2017-03-19 Two Kryptonian Girls
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Players: Faora, Atalanta
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Title: Two Kryptonian Girls

Rating: everybody

Atalanta is on patrol, that is normal enough, she does it at least once a day at a random time on any of a dozen or so routes. She does not want to follow a predictable pattern. She is wondering when she will run into Karen again, she really is looking forward to the training in the Kryptonian combat art of Klukor.

Faora is walking along the streets, quiet. Thinking. She is deep in thought as she traverses the streets of Metropolis. She's barely even paying attention to where she's going- turning down an alley. Unaware of the leather clad men who see the young woman as a target when she passes into the maze of alleyways between the so tall buildings that make Metropolis the city of tomorrow.

"Heeeeeey good lookin'!" One large man says, as Faora's thoughtless walking turns her down an alley without any exit. "Looks like you're a little lost. Maybe you could use some directions?" he wonders, as his friends fan out and laugh- blocking access to exit the alley. Faora's hands haven't even left the comfort of her hoodie's pockets. The hoodie is up, still. She just stares at them with ice blue eyes. "You boys really don't want to mess with me today." she says simply. "I'm sort of working through something right now."

Laura hears the voices and quickly checks it out…accelerating and reaching close enough so she can see…her x-ray vision is pretty limited. She places herself beside the woman faster than a human eye can follow, seemingly appearing out of nowhere. She says, "You heard the lady, get lost."

Faora raises an eyebrow. Laura appears. She's quiet, watching the young woman as she appears. "Looks like there's a hero on my side, gentlemen." she notes, her hands still firmly in her pockets. "Might I suggest you end your playtime early. Go home." Her voice has turned hard.

Five men- three turn to face Laura, the other two run towards Faora. They seem intent on grabbing the woman- taking a hostage. However, as soon as they get close there's a shift from Faora. She moves faster than most humans could, A single motion- she's in the air and fluidly takes both men down. Her hands remain in her hoodie's pockets.

Atalanta is not very skilled as a fighter, but she is as strong as a hundred normal girls and thousands of times faster. The three facing her literally so not even see her move, one second they are standing and the next they are on the ground tied in their own clothes. She comments, "You would think people would be smarter than that, it is not like the costume has not been in the papers."

Faora followed along- surprised she could follow such quick movement- but somehow, she managed. It was all a bit new. All very different from what she was used to. "People are stupid." she notes simply. "That's the same everywhere." she admits. "No matter where you go, someone is going to do something stupid. They've got their reasons, though. Sometimes, they seem like pretty good reasons. At least, when they're in your head."

Laura nods, "Stupid is sometimes a point of view. Some people think heroes like me are stupid, they see us out risking our lives and saving others for no pay and often little appreciation and think that if they had our powers, they would find a way to make money with them. What happens when some of those get powers…and it does happen…is often not good. Either they try making money illegally, and those like me have to fight them, or they try using their powers to make a living…and someone tries to MAKE them do something illegal or someone tries to hurt them because they do not understand. If you have power, your choices are to use it or hide it. Yes, there have been some groups out there that have tried to use powers to make a living by selling services, but few have made it very far." Well, she has heard of one or two in various worlds. Mercenaries and such…some of whom only serve in "good" causes. The thing is, good causes usually are not the ones with the money.

"You've thought a lot about this." Faora offers, taking a hand out from her pocket- "I'm Fae." she says, as she offers the hand over quietly. "Pleased to meet you." she says softly, "This is the second time I've met someone with super powers in this city in the last day or so. Seems like there is a lot of that in Metropolis." she remarks, with a smile. An easy thing. "So, do you usually come to save young women in peril? And what are these papers you were talking about?" An odd question, certainly- but her English has a certain accent to it. An accent that's wholly foreign to Earth- but some might not be able to place it. "Personally, one should serve if that's their purpose in life. Its nice to have purpose."

Atalanta says, "You might say it runs in the family, my father was a super hero too. Even if I have only had powers about a hundred days, I have had to think about what it means to be a hero my whole life." She adds, "I save people, it is what heroes do…risking yourself for others is what makes you a hero. Many people are heroes, like Police, Soldiers, Firefighters, and Paramedics. The difference with us is that we have abilities they do not." She thinks about the question of papers (and the accent) and says, "You are not from around here are you?"

"Yeah. I'm from out of town. Way out of town." Faora says simply. "Way out of town." No need to let the whole deal spill. Doomed planet. Really, she's still trying to figure it out herself. "Yeah? Your father? Must have been some hero to move like you do." she says next.

There's a crash- a crash of a car near by- a minor fender bender but the blaring of the horn, the shouting of the people. She's lost her concentration, she's let slip her attempt to hold it all down. Faora suddenly ducks, both hands over her ears. "Aaaahh!" she cries, "Make it stop!" she groans. "Its too loud. Its too much!"

Atalanta checks the crash, no serious injuries, not blocking traffic, the police can handle it. She notices how her companion is reacting though…clearly she has super hearing…and is not used to it. She says, "Keep control, your ears may hear but your mind perceives. Focus on the close, on my voice, you do not need to listen to what is there unless you want to." Atalanta knows JUST how that goes, she has super hearing and hads to learn control. As it is the only alien language she speaks, she adds a phrase in Kryptonian, <It is not the body that knows what is heard.> She thanks Karen for teaching her Krytonian.

Kryptonian. She switches almost immediately once Atalanta speaks it. <"Its too loud…"> she groans, as she stands- eyes a little wild. Atalanta can get a good look at her face, then. Her face is bruised- her left eye was recently swollen shut- bloodshot and bruised. Her lip is still swollen and bruised. She looks like she's been through the wringer. <"Please..I need it to be quiet. Its so loud. All their heartbeats like thunder. The cries. The calls. Its too much."> she sounds like she's in physical pain from it all- both hands still on her ears.

Atalanta picks up the woman physically and carries her out to Titans Tower (assuming she is not stopped). She does this at supersonic speed…whether or not he woman is Kryptonian she will be protected by Atalanta's Aura. Assuming that she is, however, the best Place to take her is the Sun Room, the place where she and Kori charge themselves when needed. Sunlight heals a hurt Kryptonian best.

Faora's barely aware of what's going on, covering her own ears as hard as she can- and finding herself somewhere else when things begin to quiet down. She looks up to Atalanta, She's catching herself. Getting control. Swallowing a moment. She looks to Atalanta. <"You are Kryptonian? How do you know Kryptonian? I…thought there were only.. Four, including myself. Four and no more.">

Atalanta says, in Kryptonian, <I am not from around here either, though from some place that is farther away than Krypton. If you understand Superstring theory and parallel time…you might be able to explain it. I am from a world ALMOST like this one…until about 70 years ago. I came here by accident and am stuck here because crossing worlds is not currently possible. My father was Kryptonian. One moment.> Atalanta runs off a turns down the sound on all devices within the tower, just in case, then returns.

Faora's eyebrows knit together, she just leans back in the sunroom. Quiet. Soaking in the sunlight as she swallows…tries to piece it all together. She's still reeling from the discovery of Krypton's destruction. <"I don't understand those things."> she replies. <"I'm a soldier. Not a scientist."> she offers next, as she pulls her knees to her chest and pulls her hoodie up over her head some more as if it would protect her. Hiding herself in what little shadow it caused. <"So.. you're from some kind of future?"> she asks, speaking quickly. <"And your father is Kryptonian… there is only male Kryptonian. At least one that I know about. Is your father Superman? Or did a different male survive in your time?">

Laura says, sticking with Kryptonian, <Not the future, I was born 16 years ago…almost 17. The Date on that world is the same as this. It is just that in my world, Krypton exploded a few years earlier. My father is called Superman, but he is not THIS Superman. In my world, there were two whole cities who survived the loss of Krypton…though one died later. My world is so very different from this one. Few people live on the planet, most have moved into orbital colonies. Because of the dispersed colonies people mostly do their education by apprenticeship rather than centralized training in schools. Almost all technology is solar powered…To those they call Environmentalists, my world would seem a paradise.>

Faora nods quietly, listening to Laura's story. Still holding herself tightly- the sounds are still there- but now she's focusing on Laura. She's focusing on this new person. Faora is so classically Kryptonian- tall, impressively athletic, beautiful- all that genetic engineering in play. Her eyes, ice blue. Fierce. <"I've only just learned what happened to Krypton. Only a couple of days ago."> she says softly. <"And now.. all this newness. These powers. The sounds."> she shakes her head, <"I don't know how I'll handle it all. I've been given a second chance, but… these powers… they're almost a curse as much as they are Rao's blessing.">

Laura nods, <It is hard, this world and most things in it are so fragile. There IS something that can be done, if you are like the Kryptonians from my world. Did you want me to do so? It will not be lasting, but can help you.>

Faora's eyebrows knit together. <"What is it you are suggesting, exactly?"> she wonders as she looks at Laura. <"What can be done?">

Laura explains, <The light of Rao, Krypton's sun, and any similar sun, it blocks our powers. We still have any accumulated solar charge, when we leave the light of Rao our powers return…but while under it a Kryptonian is no different physically than the mortals of this world. I can set this room to emit that light, while you are within, you will not be plagued by your powers.>

<"No."> Faora replies quietly. <"That's a temporary fix to a permanent problem. It won't solve the core of the issue. I need to learn to live with these powers. It is Rao's will that I take them. It is Rao's will that I make amends for my crimes. I am Faora Hu-Ul, and I committed crimes on Krypton. Too late did I realize what was happening around me. Too late did I realize what I had done. I tried to make amends, but…"> Faora grows quiet. She looks away from Laura. <"I deserve this pain.">

Laura says to Faora, <I call myself Atalanta after an ancient hero of this world. I have only a small part of the powers a full Kryptonian is heir to. For the safety of others, those who choose to be heroes do not let others we do not know well and trust completely find out who we are. It is your choice, but if you need a respite from your powers, come here to me…or go to the other Kryptonians, they may have ways that are better. Power Girl at least I think will be able to help.>

<"Thanks. I appreciate the offer, but I must still decline. If I am to earn Rao's forgiveness, I must suffer these growing pains. I must retake what I turned away from- the duty of a member of my Caste. To Protect. To Serve. To Defend. I must take back my honor and honor my ancestors in House Hu-Ul. It is Rao's will, Atalanta. I have been given a chance to repent. To make right my wrongs. All the other Kryptonians here are of House El. They are scientists and scholars. I am their defender. I defend what they hold sacred- this planet. These people. I can not, I must not fail again in my duties.">

Atalanta says, <It is possible that, as in my world, there are other survivors of Krypton. In my world, Argo City survived at first, though it died later. Kandor also survived in my world. There were also dozens who survived in the Phantom zone. All of the survivors save two gathered together and built a space colony they placed on the far side of the sun."

<"You don't want the sort of people who are in the Phantom Zone here. People like Zod."> Faora's face darkens. <"I'm afraid I only managed to slow him down. I don't know for how long."> she says softly. <"He will come here. He will try to take over. I can't let him do that. I can't let him do to Earth what he wanted to do to Krypton."> Or, what he did to her- how he use her. Manipulated her. Shamed her completely. <"No. What is in the Phantom Zone should stay in the Phantom Zone. Everyone who is there belongs there. I belonged there. It is only through Rao's grace that I am free now.">

<It was much the same in my world…save for those survivors of Argo who fled to the Phantom Zone in the last minutes after it was hit by the meteor, all there were criminals of the worst sort,> replies Atalanta. <It took much effort to rehabilitate them, and some had to be sent back because they could not be rehabilitated.>

<"Argo was beautiful."> Faora says softly. <"All of Krypton was beautiful."> she looks away again. Quiet. <"It sounds as if you lived in a lovely world. With heroes and a revived Krypton. I can not hope for that. It would pain my heart too much. I must… I absolutely must make my life here. Maybe I will create a secret identity, and someday live among the humans and be a silent protector."> she says softly, eyes cast downward. <"I still don't deserve this second chance. Thank you, though. You've been very kind. I think I need to continue my walk. I'm still working through all of this in my head- and its a lot to take in.">

<Should you so choose, being a protector can be rewarding. Be careful, learn your limits and learn control, most humans and many other are so fragile you must carefully restrain yourself every moment lest you cause harm. Also remember, do not take too much upon yourself, humans must make their own way, not be forced into the choices of a powerful few.> Atalanta says, cautioning the well intentioned Kryptonian.

<"I'm just a soldier."> Faora replies quietly. <"I'm sure I'll see you around. Thanks for the help."> she says, before giving a nod of her head and continuing out into the wider world. Out onto Earth- her new home. She pulls the hood of her hoodie up, and puts her hands in her pockets and off she goes.

Atalanta will have to keep her eys on this one, she has good intentions and remorse, but has failed before. It is easy to fall into old ways, and this world can be extremely difficult to cope with.


Laura was in the tower working on her studies. Not her school work, that she finished long ago, but rather studying some Krypronian history that Kara loaned her. She had filed a report on her patrol, including the incident with Faora. Merely a footnote, "Interfered with a mugging in an alley, victim turned out to repentant Kryptonian Criminal released from Phantom zone because sentence was up. Faora of the house of Ul seems to want to be a hero, but is having a hard to adjusting and may fall back on old habits. I suggest Keeping an eye on her progress."

For Connie she has been told to alert him of anything of interest concerning Kryptonians, in particular NEW Kryptonians. And That caught her attention. As she alerted Jacob, and he knows of the Phantom Zone. And had detected a breech in The Void, or Phantom Zone, the space between dimensions. And had been investigating so he had been forced to be pulled out of his political meetings with some members of the UN concerning SWORD's reorganization.

Still Jacob had read the take that Laura sent him and he had asked her if she would introduce him to this person. To get an idea of her. And had asked Atalanta to speak to her about meeting him when he can put aside serious time to talk away from the UN security council concerning a Branch of government that is to handle Non terrestrial relations and diplomatic procedure.

Walking. That's what Faora had said she'd be doing- and indeed she was still walking. Walking through Metropolis, her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. The hood up. Just walking- she's edging around Suicide Slums now, and hasn't been bothered more than once. That particular encounter with a a gentleman who thought she was 'tasty and thirsty' had brought some confusion to the wayward Kryptonian. The acrobatic kick to the man's chest that sent him reeling? That was far clearer. Luckily, she was holding back. Now, though, she just continued walking.

Atalanta does not need long to search the city, she may have limits to how much she can see through but moving 2 miles a second she can search well in only a few minutes. Not that it takes that long, as she was only walking Faora had not gone that far. She stops and says, "I made a mention of you in the files, in case you need help the others need to know about you. There is some one I know, a man named Jacob Tylor…he is kind of in charge of interfacing between humans and aliens around here. He s busy now, but he would like to talk to you. He helped me when I first got here."

Faora pauses quietly as Atalanta approaches. She looks over to the young woman. Quiet. Just taking a moment to listen. "Files? What files?" she wonders next, eyebrows knitting together. "Who did you tell? Who is Jacob Tylor?" she asks next, almost military in how she barks out the questions. "Who has put him in charge? What does this planet know of the universe beyond? Its so.. primitive."

"In general, you are right, this planet is primitive, but not ALWAYS," Atalanta says, "There are some incredibly smart people where who can invent technology well beyond the average level of the world, though they carefully control access to it to prevent problems. There have also been many visits to this planet by many alien races, some friendly and some less so. There are even other aliens living here. I placed report in the files of my team, as per usual to keep track of what is happening. Our team has an information exchange with Captain Tylor. He is a human who was extracted from this planet by advanced aliens and who returned with a ship with much advanced technology that is in orbit. Jacob has a greater working knowledge of aliens in this region of space than almost anyone…well he DID before the universe merger at least. There are now things he is ignorant about, but because of the breadth of what he DOES know, he tends to be well respected as an expert by those officials who are in charge of this world."

Faora stands in quiet. So many thoughts going through her head. "So.. He's like a parole board." she returns, eyes narrowing. "I'm not going back to the Phantom Zone, Atalanta. I can't. If I go back, Zod will kill me. You see my face?" she asks, gesturing to the bruises. "He tried to kill me when I stopped him. It was only a twist of fate that got me here, now. I blew up his projector, and stopped him from coming here with Warworld and worse, Doomsday- a weapon of terrible, Kryptonian construction." she actually takes her hands from outside her hoodie, "I was blown free when my grenade went off. It destroyed the projector, and I woke up here." she stares now at the other woman, "I can't go back." There's an edge of fear in her voice. An edge of panic.

Alalanta says, "Two points, first, even though his technology is advanced, I doubt he has access to the phantom zone. Second, as long as you are not intentionally causing trouble he is unlikely to try to imprison you. Your parole, if you will, is not going to be revoked for things like self defense or accidental damage. He is a useful resource though, if you need to contact the locals sometimes it is best to work through an intermediary.

"And he wants to meet me?" Faora asks then, still uncertain. The tactical parts of her brain are active now. All that training. All that genetic engineering. "Okay. I'll meet him." She says, "At a place of my choosing, though." she offers with a quiet smile. "If he'l agreed to that, then yes. I'll meet him." she states, "I don't trust what I'm hearing, Alalanta. I told you what I told you." She shakes her head, "I told you that in confidence. Because you speak my language." she takes a slow, deep breath. Anger wells in her heart, but she chokes it back. "I get it, though." she says softly.

Atalanta says, "My job is to protect this world. When you learn what you can do, there are only perhaps a score of people as powerful as you on the world. I need to let people know about you, in case anything happens to me. If you need help, or if they need your help…or if it should happen you becone a threat, someone has to know other than me. It is that simple. I do not always like it, but it has to be done." Especially Kori needs to know, she is one of the few people who could stop an out of control Kryptonian. Atalanta adds, "By the way, if you need to heal faster, you will find you heal fastest in the light."

"I'm aware of the sunlight thing." Faora replies, still a bit agitated as she looks to Atalanta. "You should have said something to me first." she says next, with a frown. "Then all this wouldn't be a surprise. It wouldn't be… I wouldn't feel like you' betrayed my trust." she says softly. "Fine though. I'll meet this Captain. Like I said- somewhere I decide. Somewhere of my choosing- if he can't handle that, no meeting. I'll just go hide out in Superman's cave."
"I am sure he will agree to that, or at least at a place you can mutually agree upon," says Atalanta. She is certain Faora, as a military person, understands duty, even if she resents the necessity.

Faora shakes her head. "Where *I* decide." she states again. "I understand what you did." She states to Atalanta. "But I need to protect myself from people I don't know. All of a sudden, I'm not sure who I can trust." she says simply. "You understand that, don't you?"

"I can not speak for him, but I can let you know how to contact his ship, after that it is up to you," Atalanta responds.

Faora nods, "Fair enough." she says, "Tell me then how I contact him, and I will do the rest." She says. "And nothing special- no special communicators, or that sort of tech. I want an e-mail address."

Laura is vaguely surprised that Faora knows about Email, "I can arrange that, I can set up a drop box in the tower that will reach his ship's computer."

Faora's walking around Metropolis hasn't just been for nothing. She's getting a lay of the land. She can't help herself- its in her genetic code. Learn her surroundings. Memorizing them. Knowing them as well as she can. She takes a slow, deep breath. "Thanks. I want just an email address, though. Where I can go into a webcafe and send him an email. I'll come back around for it. Say in Centennial Park, tomorrow? Or later today. You can find me."

Atalanta assures her, "It will work that way, it just has to be routed to a web address that can reach him. The Titans Tower is the one I know, though there is an organization called SWORD he works with, I do not have their address."

"Alright- so give me your email address." Faora says simply, those fierce blue eyes looking at Atalanta quietly. She can't hide the look of betrayal there- how she feels. She is, however, keeping it all under control.

Atalanta provides Faora with the address and says, "Put the work Kryptonian in the subject line and his computer will flag it." Hopefully Faora will realize Laura had no choice about reporting the contact, once she calms down.

"Sounds good." Faora replies simply. "I'll get in contact in the next day or two." With that, Faora turns and leaps- she's flying now, rather quickly at that. She apparently wants to get away from this situation.

Laura heads back to the tower to make certain the mailbox is set to route any message with the key word Kryptonian to the Enterprise.

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