2017-03-14 Not a Monster
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Mary, Jean, Lorna, Rogue, Rudol, Hrimhari
GMed by N/A
Title: Not a Monster

Rating: everybody

Hrimhari has set up a storage area in a hollow tree for his things, fior the times when he has toi be human. He really prefers being a wolf, or a half wolf, wolf is most comfortable, it was how he was born. He lifts his head from where he was snoozing and perks his ears. He can hear the tap of Mary's cane, she must be coming for another lesson. He shifts to half-human form and goes to get the staves he made for her.

Mary does not have anything against Hrimhari's less human forms, which he would probably know by now, if anything she seems quite fascinated about his half-form, even if she is really too shy to really talk much about it, she was flushing pretty hard already that first time when she was feeling his form over to 'see' how he looked like in that form. Her cane doesn't make anywhere near as obvious sounds against the soft forest floor than it does against actual hard floors, but still most likely enough for the keen wolf senses, as stealth is really not among her strong areas. "Hrimhari?!" she calls out once she gets near the lake house, to announce her presence, even if she is fairly sure if the wolf-prince is anywhere nearby she has been noticed already, but it is still polite.

Rudol has been staking out this area for a while now, maybe even a couple days, who knows how long really? He doesn't need to eat or sleep, and staying perfectly still in his camouflage uniform is a simple enough task thanks to his mostly mechanical body. And binoculars? Nah, he doesn't need those, as the monocle over his right eye has plenty of magnification function. In particular, he's been keeping an eye on the stomping grounds of a particular wolf, having heard reports of a werewolf in this very neck of the woods, and as soon as Hrim shifts to his more humanoid form, Rudol's mouth curls into a grin.

Hrimhari lopes back, "Hello miss Mary, are you ready for another lesson? Have you been working on learning more from your senses?" Mary, being blind, has to focus on her other senses more to defend herself. Hrimhari fights her with his own eyes closed and in human form usually, just so that things are on a more even footing. The big difference is Hrimhari was born in the wilds and knows how to pay attention. He knows there is someone or something watching the area, he has scented the odd mixture of scents when the wind blows the right way. He has located the camouflaged form, but as that form has been standing still and doing nothing threatening he has been regulated to low priority.

Mary smiles as she hears the familiar voice, and can sense him as well when he comes close enough. "Ah there you are. How have you been?" she inquires as she makes her way over to him, her cane routinely tapping against the forest floor to help her avoid from tripping to any roots or fallen branches or anything else like that which might be on the way. "Well as much as possible I suppose. There is usually so much noise in the school that it takes more effort to -not- hear everything." she notes with a light laugh.

Rudol soon notices the girl, likely a student from the nearby school, greeting the suspected werewolf. By appearances, she seems to be blind, which makes it all the stranger that she would be on such friendly terms with a creature like this. Usually it's vampires that have thralls, after all. Unless, perhaps… it's a /vampire werewolf/!? He must save this girl, and the world, from this new threat at once!

Springing from his hiding place, the German cyborg shouts a battlecry as several mechanical arms burst from the back of his jacket, each carrying a different firearm. "BEGONE, CREATURE OF THE NIGHT! GERMAN SCIENCE WILL BANISH YOU TO THE PITS OF HELL BEFORE YOU CLAIM ANOTHER VICTIM!" It's really quite impressive how loud he can be without any voice amplification. Also how much air he can get, because he hasn't even landed yet.

Hrimhari responds, as he falls into a defensive posture and drops his staves at Mary's feet, "I have never been to my aunt's domain of Hel. I understand it is not a pleasant place for the living. Mary, please keep back, I think this mortal plans some unpleasantness and would rather you not be harmed." He can not really refute the creature of the Night part, night is by far a better time for hunting, but he does add, "I have no victims, only foes." He is cautious about this stranger, he has some very odd abilities, and smells funny…kind of like that Airport place.

Mary is rather startled by the sudden bellowing voice coming from nearby, taking a few steps back, her head turning around back and forth some as she tries to pinpoint the direction it is coming from, even though her eyes don't react in any way. Her other senses however extend to their maximum limit, which is around hundred feet everywhere around her, in as secluded place as this she can do that without being overwhelmed by large number of minds, as she tries to sense the intruder, and as she does so she sends a telepathic distress call, while she cannot sense anyone who could help in the area, the more powerful telepaths in the school could well be able to pick it up. < Professor, Jean, anyone. Please help, danger at the lake. > She is not sure if anyone hears it, but it is worth a try. Out loud she says as the man comes in range for her to sense. "What are you doing? Stop! He does not mean any harm. Leave him alone!"

Rudol finally comes to a landing after seeming to hang in the air for an eternity, pulling another two guns from underneath his jacket with his main hands. Really, that's a pretty impressive amount of firepower he's leveling at Hrimhari right now. "As I thought, you even admit to being a direct relative to demons! The threat you pose is greater than I ever could have imagined!" he says in his loud, oh so very loud voice. Seriously, did they replace his lungs with megaphones? In any case, while he recognizes that Hrimhari isn't actually speaking German yet somehow can be understood anyway, he just chalks it up to DEMONIC HERITAGE and instead glances at Mary to address her. "You have already fallen under his evil spell! Do not interfere, or I cannot guarantee your safety, young mistress!"

Hrimhari decides that, while some do consider Hela and Fenris and their siblings to be demons, this man is intending to insult him. He puts his mind under firm control, generally one insults a foe in combat to make them act irrationally. He says, "Leave the child out of this Mortal, she is innocent. If you seek combat with the Prince of Wolves, Hrimhari stand ready. Do not expect to win, I have fought Giants and emerged victor."

Mary is acting lot more fearlessly than most of her age likely would, largely because she cannot actually see the display of guns from Rudol, ignorance can be a bliss sometimes! Though she is still definitely not going to be standing between the two, but quite a bit to the side, although she isn't going to just run away either or leave Hrimhari to face this man, that to her at least, sounds completely crazy, all by himself. Both hands grabbing her cane front of her as she backs away until her back is pressing against the wall of the lake house, while she focuses her mental attention on the intruder, forming a stronger link with him so she can listen to his thoughts, and sense his emotions and whether he is lying or telling the truth, and most importantly, get advance warning of if he would actually attack her friend, assuming he would think about it before acting. "You are delusional! He is not a demon, and does not mean anyone any harm, leave him alone!"

Rudol watches Mary as she moves aside, making sure she isn't gonna try anything funny. As soon as she's out of the way, though, he immediately turns his attention back toward Hrimhari. "Eeeeeeeeh!? The /Prince/ of Wolves! Who would have thought that such a high-ranking werewolf would be hiding out around here, of all places!" he practically shouts, then starts laughing uproariously. "HAHAHAHAHAHA! CUT OFF THE HEAD, AND THE BODY WILL DIE! Such fortune, truly the Lady of Luck smiles upon me this day! These Special Issue Anti-Werewolf Silver Bullet Carbines will mark the end of your kind, monster!"

«But who is the true monster here?» Comes a voice inside of the head of Hrimhari, Mary AND Rudol. With that, all of Rudol's arms are forced to point towards the sky….like straight up.

As they're forced towards the sky, A red haired woman slowly floats her way down next to Mary. "Are you okay Mary?" Are Jean's first words to her, then asked the same of Hrimhari before she settles her feet on the ground. "You'd better have a good explanation as to why you're pointing weapons at one of our instructors."

Flying over the woods, Lorna's senses were pulled by a mass of metal that didn't feel like her usual metal folks. Clad in her green uniform, the caped mutant hangs in the air over the scene and plants her hands on her hips looking irritated. "It is too cold out here for this nonsense. You with the guns, last chance to run before you're dismantled." She tells him and looks to Jean. "What on earth is this ruckus about?"

Rogue flew in with Jean, but she'd seen Lorna up there too so it probably looked like all three of the X-Women arrived together, which was certainly fine for this sort of situation. Rogue would land beside Jean as well, and her gloved hands would go onto her hips. She'd look to this strange intruder, having caught the tail-end of his odd show so far. The southern gal would stay quiet though, and let both Jean and Lorna take the lead on this one.

Hrimhari says, "Hold thou Sorceresses, this one hast challenged Hrimhari and it is my place to deal with his challenge. Never let it be said that any lord of Asgard refuses a challenge to single combat." Hrimhari is a creature of great honor and is not about to let anyone interfere in matters of honor…though as his Host Jean can insist that there is to be no combat on her lands.

Rudol suddenly finds his arms- all eight of them- pointing straight up in the air! "W-what sort of devilish sorcery…" he starts to say, but then that voice speaks in his head! Casting his gaze skyward, he sees those three costumed women fly in, one coming to a landing by the werewolf! C-could they be demon overlords!? "Instructor!? He is a werewolf, a demon vampire werewolf, a threat to the entire world! He must die for the sake of our future!" Sounds kinda crazy when he says it out loud.

Mary relaxes noticeably once she can sense the familiar mind of Jean, along with Rogue and Lorna, coming into her range, which at the moment is extended to her maximum of hundred feet. Biting her lower lip some and nodding to Jean's question. "Yes, I am alright… I am relieved that you were able to hear me… that man… he sounds completely crazy, talking about demons and other things that make no sense." she explains with a vague motion of her hand towards Rudol's general direction, even if it likely isn't hard to figure who she is referring to.

"He does sound a little off his rocker, I'll admit." Jean says as she looks behind her to find Lorna. "Lorna? Can you keep those guns pointed in the air please?" She then looks to Hrimhari. "I'll not have violence here if I can help it, Hrimhari. Plus, we look after each other here."

It's then that Jean walks her way towards Rudol. "Why are you here?"

"I'm not a sorceress. I'm a mutant, and I'll happily help with the guns." Polaris smiles brightly and extends her hands to Rudol. "Metal." She clicks her tongue at the man. "I'll never understand why people still come to this part of New York and attack people with guns." She shakes her head, applying her own power to the man's weapons.

Rogue folded her arms over her stomach and she looked from Jean to Lorna and then to the intruder. "Screw pointin' in the sky, Greenie." Rogue said to Lorna. "Smash the damn things and fling out inta the lake." She glanced over to Jean then. "An' I say you let me take this big armed fella out t'the Ocean where I drop him about midway between here an' England. Let him find his own way back t'land."

Hrimhari bows slightly towards Jean, "As you wish Headmistress. I will not initiate any hostilities, though if I or any of you are attacked I will act to defend you." He rather agrees with Rogue…except that is is his job to deal with the challenger not hers…no matter how good she may be.

Mary starts making her way back along the path towards the mansion, as from what it sounds like, things might be turning ugly and she would likely just be in the way anyway when they do, it is not like she would be able to help in any way that Jean can't already do better, anyway.

Rudol starts writhing, trying to free himself from the control of these… these… SORCERESSES! "So that school is a training ground for demons! And witches! And werewolves! AND WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE!" he starts ranting, trying and failing to pull the triggers on those guns. Damn, those ladies have a /good/ hold on him.

"But that wouldn't set a good example for the students, Rogue." Jean says before she looks to Mary. "thank you, Mary." She then looks back to Rogue. 'besides, we wouldn't know why he came here in the first place." she then focuses her attention fully on Rudol. "We are not demons, sorceresses, nor witches. So, I'm going to ask you one last time. Why are you here? If you do not tell me….I will pry the information out of your mind. Your choice."

"Witches, so rude!" Polaris sighs and gestures, bringing her hands up as she raises the guns into the air. "You can surrender your weapons and leave, or you can try something stupid and then Rogue over there will stop waiting for permission…Hrimhari too-I expect. So, what's it gonna be?" She asks coldly.

Rogue watched Mary making her way back along the well groomed forest pathway toward the mansion and she was glad to see the student was electing to get uninvolved, rather than more-involved. Most of the students here loved to get into stuff like this, and put themselves into danger.

Rogue grinned at Jean and shrugged her shoulders. "He sounds like another nutcase t'me. He probably is here to see if we are 'evil lords from his dimension of space brains' or some other BS." Rogue glanced at Hrim and then at Lorna. "I'm just sick'a bein' a magnet for nutcases. That's all." She ran one of her gloved hands through her two-toned brown/white hair and she smiled at Rudol. "You can call me a witch all you want. I don't mind a bit." She said then in a particularly flirty-tone of voice. "I'll cast'a spell on ya, with my fists."

Hrimhari crouches on his hocks and waits to see what happens. He comments, "An thou wish to cut off the head of mine line, I wish thee the best of luck. Fenris my sire is fated to live until the Ragnarok. Though I have been granted the title Prince of Wolves by right by all the pack leaders on Asgard on my own, not by mine blood. Born a wolf I was, though the magic of Loki in my blood hast let me learn this form and human form."

Rudol continues thrashing about and ranting, until all that stuff about Norse whatsits comes up. Stopping dead still, Rudol blinks a couple times, though his guns remain where they are. "Fenris? Loki? Giants?" He then looks over the girls one more time as well, trying to decide if they might be related to those myths too. "I was following reports of a werewolf in the area. It is my duty to eliminate such creatures of the night to protect humanity. Are you to tell me that you are /not/ demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, zombies, or otherwise supernatural entities born of evil?"

"No. We're not witches, vampires or demons. Zombies don't exist, and wouldn't a werewolf require a full moon to come out on?" jean says rather pointedly. "Now…..who are you? And why are you here, if you're done ranting and raving……Or shall I pry the information from your mind….then have Rogue confirm what I found?"

"Not fighting? Smart man." Polaris says, casually dismantling the guns with out touching them. "See, we are what is commonly called a mutant, scientifically Homo Superior, and we, the women here, are amoung the more dangerous of our species. So-listen to the red head." She tells Rudol and looks to Rogue. "If he doesn't, I hear the Artic Sea is blisteringly cold, and all that metal on his back must be so heavy Rogue." She recommends, still floating in the air comfortably.

"Werewolves and zombies…" Rogue quietly said as she shook her head and brought her right gloved hand up to her face to press her fingertips against her forehead. "Why is it always nerd stuff?" She muttered further before dropping her hand and looking back utp to Rudol. "We're people, like the pretty green haired gal just said. We're just people with… abilities. An' you're tresspassin' on our property an' freakin' out our kids. So you go back t'wherever it is you came from, k?" A short pause and Rogue lifted her right hand again. "Or… OR…. I take ya out t'sea and test how good ya are at a Brian Phelps impersonation."

Hrimhari gives a laughing growl, "Should thou wish to get technical, I am a supernatural spawn of evil by the standards of many. Fortunately I take not after that side of the family. Only a trace of Seydr do I have, no great magic, but I am known through Asgard as a being of honor and valor."

Rudol doesn't really say much of anything about who he actually /is/, but they seem to have cleared things up a bit as he simply retracts his sub-arms (after the guns have been dismantled, which he's quite calm about actually) and politely asks, "Can you please set me down? I wish to take my leave. There has been a terrible mistake here, and I officially apologize on behalf of the Bundeswehr for the disturbance and the waste of time." He tries to snap a salute, if Polaris will let him.

"We will….with a warning. If there is something you think you need to do here…..Rudol Von Stroheim…….please come to the front gate and /ASK/ instead of threatening people. You could actually get help from us if it's someone that doesn't belong here." Jean says to Rudol before looking to Rogue. "Looks like we have a bit of searching to do to find out who the Bundeswehr is." She then looks to Lorna. "If you would please, Lorna….carry him beyond the fence of the mansion." She then starts to walk back towards the mansion herself.

Nodding to Jean, Polaris lifts the man into the air by his metal arms. "Alright, a little flight it is." she says briskly, and nods to Rogue. "Want to come? In case he gets feisty?" she asks, turning him towards the fence line and starting to move the man.

Rogue looked to Hrimhari, she'd never been a big fan of Asgardians… but this one was at least not on her Punch-List, he seemed rather cool for the most part. Her eyes went back to Red when she saw her walking back toward the school and she smirked. "I don't even know what you just said, so that might be hard for me t'research it." She was teasing, for the most part… but seriously, she had no idea what word Jean had just said.

Lorna's question draws Rogue's green eyes over to the green haired friend and she smiled at her. "Absolutely. Not gonna just just believe this weirdo on 'good faith' after all." So the southern belle would move to accompany Lorna then.

Hrimhari resumes Wolf form and lays himself back on the ground, as everyone is leaving he sees no need to remain in his half-wolf form.

Rudol harrumphs. "And risk giving warning to the target? Never!" he retorts at Jean, then finds himself being lifted into the air and floated off the premises. "Pfah! My legs are in perfect working order, you know! Such unnecessary treatment!"

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