2017-03-15 Train Jacked
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Warning: N/A
2017-03-15 format
Players: Natasha Damian Tony Stark Edie Ojin(playing npc villian)
GMed by Ojin
Title: log title here

Indeed everything was seemingly normal as the train exited the tunnel and made it way along one of the high rises over upper east side to head towards the muesame. Many people on the train were of mixed worlds and seemed to mostly get along (with some disagreement over certain matters). And this left very few to recognize Damian as well. That all being known…. as everyone has come to learn - everything can change in an instant

In this case it started with a screech and ended with a boom!

That is to say, the train suddenly screeches and lurches comming to a sudden stop. People on the train hang on, many stumbing and even falling into each other.

And then came the boom. After the train came to it's unschedual stop, in front of it a good portion of the trcks and bridge suddenly explode. Concrete and rails shower down on the citzens below. This naturally starts a panick with people yelling and scattering to get. Tony and Eddie may even find themselves swept up in the crowd if there not careful… and that if the falling debree dosn't get them first!

For all his training, Damian is not clairvoyant. It may seem like that on a good day, but the ability to infer actions from the subtle cues in the world around him does not extend to actually being able to predict the unpredictable. When the train begins to screech to a halt, he's as surprised as everyone else, but his balance and reaction time are quite a lot better than the others in the same car, and the boy avoids both falling and being flattened by the less gifted in the art of physical equilibrium. By the time the explosion… at least, he believes it is an explosion… occurs, he's already prepared for further shenanigans, since trains rarely stop for no reason at all. A more solicitous hero would probably check if anyone around is wounded, but Damian is rather the kind to start making his way forward, /towards/ the noise and the incident, squeezing his way through the tightly packed humanity currently held in a suddenly precarious looking tin can.

Edie is distracted from her phone at that sudden loud bang, sharply turning her head to look towards the sound of the noise, a natural reaction, eyes widening as she sees the wreckage starting to rain down on her, and others present, and reacts rather quickly as well, she could easily get just herself out of the way, but she is inclined to save as many others as possible too, and does so by teleporting to the middle of the largest clusters of people in the danger area, and then teleporting them long enough distance away down the street to be safe, and then repeating this process as many times as she can before the rubble lands. Cursing silently while doing so, so much for a day off!

Of course when trying to take a break from life it all goes to hell. Tony blinks as the crowd begins running to get away from the debris and such that is falling. He pushes through towards a parked truck and climbs into the back of it. Removing the jacket, cap, and he removes his sunglasses.

Holding out his arms the pieces come flying through the air clinging to his body. The face shield is the last to arrive and Irn Man's suit is fully formed. Taking flight he quickly moves to block some debris from hitting a group of kids.

Thanks to the timely intervention of Iron Man and Edie there are alot less crossed people! Infact there are no deaths as people quickly got out of the way. A few injuries sure, but that to be expected. However the structure above was still quite unstable and could collapse at any moment it seems. Though that may become the -least- of their worries. The head of the train suddenly seem incased translucent white shell that mimics the box head…

Back to inside, as people were quickly jabbering among themselves, no one tried to stop Damian from moving forward. As he goes along, he may notice that someone seems to be phasing in and out of the top of the carts, taking out a one or two each time. This eventualy goes on behind him as he make his way to the front. Though he will eventually be stopped by what looked like a wall of transparent white energy just before the trains conductor cart

Backoutside the train, well ontop of it rather, a rather hefty lady with braided hair and two hefty fancy tech-like gauntlets shouts out "Alright let have some fun! Get her movin!" Those people ontop of the cart? They begin creating their own railroad tracks that lead down from the exploded section and up over the streets. They are litterly trying to steal the entire train!

A black sport motorcycle races down a nearby street, with a rider dressed head-to-toe in black. Inside the glossy black helmet, Natasha Romanoff is speaking into her comm. "Stark." She says in her husky voice. "Is this another one of your escaped experiments?" She asked ina a bit of dry humor.

The rider angles her bike through traffic, twisting and turning between cars and turning a lot of heads as she zips through the streets of Manhattan to try to catch up with this situation.

The first few meters are slow, Damian having to dodge through so many people, but the going gets easier with every step closer to the driving cab. Hmm. Odd. It's true that most people refuse to sit in the front of a train if they can possibly help it, but it shouldn't be… empty? It's the sound that tips him off before anything else, boots above him and boots behind, allowing him to turn just in time to see people disappear. Great. Given his loathing for Ninja, seeing high-tech Ninja only makes him want to do something about this even more. Since he can't get to the cab, it's time to start playing their own game. With plenty of spots where seats and support struts overlap, and being none too tall to begin with, the boy finds a spot to … well, almost literally disappear from sight.

Two subtle clicks are the only indicators of a pair of collapsible batons extending, and moments later Damian is wearing his Robin mask… complete with the built-in comms. The first message is on the scrambled 'home' frequency "Pennyworth, tell Father I may be late. This place called Manhattan is more exciting than I thought, need to deal with a minor incident." followed by a series of clicks as his comm unit cycles through frequencies to eventually decide on one that it believes to be the local response channel. Wayne Tech, can't beat it.

Edie looks up to the remains of the tracks, biting her lower lip, there isn't really anything she could do about the possible collapsing structure, but then there seems to be other things happening there as well, with some kind of shennanigans going on. She is not going to engage that many on her own but she can at least teleport closer to get a better idea of what is going on.

Iron Man takes off from the sidewalk to hover in the air, "This time it wasn't anything I did that caused this Miss Widow." he answers Natasha over the coms. Noticing those forming tracks with their body or whatever they are doing. "Oh are we playing barrel of monkeys? I used to love that when I was a kid."

Well the situation MAY be comming to Natasha actually. A derailed train, making it own rails thanks to the fellas standong ontop of it! That much Edie can definitly see. People with different powers comming togeather to try and pull off this criminal feat. It races above the streets, and over Natasha. Yea, not hard to miss, not by a long shot. ANd people were just scattering everywhere, leaving their cars behind if they need to. Not that the train was hitting anyone or anything yet.

Oh wait. Is that a hovering Iron Man?

"Target practice!" says the braided women and signals for the other to change course. The train makes a sharp uphill turn and than down towards Iron Man trying to hit him head on.

It like a rollar coaster for the peope on the train, except no safty belts! Hopefully Robin training can help him keep his balance and coordination here. The ninja like phaser however had no trouble staying put. Infact he seemed to be relaxing, seeming to be confident that no one on the train would bother him. As such he didn't notice Robin or his batons on the train.

"How old -are- you?" Black Widow replied to Stark inside of her helmet as her motorcycle zipped between two yellow cabs and toward the bits and pieces flying around to build track for this wild train ride that was going on.

Being, bold, brave and arguably stupid… the Widows sport bike roared ahead of the train, then was sent in a reverse spiral that aimed her toward the train and its building-forming-creating track. She twisted the grips on the bike and then raced foward right at the train as it dipped.

Black Widow's motorcycle raced up the front of a car and then onto one of the pieces of the track coming together and she was now playing chicken with the train!

Rollercoasters… it's not something Damian ever really got a lot of time to enjoy, and given that on any given evening he could be swinging from a line alongside skyscrapers, the thing never really held much appeal. The only reason he rides them every so often is because kids his age are /supposed/ to, and it would look strange if he didn't show his face at an amusement park from time to time. Besides, it kept the photographers busy enough that they spent less time bothering him at more crucial times. Keeping his footing on rapidly changing terrain? Hardly a challenge for the one who had been trained to take over the League of Assassins.

Even when in civilian outfit, unless when wearing a tuxedo for some official function, Damian is always shod in his soft-soled assassin boots, making no sound as he creeps up on the phaser, especially not over the shouting and shrieking of terrified passengers. Really, it's almost too easy… never let yourself relax on the job. Honestly, where'd they get these guys? Robin's batons come down towards carefully selected pressure points, intending to give this sloppy criminal a short, painful lesson.

What should have been a painful experince… didn't phase the phaser! Well not in the regular sense. He was clearly surprised by Robin sneak attack to his pressure points and even jumped away. But beyound that it didn't actually seem to have an effect of him.. Though he DID managed to accidently phase himself out of his ownpants, leaving the sloppy crook in his pink boxes with heart pokadots. If people weren't busy screaming this might have been funny to them. The crook looks Robin up and down… and his face pales. Panicked he says into some comms "Speed it up! Somehow bats and his guys got word of this" assumption assumptions. Eitherway he begins running through the crowd and away from Robin, likely not the smartest of crooks.

The girl ontop of the train scowls at first when she sees Natasha plaing Chicken with her train. She shouts down "Your about to be derailed!" and with that, the people creating the track constructs try to create a divergent path to get Natasha off their trail. All while trying not to crash into buildings. Far behind them, premade constructs were dissappearing, it seems the track can't be infinite.

The people ontop of the train are spread out along it length. About two to a cart. There clearly working togeather to drive the train. Of which the train drives right into Iron Man knocking him into the ground. Good thing he is wearing that armor!

Black Widow leaps off of her motorcycle just as she's about to collide with the train and her right hand extends upward causing a fiber-line to shoot out and grapple onto a nearby ledge! She uses the momentum to swing herself around in a long arc that has her going toward the side of the train while her other hand sweeps out and she flings two EMP grenades at the tracks beneath the train!

Black Widow's swinging from is flying through the air on a course to bring her to land on the fourth-car back from the front of the hijacked vehicle.

To this day, Robin has had the strangest responses to his sudden appearances and attacks. Most people just crumple to the ground, some stand and fight, a few are rooted to the spot with fright, but this is absolutely the first time he has actually, literally, scared a guy out of his pants. His comm unit clicks once in his right ear to confirm it got the frequency these crooks are using, and then the Boy Wonder lets the phaser run. It's not like he's going anywhere on a train after all…

What follows is textbook example of lateral thinking. He knows the front driving cab has been sealed off, so instead runs towards the rear, keeping a tally of how many enemies he can hear on top of the train. On the way, he pulls every emergency alarm, smashes every alarm button and trips every switch he can find, just to make the drive that little bit more interesting for whoever is operating this train. And finally, as he's passing from the penultimate into the last car, he comes to a momentary stop, kneels down and reaches between the cars. Putting some effort into it, the boy pulls at the brake line, aiming to break it and lock the wheels. "This ride is over."

Edie sees that there are more qualified people handling the situation already, and not really wanting to risk getting caught in camera or anything, she will just teleport back home, having pretty much done the part where she could be of help anyway.

Right! So people want to stop the train. Well Natahsa and Robin unknowingly combined efforts have quite the effect. The timing couldn't have been more perfect really. At the same moment Robin pulls the emergency breaks, Natahsa empy grenades go off. What this causes is two fold. One - the track construct fizzle out of existence. As the tracks dissappear, the break tried to break and partialy succeded. But instead of stopping the train, it make it go flipping forward, multiple times. SOmehow weather through luck, science or both every is flattened agaist the train while it flips!

The girl ontop of the driver cab shouts ut from her spot "Get this thing back under control!!!" and no one was going to argue, because good lord, this was a ride they didn't sign up for! The people who are A - making the train more or less fly and B- creating the train tracks for the train to move on, pool their efforts. The train stops upright up, but it wasn't moving staying still on newly made track constructs. Several passanger and indeed criminal threw up from this unexpected ride. The effect caused the trains windows to blow out

That being said some have quickly recovered, particular the ones near Natasha. One of them runs over and tries to stop down on Natashas face… though his coordinatin looked to be lacking as if still dizzy

Black Widow was still wearing her helmet because this was real life and not some stupid hollywood movie, so when the man stomped down onto her head after she'd managed to stay connected to the train through all of this wild-ride, his foot just slide right down the side of the helmet as she scrunched herself up and leapt up to her feet!

Two batons came out from behind the small of her back and they sizzled to life with bright blue energy, like mini-lightsabers, she swung them at the Stomper! They were electrically charged stunning rods, and would disable anything from a Sentinel to a Rhino if she managed to make contact with them.

There are times when physics can be a right pain in the fundament. One of those times is when a train you're trying to stop suddenly wants to try out for the olympic diving competition and start flipping end over end… over end… over end… Damian, through sheer centrifugal force, is catapulted the full length of the car and then pressed flat against the door of the rear driving cab. The world starts tumbling by, very much like he's in some kind of demented circus ride.

All unpleasant things come to an end, usually at the end of the unpleasantness, and what is left is a very angry, nay incensed, Robin. Enough trying to stop the train, it's time for some more direct action. He swings himself out of one of the broken windows and back-flips into the roof of the moving train in a move that is both technically challenging and quite dramatic to behold. The entrance, after all, is everything even when it's technically an exit. The nearest criminal suddenly has a serious problem, in the form of an enraged Robin applied almost directly to the face.

One guy is stunned by Natasha baton. He sizzles a moment before going down smoking. The train lurches down several feet. Then when Robin decides to show another crook what a real angry bird does to pigs…. well he defintly has a black eye at least! Crumpling to the ground, the train, more specificly the track the train is on drops down several more feet. Clearly the crooks are what keeping this thing up

The people below also had the sense to clear out. Though of course SOME were videotaping this! Other crooks, being the coward they are, saw this as an uphill battle they could win and fled, jumping down. SOme break there legs, some make it. But still some were willing to fight

And they would have started to, if it wasn't for a resounding statement from the girl upfront "Get down or get blown" nope, they get DOWN. WHatever for though? Cue dramatic villian dialectic intro. The girl with the braided hair and odd gauntlets waves her finger at Robin and Natasha and says in a husky but friendly voice "Hi. Nice to meet you." claps her hands togeather "See, Imma trying to steal this train. And" a laughing scoff "well your kinda messing that up. So, you see, Im going to have to.." and she puncutates the next three words "kick. you. off" suddenly her eyes narrow, arms apart and "Oh. And the names BoomBurst" and slams her gauntlets togeather. A wave of concussive force hurtles down the train towards Natasha and Robin from the orignating force that is her gauntlets

Natasha didn't care if she killed any of these 'terrorists' because thats what they were in her mind, and she felt all terrorists should die, if not by her hand… then at least by someone's. So knocking some of them off the train was entirely fine by her.

She spun around to face the woman who was talking then, her glowing blue batons sizzling in her hands as she stood ready to attack this new target. She knew of Robin's presence, but he was considered to be on her side, at least for now.

But when the blast came from the woman's gauntlets it was more than the Black Widow was capable of facing and it DID send her hurtling backward. Both of her batons were lost as her hands went out, grabbing for anything as she was flung through the air!

First rule of evil diatribes for the instruction of heroes; never interrupt the villain. Not only will they tell you their entire plan, saving time trying to figure it out, it also provides a wonderful window of opportunity to either plan your next move, set up a trap, or simply close the distance. From the first moment, Damian sprints forward and hops clear across the divide between cars without breaking stride, pulling into a sprint. Another hop, and now he's halfway there… just in time for the grand finish of the evil tale.

He hops another divide as the blast wave approaches and is about to move to evade when he notices Natasha has gone flying. Well, nothing doing… Slamming the batons into belt loops, Robin throws the Black Widow a line and then simply jumps over the side, holding the other end. If he has this calculated correctly, the weight difference should just about balance out so they can both swing into the train through the broken windows.

Hopefully Natasha instinct and reflexes are in order - for if she DOES managed to get the line Robin tosses her - they'll happily wind up in the cart. If not… tumbling to the ground or just hanging thee!

Now a bit of background for those folks who keep track of criminals to some degree. BoomBurst has shown to be a very destructive yet intelligent criminal. Flashy, egotistic and actually hailing from Metropolish. WHat she is doing in New York City? Likely trying to enlarge her territory or gain a new one. Where she got her guantlet is as of yet, still unknown.

Now back to our regularly schedual showdown. It wasn't enough to simply watch Natasha go flying. ANd Robin trying to help her? Iceing on the cake. One that can use a bit of spice. Those two best be quick because she far from done. Boomburst drops into the front of the train "CHOO CHOO!!!" and she punches the nose of the train with her gauntlet, sending it flying back with no regards to the people she had hired ontop! Luckly these same people do managed to stop the train from crashing into the building (mostly to save their own skins). What effect this has, if any on Robin and Natasha we shall see soon

Natasha's motorcycle helmet wasn't just the kind you buy in the store, it had a similar computer system to the inside of Iron Man's suit and it gave her additional information and voiced-guideance on precisely what to do and when she should do it and that made it all the more easy for the Super Spy to GRAB that line that Robin sent out!

Black Widow was tugged about in a new direction now and she went swinging down toward the train car and angled her relatively small-form right at the side of the train car. Her booted feet are kicked out and the woman-all-in-black nimbly shoots into one of the smashed-in windows and rumbles across the floor of the train's interior… it wasn't a glamorous landing though… and it did stun her as she wasn't capable of not feeiling pain, it hurt… quite a lot.

Natasha's motorcycle helmet wasn't just the kind you buy in the store, it had a similar computer system to the inside of Iron Man's suit and it gave her additional information and voiced-guideance on precisely what to do and when she should do it and that made it all the more easy for the Super Spy to GRAB that line that Robin sent out!

Black Widow was tugged about in a new direction now and she went swinging down toward the train car and angled her relatively small-form right at the side of the train car. Her booted feet are kicked out and the woman-all-in-black nimbly shoots into one of the smashed-in windows and rumbles across the floor of the train's interior… it wasn't a glamorous landing though… and it did stun her as she wasn't capable of not feeiling pain, it hurt… quite a lot.

It's almost like a circus act. Robin swings in on the other end of the same line, feet first of course, and lands perfectly upright. Hah. How's that for acrobatics? The boy is about to remark something in that regard when the train is suddenly shunted backwards. Physics once again rears its ugly head and forward momentum is immediately converted to reverse momentum. Luckily this is not so much of an issue when you have a large part of yourself in contact with the object in motion, say like laying on the floor of a train. Standing up with your point of equilibrium connected directly to a small surface area connected to the train? Not so ideal.

It feels like there should be a quick cut-away to a diagram of forces interacting, but since this is real life all that anyone sees in that car is Robin suddenly being catapulted /forwards/, coming to a rather sudden and unceremonious stop via means of direct torso to vertical bar interface. You'd expect someone his age to stay down after something like that, but Damian stands up as if nothing has happened… Except for those with trained eyes, they might see a slight hunch towards his right as if to relieve pressure on a few ribs. What is he made of? He even offers a hand to Natasha to help her up. "I take it you are relatively uninjured?"

And with that the rest of the crew departed. Scattered. It didn't matter. They weren't sticking around a lady who almost killed them. A lady they were helping. The train was put down onto the street before hand though (as they didn't want to break they legs when trying to run).

Boomburst though… didn't work alone. SHe got what she wanted - to send a message. Sure she wouldn't have minded having the train, but the police were comming, and the waters here untested. For now, she'll dissappear. But for how long? Who can say.

Natasha's helmet folded back into pieces across her head, revealing her face but not uncovering the rest of her head. She looked over at Robin with her big green eyes and she released a heavy sigh. "Just my ego." She replied to him in her husky voice. The 5'3" woman rose to her feet again (though she was slightly taller with her boots on, maybe even 5'5!)

Nat's eyes went to the head of the train. "They've left." She said to the kid, now looking back to him. "Do you have any idea who that was?" She inquired then, the sounds of the NYPD sirens outside getting louder as the powder blue / white cop cars screeched into positions.

Robin gives a cursory look forward to confirm that the criminals have left, giving a sigh that is eminently world weary. "Metropolis trash. Occasionally comes out from whatever rock she crawled under to make a nuisance. This is probably the biggest thing she's done. One day she's going to Arkham."

The sirens are getting close, and Damian decides that this is not the time to show himself to the NYPD, nor the time for Damian Wayne to be found injured in a train crash. That makes it time to get gone. "Wish I could stay and chat, but it's time I got gone. Bit far from my usual hunting grounds."

Natasha paced a bit inside of the wrecked train… she was an adrenaline junkie and that entire event that just took place was like a major high for her… so it was a little rough to come down so suddenly as they had, literally.

"I hope that 'Arkham' is another word for Hell that you New Worlders use." She said then, her voice and style was dry all around… not unfriendly, just a bit soul-less. She saw him prepare to leave though and she went for one of the doors herself. "Thanks for the life-line there." She told him, looking out from the helmet that was folded about her head (Likely some Stark Tech in that thing).

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