2017-03-18 Pretty Dang Weird
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Phantasm, Spider-Woman
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Title: Pretty Dang Weird

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The sun has set, though still bathes the sky in a pale blue. The god of mischief came to Midgard with his guard Sayt and fellow student Nefja, along with Amora the Enchantress. They didn't really do much, so Loki got bored and wandered off, pondering some of the words the two women said to him about being worthy. He teleports into Midtown Manhattan from Times Square and stumbles a bit, shoulder finding a utility pole with a clang. Straightening his posture, he looks around to make sure noone saw that.

In the middle of New York City, it is hard to make it to where no one sees something happening. However Loki does have diffusion of responsibility and its cousin apathy to rely on. They may have seen, but they didn't really care. A few moments later, a raven appears out of nowhere, smacking the same utility pole with the same clang. "…Is this pole new?"

Not unless anyone around was looking down from the side of a building. Oh wait. Someone is. Spider-Woman is out on a general (and somewhat generic) patrol. So clanging utility poles, being oddities, at least catches her interest. And then a raven flies into it. ….Wait, what?

Rubbing his shoulder, Loki looks up at the raven. "No, I do not believe so. Perhaps you are thinking of another place." He folds his arms over his chest and beings walking, tails of his coat flowing behind him. "Who are you anyway? If you have anything you wish to keep private, take heed as we are being watched."

That pole seems to like people. As Spider-Woman lands on top of it in a classic 'spider crouch'. "Not really. More like being stared at." she says with a grin unseen behind her mask, which covers all but her hair.

The raven slides down the pole with a squeaking sound before he reaches Loki's level, pushing his wings forward he grabs the pole and swings himself onto Loki's shoulder as the Asgardian starts walking away. Asking me again? I am the friend you don't remember but you remember remembering." Beak turning upward he looks to Spider-Woman. "Hi."

Talking raven. Pretty damn weird, even among the super hero set. Still, it seems friendly enough, so the webspinner waves. "Heya."

Loki whirls around with the raven on his shoulder, perhaps a little jumpy since he's alone. "Who are you?" She asks Spider-Woman. That seems to be the question of the day. Looking over at the bird, he furrows his brow. "Oh, right. I still do not have any more useful memories, but I have had visions involving you."

"Name's Spider-Woman." the heroine announces herself. "How about you guys? Not too often I encounter talking birds."

Spider-Woman. Pretty damn weird. God of Mischief. Pretty damn weird. The bird gives a smile, which considering how beaks typically are, should not be physically possible. A wing lifts up to give a bit of a wave before he turns back to Loki. "Eh. I'll take that. Maybe we can try something else to jog your memory later." He looks back over to Spider-Woman. "Phantasm." He offers back, "If it is any consolation this isn't what I normally look like. It is just the easiest form to travel around quickly."

And now the bird is actually smiling. This is weird in and of itself. But at least it isn't the kind of odd that leads to people being in danger. So she can deal with it.

"If you start tap dancing I'm gonna have to test myself for a contact high off the last thug I webbed up for the cops."

The bird smirks, "Is that a challenge?"

Spidey chuckles, tilting her head to one side. "What if it is?"

Loki is the prince of mischief, and thus cannot resist shapeshifting into a man sized raven with Mike still perched upon his shoulder. He ruffles his feathers and emits a 'caw'.

"…….Ok….what was that dude high on….?" Spidey asks as she sees Loki turn into a giant bird…with a bird on its shoulder.

The raven Flicks out a wing, the tip feather seemingly expanding and taking the form of a top hat while the tip feather on the other wing flicks out to form a dancing cane. "Beware what you ask for."

Loki bobs up and down in time to an inaudible beat while Mike dances on his shoulder. If one were to put a sound to Loki's 'dance' it would sound like a standard oom-pah oom-pah.

Tappity tap tap…

Somehow, don't ask us how, Spider-Woman produces a smartphone and records the entire damn thing from start to finish. "This is so going on youtube."

When the smartphone goes up, the shoulder raven vanishes from sight.

"Not unless I get royalties from that." A voice whispers into Spider-Woman's ear.

"Hey, I don't monetize'em. I just do it for the fun of it, Beaky." No danger, hence no Spider-Sense warning. Besides, Ninja spider is Ninja.

Ninja Spider's phone shuts off.

"What is YouTube?" Loki asks, still bobbing up and down. He blinks when the raven vanishes and looks at Spider-Woman. He doesn't know anything about smartphones yet. Just wait until he learns and discovers Candy Crush or Angry Birds. He stops bobbing and just makes raven sounds, pecking at the ground.

"That's where people put up images of people doing entertaining things for all the world to look at as much as they like." Phantasm explains to Loki.

"Ok, whatever yer doin' to mess with the phone, don't. These things cost money." Spidey says, as she reactivates the phone and puts it away. Then she looks at Loki-raven. "Yeah, what Beaky here said."

"Phantasm." Bea-err Phantasm corrects, "And if I wanted to break your phone, it would have been broken already."

Loki looks up at Spider Woman and decides to be a collossal douche. He takes a running start and jumps, flying toward her, then shapeshifts into a hideous monster, emitting a horrible screech. He doesn't make actual contact with her, passing through like a ghost disappearing into black and dark green smoke.

"Hey, you show up as a cute little beaky bird, you get stuck with the cute nickname." Then comes colossal douche! Er Loki. Luckily, flying objects count as 'threat' and her Spider-Sense has her in motion before she even realizes it, leaping a good forty feet up and onyo the side of a nearby building. "Hey! What was that for?"

"We're working on him with that." Phantasm offers in a low voiced apology, having taken the forty foot ride up the building on her shoulder. "He's a bit of a prankster. No harm meant."

"…..You must be part spider or something, cause I wasn't using my powers to make ya stick to my shoulder like that." Spidey mutters, then looks around for Loki. "So…..where the hell did he go?"

Phantasm glances around. "I haven't the foggiest. He does that a lot." He pauses, "Probably setting up for a big Boo!"Monitor> Jonothon has disconnected at 7:56 p.m..

"Foggiest? Really? Smoke puns is the best you could dream up?" Spidey deadpans, shaking her head in disappointment.

Loki reappears as himself on the ground. He hasn't quite figured out how to fly, knowing it has something to do with telekinesis, but wants to consult Amora or Frigga on the subject.

"Huh." Phantasm observes looking down to the ground, "That's different." Spider-woman gets the sense of feet stepping off the shoulder followed by silence. The raven reappears on Loki's shoulder. "You hungry?" He asks of the Asgardian Prince, "We could grab some pizza."

"Try the meat lovers." Spidey says, descending upside down on a single webline. "Can't go wrong with that." she says. Of course, now she's in an unpside down 'spider crouch' and her hair is hanging 'above' her.

"Have you tried the smokehouse one?" The bird replies, eyes widening as he looks over to Spider-Woman, "It's like meat lovers with beef brisket and bar-b-que sauce added."

"Never was a big fan of brisket or barbecue. But if you like it, go for it." Spidey shrugs from her place upside down.

A pause from the bird, "Bacon and Pineapple?"

"Bacon's already -part- of meat lovers. And pineapple is friggin' -evil-." the webhead ends with a disgusted scoff.

"I have not had many samples of Midgardian cuisine, but yes, I am a bit hungry. Shapeshifting is a bit taxing." Loki contemplates what Mike says. "Piiii…zaaaa…"

"Oh come on! It's like Hawaiian Pizza but made tolerable. First off BACON. Second off, less nagging about eating more fruit." He pauses, looking to Loki, "But yeah. Meatlovers for this guy. Definitely."

"…God, you actually eat HAWAIIAN pizza? How do you survive the first bite?" Spidey replies. Then turns to Loki as well. "Yeah, pure meat lovers. And meat lovers is easy to get with extra bacon, since there's already bacon ON it, Beaky."

"I am a god and I do not eat any such thing. Is this Piiii-zaaa dangerous? Meat is a staple of Asgardian cuisine, but perhaps we could have some vegetables as well?" Loki didn't get scrawny and shrimpy by eating what Thor eats! Though, he is still an Asgardian and tends to have an Asgardian sized appetite despite his looks.

"I said LIKE Hawaiian pizza but TOLERABLE." Phantasm replies, grumbling before turning to Loki, "Ah. So you want the works. Yes we can manage that."

"Sez you. I can't stand most cooked vegetables. Gimme raw carrots and celery and green peppers, but leave'em raw." Spidey snorts. Then slides off her webline to her feet in a singular graceful movement. "I'll stick with meat lovers, myself."

"Who says they need to be cooked?" Loki asks, clueless. "They cannot just bring them along?"

"…..You really ain't from around here, are ya?" Spidey asks in amusement at Loki being so clueless about pizzas and stuff.

The bird just stares at Loki, "You've forgotten a lot. This must be corrected." He sighs before pointing his wing towards the the direction of the Domino's the team liked to frequent. "To the pizza place!


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