2017-03-13 Mall Visit
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Raven, Atalanta, Phantasm
GMed by N/A
Title: Mall Visit

Rating: everybody

Atalanta is not really much of a shopper generally, but she has an ulterior motive to be here in this mall. This is the place where she was kidnapped by SHADE. She is here to think about that event.

Shopping IS why Raven is in the mall. She comes out of one of the chain stores, carrying a bag that appears to have clothing in it. Glancing around, she hasn't noticed Atalanta or Mike *just* yet.

One perk of new cities from another world is the potential to be a bit incogneto with less effort. However with Gotham having overlapped where he spent the first ten years of his life causing for a blend of both worlds to possibly be wandering around this mall, Mike has found himself yet again dressed down to avoid any possible recognition for his stage persona, Nick Drago. Hair pulled back and black clothes provided by the fine designers of Goodwill, his appearance is screaming anything but money. And yet, there he is, glancing at the window display of some higher end men's clothing. A hand rests on the strap of the backpack he carries with him. He HATES shopping for clothes, but when duty calls for a new outfit… Well. You got to do what you got to do.

The Clothing store, the second hand one, Laura Kent had been there woth other girls from social services, looking for clothing because she had only one outfit to her name. Thanks to the Titans Fabricator, that is no longer a problem. She stands outside the store, looking in. Ov course, se can see a LOT more than most. Granted her X-ray vision only works through like thirty feet of opaque matter, but still…

And…Atalanta. Not recognizing Mike, Raven makes her way over to her fellow Titan. "Hey," she greets Laura, quietly, then glances at the Goodwill Special guy. Well, rich people slum it in thrift stores.

Hearing a familiar voice, Mike's glance shifts from the clothing display over to the metal frame of the window, getting a blurry reflection of the pair talking. Well, more blobs that probably represent people. It's a shiny metal. Not very effective at looking at someone covertly. Drat. Curiousity getting him, he turns his head seeing Atalanta and Raven. His glance lingers on Raven for a few seconds before he turns back to the window display, turning his head to see if he can figure out the price of the outfit without dealing with pushy or uppity sales persons inside.

Laura says to Raven, "I spent almost two weeks a prisoner after being kidnapped from this store, I let myself be taken rather than let others be hurt. It was a long time ago now, there are probably no clues remaining."

"Likely not," Raven says, softly, sympathetically. But people who do that once might do it again. She feels eyes on her, turns slightly to glance at Mike.

Having turned away from the pair again, Mike starts to feel the glance returned. Looking back to see Raven's eyes, he lifts up a hand, giving a half wave. Hi.

Atalanta sighs, "I need to study detective stuff, I am not good enough to know how to find the clues I need. I know who paid to have it done and why…but they are part of the government and I can not touch them."

"Not my forte either. We should talk to…" And then she tails off, glancing at Mike again. Is he coming over? She's not sure…

Fueled by curiousity, Raven not giving any kind of cue to buzz off, and being in search of ANY reason to postpone the inevitable expenditure of cash, the hidden celeb shoves a hand into his pocket while the other hand rests on the bookbag strap. Oh well, clothes shopping can wait. Oh. Darn. Turning, he starts to walk over to the two ladies, giving a smile to the pair before looking back over to one much closer in age to him. "Hi."

Laura glances over at Mike, she tries to decide if is is simply trying to hit on a pair of cute girls, or if he is someone one of the two of them is supposed to know…

Atalanta thinks he is vaguely familiar, but says aloud, "I am sorry sir, but we are not allowed to talk to strangers, our families are very strict."

Although the shadow of the ballcap may obscure his features from far away, as Mike gets closer, it is apparent that this guy may not have issues with meeting girls. Slightly angular facial features, sculpted lips, and pale blue eyes turn to look to Atalanta as she speaks up. A spike of amusement to the response before looking to Raven, "Is that so? Well far be it from me to force you two to interact with others."

Raven shakes her head. "Laura, relax, he's not here to hit on us." There's a slight bit of amusement, but confidence. If he IS he's hiding it well.

Atalanta says, "I am sorry, I have been hassaled at this mall before. No hard feelings."

Mike shakes his head, "No offense taken. Considering all that's happened in the past month or so, a bit of caution with people you don't know is understandable." He pulls his hand out of his pocket and offers it over to Atalanta for a handshake, "Name's Mike. And if you feel like I'm hassling either you, just let me know and I'll stop."

"Rachel," Raven says, although of course he's reaching out to Atalanta first. She still can't place him, but elects not to worry about it for right now.

Laura says, "Laura. I guess you are OK." She could throw him through the wall if he bothers he too much, though she has never done so to someonewho was not clearly a villain.

Mike pauses for a few moments as his hand is shaken gently. "Well that's good to know." He turns to Raven, offering the hand to her as well, "Nice to meet you too, Rachel." His voice draws out the pronounciation of her name after the first syllable. Oops! Almost went with the other R- name. "Are you two from around here?"

"I moved here…a few weeks ago." She looks early twenties, maybe. Hard to tell. She shakes hands, although she keeps it brief, and then she brushes back her hair. Okay. He recognizes her…so, she DOES know him from somewhere.

Atalanta says, "I lost my parents in January and wound up in Gotham, though I live in Metropolis now." Everything said is factual, if rather incomplete. She shakes his hand carefully, she still has to be cautious about doing things without thinking.

After the handshake, Mike lowers his hand, smiling slightly, however short lived as Atalanta mentions losing her parents. The emotions seem more fluid, waves changing between the crest of curiousity and the trough of despair. He looks back to Atalanta. "I'm sorry to hear that. Losing a parent can be quite tough."

Laura looks upset, and Raven can tell she is thinking about her home again. It is not like her parents are dead, well probably not, but they are in another universe and it may never be possible to get back there again. It is made worse by the fact that the people who SHOULD be her parents do exist here, but are about 35 years too young. Her father's analog barely acknowledges she exists…and she has not dared talk to her mother's because it could cause WAY too much trouble. She wanders off, lost in thoughts that are upsetting and hard to get rid of.

Raven glances after her, then turns back to Mike. "We've met before," she said, simply.

As Laura walks off, Mike turns his head, looking to the younger of the two women with concern. "Yes we have." He answers Raven matter of factly, still watching the departing girl, "Is she going to be okay?"

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"I think so. Hard not to jump at shadows when in a place you were hurt before," Raven admits, then studies Mike for a moment. "But you have changed appearance," she says with quiet amusement.

"And you're not wearing a cloak today." Mike replies, giving a bit of a chuckle. Shaking his head. "This, is what I normally look like when I'm not working." He pauses, pulling his hand out of his pocket to touch the back of his head, "I kind of figured you would piece it together without me having to spell it out for you. It is hard to fool our type."

Raven nods. "It is." She smiles at him. "Us birds, perhaps, should flock together?"

"That's more of a crow thing to do." Mike replies, "We're more independent. But we aren't foreign to the concept of working together when need be." His head tilts, remeniscent of his avian counterpart. "Which may happen more and more considering things…" He pauses, "Have you been able to find more of our flock?"

Raven shakes her head. "Not as yet, but I *am* keeping my eyes open. Not everyone trusts me."

"A casualty of being what we are, I'm sure." He responds, voice lowering, "I know my world isn't all that open minded to those with certain… abilities."

"It is mostly other magic users that fear me," Raven admits. She's slightly surprised Mike doesn't. Strange…probably doesn't fear anyone.

"Huh." Mike sounds a bit surprised. "Something you did?"

"No. Something I am." She studies Mike. "You do not sense auras the way some do." Not an accusation. A guess.

Mike shakes his head in conformation. "Not anymore," he replies, frowning. "So, its a racial or genetics thing then?"

"Yes," Raven says, softly. "And I appreciate not being judged more than you can imagine."

Anger. Not directed at Raven but more in response to the answer given. He's quiet for a few moments before breaking the silence with a low tone, speaking only for her to hear. "I think you know this already but I'm going to say it anyways. Its not where or who you're from. Its what you do that matters."

"Most of the time." She sounds a little sad. "But…well. I do what I can, while I can."

Anger, sadness, a bit of understanding. "People stumble. People make mistakes. So long as you're doing your best, you're ok with me." Mike sighs. Well damn this got depressing fast. And it probably doesn't help that they're in the same area of town where-" Despair. No we're NOT doing this…PULL UP! PULL UP! Determination. "Do you want to get something to eat?"

"I…actually would like that." She adjusts her shopping back, slinging it over her shoulder in a more comfortable position.

"Ok cool." Mike pulls his hand out of his pocket and offers it to Rachel. "Do you want to eat at the food court or grab something to go and sneak up to the roof?"

A pause. "The roof might be interesting." After all, they can both fly, one way or another.

Mike smiles, "Alright. Roof it is."

After the pair make their way to the food court and get their respective meals in their own bags, they head out and after going to a less watched portion of the building make their way up to the roof. While Raven may have chosen to fly, Mike's features slightly reversed momentarily as he basically leapt. Once up, his features settle back to normal and found his perch next to Rachel. "This has got to be a perk if we were listing the pros and cons of our abilities."

"I might not be a fast flyer, but I do count it as a perk." She opens her bag. Vegetarian wrap of some kind, plus iced tea, seems to be Raven's choice.

Mike is most definitely not a vegetarian nor picky about his food as he pulls out what looks to be the cheapest meal possible to get in the food court. Two burger, small fries, and a ten cent cup of water. It is entirely possible the water choice was to offset the cost of the second burger. "I currently live in New York and the traffic is absolutely horrible. The sidewalks are crowded and so are the subways. Flying is so much nicer than that. Dreamtravel is alright too."

Raven smiles. "I do…something similar to that, I think." Mike's probably familiar with astral travel with hanging out with Strange.

"Cool," Mike grins, "Do you ever use that ability to take quick days off away from home?"

"…maybe a little." Raven smiles. "But I'm more inclined to use it to visit home." Cautiously, because she very much fears that she may lead her father there.

"Ah. Another good use for it." Mike responds, giving a nod. He bites into his burger and quietly chews, glancing around the foreign cityscape that once what he called home used to be located. Does he even have a place to call home anymore? His mood drops as the thought comes to mind.

Sensing that, Raven changes the subject. "So…your mentor. A fascinating man." At least she can be sure he's a man, not something else.

Mike's mood drops more as he thinks to his first mentor. Is his place even here anymore or did that also get wiped out of existence? His head turns, looking in the general direction Leo's bar would have been. He sighs. Wait- "Oh right, you mean Strange. Yeah, he's an interesting guy. Good friend. Does need work on some of his people skills though. Probably from all those years of being a doctor." He glances over to Raven, "He tracked me down a few years ago and offered to teach me more spells to add to the powers I was given by my first teacher."

"A lot of the ranking magic users seem to need work on their people skils," Raven muses. "Probably too much time spent with books."

"And probably the job." Mike replies, shaking his head. "Man, when he got hurt and I ended up getting his job, the amount of rules and restrictions that got shoved on was just plain maddening. Coordinating a world-wide exorcism is such a pain when you're only allowed to talk to certain people directly. When I knew he was healed up and close enough to get chosen I flat out broke what rules I could so he'd get the job back." He chuckles.

Raven laughs a bit. "What are the rules, or is it too complex to explain?"

"Um… Lets see to summarize." He pauses, "The powers granted by the title are to be used to defend the world from supernatural threats. You can't show favor to a particular world based government. And you can't use the powers for personal reasons. Which overall you think is a great idea but when you consider most of the people I knew who could be helpful with stopping a terrorist funded cult that was creating demon possesed soldeirs were part of a government organization… Well. Crap. That I was living in the same building as them. Double Crap. That one of them lost all trust in me because I couldn't be upfront about the Sorceror Supreme stuff. Triple Crap."

Raven ahs. "Got it. That makes sense." She supposes there are ways around it. "He seemed pleasant enough, until he got distracted."

"He's got a lot on his mind." Mike excuses, "It is pretty much nonstop politicking and policing between various realms. Frankly I'm suprised he stayed in this plane of reality long enough to make the introductions."

"I forgive it," Raven says. "After all, I can get distracted too on occasion." It happens.

"It gets on my nerves at times," Mike admits, "But I can understand what he's dealing with." He pauses, head glancing to the sky, seemingly at nothing. All traces of amusement that were building from the discussion gets over run with feelings of concern.

Raven finishes her wrap. "I suppose I should be getting back." To the tower, that is. Which is, in some ways, home/

Mike doesn't reply to Raven immediately as his eyes follow something. What, not visibly apparent but eventually the head turns, looking over in the direcion of some residential buildings. The wrapper in his hand folded close before being tossed into the take out bag. "Nightmare." He growls, form already shifting, backpack seemingly merging into his form as a mirrored image to what was sitting beside Raven takes place. There does appear to be some difference to the lines around the eyes. Darker. Mo- Is that eyeliner? Oh dear lord he's turned bishonen. He stands up, not even looking to Raven. "I got to go. Sorry." Taking a running start, he heads to the edge of the roof and continues running, eyes closing prior to his feet leaving the protection of the ground below him as he continues running in the air, fading into nothing..

Looks like Raven gets a burger and fries to take home.


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