2017-03-09 Food Court Chat
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Players: Edie, Mike
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Title: Food Court Chat

Polished concrete floors and a circular shaped room is the foodcourt. It has a few support pillars that stretch up to the ceilings where bright white lights hang down to illuminate the area. There are a large number of round metal tables and semi-comfortable looking chairs that surround each table.
The food court is essentially a buffet where the kitchen staff puts a number of choices out for employees to come and choose what meal they wish to eat on their own. Though the food is more plentiful during specifics hours, there is always at least something able to be eaten here as there is always a kitchen staff on duty willing to cook something up for employees at even an odd hour of the day.

There are days when one spends hours in the kitchen preparing the perfect meal. The planning, the cutting, the seasoning, the cooking, the presentation, and finally the consumption. And then there are days were you just go "F- it. Let's skip to the last step." Guess what type of day it is for Mike? While not out as his Nick Drago celeb persona, Mike is not really making an effort to conceal his identity in the middle of the Food Court. No mask, no costume, just him in some generic run of the mill jeans and t-shirt with what hair he's managed to grow back out tied back in a ponytail. % As for the lack of effort, why bother? The food court is in the middle of SHIELD territory. Annnnd it is well after the usual hour of dinner time nommage.

Edie is not in any kind of fancy costume either, just wearing whatever the typical outfit for Shield agents in training might be, probably something black… Either way, she does kind of tend to stand out a bit even in completely ordinary clothes due to her unusual coloration, despite trying to always dress as normally as possible to play it down. As for what she is doing here, well the same thing likely about everyone else is, getting food! She is a bit new here still though and there is plenty of people she doesn't know yet, Mike being one of those, which does make her to give him a somewhat curious look while she is filling up her plate, as there is something distantly familiar in him, she just can't quite place it.

Upon Mike's plate is a smaller dish with a golden brown crust wrapped over the top and hugging the edges while the accompanying fork hides in the shadows that form between the bowl and plate surface. From the steam rising from the dish, although this is not the usual hour of dining, it is quite apparent thatthe food is still fresh enough. Walking past the drink station, the rocker scoops up a bottle of water. Getting the filling he's being looked at, he continues looking forward as he gives a brief glimpse to the dessert station. Hmm. Maybe later.

Edie isn't overly picky about her diet, and as such she just takes a bit of everything from what is on offer at the moment, along with a glass of water and few slices of bread on her tray, before starting to carry it to a table. Offering a smile to Mike along with a nod as she passes him. "Evening." is offered politely.

As he's turning away from the dessert station without one of its numbers Mike moves from the buffet area towards the seating area and glances around to the tables. All empty. His head turns and tilts slightly as he is greeted. "Evening." He returns, moving over to the table nearest the buffet. All the better to go up for dessert later. Mwah ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha.

Edie did pick the same table, though not because of any nefarious schemes involving the dessert, more just because it was the closest one, less distance to walk. After being seated, she has chance to take a bit better look at Mike, furrowing her brows some, she has definetily seen him somewhere before. "Hey, I hope you don't mind if I sit at the same table? I don't think we have met, even though I am sure I have seen you somewhere… anyways, name's Edie." she offers, well it's not really her name to be technical, but it is what almost everyone calls her.

Mike, already having set his stuff down and water bottle looks over to Edie, "Why would I mind?" Mike asks, cracking one of his well practiced smiles only with a little bit of warmth to back it up. "I think that's one point of cafeteria style seating." After making sure his bottle of water isn't going to tip over, he nods to Edie, "Name's Mike. And I get that a lot. I have one of those faces I guess."

Edie gives a slight shrug at the question. "Ah well, I just figured it is best to make sure. I know some people like privacy and all." although those people probably wouldn't come to eat in communal dining areas like this in the first place. "I definetily agree with you there though, it is always nice to meet new people." Biting her lower lip a bit at the last part. "Yeah… I know how that feels." she admits, as she certainly is fairly memorable also, being blue and all that, and even has past in kind of public eye.

"I'm not surprised," Mike agrees, looking to Edie, "Hair that good has GOT to stick out." Leaning back upright, Mike grabs the hidden fork from the plate, looking down to what could be arguably chicken pot pie. "Although I have to disagree with you on the 'always' portion of your comment about meeting new people. At some point there will be people you run into that, you'd raaaather not have met."

Edie chuckles softly at the mention of her hair, partly thinking that he is just joking, but other part rather enjoying the compliment to her appearance, which isn't something she gets often, brushing a few strands of said hair off from her face as she looks back to him. "Thanks. Oh and… yeah, you are right there, there definetily are some people that are just jerks. Just have to hope to manage to dodge those, I guess." she notes with a light laugh, before busying herself for a moment to eating a few mouthfuls of the food from her plate.

"Hope. But also learn to handle them when you can't steer your path away from them." Mike agrees. His hand moves quick, stabbing the pot pie repeatedly with the prongs of the fork, allowing for a large cloud of steam to errupt from the quickly opening fissures in the crust.

Edie nods slightly as she considers those words. "I suppose. Will just need to try to be polite when that happens. Fortunately there doesn't seem to be any of those types here, or at least haven't ran into any so far. So anyways, have you been an agent for long?" she inquires curiously.

Mike chuckles, shaking his head, "I'm sure Fury would get a laugh out of that. When no one was looking." His head tilts, looking over to Edie, as the pie steam starts to die down, "I'm more of a…" He pauses, studying the inside of the pie as he scoops out a small bit on the tip of the fork. "Ally."

Edie listens to that with somewhat confused look, not quite sure what she said that was so funny. She hasn't got a chance to meet Fury yet, although she has definetily heard some things about him. Arching a brow then at the last part of what the man says, nodding. "Oh, I see. Sorry for assuming. Still a bit new here and trying to figure out how things work."

The bit of pot pie is scooped into Mike's mouth as the performer listens to Edie's response, mmhmming in response before swallowing. "Nah its understandable. Normally I wouldn't even be on this level. But you know how it is when you get hungry and you're nowhere near home."

Edie nods at his words and chuckles a bit then. "Well, to be truthful, I don't really know too well how that feels, because I am always just a blink of an eye away from home, if I choose to. Although still, can definetily understand wanting to grab a bite of something tasty regardless of distance to home. Don't know about you, but I at least am not exactly a gourmet cook, so prefer to have someone else cook it for me, like here."

Mike gives a small smile as Edie mentions the ease she has to returning home. "So, what's your range?"

Edie bites her lower lip a bit a she thinks on that. "Don't really have any, as far as I know. Well, on the planet at least. Although longer distances tend to make me pretty sleepy."

"That is pretty impressive." Mike admits, giving a bit of a nod as he stabs up another bit of pot pie. "There aren't many I know who can go anywhere on earth in just one jump. Although for obvious reasons, I'd suggest taking babysteps before attempting the off the planet attempts." Nom.

Edie nods slightly. "Yes, it can be quite handy for transporting or evacuating a team. Though will need a stiff drink and a hot bath after doing a long-distance one like that." she notes with a laugh, then flinching a bit at the mention of off-planet attempts. "Well, since I can't really survive in space, I doubt I will be doing that any time soon."

Mike chews on a chunk of chicken, smile lengthening as Edie points out a key use for her ability. "Well if you ever end up on a mission in the UK for some reason, I know a lot of good bars and some good hotels in the London and Dublin area."

Edie arches a brow some at his words. "Oh? That could come handy, assuming of course that there will be downtime to spend to go check them out of course, as I assume drinking on the job would not be overly well received." she notes with a chuckle. "So your from around there, then?"

Mike shakes his head, smiling, "No. American. I just visit that area a lot."

Edie nods slightly and smiles, clearing out some more of the contents of her plate before speaking up again. "Ah I see. I imagine its pretty nice looking place, all that history…"

Mike nods, "Dublin's beautiful at night. The color of the buildings lit up at night along the waterway in stark contrast to the night sky. With the sound of music filling the way…" He pauses, lingering on the thought before turning back to his food, focusing on more of his pot pie.

Edie chuckles a bit. "Sure beats these concrete monstrosities filling the scenery around here." she notes with a smile. "But anyhow, if you ever need help with getting somewhere, I might be able to help."

"I'll keep you in mind next time I'm stuck in the UK because of grounded flights and need a quick trip over the ocean." Mike promises

Edie arches a brow some as she listens. "Oh? I could certainly think of worse places to be grounded to than England. But sure, if I am not already busy with something else, might be able to help in situations like that."

"It was during the world merge, the city's population doubled, people were trapped in exit less rooms, a lot of people ended up homeless, and a chunk of a third world crashed just outside of London." Mike offers up in context, "It was interesting."

Edie blinks a few times as she listens to that. "Oh, that doesn't sound fun. As if there wouldn't be problems of overpopulation already. Well hopefully you managed to mitigate the worst of it at least?"

"We got people out of the exit-less rooms and most of the Asgardians found a way back to their world." Mike replies, pausing to get another bite of pot pie in. The fork sets on the plate as he swallows the last bit, "Everything else is more for the local governments to decide."

Edie nods slightly as she listens. "Well, thats good at least. Have to hope that kind of stuff doesn't happen again. Such a bizarre thing to even think about happening…"

"We can hope." Mike agrees, ignoring his now empty dish to get a sip from his bottled water. "But in this world of ours, we'll always have bizzare stuff happening."

Edie gives a nod to his words. "Yeah, I am afraid you are right there. Though would be nice if those bizarre things would for once be positive… like you know for variety?"

"Oh I wouldn't count out bizzare things for the good yet." Mike cautions, putting the lid back on his water, "We gained a new world, but we also gained some of their good things too. Imagine all the new music, books, and movies we have exposure to now."

Edie gives a slight shrug at those words. "I suppose. Though I can't imagine them being that different from what we had here already, like there is only so many different kinds of music or stories that can be done."

Mike starts to stand up, "Perhaps, if one were to paint with a wide brush. But even songs that sound very similar have traits that make that song, uniquely its own." He picks up his plate and water, looking over to Edie, "And some may even share knowledge, or perhaps save lives."

Edie nods slightly as she listens. "I guess, I admit that I have not really been all that focused into music ever, I just listen it at the background." she offers as she watches him stand up.

"I have to head out soon. I have an appointment elsewhere." Mike offers in explanation to his getting ready to leave, pausing before smiling. "Bohemian Rhapsody."


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