2017-03-10 Falling out among thieves
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Gambit, Dusty
GMed by Dusty
Title: Falling out among thieves

Rating: everybody

It's been a while since Remy's been in his own bar. Having gone to LA, and then coming back to New York and realizing his future is at the Xavier's Academy, the thief has been avoiding this place almost but tonight, he's here early in the morning, or late at night, depending on your view of things and he's cleaning some glassware and putting it away for the night. LeBeau seems pretty focused on closing up and getting back out to Westchester.

Dusty has been working, as one of the players in the band he works from dusk until closing time many nights. He waits until most everyone else is gone before he seeks out Remy. He frowns as he tries to figure out how to address him. Finally he says, "It is generally against policy for high ranking member of the guild to leave."

With his back to the bar, Dusty's voice swarms around Remy's back and invades his ears, causing the X-man to tense his shoulders in worry. He loosens the muscles in his back, as his resolve wells up inside his chest. Speaking as he turns, a rag in one hand scrubbing slowly at the interior of a glass in his other hand. "If'n I remember correctly, policy states no member can leave, not just high rankin' folk." His red eyes locked onto Dusty's but he remains calm, cleaning the glass slowly, methodically.

Dusty says, "Yay and Nay on that, they that really know nothing about the guild can leave and no one really cares. Against the rules perhaps, but the guild will not chase them down less they do something to call attention to the guild."

"So t'e double standard still exists in the higher ups I see." Remy notes with a scoff before sizing Dusty up and nods a few times. "So does t'at make you t'eir muscle?" Remy continues asking questions calmly.

Dusty says, "My orders are to try to bring you back, one way or another. Rather do this nice-like though. The other way can get messy." For at least one of them…not to mention the surroundings.

"Back to Nawlins or back to t'e guild?" Remys asks pulling the rag from the glass and reaching around to set the glass upside down on the drying rubber and waits for Dusty's words with a nod that yeah, things can get messy.

Dusty says, "To the guild, which office don't make no nevermind. People switch work areas when thigs get hot all the time. Only if you come back in a box do they need the body back in Orleans."

"Too bad ya ain't gettin t'is body, live o' dead." And with that, Remy lowers his hand into the ice box and grabs a few cubes, charging their potential energy causing a slight purple-pink hue to wash over them and he tosses the ice grenades at Dusty. He's not trying to hurt the man, just confuse and surprise him as Remy darts for the back room of the bar, and more specifically, the back door which would spit him out into the alley just a few feet from his motorcycle.

The ice cubes pass through where Dusty WAS, but by then he was gone, folded into a flash of red light. Gambit opens the back door to find Dusty standing outside it, holding a sword and wearing a red cape. He comments, "You did not think it would be that easy, did you?"

"I honestly hoped it wouldn't be." Remy says with that devious smile of his that seems almost painted onto his face. With no more time for words, Remy's hand suddenly has two playing cards in it and they're being tossed with a vertical swipe of his arm, one card moving towards Dusty's feet, the other towards the man's chest. Again, the Cajun isn't aiming to harm, but distract and he is turning back inside the bar and trying to not only escape this situation, but do as little damage to the bar as possible.

Dusty's red cape glows red as he sweeps it between himself and Gambit, the cards vanish without a trace. He follows Remy swiftly, but does not teleport again yet.

Busting through the door to the kitchen once more, Remy is running towards the front door with as much speed as his legs can muster, but he's already locked that door. Well… one way through now, well a couple. With another flourish of his right hand, two more cards are produced and he flings his arm, sending the cards ahead of him to make a hole in the door and grant him a form of egress.

Dusty's turn to pull something from his sleeve…literally. He pulls out a bag of marbles and tosses them in front of the Cajun, where the bag bursts…

Crafty son of- Remy's first footfall on the glass marbles doesn't go well and he rolls his ankle on the unusual surface but it's his second step to catch himself where he falls and lands on the ground with a heavy thud. The glass balls themselves don't feel too good and he grunts his discomfort while he tries to roll away towards the opening he created moments ago. Suffering many bruises at least from the simple attack, Remy keeps struggling to flee.

Dusty prefers to not hurt people…he is a stage magician not a killer. His next trick is a classic, Flash Powder to momentarily blind his opposition, while he drags his feet as he moves forward so he does not trip on his own marbles.

Remy's seen that hand gesture before so he starts to close his eyes but it's a moment too late. He again growls at the blinding light, his arm moving forward to rub the vision back into his eyes as he snaps out his foot to try and sweep Dusty's out from underneath him. The Cajun is feisty and scrappy, like a wild beast trying to survive.

Dusty's goal is to get close enough, he spreads open his cape and uses his mutant power to line the cape with a dimensional portal. He tries to sweep the cape forward and capture his target in the universe his portal leads to…

Remy in his last moments copies the magician's tactic and scoops up a handful of marbles, charging them too to create several small explosions in front of Dusty's face. Trying to create an opening to slither though.

Dusty interposes his cape, ducking his head (and blocking his line of sight for a moment).

Remy tumbles backwards, ending on his feet and turning once more to bolt for the opening in the doorway.

Dusty snaps his cape outward after the Cajun, it moves like it is alive and stretches to try to capture him. Oddly the glow is muted, though still somewhat there.

Remy dives out to the sidewalk with a roll on his shoulder causing a seething grimace to escape his lips. Seems they sent a powerful mutant after him to bring him in, but dang, this is more than even he anticipated. His wrist is snagged just as he's about to dart down the sidewalk but is stopped by the tug on his arm. "Non!" Is all he whispers, pulling back on the cape with all his might.

Dusty sighs, he is not fond of playing the enforcer, but he has a job to do. He tries to finish wrapping Gambit in the cape, then switches it from animation to portal to send Gambit into his pocket world…before joining him there. (if it works)

In a last ditch effort, Remy grasps wildly at the cloak, sending a charge into it if it's possible, afraid it is organic and wont work, but still, it's his only option at this point.

The cape starts glowing again, but purple as it is infused with Gambit's energy. Dusty uses the quick release and the physical cape drops away as he pulls back, leaving his glowing lightcloak attached to him. Presumable the cape exploding will not do Gambit much good either, unless he is immune to his own power.

Remy doesn't let go of the cape as he sees Dusty release it and keeps the thing as his own weapon now, recalling his charge with a smirk as he takes a step back and twist the cape around his hands, ready to use the cloth as his own weapon.

Dusty's lightcloak is the interface of his dimensional portal, he usually places it along a physical object, so it is less obviously a power. It does not HAVE to be on an object, but at least part of the near end has to be touching him at all times. The other side can be a number of places or directions…as he shows by striking with his blade through the glowing cloak ant striking at Gambit with the point from behind…

Getting stabbed is not something particularly comfortable, and Remy cries out. He lets go of the cloak with one of his hands and uses it as a whip to lash out at Dusty, only charging it and letting go once the motion has begun. As soon as it's free from his hand, Remy turns around and makes for the alley, still bathed in darkness, the thief tries to hide when the sound of sirens and even flashing lights rounds the corner at the nearest intersection, cops and even fire fighters approaching the bar.
Dusty steps into his cloak, pulling it in behind him, letting the cape blow up, causing who knows what kind of damage. He steps out in FRONT of Gambit again…though he also prefers to avoid the authorities he is not QUITE through yet.

Remy catches on rather quickly and falls back out of the alley into the lights of the law. Normally one to shy away from it, Remy is certain he has the enforcer beat in this moment and smiles that grin once more. Despite being beat up, bloody and even stabbed, Remy stands up, dusts his front off and then turns towards the coming lights. "Help! Help! The man in t'at alley tried to mug me. I t'ink he's t'e one who attacked this buildin' too!" Becoming the victim and the witness.

Dusty bows mockingly and vanishes…in a puff of smoke using stage magic, not his power. Let the Cajun get away for now, why there might well be a warrant out for his arrest already (and if not the Guild may arrange one).

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