2017-03-03 A Tale of Two Ravens, And one of the Supremes
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Dr. Strange, Raven, Phantasm
GMed by Who GMed?
Title: A Tale of Two Ravens, And one of the Supremes

Rising as a giant T facing the eastward sky, the Titans Tower sits on an island in the middle of the harbor, equidistant from Metropolis and Gotham. Around the base of the building, a well manicured field surrounds with entrances both at the base of the 'T' and into the cliffs that make a ring around the island. There is a drawbridge that can be retracted as needed.

Having to deal with the problems that are now not only in the world that he came from, but now that it's spread to a whole nother universe, the Sorcerer Supreme is standing up and having to do much more than he had in a long time. So he's come to the Titan's Tower, where he's gotten some mystical readings while scanning the globe and has hoped to find the face of these powers. So he rings the bell calmly.

Tagging along for the ride, a fluffier, feathery former sorceror supreme perches upon Strange's shoulder. The purplish black Avenger glances to the bell and then to the door. "What did you say their name is again?" Phantasm asks, betraying a bit of amusement to the name choice.

Okay. Who's outside? Raven isn't letting the guy…or the…bird in without checking them out. A wise precaution, perhaps. But it does so happen that she's the one watching the door. She pulls on her cloak before answering it, the hood up - not so much a precaution against identification as Being All Official.

"I am Doctor Stephen Strange." The doctor begins as Raven opens the door and still unsure if she's the mystic presense he felt, he inqures further. "I have felt a magical presense coming from this building and I was wondering if any of your tennants have dabbled in the mystic arts?"

Remaining ever so cute and cuddly looking, Phantasm cocks his head to a side before giving a wave of the wing in greeting to the, albeit not tht much, younger hero. "And I'm Phantasm." He offers in introduction for himself.

SHIELD has been removed from your channel list.

"I…" She doesn't laugh out loud, the laughter is in her eyes and expression. "Am Raven." A pause. "And I suspect it is me you sense." That aura. It's not a witch's or sorcerer's aura per se. It's something more…innate.

"There, I did the hard part, now you give her the information." Stephen says, looking towards the bird on his shoulder, making sure the pupil does something more than write lyrics.

The bird turns his head, looking at the Sorceror, head tilting, "How you forget so easily what I do for you." Giving a sigh the raven's appearance shifts, not quite looking as cute as before as he rolls his eyes which, despite the black on purplish black color scheme, still makes itself known. "First off for some reason, I like your name." He gives a bit of a wink. "Formalities aside we're not here for pleasantries but more as a courtousy."

Raven nods. "You are from the other world, then." She doesn't seem bothered by that. She just rather suspects she would know these two if it was otherwise.

"We are." Stephen nods gently, "And we have come to warn you of a problem that was occuring in our world that you might have encountered by now, but hopefully not."

The wing twists, oddly enough managing to give a thumbs up with the tip of the wing acting as the thumb. "Yep." The bird shakes his head, "Ok. I'm sure there's a lot of differences between what your world's had for magical incidents and what ours had. And I'm sure there's a lot we can learn from each other but first thing's first. A problem we had resolved, un-resolved itself when the worlds merged." He pauses, "We refer to the end result as DemonInfest but essentially we had an issue of people being possessed by demons and now that it's popped up again, they're targeting magic users. And it looks like they're more focused on the killing aspect more now." He gestures towards Raven, "And being our contacts with your side's magic users consist of well… now you, it might be quicker and more effective if you were to pass along the information we gave you to forward along whatever communication channels you have forged."

Raven hrms. "I did encounter a possession case, but it was alien, not demonic. I haven't bumped into this yet. I'll pass on what I can, although I warn I don't have a huge number of contacts." But she'll tell the ones she has.

Stephen reaches into his back, below the cape and pulls out a wallet, opening it up and pulling out a business card. "I am the Sorcerer Supreme. If you need any help or assistance, do feel free to contact me in any way and I will come help as soon as I can."

Raven nods, taking the card. "I'll bear that in mind. So, they are trying to take us out?" She's used to that. Often from other magic users.

"The magic users are the reason they lost the first time." Phantasm offers in explanation, "Ok. The good news is that exorcism spells do work on them. The problem is that they tend to blend in well with the crowd until they attack which is why the heads up. Also more often than not, the host is not a willing participant so they're essentially hostages. So you know to expect it." He looks over to Strange, "Now barring how we handled the situation last time, there might be need for coordination with your group to track down and close the new dimensional gaps that likely appeared during the world merge to even make this problem pop up again. We also had to do a coordinated mass expulsion last time due to the demonic tendency to be poor losers if they know a loss is coming."

"I know who to talk to about this. Can I have a second card?" To pass on, of course. Because, well. She suspects Voodoo *will* be useful.

Stephen complies with the request and passes Raven another of his cards. "Also if you come across any information that might be useful, in general, let us know as well." He say swith a kind soft smile.

Raven nods. "Of course, or if I need…more experience." She is, after all, fairly young herself, and she can't possibly have all the expertise she would like.

"I can't really speak for myself but he is a good teacher." The bird states, tilting his head towards Strange, "Granted he can have really crappy timing at times. And I sometimes question his mentor's judgement…" He gives a cautious glance upwards.

"It's always valuable to know and listen to those with more experience…but not blindly." Because elders *can* make mistakes sometime.

Phantasm gives another pointed glance over to Strange. THERE. She said it. Hmmph. "Do you prefer the face to face discussions or more of the long distance type communication? I can manage either if he's not available for some reason."

"Face to face, on the whole." It's her background. "Although long distance communications are never a problem for me." She smiles at Phantasm. "So, the raven shifting…" Raven HAS to be curious about it.

"It came with the powers." Phantasm replies, rather succinctly, "One of the default forms. Unfortunately recorded history was not a thing when the Phantasms came to be so I'm not sure the exact reason WHY."

"Ravens are often an omen…sometimes bad, sometimes good, but never neutral." She smiles. Of course, Raven isn't talking about the origin of her name. Yet.

"Depends on the culture." Phantasm replies, "A friend's father uses Ravens to be his eyes and ears." He pauses, "Ravens are also known for their intelligence. Their ability to learn and adapt." He bends a wing seemingly buffing imaginary nails against the feathers of his chest, "They also can be quite playful."

Raven nods. "But still an omen." Her lips quirk. "Although I obviously have a fondness for them. Quite playful, and highly social."

"But not to the point where they depend on a crowd all the time like crows do."

Raven grins. "Oh yes. Crows are show offs, at least from what I've seen of them."

"Ravens can be as well." The bird replies, spreading out the wing furthest from Dr. Strange's head. "They are of the same family after all. Just. Better."

Raven laughs a bit. "We are both, I think, biased on that front." She glances to see if the sorceror supreme is back yet.

The bird pinches his wing a little mimicking the pinching of fingers. "Well, my reason for the bias is visibly apparent. Do you do something similar?"

"In a…way. I'd rather wait until your mentor is actually here to demonstrate, though. He seems to have wandered off and just left his body there." Which as she does the same thing…Raven can't criticize.

"Conference call probably." Phantasm replies, looking to the zoned out mentor in consideration, "I do NOT miss having to manage those."

Raven nods. "But I would rather…if I'm going to show this, I would rather show it to both of you at once."

The bird shrugs, "Fair enough. Then again, I didn't really demonstrate to you anything I can do. Well, other than the form I showed up in." He walks off of the sorceror's shoulder, suspended in thin air for a few moments before essentially taking an invisible elevator down to the ground. His size adjusts as he starts to shift in form, feathers smoothing out as he takes a more humanoid appearance. The face nothing but shadow save for the glow of eyes and teeth underneath the hoodie that forms. It must be friday because nothing screams Superhero Casual more than forgoing a cloak in favor of a hoodie.

Of course, Raven does not even try to look at what's under the hood. That's rude. She might be getting a read on his emotional aura, of course. That, she can't really help.

What Raven gets is distance. While visibly here, the source of emotion doesn't seem quite all here. Almost out of whack with reality, a very dream like oceanic mix ebbing back and forth with the waves. A swirl of concern with a cross current of amusement. Slight bubbles of hope with a lower current of despair and resignation hidden down in the depths. There are even little froths of determination from time to time. A large mix, yet faint and distant.

Not that she's doing a deep read. But Raven wants to be sure she's not dealing with hatred, or the like. Or mistrust. She doesn't seem intimidated. "A handy form. Especially if you want not to be noticed."

The concern spikes and soon the form switches to a silhouette, not lingering on the glowing face for too long. "Each form has its good points and bad." Phantasm replies. He glances upwards to the building. "So, while he finishes his call…" The head tilts, "Why the 'T' shape?"

"Titans. The name of my team." She smiles. "We train young superheroes and the like." And Raven was taken in when she came here with nothing. Now she pays it forward.

"Huh." Phantasm's glance lingers for a few more moments before looking over to Raven, although the lack of eyes might make it hard to disern any eye contact, "So this is like your equivalent of Super Hero High School?"

"More like college." Raven smiles. "Although I admit I do have quite a lot to learn yet."

"From what I've noticed, the learning doesn't really stop until you're six feet under the ground." Phantasm replies, giving a chuckle, fading as the echos of despair flare up for a moment, "Well, even then that's not really a guarantee."

"It shouldn't." A pause. "And no, it isn't." She too seems less than comfortable with that particular topic, though.

And so we come to the awkward pause as Phantasm doesn't appear to want to go down this avenue either. He glances up to the building, "I guess the design of the building could be a good way of weeding out candidates. If anyone is freaked out by their room floor just dangling in mid-air, they're probably not good hero candidates."

"Likely so." A bit of amusement…and relief…as the topic veers away from death and afterlives. "I don't have any problems." To demonstrate why not, she levitates a couple of feet off the ground.

As Raven demonstrates her levitation, the face area of the silhouette bunches up a bit where the mouth would be. Is that an attempt at smile? Geez that's creepy without a face. "So the flight is why you're called Raven?"

Raven touches down. "No, although it's a handy ability." She's not as good a flyer as some, mind…but she's good enough.

"Very handy." Phantasm agrees, glancing over at Doctor Strange in his zoned out state. A bit of a mischevious thought pops into mind but where is he going to find a Sharpie all the way out here?"

There are probably some in the tower, but… "I'm not as fast as some, though."

And so Dr. Strange is saved from creative artwork on his face. "Everyone's got their specialty." Phantasm offers in assurance, "It'd be quite boring if someone could do everything, wouldn't it? Where'd be the challenge?"

"And I personally prefer to have a team." Even if she's worried they're…or at least Kori…getting too close. "There's something about having soebody to watch your back…

The Avenger's head shakes, "It depends on what it is that needs to be done. There are some things where too many people will cause problems, but there are other times when you do need help."

Raven nods. "It also helps…not to have to know everything," Raven muses, thoughtfully.

Phantasm points over to Strange, "Why do you think I keep him around?" He jokes.

Raven laughs. "Perhaps we should not mock him while he is not listening?" She does seem in a…brighter mood, though. At least for her.

"But do we know for sure he's not listening?" Phantasm asks, chuckling, "He could be waiting for the best point to cause for awkwardness."

Phantasm's chuckle halts as he stills for a moment, growing quiet, the awkward pause making its appearance once more. "…He's still in his call. And it might take awhile." He looks over to Raven, "I should probably drop him off at his sactuary. Do you mind if we come back at a later point?"

"No, I do not mind at all." She smiles. "If I'm not here, any of the Titans can call me."

The Avenger nods, "In that case We'll take our leave." Turning to Dr. Strange, he crouches down, grabbing the back of the former surgeon's knees, tilting the upper body over his shoulder before grabbing the arm to form a triangle around the front. Having secured the Sorceror Supreme in a rather indignant fireman's carry, he gives another nod to Raven, not seemingly uncomfortable with the added weight "It was nice meeting you, Raven. Until next time." The pair starts to fade from view.


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