2017-03-20 The Begining of S.W.O.R.D
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Players: Jacob River Ojin
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Title: The Begining of S.W.O.R.D

UN Security Council, ZORK, New Kryptonians, space fleets wars ships, Jacob has finally gotten out of dealing with the United Nation Security Chief. Having painted a very vivid image of what a few of the powerhouses in the universe might do if Earth starts acting all militant with non terrestrials after the Invasion merger. One such plan involved simply causing the star to loose gravitational field for a fraction of a second causing the start to go nova.

The Holographic projection showing the results. Jacob conceeded that yes there were hostile species out there and we did have a right to protect our planet esspecially after what happened. But building up massive war ships, an armada, and acting all aggressive was the wrong thing to do. Explaining the values of Diplomacy, and being willing to be opened minded about the fact sooner or later Earth will get another visit from extra terrestrials. Hopefully more peaceful ones.

So having gotten out of the meeting JAcon more or less throws his briefcase down on a table to open it up and pulls out a glass that has what looks like lip marks on it. "Connie Run a deen Quantumn Scan on the DNA of these glasses. I want to make sure none of the UN security council are aliens in disguise." Granted he understands they are scared… but still. Getting those crystal cups were not easy as he places them in the replicator that can scan the Quantum level…

It has been a few hours since Ojin upgrade, and subsequential bonding with Bjorn. The new entity they were was still 'young' but gaining ground fast. And… still had an appitite. He had retaken his armored 'space paladin-esp' form. Cape flowing behind him as he walked down the corridor exploreing. As he did so… he was subconciously drawing in eletricity… and alot of it. But he hardly noticed

And with that he walks into the same room Jacob is in when he is requestion the scan of those glasses. His eyes dart about. "Can definintly get used to this" and that when he notices Jacob. Eyes narrow…but not threatningly, but in a way that suggest trying to remember. "Captain… Jacob!" a suddenly dashing smile "WHat are you up to?"
An appetite for sure. River drifts in a little bit behind him. "Captain. I'd give a status report, but I think you can see for yourself." She's been stuffing Ojin-Bjorn full of food in the mess. And herself, given she hasn't gotten much food or rest lately. Although she seems to have the stamina.

Jacob had actually forgotten that Ojin and River are on his ship and then when Ojin surprises him he turns around and starts. Reaching for his weapon and then he realizes who it is, "Ojin, River." And holding up his hands as he allows Connie to examine the Glasses he says. "Dealing with the Buracracy bull shit of the United Nations Security council. And trying to at first convince them that SWORD's reorginazation does not need to include building an armada of warships for planetary defence. Or take a more militant approach to dealing with Extra terrestriels."

"Right now Having Connie do a Quantum scan of samples of their DNA to make sure they are not aliens in disguise. River your from the future. Is this bull shit worth it?" Jacob says exasperated, of course he already KNOWS that answer.

It takes a moment for the gestalt entity to realize that when Jacob said 'Ojin' he ment him! "Oh, right" he starts in a voice much deeper, confident and authoritive than i was before his upgrade "Well while I am not agaist being prepared with proper space defenses. It is certainly better to try and put a much more diplomatic foot forward, as even among aliens, first impressions matter" he says. He gives a deep resanting laugh "Jacob, you know Ms.Proffesor Song cannot reveal to you the future." he says with a playful glint in his eye - a rarely exhibited trait… at least it used to be rare

He looks to River "Think we should leave out the part were your murder was attempted?" and still bluntly honest. There was a certain innocence about it. Still though he was looking around the room… as if seeing it for the first time "So what steps are being taken? With this who… SWORD buisness. Govements make me nervous"

"Spoilers!" River says, airily, making her way into the room. "And is there something *wrong* with being an alien in disguise?" the time traveler continues, clearly amused. "And yes, we probably should. But I *have* done worse, so I can't not forgive." A pause. "Governments like to try and own people, although the UN's always been a bit better."
Jacob dropping down into a chair he says, "I know anything worth doing is going to be hard, and doing it right is hard as well." He says as nothing is simple any more aas he will relax and says. "S.W.O.R.D. An acronym for Sentient World Observation and Response Department, I am not thrilled with the name. As near as I can tell. Similar to S.H.I.E.L.D. but deal with a more extraterrestrial threats to world security. From information I have gathered it seems Prior to my arrival, before the Merge, it was a bit of a Joke agency."

Jacob pressing a button on the table brings up a hologram that has several divisions, "This is what I have mapped out, Diplomatic, Defence, Imigration, Research and Development, Scientific advancement. My goal for Reorginasation including better funding, included training individuals with interstellar diplomacy, handling advanced alien technology, and eventual exploration of the solar system and surrounding star systems."

"The idea is that Aliens living on earth will be given Automatic nationalized Citizenship. SWORD would deal with issues and threats in the solar system and in orbit, while in high altitude and on the ground SHIELD would take over. Keep each agency from stepping in the toes of the other."
A few nods latter and Ojin-Bjorn steps over to the hologram. "Sounds like an entire goverment. WHich is likely for the best" he says "Earth does not have a unified goverment to lead it people yet. In terms of nationalized Citizenship I would suggest encourageing current aliens to move to areas with high degree rates of acceptance and assimilation" he says. His mind was spinning now

"Which is only a few areas. Saddly, with no offense… from my experince, humans do not have a high rate of tolorance, even for their own species. Diplomatic training should be given special attention. Their ability to grasp new technologies though is commendable. ANd many still have a drive to explore. Which is also good thing. However… has SHIELD have any imput on this? Or will they be any laizones. While I understand not wanting to step on each other toes, co-operation on a plantary and eventually galactic scale is key to long term survival, once a planet reaches a certain technological thresh-hold"
"Citizenship in what country?" River inquires. "And…diplomacy is always a difficult area with humans. They don't have a good history of it." In which she might be including the future, maybe. "So, that's deifinitely the priority." She frowns a little bit, walking around the hologram. "What's your split between science and R&D?" Oh, she's not considering this…

As he leans back Jacob closes his eyes and says. "Right now I am just trying to convince the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) to be more diplomatic. As for Interaction with S.H.I.E.L.D., My idea is once we get a new ground plan with S.W.O.R.D. is then we will hash out the details of who has juristiction and where. I have no desire to step on their toes. The Basic idea is that After immigration, not country but citizenship of Earth, as for what country if they so choose once they meet the criteria for legal citizenship of that country, If they choose they can apply for Citizenship for that country. Basic idea, full of holes I know."

"Ojin I am thinking that as for tech wise, if every country even if they remain independant can agree on a unified face for space exploration. They could start persuing FTL engine designs, not including help from the big brains like reed or stark, Both of whom I am sure could build a warp engine over night. Once this group has achieve FTL on it's own with the support of the countries of the world, then perhaps begin taking tenitive steps into the intergallactic community."

"River R&D will be the development of exsisting technology, as well as researching new technology. Science is just that, study and knowledge gathering. As things in the solar system are uncovered and understood, the Scientific branch is there to understand how it works, Chances are they will be closely tied with R&D. But something that I am needed will be a core staff. I am assuming River that your time travel makes you detect changes in the time line? Time Travel exsists. I want you on that Team River, Short of getting in touch with the Doctor, You will be one of the few people who could help us identify shifts in the time line."

Ojin-Bjorn frowns a moment… though why is hard to say. He shakes his head as if chaseing off a thought. "Full of holes, yes, but it works. The basis is simple, as an alien you are considered a citizen of earth. On earth, you are considered a citizen of your country. It is basicly an identity within an identity. People native to earth would like wise share this 'dual citizenship' when dealing with other forms of life. Though it will be a… tricky system to work with, it is doable" he sayes

"And you do have a point Jacob. Long as the countries can agree enough to work togeather it is a good step forward. They even have shown that capability already." he reaches forward and the hologram begings to fizzle as he draws in the energy. He takes a breath and the hologram becomes 'solid' once again. He pulls up a map showing a regien of artic research facilities "For example, here. This area is filled with research facilities from several countries, and for the most part is considered completly neutral, even in times of war." A point for humanity.

Bjorn-Ojin looks over the areas Jacob wishes to work on. He was clearly in deep thought as he paced around the hologram "I assume you intend to have them discover infomation about technology and science that other space-fareing species have already figured out. Correct?" he than looks to River and chuckles "And River would make an excellent choice when it comes to Science and R&D"

River, is silent for a moment. "You know I follow orders about as well as a small whirlwind." She's got a point. Jacob might jokingly call her his science officer, but she's a force of chaos, not that easy to direct at all.

Asa he listens and nods he says to River. "Well River, if someone goes back in time to try and kill hitler, which I somehow think has been done, accidently ends up giving the Nazi's the keys to winning World War II. I would certiannly like to know about that. Considering since as of african decent I would be a mongrl fit only for slave labor or death and experimentation." Considering Jacob is of african decent he has a point.

"Right now my ONLY goal is to get the UN to agree to the fact of being more diplomatic. I agree with building some defensive craft. Some of these guys are wanting to build ships the size of Super Star Destroyers with enough power to pulverise a planet."

Ojin-Bjorn face palsm "By the cosmos. Why does everyone want a Star Destroyer. Do not get me wrong, building one would be amazing. But really in the long term, without the right power systems one is far better off pulverising a planet with multiple ships at various locations" he pauses "…not that is the point" he ahems

"Wait…. did you go on a shooting spree in Berlin 1930s River?" he asks. He looks over the military branch more carefully, seeming drawn to it "Still, keeping an eye on time distortion is a good idea. Accroding to one Phantom Girl, her entire present, which was the other worlds future, was completly erased except for her. So yea, likely a good idea to keep a look out"
"That was *after* I got shot by the other time traveler trying to kill Hitler. I was young and stupid," River notes. "And a bunch of stuff got erased or twisted by the Incursion. I'm not going to be able to map it all." Then, she turns more serious. "Jacob, what do you really know about me?"

"Hey I could have had built for me a super star destroyer." he tells Ojin and then he looks at River and says, "River you didn't try…." and instantly he throws up his hands "Never mind, I do not want to know the details of that trip involving Hitler. As he looks at River. "Well I've seen it enough. Probibly why we do get along dispite the fact you are a timer traveler and such gives me a headache. You are a victim of torture River. The star Raiders dealt with hundreds of such victims, many of the crew like me have suffered at the hands of another. Given your rebelous but good hearted nature, you most likely fell in with a good natured crowd of ne'er do wells. Most likely the Doctor Considering that Connie has pulled vauge images of you near and around a Blue box. I never brought it up, because I don't like bringing up my own torments."

"Well considering the Enterprise and the various technologies here, plus the addition of Connie, it is fairly safe to assume that whatever built this thing for you, had a proper grasp of what was needed. Infact, I bet your ship is equiped with a Crystalized warp engine" Ojin-Bjorn says with quite a bit of confidence. The shipwright generaly knows his ships… even if he hasn't watched Star Trek, he understand what can go into making them work better than most

He than glances to River and than Jacob. He dosn't comment on his past. He tends to keep it mostly vague. "Well, sometimes ne'ver do wells… do quite well" he says with a boisterious laugh and slaps both Jacob and River on the back as a form of comradery… though it didn't seem like he had a complet handle on his strength

"Almost, Jacob. Almost." She looks away. "I was brainwashed as a child by a crazy cult to assassinate a specific target. That's why I'm so good with guns…and why I prefer not to use them." It's not something she wants to talk about. It's something she thinks they need to know. Then she winces slightly at the slap on the back.

Jacob's armor thankfully under his clothes absorbs some of the impact, of the slap. "Brainwashing, torture, what's the difference?" To Jacob it's the same thing. "Considering how respectful and how infatuated you are of The Doctor, and how dangerous some of his incarnations appear to be when you anger him. I think I can guess the rest of the details. But I never brought it up… You as a Timer Travel have most likely read my Obituary."

And at that point Connie says, "Sorry Captain i have to deny any of your suspisions. All the UNSC members are 100

And that gets a snort from Jacob.

"Vibranium crystal based. With the Right elements Connie can run a process that allows her to meld Vibranium with synthetic crystals which acts as Dilithium though it doesn't break down like Dilithium. But if the core is damaged replacing it can be… difficult. It's also in the Warp coils."

Bjorn-Ojin had a certain intesity in his gaze as Jacob route the engine infomation "So I was right, it is a crystalized warp engine." there a jovial grin. But when Connie mentions everyone being 100 perceont human he hmmms "And you can conclude that sythentic drones, ment to replicate dna were not used Connie?" he asks.

He looks to River and Jacob. He seems about to say something but than closes his mouth deciding agaist it. This was not the time to get into semantics, especialy when the experince was considered painful in either direction. "So you have River for Research and Dvelopment. But what about these other sections?" he asks gestureing back to the plans of SWORD.

River's lips quirk. "Still not sure…" A pause. "Just think about this, Jacob. When you look at me, you see somebody with a troubled past, but you also see…I mean, how old do you think I am?" She side-grins at Bjorn. "It is. I should study it, I might be able to learn enough to help with repairs." Connie, mind, had better not scan her DNA. Or maybe she already has…
"I am possitive that was one thing I did scan for." Connie says and Jacob realaxes,

"Well at least for now the Security council appears legit." The Question of the age makes River get a glance from him, "River that is a loaded Question, and I'm not suicidal."

He says laughing and shaking his finger at her. "What I see is someone who is of a kindred Spirit, someone who is trying to do good, but has their own way of doing it."

"Diplomacy would be just that, me perhaps calling in a couple favors I am owed with the Nova Corps asking them to lend me a skilled diplomatic educator. Defence would be a small group of ships. They won't be FTL, but small inner system patrol ships. maybe the size of a I don't know Defiant class ship. hundreds and fifty meters. Sensors, some weapons, shields. I would be use the Enterprise as a Patrol ship, and training vessel, to help train recruits and cadets in the more peaceful approaches of exploration. I have no desire to run S.W.O.R.D. "
A glance to Jacob "Do we really need to get the Corps involved?" granted he himself was actually an 'unoffical' diplomat. But being one and training one are two very different things.

"Connie, mind getting me something… really packed in power? Starving here" he laments, before looking at River "…At least 700 is my guess" he wasn't afraid of said loaded question. Apparently he was suicidal

But back to the matter at hand. He considers Jacobs idea "A defiant class ship is good. But a few small scout ships and perhaps one explore-class may be a good idea. Encourage the idea that earth is not looking to fight, just want to protect it area… but also expand" he says

Another quiet moment "Well do we have any idea on who could run S.W.O.R.D. Unless we plan to subvert members into a Hive Mind state, we are going to need clear positions and rankings. Though humans are fairly good at establishing that. SO we may not need to worry to much and instead simply act as advisors"
"Has to be human. Which would make Jacob the only person in this room qualified." Which…well. River hasn't said she's human. She hasn't said she's NOT either. "I can also train pilots," she adds. "Especially if we can find some that already have some quals."

"Well some of the ships built will be fighter craft, some salvaged fromt he Merger no doubt. I am thinking four ships total, two dedicated Sciense ships with two escort class. The Science ships will have lighter armor, lighter weapons, but strong powerful shields, and sensors. The escorts would be small fast, more heavilly armed." Jacob said and of course Ojin will be allowed of course to plug right into the Power system if he desires to feed directly from the Warp Core. "As for a leader. The Goal I have is to get together the team and from that Team we can hash out a leader. I have given thought of that, and I was thinking… Someone from SHIELD, Carol Danvers. Ms Marvel. She is half human, half Kree. And she has ties with Nova Corp but her loyalty is apparently to Earth. Corps might have sticks up their asses on some levels, but they are decent allies to have."

Ojin-Bjorn gives River the evil eye… actually one of his eyes litterly turn red. "I am human." though he takes pause. Was he? He shakes himself off "ANyways, the suggested ships are a good start. And thanks to weapon and craft collection efforts, we do have the means to build and refit the ships for these purposes" he states "Though it would require being a bit more layed back when it comes to alien tech in human hands." He than considers the next statement " Carol Danver does sound like a good idea. Ties with SHIELD and… the Corps does make her an ideal inbetween. And it seems she has good relations both with earth and space."

When give permission to take directly from the power system… he simply places his hand on the console. Theres a sudden surge in power to the room, though it was barely a notice to a ship was advanced as the enterprise. It actually looked like eletricity was dancing along his arm
"If you think they'll accept a hybrid," River says. Then she grins at Ojin-Bjorn. "As human as I am. Well, more or less. When you're merged, anyway." She does step *slightly* back as Ojin starts feeding, just in case he gives off static.

Leaning back he nods and asks. "So Ojin you go over the damage I did to Zork's ships? Think he has an enormous repair bill?" he asks not surprised that Zork tried to attack him. And now he knows better than to tangle directly with the Enterprise but also expect that he'll be back, pirates don't like to be defeated. And of course Zork won't play fair, neither will jacob. It's going to be an interesting contest.

"My name not Ojin. ANd also it what you did to MY ship" Ojin-Bjorn sounded peeved. "Took me three years to put her togeather. Shield Piercers out, juleantion engine shot, skrull cloaking shield fried. Not that I ever told him about that little bit. Not to mention the flux capasitor was liikely blown. And that not even counting the weapons" and then he sounds…. pissed "And that not even counting what ZORK did to it!" he groans.

River was right about stepping back. Some does arches off, dangerously so. "Sides a person with human and alien origins could drive home the whole diplomecy bit" he looks to River "Do you even know what you are?"

A pause "But, at least if my ship is being taken down, it being taken down by someone I trust" he states.

"Maybe I'll steal it back for you some day," River says, as if it's a serious offer. At least as if she might do it if she has the opportunity. A shoulder lifts. "I'm actually surprised *you* haven't guessed yet." He's well-traveled enough, after all, or part of him is.

as he looks to Ojin, "If River steals it back, I'll help repair it Ojin. I just wanted to make sure he knew I was serious. Skrull cloak, I tried putting skrull tech in The nterprise

as he looks to Ojin, "If River steals it back, I'll help repair it Ojin. I just wanted to make sure he knew I was serious. Skrull cloak, I tried putting skrull tech in The Enterprise."

Connie holds her stomach, "Don't remind me, it took a week to remove all the code."
Ojin-Bjorn holds his head as if having a headache. But he seems oddly irritated. He rolls his shoulder and again chases away the thought. "Yea, skrull Tech is tricky. I had the honor of working on several skrull based ships. Only reason I was able to install the cloak" he says.

He crosses his arms "I do not want it back. Damn things a curse as bad as seeing the grand spirits dancing in red" he laments. His eye twitches but he settles down

"Still, I much apprecaite it" and with that he stops feeding. "Still hungry. But… how much is that so far?" and than the results are shown. He absorbed nearly 300k volts of power "Anyways. Gallfenyan is my guess to wha you likely are. Well it more of a rumor in my part of the cosmos… but when it comes to alien species rumors are more often than not, true"
River grins at Ojin-Bjorn. "Hybrid. Of rather complicated origins." But yes, Gallifreyan…in a sense. She thinks of herself more as human. Obviously. A glance back to Jacob. "Should be careful what you make Connie eat, you might make her sick." Amusement, there.

"Well doesn't surprise me. After all Krypton was destroyed and another of their people are on Earth. Speaking of which. River, are you Familure with The Void? Apparently in the other world prior to merger used the Void, they call it the Phantom Zone as a prison. I need your help making sure the barriers are not breaking down. A Kryptonian apparently fell through the hole I detected Eariler. I think she may have been imprisoned there. And last thing I want is to have a genocidal Kryptonian mad man try to get here and wipe out humanity." he says seriously. "And while only Daleks should be wiped out of exsistance I need to understand their powers, and if they have it, weaknesses. I don't want to go behind their back, but with so few left, but considering their power level."

"Not directly familiar, but I can find out what I need to know. Do you know where she is?" River, yes, will go simply chat to a Kryptonian. Other than Superman, whom she's already spoken with.

Ojin-Bjorn perks "Phantom Zone…. a rather fashionating place. It not actually a void" he stands stretches "But rather… acts like a ghost. Infact there is a planet that directly overlays with earth. Has life of it own. Mostly natives can operate normally in the Phantom Zone, while those put there? There typically frozen there… for eternity. Of course that isn't always the case, judging by the hopscotching kryptonian and mad man" he says.

"Well I am going to be meeting her in a few days maybe at a location of her choosing. Apparently she is terrified of going back. I would rather not have he freak out on me. So I will meet her on her terms. I don't think she is a danger at least not yet. And I don't want to terrify her." Pulling out a PAd, "Here river, This is a location of where she emerged. Feel free to take the Sulaco my stealth shuttle to invesitgate."

"Aye you met Phantom Girl as well. She showed me the Zone her self, I would never willingly exile someone to that place. I would sooner execute them, but if my options are limited." he says

"Ten bucks says she just dissappears" Ojin-Bjorn says. After all that is what River is known for doing. Popping in and out when she pleases. A rather handy trick! "But yes, I have met Phantom Girl. And you saw the Zone yourself? A bit jeolouse admittedly" he says

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