2017-03-14 A New Team?
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Players: Superman / Wonder Woman
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Title: A New Team?

Superman floated down to the Embassy. His sky blue eyes focused on the building on this afternoon with the bright sky. Sure, people were going to definitely talk because Superman was showing up at the Embassy of Theymescara. Right now, there were bigger matters to worry about. Standing there, Superman was waiting to be approached by the guards that were going to question him at best. He had to have a conversation with Diana.

The guards that appeared were four young women all standing on the roof near the pillars that surrounded the area where the hidden jet was parked. Each girl was dressed head-to-toe in shining armor of various design and similar styles, but each was a persoanlized set that seemed to reflect the individual girl's needs. Two were archers, one was a long staff wielder and the last was armed with a pair of wicked looking duel-axes strapped to her back in a criss-cross style. This is the girl who spoke, her golden hair was blowing gently in the winds from beneath her shining silver helmet.

"Superman." She said out to him. "Why are you here?? She asked, her voice was youthful sounding, commanding, but… like a teenager's.

"I need to speak to Diana. I'm not going in without permission, but this isn't a dicussion for the outdoors," Superman said firmly. He was being still. The warrios could see Superman wasn't here to fight or be agressive. His body wasn't coiled like it was ready to strike in any fashion.

All of the young women had their weapons on their backs as well, so they were entirely just observing the famous hero. The young blonde glanced at her sisters before she motioned to the glass doors on the roof. "Her highness is inside." She said. "Come with us." And with that, two of the Amazonian women would take up positions on either sides of the doorways, while the other two went to open them for him.

They would lead Superman through the interior of the very fancy embassy that was decorated in ancient Greek stylings, and would bring him to Diana's office.

Diana was inside said office, wearing a volumous blue/gold robe, her hair was loose and laid about her shoulders in thick black curls. She was speaking to another Amazon woman… there were quite a few of them here now, it would seem.

Taking in the sights of the Amazon, Superman was taking in the sights. "We need to talk, Diana," Superman was firm. A moment later, he did bow a little out of respect, take her hand and kissed the back of it like a gentleman when she came close. It was him trying to be formal, respectful.

Diana'a hand came out of the robe and she allowed him to kiss the back of it. It could be seen that she too was wearing the armor of her people beneath the heavy blue garment. She watched him closely and had a calm expression on her lovely face. Sky blue eyes upon Superman she gently dipped her chin in a simple single nod. "I am happy to talk with you, sir." She said in her thickly accented English. "Would you like to sit?" She asked then.

"Please. I would ask that it is private, if you don't mind." Superman was just trying to be courteous. The matters were sensitive too. "Please guide us," he was trying to figure out where to go. This place was vast and he wans't the lord of the home.

"Of course." Diana said, she glanced to her sisters who vacated the office and Diana herself turned to a separate set of double wooden doors. She walked to them and then pushed then open. It was a full apartment off of her office with a living room / dining room / kitchen and more. She lead him into the maining living room area then. A fine set of furniture sat upon a white rug at the base of the large windows that looked out o nthe front grounds of the embassy. With natural lighting pouring in from those windows, Diana would sit down on the edge of the plush sosfa and place her hands upon her knee.s "Is this acceptable?"

"This is fine," Superman tried to sat down at a spot that was comfortable be it a chair or the other side of the sofa. "Star L.A.B.S. has obtained alien tecnology. They have illegally obtained technology. I have no direct proof, but their intentions can be less than noble fo everyone," Superman said firmly to the woman. He was coming to her with this information becausee she was trusted.

Diana watched him sit down across from her and she heard the news. It didn't seem to effect her very much, but she did wait to think on it before she responded. After a moment she tilted her chin down just a little and raised her dark eyebrows up. "How did you come into the possession of this information, might I ask?" Her voice was soft.

"A witness in the battle recently. Aliens they were familiar with, both as a race and as a culture, their weapons were being taken. It was one versus many, the odds were not in their favor. They managed to catch inignia or some clue as to the group's affiliation," Superman was recalling a run in with a professor recently. "The alien race is war-like. Every discarded weapon happened because the owner had fallen in battle."

"This is becoming a problem." Diana told him quietly. "I have heard reports of this elsewhere." She pulled in a soft breath of air between her red painted lips. "Because of the magnitude of the battles that took place across the planet… this technology has spread far and wide." She exhaled gently again. "I also… ran across an interesting man. Last week. He identified himself as a Sorcerer, and a Doctor. Stephen Strange. He lead me through a series of subway tunnels in Gotham. He said that he was investigating the events that caused the world mergers… We rcan across a magically created, stone gollem… inside of a hidden cavern. It was not pleased to see us. We left it be. But it appeared to be the guardian of something. The Doctor said he would contact me about returning, better suited. But I am thinking I should go on my own…" If Superman was going to share some intel, she would too.

"Do you trust this Doctor?" Superman asked. There was a method to his madness here. Those cards he was holding close to the chest for the moment.

"Of course not." Diana said with a subtle side-to-side shake of her head. She even cracked a small smile. "That would be horribly naive of me to do." She then breathed gently again amidst another short pause. "However… Nothing in our time together that evening gave me reason to distrust him either. He seemed very intelligent, and good humoured as well. And he also displayed a genuine level of concern for the situation at-large. But… I would have to spend more time around him to truly speak on him further. He was certainly magically, talented, though. Powerful even."

"I want more information on this Doctor. Are you going to be seeing him again?" Superman asked. Blue eyes looked tot he woman as he was trying to figure out more about Diana's thoughts on this Doctor. Were they going to stay as they were?

"I have his contact information." Diana told him softly. "I plan to call him and find out more about what it is that he does and see if I might be able to help him, or vice versa. Perhaps he could even assist us with the alien technology at the Labs that you mentioned?" Her head was shook, left to right. "We certainly do not need to have alien weaponry being replicated and sold to the highest bidders. Our lives are hectic enough… I would say."

"Agreed," Superman paused for a moment before speaking, "I was thinking of putting together a team. The Avengers seem to be there after the fact. I don't want to Avenge. I want to Defend," Superman looked to the Amazon unsure how she was going to take this proposal.

Diana's head dipped in a single nod to him upon hearing this. "I briefly met one of their leaders during the battle… Tony Stark." She said. "He seemed." She paused to try to search for the best political way of putting it. "A bit off, mentally. And was not that overly impressive. But perhaps the situation was simply more than he could handle. I know I questioned myself throughout it for that very same reason."

Diana would then refocus her gaze onto him. "I am here to support you, Superman." She told him evenly. "You are one of the few who I do truly believe in."

"We need recruits. This Doctor has potential," Superman said. It wasn't an official, "We should recruit him!" Just there was a possibility to do so. However, the blue eyes looked to Diana as he was unsure how she was going to take the idea.

Diana took pause to internally consider this. After a second or two of thought she nodded. "I can broach that subject with him." She said. "I will see to it that I get ahold of him soon then. He did… seem to have a Loner-style about him, but then… most of us do, from time to time." She showed another soft smile then. After another soft breath, she continued. "More will follow you, should you seek them out. People believe in, and trut you. So I do not think recruits will be difficult to find. We just have to pick the right ones."

"Get a better feeling on him." Superman paused. Honestly, he wasn't sure why people flocked to. Right now, other people held better regard than him in his mind. Superman looked to her, "I will be seeking out others, but you have the rapport with him."

"I will." Diana said in reply. She showed that faint smile once more. "After all. There is a gollem in the sewers that he and I have to figure out what it is nesting upon and so very dearly wishes to keep us away from." She drew in a breath then and sat up straighter on the edge of the sofa. "In the future. I shall instruct my sisters not to meet you outside. You will be welcome to simply come inside at your leisure. This building is a safe haven, a home to my people yes… but it is a place for peace. You represent the desire for peace as much as I do."

A nod came from Superman, "I think you for the hospitality." Superman was touched because it meant that he had a means of walking with someoent hat was a Queen, in some right. Now, he was being treated as royalty. Superman saw himself as just a boy from Smallville.

Diana would show him a small smile then and a gentle single nod. "Of course." She said to him in response. "As for the alien weaponry, I believe we need to get ahold of some of this for ourselves. Perhaps it uses an energy signature that we might be able to turn into a tracking… device." She showed a faint grin. "Forgive me I'm terribly off about that. We need to recruit a science-type firstly, perhaps." This was a small shot at humor from the Princess of the Paradise Island.

"I've got my resources to look into it." Superman said firmly. Clark was going to press his luck about seeing the place. "If that fails, I will see what are other options are," he admitted that the plan wasn't exactly a sure shot.

"Well then." Diana responded to him. "I am eager to hear what you discover. AFterall, every day that goes by with such technologies in potentially wrong hands… they learn more and more about it and how to exploit it." Her head went right to left in a shake. "And we cannot acept that. Such things must be researched by the right people, so that the technology can be used for the right things."

"I know." Superman was a little unsure o the tipster. The one that told him of this made him wonder about their own intent. Still, he was trying to figure out the whole story because he felt lke there was more he wasn't learning about the whole story. So, his alter ego was going to need to investigate.

Diana would nod once more to him then and she would then ask further. "If I need to contact you, what would be the very best way to do that?" She asked. "If this Doctor Strange… is on to reasons behind why our worlds have merged, then there might be fire one moment where there was nothing moments before. Having a way to reach you, would be very beneficial in such a scenario."

"I'll need to get you a device I'll be able to hear. I have a friend that has one. It's effective," Superman was thinking of the sonic watch that James Olson had. This was a good thing to have for him to have, but Diana could have used it too.

Diana would nod her head to him and offer a faint smile. "That would be greatly appreciated." She told him in response. "And I entirely agree that I believe it is time to form a team to combat these threats, in a way that is less aggressive and frought with collatoral damges… than I have heard stories about these Avengers. They seem to mean well, but are entirely too reckless in execution."

"They mean well, but teams operate differently," Superman admitted. He was putting it up to their methodolgy. So, Superman didn't quite look down upon them. However, he would have liked them to be more thoughtful.

"Yes." Diana replied to him. "They mean well. But based on what I have researched, they have often been outmatched by the problems that they are facing. They lack of the necessary strengths to reduce collatoral damages." She nodded gently once. "I believe that if we can find others, similar to you and I… that we could rise up to the challenges far more effectively and perhaps lessen the burden on these, Avengers. So it is a wise idea. One I look forward to developing with you."

"We have to remember, they've been saving the world too. Just the word 'Avenge' says the wrong message. We're going to wait until something happens? 'No.'" Superman spoke candidly on the matter. The last thing he wanted was some kind of Civil War.

"Yes, of course." Diana said in response. "I wouldn't wish to belittle their efforts. I simply wish to provide the same service, with the pretense of preventing less undesired damages. I would -prefer- to work closely with them to protect the innocent. If at all possible."

"That is if they see as not encrouching upon them." Superman spoke softly looking to Diana. Right now, they had to be delicat about this. Groups didn't like it when others were a little critical of them.

A small silence lingered for a moment after hearing this before Diana replied. "Well." She started. "Let us hope that they see the benefit of our presence, rather than the idea that we're some sort of competitors seeking glory rather than simply the defense of our home. And…" She glanced toward the windows to her left. "I have to have faith that they are not so self righteous to see it in such a negative way. Otherwise, our services are needed more than we might realize."


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