2017-03-18 The Falling Faora
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Players: Faora Diana Kara
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Title: The Falling Faora

The weather in Metropolis is lovely- its a clear day with the last of winter's snow sparking like sheets of diamond on the statue of Superman. There isn't a cloud in the sky- which is why its so odd that thunder and lightening seem to flash and boom across the horizon as *something* begins to happen.

The first is a shout- a foreign language to most, Kryptonian, <"No! Dru, its not worth it! Please, don't do this!"> A flash of vision- a woman standing, a vision of a woman standing with only a knife to defend herself against a man with a gun, and behind him? Some awful engine of destruction.

Diana Prince was commuting between Manhattan and Metropolis a lot these days. She had responsibilities in both cities. As of today, here and now, she was not far from Centinnial Park, having a meet and greet with children from a local community center. One of her favorite public events was anything related to children, seeing their happy faces encouraged her and energized her.

The event was taking place outside of the community center in the fenced-in park that sat aside its main building, the kids were all playing on the various playground equipment, or gathered around Diana and her two Amazonian sisters that were with her today (not to mention all the other adults and media present).

Diana was wearing clothing traditional to her people, a large blue cloak with gold lining. She had her armor on beneath it, but it was mostly hidden away by the cloak, aside from the ornate boots that could be seen as she moved about, or her bracers whenever she extended her arms to whomever she was greeting.

The thunder would pull Diana's attention skyward though, as it was a bit… strange… for a day like this.

Further off in Metropolis in Starr Tower Kara is wrestling with Earth fashion. She does not have an eye for mixing patters yet, or Karen's figure as she tries on her older self's things. The Kryptonian cries prick her sensitive ears however as does the sudden weather. Moving to a windown, there's a blur as Kara flies out tenetivly in her Kryptonian armor. She might not exactly have permission to be flying out, but the distressed voice of one of her people blocks her better judgement.

The visions fade a moment, an indistinct haze. Time must move differently in whatever dimension or rift the people can see. Another peal of thunder as reality shifts and tears- the same woman, her knife is gone- she's bleeding and hurt. The fight, however, goes on- she's locked into combat with the man- this 'Dru'. She's clearly the better warrior, but he's maintained the edge with his weapon- a flash of light as it seems time skips again. The dark-haired woman stands again with her back to whatever rift is opening, she's hurt all the worse- <"It ends now, Zod."> says the woman as she reveals her trump card- some sort of grenade. She activates it and throws it towards some hazy device- and it explodes.

The explosion rips through reality itself- a huge plume of fire in the sky as the woman is blown free of the Phantom Zone- ragdolling in the air, clearly injured as she begins to fall towards the ground, apparently unconscious.

When explosions occurred in the sky, the children at the Community Center started reacting by either pointing, shouting or shrieking (as did many of the other adults). Diana, however, just watched as this took place a fair amount of distance away… but close enough that she could see the figure falling from the sky.

Diana turned to her Sisters and instructed them to stay here and protect those here, if things worsened she told them take shelter inside the building.

Moments later and Diana Prince was taking flight, leaving her pleasant day behind her as she zipped through the air. Her blue eyes looked off to her left, where she could see Kara… but did not recognize her. So this was potentially going to be an even more interesting day.

Trying to fly faster, Kara strains as she sees Wonder Woman and the falling figure from the Phantom Zone. She doesn't recognize the zone, having been in stasis when her pod was stuck there, but she knows Kryptonian clothes and dives for the falling body to catch her before she slams into the ground. Calling out to the hero in the sky she yells "She won't speak any English, but I know her tongue!" The girl wearing Superman's S seems to have a voice to match the big guy's too.

Smoke holds to Faora like a shroud when Kara snatches her from what would likely have been a very unhappy end to Faora's day- she's limp for a few moments in Kara's arms. AT this distance its very easy to see Faora's injuries- they're extensive. The scent of blood and singed clothing and hair as she lolls in Kara's arms. She's cut, her face is bruised- one eye swollen shut and purple. Her knuckles are scraped, and she's bleeding from more than one wound. Although serious, the wounds are unlikely to be truly fatal with at least some care.

Faora begins to stir, ever so slightly- a sharp intake of breath, a moment where her body tenses. She'll be coming around shortly.

Diana's armored boots land in the soft grass of the park as she hears Kara's shout. She certainly does take note of the symbol on Kara's suit as well… She had just had a one on one with Superman a handful of days ago, discussing the formation of a new team of super powered heroes, perhaps this young woman was one of his recruits?

Diana walked toward Kara and Faora, her blue eyes scanning over the woman. "She needs medical attention." She spoke to Kara in heavily accented English not of the United States. "She is, one of your people?" Diana asked Kara, making a small assumption that Kara was indeed from the same Home as that of Superman, and now this woman as well.

Nodding, Kara gently settles Faora onto the ground and backs up from her. "Umm, medical help is where it gets complicated." She tells Wonder Woman also accented in her English. She looks up at the sun and back down at Faora. Kneeling she talks to the woman softly in Kryptonian <"You're safe, try to relax, you're going to feel very different in a few minutes here.">. She lets out a breath and looks at Wonder Woman. "I don't think she can get stitches here. Or surgery if she needed it. She should heal on her own if we just wait."

Consciousness hits Faora like a brick- a sudden start and her body tenses in Kara's arms. That one good, ice blue eye looking around with a certain panic. She gasps for breath, coughing as she pushes a bit at Kara in that panic. Her eye settles on the symbol on Kara's armor. Instant recognition. She looks up at Kara, <"He's coming. Have to warn…"> there's a moment, confusion in her gaze- the way her pupil is dilated she clearly has a concussion. Likely from the blast that threw her free of the Phantom Zone. <"Genocide. Krypton- have to warn Krypton."> her breathing comes in short, labored breaths. <"Jor-El. Tell Jor-El.">

Faora's head falls to the side and she sees Wonder Woman- blinking, the clothing isn't of Kryptonian make. She's a bit too confused to really understand the specifics to why. Or the strange language being spoken between them. Still, she tries to sit up- but can't. With wince she falls back to the grass.

Diana witnesses both Kara and Faora's actions here, though she only understands the English bit of what Kara says as she's capable of learning languages remarkably fast… however she's had no exposure to Kryptonian up to this point. Diana started to walk in a perimeter around the two women, her eyes were going from Faora to the gaggle of citizens that were congregating and beginning to record this scene here in the park, police sirens were audible on the wind as well.

"How long?" Diana asked Kara, a concerned look tugging at the expression on her face. "How long for her to heal?" She clarified a little further. "Do you know who she is? If she is a threat?" The Amazonian was mentally preparing herself for a fight, should this go any further southward.

Looking sad, Kara nods and explains to Wonder Woman. "She wants to warn Jor-El. My uncle. About a genocide Krypton will never see, it's gone, the whole planet." Focusing on Faora she asks Diana's questions <"Who are you? Who wants to attack Krypton?">. While she waits on Faora, she shrugs to Wonder Woman. "Hard to say on healing, I've never had to heal holes in me." She admits and studies Faora's clothes. "I don't know if she's a threat or not. All the other Kryptonians should be dead."

Currently, Faora is driven- again she tries to sit up and manages this time as her cells start to absorb Earth's solar radiation- that precious Yellow Sun beginning the remarkable changes to her Kryptonian Physiology. She's in less pain, but still very clearly injured. It might take two or three days, perhaps as long as a week, before she's fully healed from the injuries she's sustained. Remarkably quick given just how extensively she's been injured. A human would be healing for a month or more.

<"I'm Faora. Faora Hu-Ul."> A name that Kara might recognize- a member of one General Zod's retinue, the same Zod who staged a failed coup to depose Krypton's ruling council. Both were sent to the Phantom Zone for their crimes- although Faora was shown some leniency, due to facts unknown to the public.

<"He's madder than ever. We have to warn them."> Faora says again, panic still edged in her voice, <"He found it. He found Doomsday, I..I tried to stop him."> she manages, words still slightly slurred as she tries to get to her feet- still a bit too fast, swaying as she tries to stand on unsteady legs.

Wonder Woman didn't need to speak Kryptonian to gleam some of the urgency in Faora's voice, it didn't seem to please her very much either. "This does not seem to be a harbinger of good tidings." She said to Kara as she paced around the perimeter, back and forth, watching both everyone gathered and Faora as well.

"She will need a place to recover, but a place that is capable of keeping her from harming others… For if she recovers and her intentions are that of ill-natured…" Diana allowed her voice to trail off there and she placed her blue eyes onto Kara's own. "Where are you staying? Do you possess a place such as this? Are you with Superman? He is needed for this." She spoke firmly, but still a kindness and worry to her tone.

"He can't-" Kara clicks her tongue in annoyance and looks at Faora. <"He can't hurt Krypton anymore. The planet is gone. Daxom too."> She says gently and asks <"What is a Doomsday?"> before looking to Wonder Woman. "She's a prisoner from my planet. Her leader tried to over throw our rulers and they were all put in a special prison." She tells Diana and nods to Faora. "I was a little girl, but I recall the reports. She had a shorter sentence I think. I'm staying with-uhh, Power Girl. I think Superman has a place that will be safe. I don't think he'll mind us using it, if it's here." She tells her and drums her fingers on her thigh.

Faora stares quietly at Kara as the news is brought to her- her one good eye staring on as she collapses back onto her backside once more, a hand going to her heart as she starts to pant. <"I'm too late?"> her voice turning small. Quiet. Now, she looks around- one ice blue eye focusing on her surroundings for the first time. <"Where.. where am I? Where are we?> she asks softly in that quiet, lost voice.

<"Doomsday is an ancient weapon. A Kryptonian weapon. The perfect soldier- genetically engineered. It can't be killed. It can be stopped. It was dumped in the Phantom Zone so no one would ever have it again. It can't be reliably controlled."> she speaks now, almost robotic. She's not just staring forward now in quiet. <"Krypton..Was it Zod? Am.. am I too late? Did.. he find another way out? I thought… I thought I stopped him.">

Whatever Kara had just told this woman, didn't seem to please her very much and that worried Diana even further. She knew she was on the outside of a lot of information being shared between these two, but if Kara was with Superman, then she was likely trustworthy.

"We need to move her." Diana said to Kara. "If you know a place, we need to go there now." The police were arriving and were staying back, though that might not last much longer.

"She's warning of a Kryptonian super soldier named Doomsday. I'm telling her about Krypton's fate." Kara explains and kneels by Faora shaking her head as the woman deflates. <"No. It was the planet. Some of the scientists warned it was coming but no one listened. Only two Kryptonians made it off, myself and a baby boy who was raised here. You're on Earth, in the Sol system of the Milkey Way Galaxy."> She tells Faora and tries to pull her to her feet. "I am trying to let her know the planet is gone, there's nothing for Zod to destroy." She tells Diana and switches back. <"We're going to get you out of here to recover, ok?"> She asks and tries to scoop the injured woman into her arms.

Approaching authorities, the facts being thrown at her- its a lot for Faora to take in. But that symbol on Kara's armor. She nods. <"I trust the House of El."> she offers as she's so easily lifted and scooped up. Still, all that information- its going to take a while to truly absorb. <"Please, don't let them take me back. If I go back, he'll kill me…">

Diana listened to what Kara said, then glanced to the woman in Kara's arms. "I… do not think you should share this information with her until she has had time to rest. She may not be able to… process it, in this state of being." She looked between the two of them again. "Unless Zod decides that Earth is his next target, then there is plenty left for him to attempt to destroy."

Wonder Woman gently nodded a single time to Kara. "I will follow your lead then." She didn't have a name yet to refer to the blonde woman by.

"She's in panic over an attack that will never come. She has to know." Kara offers. "She wasn't put into deep sleep as her world died around her and launched into space at least." She says bitterly and pushes into the air gently to fly Faora away from the cops. Looking at Faora she smiles <"Don't be alarmed. You'll soon learn this yourself."> She remarks as they drift into the sky and she looks for Diana. <"I don't think anyone has access to the Phantom Zone here anyway."> She adds trying to be calming.

Faora is still confused. Her mind is foggy. <"I'm already dead, aren't I?"> she whispers, <"This..this is just my brain dying. The visions of death. Krypton is gone. I failed.. I failed."> she's talking almost completely to herself- a bit of dread and panic in her voice, <"I can't. I can't fail. Can't die. Have to save Krypton from Dru-Zod. Have to stop him."> As Wonder Woman has said her mind is in a state of extreme stress- now she's trying to take it all in. Figure it all out. <"I'm dying… this is Rao's punishment. For my crimes. To see.. to see my worst fear, yes."> Its the only thing that makes sense as a Kryptonian starts to fly without a ship- she clings a little tighter to Kara. Her panic. Her confusion. Her dread- its all a bit much with her pain added in.

Diana wasn't too far behind, she'd left a few moments later though as she had spent some time speaking to the MPD Officer that was in the lead. She had explained the situation (to a degree) and then departed to join Kara. She would appear at Kara's side and look over to her and Faora, she was quite concerned but at least the woman seemed to be here on her own and not accompanied by an army of death… at least not yet anyway.

The blue cloak that encompassed Wonder Woman waved in the wind as she flew, along with her ebony locks of otherwise curly hair. She looked to Kara. "It would seem more of your people have survived, than we might have otherwise expected." She said while they flew.

"Superman probably doesn't know about the prison in the Phantom Zone. It was considered high security, only the ruling council could send people there. Among them was Superman's father, and my uncle." Kara says and looks to Diana to give her some context to her identity. "Those survivors are our worst traitors and murders living out life sentences" She tells the Amazonian and coasts higher getting Faora into that bright, nurishing sunshine. <"This isn't death or Rao's doing. We killed our planet, made it unstable, drained it of resources and it died as planets do."> She says in a kindly voice. "<It's been near thirty years since the planet died. It wasn't Zod, he never escaped.">

<"Krypton.. my heart…"> Faora whispers, as she hides herself from this new world- hides herself against Kara. Still, the yellow sun is helping her. Healing her internal injuries. Her bleeding has stopped as she just stares over then towards Wonder Woman. Back to Kara. <"Thirty years?"> she says softly, <"Thirty years."> the word comes again as she just closes her one good eye and shivers there. Holding back tears. <"No…"> her final word forlorn, as if her soul had been wrenched out- <"My family. My friends. Gone. I'm alone…">

Diana felt a dip in her morale to find out that Krypton's worst criminals had all likely survived and that they seemingly may have knowledge of how to reach Earth, where they could potentially flourish in their individual horrendous ways… thats always wonderful news to be told.

Diana's expression seemed sour about that information, but she remained quiet unless addressed. She was well aware of these two having a lot that needed to be said to one another, just as she has much to say to her own sisters when they first come to the 'Dirty World' as its known back in her homeland.

<"Am I not Kryptonian? Do I not wear the House of El on my chest?"> Kara asks to jar the sulking Faora out of her despair. <"There are others, few. Two more daughters of El and one son of El."> She tells her, dancing over some details about the other daughters of El since that's complicated. She does seem pleased the sun is healing Faora and she starts a more Artic heading. To Diana she offers "She's sad to hear Krypton is no more, she mourns for her friends and family who are dead. Long dead. Our custom is to sing for our dead, though none of them were sung for. I have been asleeep and Superman doesn't know our customs."

Faora looks up at Kara. She looks again to Diana. Back to Kara. <"I am all that is left of my caste, then. A warrior among the scientists."> she says softly, <"There is no more place for me. What place does a soldier. A criminal have among the noble?"> she whispers softly, <"I never got the chance to show them. To undo the hurt I did. I'll never get the chance to beg forgiveness. How am I supposed to live? Krypton… All I ever wanted was for Krypton to be respected. I never wanted what Zod wanted…">

Diana felt a greath wealth of sorrow for the Kryptonians, especially now that there were three of them… where only mere moments ago she'd only known of just one. She would look to Kara, listen to her words and gently offer a singular nod of recognition. She could hear Faora was still speaking, she was unsure if it was injured babble or actually coherent thoughts and questions… but she was certainly trying to already decipher elements of their language through what she was overhearing.

"She's sad for our culture, we have no place in this world really. There isn't a caste system." Kara offers to Diana trying to keep her in the loop of conversation as they head to the fortress of solitude. To Faora she nods. <"You're right, there are no castes on Earth, at all. I am not a noble scientist here, I am just Kara Zor-El. You will have the chance perhaps to be a better person here on Earth. There is no Zod to misguide you.">

Personal responsibility. Its an important thing. <"I went to the Phantom Zone for the things I did. Zod's manipulation of me…its not an excuse. I am to blame. I killed that man. I betrayed Krypton. I tried to pull back at the end, I told Jor-El about Zod. They were friends, once."> she says softly, <"But I am to blame. It is my fault. I could have stopped him earlier- I knew… I knew something was wrong. I… I deserve my punishments.">
Faora says quietly, looking up to Kara still- her bruised eye is barely open now.

Diana looked over to regard Kara after hearing her speak this. "You both have a place in this world." She told her. "You have been gifted with abilities far grater than the average person here. And because of that, it is your duty to help this world. To protect its people and ensure that this planet, does not suffer the same fate that Krypton has fallen too." She would nod to Faora as the woman continued to speak in their language. "She has that choice to make now too. To be a savior to the people of Earth going forward, or to dwell on unchangeable events, lost in the past."

Started at the used of Kryptonian, Kara eventually smiles. "That is…it can be hard to transition from living one way your whole life-being in a designated role to all this freedome." She tries to explain as all three now talk in Kryptonian. "I am only just now trying to do as Superman does and defend the humans of Earth with these powers. I can hardly control them. They haven't all hit Faora yet. You'll know." She says and taps her ears.

Faora blinks as Wonder Woman begins to speak in Kryptonian. She looks again to Kara. "No castes?" she begins, eyebrows furrowing together as she tries to figure out, exactly, what all this means for her. She grew up in the caste system- here, without a caste, its difficult to picture. "How do people know what they are supposed to do?" she wonders, "Superman?" she asks, next, frowning. "He is the ruler?"


Diana looks between them and she listens closely. "Your powers are fueled by the sun of our Solar System. That alone, is a clear gift from the Gods." She tells them. "Superman came here before you, to learn our world's ways and he can now teach you both… also, I believe, deemed by the Gods. Superman is your beacon to learn from, to focus yourselves around. He can teach you what must be done to ensure that this world does not suffer the same fate as yours. So that you can both prosper here, and come to call Earth your new home." She did her best to offer words of encouragment for the two foreign women.

"Superman doesn't understand Rao well enough to deem these powers a gift. It's the yellow sun's solar radiation." Kara says offering her own opinion. To Faora she shakes her head. "Superman is my cousin, and Jor-El's son. He looks a lot like Jor now, it's scary." she admits and continues holding Faora as the fly over snow. "If you think these powers give us a responsibility to help, get that man and his space ship off my back." she asks Diana. "His alien agency babysitting gig makes it hard to feel like a force for good and not a bomb set to explode."


"Powers…" Faora says next, all of what Kara said coming back to mind. Her panic has drained, and her pain is ever lessening. "Is that how we are flying?" she wonders then to Kara, looking back to Diana again. The two continue to speak and Faora listens closely- trying to figure out, exactly, what's going on. To get a sense of her new life.

"Jor had a son?" Faora says, eyes wide. Apparently, that was after she was sent to the Phantom Zone. "I'm glad to hear that. Jor-El was among the best of us." Faora says softly. "Rao is the source of all light… that light gives us powers here? Yes, a gift… perhaps, or maybe its a curse." she sighs, "For me, at least… I think I see why I am here. Surely it is Rao's will. I am to work for my forgiveness. I am to fulfil the duty of my caste- to serve and protect. To honor Krypton."

Diana had a lot to learn about their culture, which certainly didn't bother her as that had been the main focus of her past century exploring Earth's every corner… and even one hundred years hadn't been enough to accomplish that, at least not in her mind. So why not add a culture from another world to the list of those yet to immerse herself into?

"The challenge is to not let the Earth's citizens dilute your mind into actually believing that you are a 'god'. Because many on this world will label you as such. But that is not a title that any of us should wish to claim."

Making a noise, Kara rolls her eyes at the idea that she's godlike. "It's solar enhancement. Take away the solar radiation and we're back to normal. That is not a god." She assures Diana as she lands infront of a snow covered massive structure. "Fortress of Solitude. Once she isn't so busy healing she'll be glad for the thick walls. It's loud on Earth. Also-apparently there's a laser vision problem, I haven't used it yet, but I hear we have it."

"I'm not a god." Faora states simply. "I am no Flamebird. I am no Nightwing. No Rohc." All gods of Krypton. "I am certainly not worthy of Rao's forgiveness- but here it before me. I am a warrior. A soldier. I was raised from birth to fight for Krypton and defend her. To keep her secure and safe. Now, there is no Krypton- and only the House of El remains- a house of scientists and scholars." She looks between the two quietly, "But I am Faora Hu-Ul. Or, at least I was before my shame. Before I was disowned by my house. I will be worthy of House Hu-Ul, and do my duties. Protect the innocent. Serve the peace. Protect Justice." she looks to the other two women. "I fear I have only delayed Zod's plans. I have only broken Warworld's dimensional projector- there may be more, or he may find a way to fix it. If Krypton is gone, he won't care. He'll forge a New Krypton, and enslave the people of this planet." She takes a slow breath, quiet. "I can't let him do it. I loved him like I would a father. He.. took me in when I was hurting and angry. Young and stupid." Another quiet pause. "I won't let him do it again. I won't let him hurt anyone else, ever again."
Once landed, Faora takes to her own feet- standing steadily again. She holds herself with her head high, despite all that's happened. With shredded clothing still barely preserving her modesty, its easy to see the wounds beginning to heal on her body from the flight to the Fortress of Solitude. As she walks she walks with the grace of a warrior- someone who's trained their whole lives to fight. "Okay, so, where is this Superman?" She asks, "I can not lose time. I must learn of this planet, and how I can do what I must do."

Diana spent a few small moments looking at their new surroundings as they arrived at it. It was an impressive structure that she assumed Superman himself had carved out of the ice and stone here. She listened to the others and turned to them then to give them her full attention.

"The people on this world will believe you are gods, irregardless. Many of them are desperate for someone to believe in, someone to save them from the perils that plague this planet." She looked from Kara to Faora. "It is clear to me that you both have much to learn, but I am inspired but what I see in you both here and now. You are strong, and that is precisely what this delicate planet needs. Strength, in body and spirit." She nodded once at Faora's introduction. "I am Diana of Themyscira. My people have been hidden from this planet for a very long time. We have only recently come into the light to the world-at-large. We are few, but we are strong. Should either of you need my assistance, you will always be able to come find me." Truth be told, she didn't know where Superman was though.


Kara says, "I am Kara Zor-El." KAra offers to Wonder Woman and Faora as she places a hand on a secret pannel and proceeds to use her mighty strength to push the door open. "He's at his human job I bet. Listening, if he's noticed at all." She adds, clearly having opinions on being human like. She's still adjusting herself. "I don't have any grand, nobel statements, I'm still figuring all this out. My last memory, one of my few is my planet dying around me. Earth is not my home yet, I am learning, but it's a complicated planet.""

Faora nods quietly, "Very good, Diana of Themyscira. Well met." she says softly as she turns again to look up at the impressive edifice of the Fortress of Solitude. She looks then to Kara. "It seems we have no choice but to make Earth our home." she admits, "I will miss Krypton, dearly." she admits, "And I'm not sure if I will ever be worthy in the eyes of Rao, but I have been given a second chance." she says softly, "I have to make sure I'm worthy of it."

"That is.. if you don't mean to send me back." Faora says, looking to Kara. "Is that why we are here? To be judged by this Superman?" she seems unsure, still.

Diana watched Kara open the door and she moved along with the two of them, but she didn't enter, she paused at the entrance. "You are both welcome and offered safe haven at my home in Metropolis. The Themyscira Embassy is sovereign territory now belonging to my people, and both of you are invited guests, should you wish to seek a place there." Diana would look from Faora to Kara. "I have to return as well… Please, tell Superman that we should speak when you do find him." She'd adjust her eyes to Faora. "Rest and heal, that should be your first priority. And I do not think you are here to be judged."

"Nice to meet you Diana." Kara nods and looks at Faora. "You aren't here to be judged, you're here so when your body is done healing and your senses enhance, your strength, all of it, this place will protect you as you adjust. Also, it might help to learn English. Its a mess as languages go, but common on Earth." She telsl the Krptonian and nods to Diana. "I'll help until someone with more training can." The rookie offers.

Faora nods quietly, "I don't want to be cooped up too long, Kara. I've… been trapped in prison for such a long time. Almost fifty years, it must be." she says softly. "Maybe more." She swallows. "I want to be free, Kara. I want to… I want to have a life again." she says softly.

Faora smiles quietly to both Diana and Kara. "Thank you. This is the first kindness I've known in a long, long time." she admits softly, taking a slow, deep breath- and into the fortress she goes. Into the future- into a new life and a second chance.

Diana would gently bow just a little to both of them. "It was a pleasure to meet you both." She would say then before turning to walk back the direction they came and take flight once more. Working as an Ambassador to her people and a representitive in the UN, left the Princess of Themyscira very little time to work with in any given day, her Sisters were no doubt anxiously waiting her return so that they could go about with their scheduled, regimented, lives.

"I'm not leaving you in there alone. It's just a day or so. Get you back to full health and help you adjust to hearing literally every heartbeat on the planet. It's daunting. The walls muffle it some." She tels Faora and waves off Diana reminding herself to find out more about her. "Anyway! Lets find some clothes and get you a bath." She says briskly.
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