2017-03-02 What Lies in the Dark (Merger Plot)
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
2017 03 02
Players: Diana Prince / Stephen Strange
GMed by Stephen Strange
Title: What lies in the Dark

Finally, Stephen gets a chance to investigate the new portions of this earth after all the turmoil of meeting River, trainning Jenny and Megan, the Sorcerer Supreme is doing something he genuinely enjoys: Learning. Wearing his outlandish mystic robes and cloak, the doctor descends the stairwell down into the subway system, the cape giving a bit of a flourish as it is a showman if nothing else. Thankfully this time of night there aren't too many folk about so there's few eyes on the wizard as he reaches the platform near the subway train and waits for the doors to close and depart.

Diana Prince didn't often take the public transportation system, but she needed a night away from glitz and glamour and she needed a night out on her own. As such, the wonderous woman was in street clothes. Slim fit black jeans, black boots that went up to her knees and were heeled with quite tall heels. She had a black leather jacekt on her upper body and a black tightly snug sweater beneath it. Her black hair was tied up into a bun atop the crown of her head and she had gold-hoop earings dangling from the small lobes of her ears.

She too, was waiting for the subway train, and she too boarded it at nearly the identical moment that Doctor Strange entered… and her sky-blue eyes went toward him, observing his interesting attire.

She was a tall woman, lithe but fit looking, and with those heels on she was heasily 6'4 to 6'5 even. Her face was that of a super model, her stare was sharp and strong.

Eventually she spoke, voice laced with a thick Greek accent. "Street performer?" She asked him, curious as to his line of work.

Stephen is no short man himself, standing even with Diana in heels, the wizard turns his attention to the heroine as she speaks to him. He quirks up a single eyebrow at her question and then looks back down at his own clothes. The red cloak, the dark blue robes, the yellow sash and gloves, how could he be confused for anything else. "No. Doctor actually." Though for some reason he feels he needs to cover up the fact he's one of the greatest wizards on the planet by continuing, "I'm going to my monthly LARP session." Turning his head to mock at himself for a moment he looks back up quickly and starts to move to the back of the train in a rush. "Excuse me. I might have just missed my stop.


Diana slightly tilted her head when he said that he was a doctor. He was a handsome man, so he would look good in a suit and tie, but… "What is… 'LARP'?" She asked him then, but before she could even finish the sentence he was leaving toward the back of the train. This surprised her actually, that he would just turn and dismiss himself from her like that, she wasn't used to it… Often times people would go out of their way to talk to her. She wasn't offended though, everyone had their priorities. Just surprised.

Diana also didn't stop him. She just reached her right hand up and placed her fingers around one of the metal grips to stay stablized inside of the train car. But her blue eyes did follow after the caped wizard, still quite curious as to his true story.

Turning and walking to respond to her half asked question. "It is the nerdiest thing on the planet!" And with that he lifts his gloved hand in a wave. He stops at the door and clasps his hands together before spreading them apart like you would to zoom in an iphone, but this causes the air pressure in the car to change as he literally erases the window from existence. The noise from the outside is boisterous and whipping wind tears through the car for a moment before Stephen floats up, lays himself parallel to the ground and flies out of the train and is left hovering over the tracks as the train continues it's trip down the tunnel, minus one wizard.

Diana felt the pressure change better than most others in the car even did, but the sudden blast of wind caught everyone on the train off-guard, including her. She didn't budge from it, however, her eyes just went to the back of the train and she caught the tail end of the Sorcerer's display… Which was more than enough for the woman to see reason not to let this man go without more answers.

Moments after Strange departs the train, the rear door on the fastly traveling vehicle is opened and Diana merely lifts herself up off of the ground and lets the train leave her behind…. She too floated there in mid-air over the tracks a moment before she dropped down onto them and onto her heeled boots. She started moving after Strange, to catch up with him, to see what he was up to.

A few moments ahead of her and several steps, Stephen is flying slowly backwards so as not to touch the tracks, he's unsure if Gotham uses electrical charged lines or not in the subway, so why risk it. He floats back to a accessway with a large metal door protected by safety rails to prevent workers from falling on to the tracks. He floats over these easily and lowers himself back onto the ground with twin patters of his feet touching down.
Lifting his hand and casting an illumination spell, the wizard moves his hand in an arch, searching the doorway for anything out of the ordinary. "Come on, I know there's something around here. I just felt it.." He mumbles to himself.


"This is LARP?" Diana asked suddenly, her voice just mere feet away from him behind his right shoulder. She'd followed him the whole way and was now observing him with this strange illumination spell indicating he was much more powerful than just some guy on his way to something nerdy. This would also likely make it quite clear that -she- wasn't as simple as she may have otherwise seemed.

Diana stood there, a few feet away with her hands at her hips, though she seemed still casual in posture and not in any sort of aggressive or intimidating position, yet.

"No." Stephen says, still looking at the walls and hinges but he continues talking as if she were his slow but well meaning assistant. "This is me looking for clues as to the mystical nature of this half of the twin worlds issue." Then he jumps as and turns back to Diana realizing someone was there that he didn't bring along. Stephen levels his hands between him and Diana, defensively meaning he wont attack her unless provoked, someone as proficient in combat as Wonder Woman would easily tell that.

Diana didn't budge an inch as Strange shot around once he realized she was there. She just continued to stand there with the cool confidence of someone who wasn't even remotely worried about any of this… almost identical to the stare she'd had back on the train when he'd first seen her, in-fact.

Diana's eyes looked around for clues after he'd spoken of this and she (of course) didn't find any, so her pale blue eyes went over to his face. "You are investigating the World Merger…" Her small chin lowered, her eyes stared a bit more accusatory toward him. "… here? In a subway tunnel?" She seemed unconvinced by this man's abilities yet, let alone his sanity.

"Have you never realized that subway tunnels, in fact most tunnels are neatly designed and created with such purposed. That when you observed them from a map, in birds eye, they appear almost organic." The doctor inquires rhetorically as he turns back and casts the illumination spell once more but sends the light from his hand to cling to the ceiling so he can lean back in to examine the door once more.
"It's because humans naturally and instinctively dig along the Earth's ley lines." Stepping back and nodding at the door. "You seem the confident type, could you open that door for me?"

Diana's head gently shook side to side to the question about the subways and the lay-lines. "I do not think that I have ever looked at a map of subway tunnels." She told him, her eyes once more going around their mutual surroundings to take in the grime and dirt of it all. She could hear another subway train going by in a neighboring tunnel.

Diana would then look toward the doorway that he spoke of and she paused to look back at him. "These doors are here for a purpose, to keep intruders out." She said. "It would be wrong to simply break them and pass through them, without a very important and pending need to be on the other side." Her hands now clutched her hips, just at the waistline of her black jeans. "You, Sir Larp. Have failed to yet provide me with any such reason." She now looked at him, her eyes large and expectantly waiting.

"Ah. but I think I can… and it's doctor." Stephen says, lowering his head a bit but brushing the false name aside with a shake of his head. He turns and points at the locking mechanism on the door, "See that. It hasn't been used in decades." Pointing at the deadbolt key hole that looks like it's covered in dust and rust. "There too." Stephen points at the hinges of the door, indicating they haven't been used in some time. "Also, the way the door swings inwards, away from us, not outwards like every other maintenence hatch. This door is older than the subway itself, and isn't meant to keep us out. No. It's meant to keep something in." The doctor isn't all that foolish as he might seem.

After hearing this, and letting her blue eyes roam over the door while he spoke of all its bits and pieces, Diana looked back to him with her dark eyebrows lofted gently up in suspicion at what he'd just said. Still though, now she was rather curious…

A moment later and Diana moved toward the doorway and she took hold of its handle with her delicate-looking hand…

POP! The handle that Diana held went right THROUGH the door and a metalic clanking could be heard on the other side as she dropped the handle. A second later and Diana pushed the door open, causing a cloud of dust and dirt to give way and tumble to the floor at her heeled feet.

Diana looked back at the man then, her elegantly angled black eyebrows still up curiously toward him.

"Okay, far more impressive than I originally thought." Stephen says, giving Diana a compliment as he makes a motion with his left hand, pulling the light ball off the ceiling and making it hover about six inches above the palm of his outstretched left hand as he starts to walk in the dusty, dank hallway.
A few steps in the doorway and a gust of wind billows from deeper in the black hall, slamming the door shut behind them with a screech and bang!
"I assume you are from this Earth, correct?" Stephen asks, starting a bit of small chat that could prove very useful if she has a large enough knowledgebase.

Diana showed a faint smirk at his response. "I guess you're not the only one who knows how to Larp." Its entirely possible that she has no idea what that word means, in-fact its rather clear that she doesn't.

Once inside, and when the door closed, Diana stood behind him with her hands at her sides. "I am from an island known as Themyscira. I have resided there with my sisters for… a long time. I lived in isolation for the bulk of that time, up until a century ago when I first left to explore the rest of the world… That is, basically, what I have been doing since." She said all of this while allowing her eyes to scan around and take in their new surroundings. It was, of course, an abridged story of her life… but still contained a lot of obvious curiosities.

His illumination spell doing not much as the hall seems to stretch on for a long, long time. He's never heard of this island, so he'll have to look it up when they finish this task, and the fact she's over a century old is surprising but not unheard of. Some sort of magic maybe. He considers, this but presses on in the hallway, where the attention is needed. "Do you have a name?" Stephen asks, making more small talk trying not to laugh at her misunderstanding of the word LARP, but lets it be for now.
There's a rumble in the hallway, and the ceiling rains dust and pieces of dirt down onto the floor, casting long shadows from the light spell Strange has cast.

And the raven haired woman simply followed along with him down this darkened corridor, not seeming worried or disturbed by any of this where some might feel claustrophobic.

She glanced upward after the dust had fallen from above, assuming that naother train had gone by in a shaft above them. "Diana." She said to him as her blue eyes came back down to look at his silhouette in front of her.

"I work at the United Nations." She wasn't a secretive super-hero type. If the questions were asked, she'd answer them. "The merger has certainly made that job more… interesting."

Stephen pauses a bit in case there might be a collapse, realizing there's little he could do except force his way into another dimension with the amazon, and even then it would have to be random with as little time as they would have to react. Once the shaking stops Stephen starts to move again, "My job as well has been much more busy since the merger." He quickly stops talking as they come up to a small clearing, a cave actually and the sound of running water can be heard below. A stream, or maybe part of the sewer, it's hard to tell. But just as he was about to step out further into the opening a roar can be heard, followed by a shaking of the cave and hall once more.

"This is certainly an… interesting way for a doctor to earn a living." Diana replied in a skeptical tone to her heavily accented English.

When they emerged into the cave she let her eyes look about the large chamber and her hands went to her hips when the loud roar echoed off of the walls. "I will go out on a limb and assume that that was not you're stomach." She jested with him, now quite sorry that she did not have her sword with her tonight… though those were quite difficult to carry around all willy-nilly without turning many heads.

"Is the source of that noise what you have been searching for?" She would ask him then, looking around to try to spy where that sound came from.

"I am an interesting doctor to say the least." Stephen says, reaching out and squashing his light spell in order to whip his hand out and line the opposite side of the cave in a bath of mage fire, lighting the cave up sufficiently for them ot see all sides. @emit
Stepping out of the manmade hall and into the natural formed floor. "I believe it is." Stephen says, when it appears part of the rock in front of them starts to lift up and stands before the two heroes. What can be described as two boulders rubbing together, the thing Stephen will call a mouth moves rapidly as three hollow points in the rock begin to well up with an orange glow, perhaps the beasts eyes focus on Diana and Strange. "Do you understand it?" Asks the Sorcerer.

Diana watched the developing situation in front of her and her expression went from dvoid of worry to a little bit of worry. This wasn't what she'd expected to find at the end of that long hallway.

At his question, however, Diana's eyes went over to Stephen's own and she stared at him evenly and flatly. "No. I do not." She said to him.

A second later and she shoved the sleeves on her black leather jacket up and pulled a set of golden/ornate bracers down to snugly squeeze them into place around her wrists, her jacket sleeves tucked in behind them on her forearms.

"Are you here to talk to him?" She asked then, hoping for that. She did noat want to harm this 'thing' if it did not wish to be.

"I was hoping to not resort to violence, no. But lets find out if that thick door was for a reason." Stephen says and swallows his courage and steps towards the rock being. "Hello!?" He raises his voice, booming, loud and echoing twice in the small room. "We do not wish you harm." The wizard begins.
The rock's three eyes glow brighter and it steps towards Stephen, the smashing and grinding of two rocks with its mouth open now understood to be its voice, still can not be comprehended by the mage. He glances over his shoulder at Diana, wondering if she understood it maybe, but he doesn't have much hope of communicating with the creature.

Diana looked from Stephen to the gollum and then back to the Doctor. "How would you feel if someone suddenly walked into your living room?" She said then to Strange. Diana then took a step forward and her hands went up and flatly pointed toward the Rock Gollum. "We are here as observers, not as threats." She tells the monster. "We do not wish to disturb you… any further than we already have."

She would then glance sideways toward the Doctor to see precisely what else he might have up his sleeve for this. "I can not tell what his language is. It is likely the language of whomever created him, or what magic origins he comes from." Diana had the ability to learn a new language very very quickly, but she had to study it SOME to do so.

Stephen shrugs his shoulders as he closes his eyes, attempting to rack his memory for any kind of vocal translation spell but he's drawing a blank. He looks over to Diana and sighs. "I do not have anything for this. I think maybe we should leave and come back later?" Stephen says, slowly backing up.
As Diana steps closer to the rock being, he stands up taller, nearing nine feet in height and likely he weighs tons. With a heavy gesture of it's hand towards the hallway they emerged from, the ground beneath their feet begins to quake and quiver.

When the ground started to shake, and Diana's eyes had to rise up to see the large beastly rock creature getting more peeved by their presence… she nodded her head. "Fine." She said then and started to backstep. "It will be difficult to figure out what language this is without any evidence to go off of.

Back toward that hallway she would back-step, her eyes looking over to Strange. "I very much would like to know why you came down here to find this thing, only to be turned away by… communication issues."

Aburptly dispelling his mystic flames, Stephen turns back to the hallway quickly as well to follow being Diana. "I did not know what I was going to find. Obviously." The wizard says with a hidden frown. "I was certainly not expecting a guard golemn." Stephen adds matter of factly. "Though that does mean someone put something in that cave. Something very important on your world. Now ours." Stephen hmms to himself. "This will certainly require more research. Do you know where the gotham library might be?"

Once back in the hallway, Diana turned around to look at the Doctor, her back up against the hallway wall. "It is on the east side of the Uptown Island, I believe. Near Gotham University."

The Princess' eyes went back toward the cave and she could hear the creature moving about still, hopefully settling back into its slumber. "I can return here with you, better prepared for this challenge, should you require that kind of assistance." Her blue eyes went back toward him. "Though if you learn its language, you may be able to thwart it simply by speaking with it. Some constructs such as that can simply be told to stop… if their language is known. Ohters… however, may fight to the death."

"If you anticipate a fight to the death, someone with your sheer strength would be certainly a welcome addition to my search and research parties." Stephen nods simply, standing in the hallway but inching his way past the ancient woman. Casting his simple light spell again, Stephen begins again, marching back towards the entrance where they came in at. Nearer to the door. "I imagine we have plenty of time before someone comes across this door as long as it looks closed." He says, letting her past once again to pull open the heavy metal door.

"Probably." Diana agreed with him as the two of them exited the hallway and she closed the door behind them. A moment later and she stabbed a metal rod into the wall beside the door, wrapped it through the hole she'd put in the door then 'tied' the metal together, clamping it closed and securing it that way.

"Better safe than sorry, however." Diana said with her blue eyes glanced to the left toward the Doctor.

She would turn then to face him and reach into her jacket, she pulled out a small black leather binder that looked quite fancy and expensive. From that she produced a business card. "Call me here." She told him. The card had 'Diana Prince - Ambassador of Themyscira' emblazened upon it, as well as a whole host of contact information.


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