgirl's blue eyes just glared a bit harder toward Mona when she heard the woman's words upon seeing her. She'd heard far worse than that, every night, in fact. The comments she got out of the men and women that she apprehended were quite terrible in-fact.

"I am a protector of this city." Batgirl replied, armored hands still at her sides. "I am not a thief." She added, another small pause lingering then and there. "What about you?" She asked.

"Do I have any stolen goods?" Mona asks as she looks down at the mob locale again. "If you want to get technical, right now I'm a mercenary," Mona muses as she makes mental notes as the guard shift below changes

"I do not knwo if you have any stolen goods on you or not." Batgirl said lightly as she stood there motionless.

"You do seem a bit young to be a mercenary, however." She said then. "You're scouting out one of the headquarters of known crime lord Paulie Fortune… who… has a lot of very well armed employees that have no problem killing those that cross them." Was that a warning or a bit of helpful advice?

"I'd strongly recommend you not tread on their territory."

"Meh, heard that before," Mona says as she looks down at the group, putting the binoculars in a pouch on her belt. She moves back from the ledge to lean against an air conditioning unit, "So, do you have a name I can call you?" Mona asks curiously, cocking her head to the side, right hand coming up to brush her black bangs out of her eyes

Overly confident youth in Gotham City? It was business as usual, it would seem!

The armored woman didn't really react at all, and hasn't really moved since she'd initially approached and stopped walking. "Batgirl." She told Mona. A name she'd given to herself as a joke originally, during a costumed gala event that had later lead to a life changing direction.

"This city is plagued with crime, you see, and my family and I assist the Police Department in stopping it." A little further backstory for Mona's sake. "I assume that you're a New Worlder… I do not want to have to find you dead in our city, because you came to it unprepared for what you'd find."

"Hmm, Batgirl, huh? Maybe I should jsut call you Red. 'Batgirl' just doesn't seem right for someone beautiful," Mona says with her normal lame attempts at flirting. "Yeah, about that. How come you're calling me a New Worlder when you're the New Worlder," she muses with a smirk.

Batgirl's armored forearms moved upward and they folded across her covered stomach. She eyed Mona. The redheaded caped crusader was used to men hitting on her, of any age, and the occassional woman of older ages… but never a teenage girl. That was new to her, not that she was that much older than Mona really.

"Because you're in 'my' world right now." She replied to Mona's question. "And in my world, you're the new one… so please, do us both a favor and don't get yourself killed."

"I'm not a complete idiot. I do know how to protect myself," Mona replies with a small chuckle. "think it's safe to say though that it's 'our' world now. Don't think there's any chance of it going back to the way it was before.

Batgirl stared at the other. "I do not think that you are an idiot." She replied to her. "But I do think you're placing yourself into dangers that need not be placed into." Another pause then as she kept staring.

"What is your job here?" She asked. "If you are mercenary, then you were hired. What were you hired to do?"

"To recover some things stolen from the contractor after the worlds merged," Mona says as she looks at the redhead. "it's nice that you seem concerned though."

"Its my duty to be concerned." Batgirl said in response to Mona's last statement.

"Let me do the work for you." She offered then. "I know this gang's ins-and-outs and its likely that I can get whatever it is you are after without causing a body count to rise." She stood there and stared with her arms crossed over her protected stomach area.

Mona pulls a collapsed escrima stick from her belt and flicks her arm, extending it. "Other than a pair of these, some knives, and a taser, I don't really have anything to cause a body count," the young woman says, using her other hand to push the stick back into its collapsed position and back on her belt

Batgirl showed a very faint smirk across her unpainted lips to Mona's words. "I'm more worried about the count of bodies being one, and it being yours." She walked toward the younger girl then, her armored boots were crunching rocks on the roof's top that they occupied together.

Once at the ledge of the building, Batgirl's blue eyes looked down at the complex that Mona had been staking out. "What. Was stolen?" She asked then, her eyes now going over to Mona again. "Weapons? Narcotics? … people?" The last one was asked with a bit darker undertones.

Mona moves to the ledge next to Batgirl, looking down. "An encrypted hard drive with some very dangerous weapon plans on it. Though incomplete and encrypted, they shouldn't be in the hands of that lot," Mona says as she looks over the mob guards moving about in predictable patterns.
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Batgirl listened to this and allowed her eyes give another look to the building. It seemed mostly empty and quiet tonight but one of the many windows was illuminated by a light within, it would appear to be likely where an office inside the place was located.

"Who's hands are the plans supposed to be in the hands of?" She asked, apprehensive about hearing of plans for a dangerous weapon… just what the world needed more of.


"The person who was designing it for the military," Mona says as she watches the building. "In the hands of the military, it has a chance of being used for an intended purpose. In the hands of that lot? lots of people will die because they'll remove the 'less lethal' aspect of the design."

Batgirl didn't seem terribly pleased with these revelations. She had a flat expression upon what parts of her face could be seen beneath her cowl. "Well." She said after a few silent moments. "I will go and get them." Her blue eyes went to Mona. "I would prefer it if you stayed here, however." Part of her was expecting the younger Mercenary Thief to argue this request, though.

"What's in it for me to stay here rather than going to recover the drive?" Mona asks as she looks at Batgirl. "and assurances that you won't try to be obnoxious and try to keep the drive from me."

Batgirl gently tipped her head toward the right and then smirked every so softly at Mona's response. "I don't really offer 'deals' in these sorts of things. The way this generally works is there's either a fight, or there's not a fight." She told the younger one. "In your case, I would enjoy there not being a fight."

"Well I have no intention of going back without that drive," Mona says as she looks into Batgirl's eyes.

Batgirl showed a more open smirk at Mona. "I'm not going to just hand it over without a little more confirmation about where its going to end up." She told the younger girl. "Perhaps I will go with it to give it to whomever you're delivering it to." She offered that suggested outcome. "If it is as important as you say it is, we should ensure it does indeed end up in the 'right' hands, afterall. Yes?"


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