2017-03-12 Preparing for the Worst
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Players: Captain America, Mike
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Title: Preparing for the Worst

With the weekend in full swing, one would expect a place of work to be practically abandoned. That is not the case at SHIELD for defending the world from threats does not sleep. But the purposefully redundant components that make up this machine does. In shifts. And other components go through maintenance in the form of training. Sometimes rooms get filled up to where others have to be used for not their intended purpose. This could easily explain why a good number agents just left the raquetball court carrying not Rackets, but instead escrima sticks.

Inside the court, one Mike Hannigan remains, hair pulled back and dressed down in basic workout attire and tennis shoes, at least respecting the dress code implemented to protect the wooden floors. Back to the door, he kneels down next to his backpack. His own set of sticks in hand.

"Interesting use of the court," Steve comments as he wanders into the room once the trainees have left. Not that he doesn't agree. Heck, all kinds of things have happened in the racketball court, and the gym, and various other places.

"With how crowded the gym was, I don't think I'd be able to teach them without a stray stick smacking someone in the back of the head." Mike replies, opening up the bag, "I figure a few more sessions and they can go out and train the users in the other locations." Yay. One less thing for him to do. Putting the ornately carved wooden sticks, which are most definitely NOT SHIELD issued, Mike glances back to Steve, "How're things going for you, Cap?"

"Same as ever," Cap muses, thoughtfully. "Life goes on. So, what's with the mass escrima session?"

Mike chuckles, closing his bag, "Oh I wasn't teaching them escrima. I was teaching them how to power the sticks up." Standing, Mike turns the rest of his body around to face the older man, sliding the bag onto one shoulder, "The ones in the class were either needing a refresher or not here for the last time we had to deal with the DemonInfest."

Steve nods a little bit. "That…is definitely an issue to worry about." He's no expert on magic, though - he tends to hand that over to Wanda, to be honest.

"I will say the number of magic users that appears to have been recruited since then has been impressive." Mike admits, "Or it just seems like they were recruited since last time I was operating with my hands tied behind my back more."

"As long as we have the resources to handle it. You're sure it's back, not something else new?" Because, well, the convergence brought in all sorts of weird stuff.

"All signs are pointing to DemonInfest." Mike replies, giving a shake of the head. "Now, that's not to say the source or the persons responsible for creating them hasn't changed. Just, the way of taking them down without hurting the hosts much hasn't."

Steve nods. "It's worth keeping in mind…that all kinds of things may have changed." And some fascinating people, even perhaps some potential new recruits.

Mike nods, "We're still in the intelligence gathering stage but, I know from the skirmishes I've had with them so far that we can at least make it to where we get the knowledge about how to exorcise the victims out there before we lose any more of our magic users."

Steve nods. "Is Strange helping?" Because, well, Strange has a lot of knowledge and a very good library. He's often the one to go to about knowledge.

"As he can." Mike replies, "But now that he has his title back, he's got his arms tied behind his back the same way I did when it comes to information exchange. Since I'm working more with you guys for this time around, I'm not even sure he can give me all of what he knows." The musician slides the other bookbag strap on. "I can also say from experience that there's a lot of stuff that goes on that he would have to deal with. He did get me introduced to a couple magic users from the other world however."

Steve nods. "That's definitely progress." Steve doesn't pretend to understand magical politics, although he's well aware they exist…and are just as annoying as any other kind.

The musician nods, "So you know, once I'm done with the sessions here I'm going to be traveling a bit. Probably another tour. My contacts have indicated a few areas that may have nests nearby. May need to check the newer cities in the area." Hmm. "Do we still have Marinos's daughter here?"

"Bridget? She's still around, yes." Steve isn't entirely sure what's going to end up happening with her…

"She helped us with locations last time. Maybe she knows of other ones."

"It's worth asking her," Steve says. "I'll make sure it's cleared." He has some authority around here, after all. Not so much official as, well…it's the shield.

With Steve's response, Mike gives a small, tired smile. "Good. Worst that happens is I just put the new cities near the old nest cities on the tour and check that way." The smile fades as the jaw clenches, eyes closing for a moment before opening once more.

"Sometimes, it seems that some bad guys are like cockroaches. You think you have them dealt with then they crawl right back out of the walls." Steve sighs.

Mike nods, "There's not enough hours in the day to deal with them and get a decent night's rest." He frowns, "I still have patrol left to do tonight."

"Get a decent night's rest. You won't be good to anyone if you fall asleep on patrol." Says Steve. Of course, he doesn't need as much sleep as most.

Mike shakes his head, "It's not a waking world one I was referring to." As his head tilts, his form seems to shift to where when he's looking back at Cap, his features seem more like a mirror reflection of what he typically sees. "Kind of makes me wish there were more than two Phantasms until I remember the price."

"Two…" Steve shakes his head. "Magic, and its rules, confuse me." Because magic's rules aren't something that's intuitive to him. Of course, he's not always great with science, either.

"It doesn't get much easier when you're practicing it." Mike consoles, form becoming a bit more purplish black and feathery as he shrinks down to a more raven-esque form, "There are times that I still get baffled until I just accept that it just happened and move along."

"Often the best way to deal with weird things. I think Wanda agrees with you." Steve will stick to bashing people with a shield.

The raven glances up at Steve. "We live with gods and giant rage monsters. Our world merged with another one, and so much more We not only eat weird for breakfast, it's part of our lunch and dinner as well." Acceptance is used a lot.

Steve laughs. "That's definitely true. I sometimes get nostalgic for a major world war." He actually does. It was simple: Kill Nazis.

"I can understand that feeling." The bird agrees, beak pointed upwards, "Except the World War part. Mine would be more nostalgia for recording studio sessions."

"Well, life is what it is…and none of us can go back to the past." Steve stretches. "I need to get going."

"Same as well", the bird replies, lifting up a wing, "See you back at the tower." And with that the bird just pops out of existence.


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