2017-03-19 Stranger Danger
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Diana Prince / Doctor Strange
GMed by Strange
Title: Stranger Danger

Diana Prince was a busy woman, but the moment she managed to acquire some free time she contacted Stephen Strange through the information that he'd given to her. She'd requested a meeting with him in the Tricorner district of Gotham City… where they'd met before. However, this time, she asked him to meet her outside of a train depot that sat to the side of the Traintracks that cut their way across the skyline of this part of Gotham.

This is where Diana is now, dressed in a long black coat that covered her beneath it, Her hair was tied back in a simple ponytail with a stretchy cord of glittering gold. Her hands were stuffed into the pockets of her big coat and she seemed like a fairly wealthy-looking Gothamite waiting for a taxi or car to come pick her up.

Stephen finally showed up a bit later, he's taken some time getting here. Thankfully this time he's not wearing that outlandish outfit, but a simple brown trench coat over what looks like a dress suit and black trousers and leather polished dress shoes. He wear a brown fedora on his head with a near black fabric around the base above the brim.

he doctor approaches Diana with his silver and black goatee framing his stoic lips and his grey eyes linger on her face for a moment before he smile at Diana. "Sorry it took so long for me to get a hold of you. My research and students have been constant."

Diana turned to face him when she saw him approach, taking note of his attire… she hadn't seen someone dress quite like that in a very long time… It looked nice on him, suiting his style. Certainly better than cargo shorts and a logo'd tshirt like so many other 'men' wore.

"It is okay. There is simply not enough hours in the day." She said in her heavily accented English. "How many students do you have?" She asked out of pure curiosity toward this man's line of work. "And are you teaching them.. magick, or something else?"

"I teach them about themselves before moving on to the more physical and metaphysical aspects of life and magic." Stephen, ever the wizard doesn't stop speaking in enigmas. He steps closer and lowers the volume of his voice. "You were right. The thing is a golemn, and from my studies, it's old. Very old." The Sorcerer states, looking over to the tram line where it diverts towards the underground. "Beyond that; I couldn't find much else." Stephen says.


Diana's eyes were on him as he said this about his teachings and she didn't really react beyond that. At the stuff about the Rock Golemn she gently nodded her head then. "Then I shall return to that cavern, and slay it." She said softly to him. "It is a magical abomination that is dangerous to innocents. It does not deserve to exist." And with that, she started walking toward the subway stairwell that was about twenty feet ahead of them.


Stephen snaps his hand out towards Diana's arm to try and stop her. "Wait a minute, you didn't want to injure it last time, why the sudden change of heart? As far as we know it hasn't harmed anyone that didn't stumble upon and threaten it." The wizard is a bit confused this time. He's still strong in his oath to not kill any living thing. He simply doesn't have it in him.

Nearby, in the shadows and on the roof top, a trio of hooded figures observe the two and their conversation…


Diana doesn't resist when she feels his hand grab onto her arm, if he grabbed her forearm he'd probably feel the presence of the metal bracer that encases it. She looked at him, only partially turned to him, her blue eyes shifted to the left at him. "It is made of magic, yes?" She asked him. "Then it is without a soul. Slaying it is no different then… knocking down a brick wall, or toppling a sandcastle. If -it- has harmed people who accidently stumbled upon it, then -it- is a problem. That must be solved."

Diana had super enhanced hearing, but she did not yet take notice of any nefarious on-lookers.

"Wait, most golemns are infused with part of the soul of their creator." Stephen says, unable to hold her if she really tries. Seems he's not about that life. "I can not take something's life so simply Diana." Stephen implores. "I need to know more about it. Who made it? What for?" Stephen says but is cut off when one of the trio in hoods steps forwards, but from behind one of the pillars supporting the train line. "You will approach the altar no more." The voice demands in a gravelly, aincent sort of cadence.

"Then we must go and reason with it… if it has part of the creator insi—" Diana's voice was cut off just as the figures appeared in an aggressive way and it made her spin around to face them, with Strange on her opposite side now from where he'd been moments ago.

"We will if we wish." She replied to the one who spoke. "You will have to provide sufficient reason for us not to, beyond merely a… threatening approach and a rude demand." Her expression was one of attentive readiness, if these figures were about to fight, she would be ready.

"Because." The voice begins. "It is my golemn, my alfar, and you are forbidden from approaching it!" The man says, moving his hands in front of his hips and clasping them together letting the sleeves obscure his hands. The two other cloaked figures appear behind Diana and Stephen about fifteen feet back, away from the two heroes. Stephen's grey eyes are locked onto the first individual…

Diana wasn't even remotely afraid of these men, they posed no apparent advantage over her and she was well aware of that. She did glance at those that went behind she and Stephen and then looked back to the one doing all the speaking. "It is… your altar?" She asked him, her chin dipping down every so slightly.

"And what purpose does it serve, and why does a dangerous earth elemental rock creature have to be the chosen protector of it?" She glanced to Stephen and then looked back to the Mysterious Leader. "We wish answers, that is why we intend to investigate this altar."


"The creature is of my own creation. If you had any brains Amazon, you'd know he was there for a reason. To keep trespassers away from the altar of our chosen goddess!" The man barks at Diana. His sleeves are caught in a billow of wind and his hands are visibly not clasped anymore, they are casting a spell.

"MOVE!" Stephen shouts, as he dives to his right and with a mystical push, Diana is cast to her left. With his magic being much stronger than his legs, the woman is pushed out of the way of the confinement spell while Stephen is trapped inside. The triangle of power, each corner a member of the trio holds the sorcerer at bay.

Diana certainly didn't appreciate that response to her, but she now knew that these people were at least aware of who she is. When the spell was cast and Stephen pushed her aside to take the brunt of it, she was launched toward the subway staircase, but before she could disappear down inside it she took flight and 'hovered' just over its maw.

Diana spun around to face the attacker and her black longcoat flew off of her body leaving her in her orante armor that she'd been wearing beneath it. Diana's right arm goes down behind her back near the small of it and she unseathes the sword that was strapped around her torso.

The silvery/gold weapon is aimed at the Sorcerer who attacked she and Stephen. "Release him." She orders, likely the last option she will offer.

The wizard turns his head towards Diana and meerly smiles, a toothless grin and as he does so, his two allies shift their fingers and hands, causing the ground beneath Stephen to collapse, revealing a near black expanse with bizarre shapes that boggle the mind. Purple spheres with green isthmus and neon blue donuts all fill this void as the sound of crumbling concrete and the sounds of Stephen struggling to stay above the sink hole into another world.

"Oh, we'll let him go. AMAZON" He scowls and motions to the two, causing the gap to grow out from the center of the spell, closer to Stephen still.

Diana witnessed the refusal and planned her rebutal. She lunged at the Wizard seemingly controlling the vortext beneath Strange. With sword extended, a scowl across her face and her free hand untethering the looped lasso latched onto the harness at her hip… she would impale the dark Sorcerer should he not have a way from her powerful lunge!

Diana witnessed the refusal and planned her rebutal. She lunged at the Wizard seemingly controlling the vortext beneath Strange. With sword extended, a scowl across her face and her free hand untethering the looped lasso latched onto the harness at her hip… she would impale the dark Sorcerer should he not have a way from her powerful lunge!

Before she can strike, Stephen calls out. "No!" Reaching out as if to stop her, but he lacks a way to piece the field surrounding him, even as the ground continues to fall into the abyss. He looses his footing once only to step back, his back pressing against the invisible barrier and he swallows his fear at the unknown below him.

Diana's lundge takes her on a course to the Sorcerer, but not to slay him, rather to stun him with the flat side of her sword. Her 'attack' is more about getting that lasso around him, in fact, and when she whirls it at the man it ignites into a golden glowing length of rope. She can hear Stephen's plea for her not to harm this Attacker, and she never truly intended to. She had not yet gotten the answers out of him that she wanted, and that Stephen likely wanted as well!

The ancient does try to stop the attack, but he's too slow and the blade aimed with precision, strikes true. His spell disrupted, creates a large implosion, sucking Stephen down into the hole and suddenly the street rises up to fully seal Stephen in that strange place. The man drops to his knees and is struggling against the rope and the two aids, quickly turn and rush towards the shadows of Gotham. Of which there are more than plenty to hide.

"What do you want of me and my altar?!" Demands the old wizard.

Diana, now up close and personal with the Ancient, glares daggers at him after seeing Stephen disappear. She wasted no time in securing the Lasso about his body and then she threw him down to the ground onto his back! She would stalk toward him until she stood over him, looking down upon him. "Where did you send Strange?" She demanded, her mood was very soured now, no longer immediately concerned with that of the Altar or the Golemn that guards it.

"He is gone! To another world. Another dimension where you, nor myself for that matter could, or would go!" The man scoffs, his hands and knees bound. His voice is compelled to tell the woman everything she asks, and yet he has no desire to keep anything from her should she ask. Is this some sort of wizardry also?

Diana crouched then and she grabbed the Lasso around the man's body and lifted him up by it, nose to nose with him now… which would be rather disarming for most people. "I do not care what you would do." She says to him in a deathly voice. "I care what you can do…" A small pause. "Can you bring him back?" She asked then.

Like a nervous child in trouble by the professor or principal. "I can not." He says with a boyish giggle. "And I wouldn't hold my breath for his return if I were you. It's like… magical phantom zone. He's never coming back." The man laughs and laughs now, his giggle now replaced with a full on manical howl.

Diana had no patience for this kind of nonsense. When the man started laughing, she simply reached up and grabbed hold of his nose… She pinched his nose shut and then twisted it to the side and SNAP it broke like it was made out of dry spaghetti. She dropped her hand then and continued to hold him up… She would pick him up further then and walk up up to a street-light lamp-post where she'd shove him back against it!

Obviously there were onlookers at this point, civilians who were watching from not too far away. "Who can bring him back?" She asked. "If that gate can be opened by a fool like you, then it can be opened by someone greater than you… and he can be retrieved. So tell me… where to find this person." She may be naive when it came to magic, but she was a fairly intimidating interrogator.

"None know of the gate, for it is a spell of my own design or creation. My two students know it well enough, but it requires the strength of three mages to sunder the ground like so." The man says, coughing blood away form his lips that drools from his shattered nose. He looks back up to Diana. "You have lost. Wonder. Woman." The man cackles madly again, spewing more blood into the air an over her should she be close enough.


Diana didn't care if blood was on her, she was immune to diseases and blood was nothing more than life's water to her. She heard him say this and she turned then with him and started to walk toward the subway staircase that lead down beneath the surface of the city. "Then I shall go to your Altar. I shall destroy your Golemn, and then I shall lay your precious hiding place to ruin." She said to him, whether it was an empty threat or not was anyone's guess. "If Stephen is gone, then you are his slayer and you've forfeit your freedom to me."


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