2017-03-13 Time Traveling to the 80s, 90s, and 2000s
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Players: JJ Jameson and River Song
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Title: Time Traveling to the 80s, 90s, and 2000s

Midtown Manhattan, or simply Midtown, represents the middle portion of the borough and island of Manhattan in New York City, as noted along the long axis of the island. Midtown is home to some of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and the United Nations Headquarters, and it contains world-famous commercial zones such as Rockefeller Center, Broadway, and Times Square. Midtown Manhattan separates Lower Manhattan from Upper Manhattan.

This part of Manhattan is home to several businesses and attractions, being home to Stark Tower and Grand Central Station. It is one of the busier sections with frequent traffic jams and impatient pedestrians. From here, one can enter the subway's major terminal, or head off to Grammercy Park, the Upper East Side or back to Manhattan's lower areas.

Morning, noon, night. But the most important time of the day by far is break time. And even the owner of a newspaper and tv station needs to take one occasionally. As the morning crew departs the building, Jonah himself has slipped out to get a bit of New York standard fresh air. Not far from his building, Jonah steps closer to the building side of the sidewalk, blinking his eyes as they acclimate to the outdoor light glinting off of several cars that are stuck in traffic.

Stepping out of an alleyway nearby is, at least to all appearances, a reasonably attractive blonde woman of middle years. She spots the newspaperman and a slightly wry expression comes to her face. (Not that the air in New York is ever particularly fresh). The traffic is what it is, and the sound of several horns indicates how bad it might be.

The salt and peppery haired, mustachio'ed man is by no means a super model but his wife seemed to have no problem with his appearance when she was still alive so he couldn't be THAT bad off. Jonah glances over to the traffic briefly. And briefly is all that is needed for the news outlet owner to bump into River. "HEY! W-" He pauses, looking at River. In particular the hair. Good GOD that hair…

It might actually be accused of being a mane. Getting stared at is something that doesn't seem to bother River at all, although she does step back to disentangle herself somewhat from the editor. "Why hello there," she greets. London accent. Which might explain why SHE is distracted by the traffic. Maybe.

A mane or something that looks like it came out of a Def Leppard music video. Tom-at-o, To-mah-to. But being that Jonah is the older sort, he may actually have a slight fondness for the 80s. A certain someone was still alive back then. A slightly pleasant memory of a less than happy wife after a mishap at the hair salon comes to mind which causes for a rare occurence. He smiles.

Her hands slide to her hips. "You seem amused," she says, keeping her grey gaze fixed on the man. She thinks she recognizes him as a newspaperman, and thus somewhat dangerous to antagonize, but that smile…

"Your hair reminds me of a hairstyle my wife tried." Jonah gives River in explanation. A gift of knowledge in exchange for the gift of nostalgia. His gaze lingers on the hair for a bit more before he chuckles. Breaking away his glance he shakes his head. Smile fading. He looks back to the woman, this time the face in particular. Hmm. The face seems familiar but that one isn't quite stirring the memories as readily. "Have I run into you before?"

"I don't think so." And then she nods. "Tried." From his tone, she suspects it didn't work nearly as well on his wife as it does on River herself.

"Yes. Tried." Jonah nods solemnly before the memory of that expression played in his mind again. He starts chortling.

River laughs. "I've made the same mistake before. Tried a hairstyle that looked very good…on somebody else." What woman hasn't, really?

"Oh the 80s was just full of bad hair decisions." Jonah agrees, ignoring the levels of irony stemming from the older man sporting the military grade widow-peaked flat top stating this. Still a bit high from the laughter, his lips settle into a slight smile. "Thank you."

River shakes her head. "Not entirely sure what I did, but you're welcome." Then she offers a hand. "River Song."

"You brought back a rather good memory." the mustached, elder looking man replies, taking the hand to give it a shake. Firm. Not at all gentle. "JJ Jameson."

She's got a very firm grip for a woman. "Thought so. Editor-in-Chief, Daily Bugle." Yup, she figured she had him placed. It's the moustache.

"Ah." Handshake done, he lowers his hand, looking to her, "And new owner of Channel Six so now you can get your news from us on the TV as well." He pauses, "So are you a reader of the Bugle?"

"Sometimes," River admits. "I tend to get my news from multiple sources so I actually know what's going on. No offense."

"None taken." Jonah replies, "So long as we're on your to buy list as well, I welcome anyone who continues to support local papers."

River nods. "When I'm in town. I travel a lot, so I tend to be a newstand person, not a subscriber." From that accent, well…she's clearly *not* from New York.

"That is still support if you're buying issues when they're available." Jonah replies, "I'll take it."

"So, how are you dealing with the…" Her eyes sparkle and she air quotes, "Extra competition."

"Oh, you mean the Metropolis based one?" Jonah asks, not really waiting for her to confirm. "I believe that we have enough of a different feel to them that we'll both manage to do just fine." There's a bit of a predatory look as he continues talking about the paper. Not directed at River, but the topic at hand. "Besides. Competition is a great way to get even better at what you do."

"Good point. As long as it's reasonably friendly." Because some competitions get, well…nasty. Very nasty indeed.

"Well there are limits." Jonah admits. "Besides, for certain events. It is helpful to work with other papers." He crosses his arms, "I've already written a letter that was run in a lot of the major papers in the area in regards to disaster relief efforts. The Daily Planet included. And I know papers in other regions have done the same with other writings." The expression forms again, "But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy what we're going to be throwing at each other."

River grins a bit. "Well, of course. Rivalries are entertaining. As long as nobody actually gets really hurt - as opposed to mocked and insulted." Which if you're in the news business you should be able to take. "I've been working some on disaster relief."

Jonah nods. "UK area mainly?"

River nods. "Mostly." She's not going to bring up other stuff…like the mysterious reapparance of many of the people who vanished. Wasn't her. She had nothing to do with it. Other cat.

"Were you there when that piece of land full of Norse speaking people crashed next to London?" Jonah asks, looking a bit more curious.

"I was." River shrugs. "Still trying to work out what caused that and if there's any way I can help fix it." A pause. "I'm…something of a scientist."

"Interesting." Jonah responds, growing even more interested in what River is saying, "What is your field?"

A pause. "Technically, archaeology. But I know a few things about, oh, a ton of stuff." She says it offhandedly, not bragging.

"So, were you being asked to help for your archeology knowledge or the 'ton of stuff'?"

River shrugs. "Who says anyone *asked* me?" She grins at JJ. Let's see how curious she can make the poor guy. Yes, she's playing.

So, you went in on your own, without being asked to in order to research the crash site to determine what caused the crash and to see if there is a way to repair the damage inflicted by the what crashed into it." Jonah summarizes, "That seems a bit odd. Wouldn't some type of security have stopped you from entering the area after the crash?"

River grins. "Maybe." They tried. Until they noticed she could actually speak Old Norse, but she's not voicing that part. "I tend to go where I'm needed. Not where I'm wanted."

"Did they try to stop you? Did they even see you?"

River grins. "Nah, I just convinced them I was useful." Pause. "You're definitely a newsie. Interviewing me on the street." She's definitely just amused, though.

Military Conflict Journalist." Jonah explains, "I've learned sometimes you only get to speak to someone of interest once. So you make the most of that once. How did you convince them you were useful? And did you find anything interesting?"

"Nothing I'm going to risk being in the papers," River quips. Probabky a joke. Probably. "And you were a war reporter." That…actually increases her respect for JJ. He's not quite the blunderbuss she's heard. Of course, she did remind him of his wife…

"The US in the 80s and 90s preferred calling them conflicts." Jonah replies. Or invasions. But why digress? "They're not probably like what you imagined like the reporting that was done for Vietnam or World War II… So, something confidential then?" Jonah inquiries.

"For now." Because, well, weird alien tech, best kept private. Whether it's somebody else's or her own. "And no, but it's still a tough job."

"Hmmph. So is being a social worker. Or a teacher… Is there anything you could share?"

River hrms. "I've taught, but it was college, so they wanted to be there." She flickers a grin. "Unlike some of the…heck many of the…kids in high school."

"Now. THAT is a tough job." Jonah responds, noting River's misinterpretation of his question to lead into this conversational segway. "Is that what brought you into archeology?"

"Nah, what brought me into archaeology was…insatiable curiosity." She grins. "Satisfaction, you know."

"Sounds like you could have pursued being a reporter as well. Being on the scene of major events… telling people about what you observed." Hint. HINT. HIIIIIINT.

"Depends. Sometimes the people have a right to know. Sometimes it'll make them run screaming." A pause. "You ever covered a story that kept you awake for days?"

Jonah pauses, growing quiet as he turns, glancing in the direction of the financial district. "Yes."

River nods. "Then understand why I won't let you get everything out of me." She grins. "I'm no fool."

"It may have kept me awake. But it was something they needed to know."

"Which is why I'm not a journalist," River says, cryptically. Or perhaps not that much so.

"Fair enough." Jonah replies, mood dampening as his watch starts beeping to indicate the end of his break time. Dammit.

River glances at the building. "Back to the grindstone? I'd better get going myself." She grins, waves a few fingers, then sets off through the New York crowd.

Jonah nods, glancing to the building before turning back to see River walking off. "Until we run into each other again." He murmurs. Does he believe they will? Nah.

But he's been wrong before…


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