2017-03-17 Field Test
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tamara, Tony
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Title: Field Test

Rating: everybody

Tamara has been working for month on a suit of spare power armor. It is modeled after her Atomic Knight armor, as she is not good enough to invent anything this complex on her own, but is made entire of scrap materials she has salvaged. Of course, salvaged materials are not up to the quality of the original, so this armor is more a workhorse than a thoroughbred. He is bulkier and not nearly as powerful…but if something ever happens to her main armor she wants to be able to get back into action. Today she has decided it is time for a field test…there is only so much testing that can be done in her home workshop. So she has taken out her Scrap Armor and put in the Promethium Chip for power, then taken it for a spin over the water, staying near the shore. She started in Metropolis but has gotten as far as New York…so she knows the fanjets work. Now to test other systems. Looks like there is an accident on the bridge ahead, a good test of her Strength Augmentation systems…so she flies down and lands on the bridge with a clank.

Actually he was given warning by Samuel of those from these new cities and their armors. Tony was doing some field testing of his own when he noticed the accident on the bridge. Noticing whoever landed down below he lands up on top of one of the bridge peaks watching those below him now especially this armored being to find out what the intent it.

First scanners, check for gasoline leaks and other flammables, and also for ozone from sparking wires…make sure things are safe to move. Once things are tested safe then see about moving things. Hard to check for gas leaks using chemical scans…too much traffic on the bridge. OK, try visual with spectrographic and heat overlays…and hope she does not overload the computer because it is pretty basic. Banneret's systems are much more advanced. Tamara decides there might be a problem, better try for confirmation first before moving anything..if that is a significant leak she will have to seal it…

Sitting down Tony decides to continue to watch those below a moment. Opening his visor he opens up a secret compartment taking out a bottle of water he opens it up, taking a long drink before putting it back into its secret compartment. Pulling the visor down he gets up to his feet and taking off he goes downwards landing not to far away from her, "Need help?"

Tamara glances up, she sees Iron Man standing on the street not far away and says, "Just making certain there will not be a fire when I move this car. It is a bit harder to check with my working gear…I was just doing a test run on this spare suit. It is not quite up to the one I usually use." She adds, "I think there is a slow leak on the gasket of the fuel line, the quantity of fuel does not seem significant. Do you have firefighting gear on that suit in case I am wrong?"

Taking a moment Tony scans for life signs in the car, "We should get the people out then worry about that just in case." Making his way over to the car he looks it over to see what damage is done. "We need something like saw dust or sand to put on the oil or gas. Water would not work." he works on pulling the door off.

Tamara says, "While not as good as my normal gear, this suit is designed for hazard containment. Got a foam fire extinguisher built in that should work." She flips a switch and a nozzle projects out from under her left arm. She sprays he retardant foam under the area where she detected the leak. Of course, the amount of reagents to create the foam in the suit is pretty limited, but it should be enough.

While she works on the fuel containment, Tony works on getting the people free from the car making sure they are well away from the accident. Once an ambulance arrives they work on the people. He heads back towards Tamara, "I am known as Iron Man and Tony Stark."

Tamara says, "I call this suit Scrapyard, but when I am in normal gear, it is Banneret, Atomic Knight #116, Hazard Containment Unit of STAR Labs." She adds, "I think it will work better if we remove the car from the middle of the bridge so traffic can get through. I want to see if I can do it myself."

Tony takes in her words and then nods, "I believe you may have met my son Samuel. But we can talk further later on. I'll stand back and observe as you remove the car." he does as he says staying back but there if needed.

Tamara locates structural supports under the car and braces herself. In her normal gear, this would not be quite easy, as the strength amplification is not linear, but would be a lot easier than this will be. It takes all she can do to heft the car up off the ground and onto her shoulders. She decides flying carrying this much weight is out, but she can carry it to the nearest end of the bridge before pitting it down off the road.

Tony continues to watch if not following along to be sure she doesn't eed a hand with it. He doesn't get what Sam was so worried about if she can barely lift a car with the suit.

Tamara puts down the car with a sigh, "In my regular gear, I am like ten times that strong," she says as she steps back, "I guess I am not as good as the engineers who built it. Then again, they have a lot more to invest in parts. My training was in how to make field repairs on the armor in case of damage in a hazardous area. Trying to see if I could make a working suit from salvaged parts is a hobby…I did get it to work, so I would not rate it a failure." OK, so as long as she is not giving away other people's secrets, she talks a bit too much…

Tony listens to this now, "The very first suit I ever made was from spare parts. I was kidnapped and held in a cave, they wanted me to make them a weapon of mass destruction but instead I made a suit to battle my way out of there." he explains lightly, "So what you did is good. And what you did here was good as well."

Of course, you can not see it in her helmet, but Tony might hear in her voice that she is smiling, "Thank you, Mr. Stark was it? If your son is the one who helped me clean up that radioactive virus, then yes. He seemed very concerned about my mentioning groups like the Rockets Red, the Rocket Elite, and Lexcorp…all of whom field armors more designed for combat than the Atomic Knights…who are optimized for hazard cleanup and reconstruction." Actually, they were designed for cleanup and reconstruction following a global war, but it is still what they are built for, and it is really useful in cleaning up places like damaged nuclear reactors.

Taking in her words now about the different teams and such. "You will have to tell me more about your world. I haven't really gone to explore the other side but I guess I should. Out of the armor of course, don't need anyone thinking I have hostile intent."

Tamara says, "I did forget to mention the Lexcorp armor to your son. He seemed most worried about the Rockets Red and the Rocket Elite. Those two teams are government sponsored by Russia and Germany respectively. They are also people selectively enhanced to give them specific powers that are outfitted with symbiotic armor. I think, without their armor, they have some degree of enhanced strength and toughness and an ability to interface with machines. It is that last ability that makes them able to mesh with their armor. I wish I had powers without mine…"

Tony says, "Ok but that was your Germany and Russia. Now being here I don't feel they know about all of this unless something has changed."

Tamara's suit clangs a bit as she shrugs, "Why would anyone think that this is the only place in the world the merger happened? I would suggest you look closely into any recent changes in the military budgets of Russia and Germany. Odds are, other countries have also merged, with an influx of supers being the most notable alteration. Then there are the whole other countries we have like Markovia, Kahndaq, and Bhilasia…I would bet you could locate those if you try."

Tony gives a nod of the head, "You are correct and I should look more into things. Gives me something to do at least. If those suits exist then I'll be sure they are destroyed."

Tamara shakes her head, "I would not. I mean, I am not you, but before the merger those armors kept the world in a balance. The fact they existed helped the world fight off alien invasions more than once, and simply knowing they are there has kept terrorists in line at times. You want to do terrorism in Europe…well the Rocket Elite are on call to help shut it down."

Tony continues as she speaks and simply nods his head. He does has Jarvis scoping out the networks though for additional information. "Long as they don't endanger innocents then fine."

Tamara sighs, "I think it is kind of like nukes, the US got them first, but no one feels comfortable with just the US having them. The thing is, there are those out there that WANT them or HAVE them that really make everyone nervous."

Tony nods his head, "Samuel was frightened when he was telling me about them. Until they become a threat not much anyone can do, if we go poking around it could make them want to use them. Too many lives are at stake."

"Fear is a dangerous emotion," comments Tamara, "It makes you want to get rid of the source of the fear, especially if you can not get away from it. Russia and other states, when they had few heroes, they were likely to fear the US because we had so many heroes. With some degree of parity, there is less chance of someone in charge doing something stupid out of fear."

Tony nods his head, "We should meet again sometime. There is a tall building with Stark on it. Can't miss it, can come find me there sometime." with that he takes flight back up into the air and is off.

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