2017-03-21 Meeting the new immigrant, Dire Warnings
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Players: Faora Jacob
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Title: Meeting the New immigrant, Dire Warnings

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Having finally gotten an Email from Faora, and more importantly he desire to meet her at a time and place of her choosing. He has actually agreed with it. Giving her a time table of when he can be free of dealing with Political arguing over how to reorganize a Division.

Thankfully it is a relatively decent chunk of time he can devote to meeting and talking with her, baring an emergency that demands he attend a mandatory meeting. Or some other exhaustive list of phrases that makes it seem like politics is a hassle. But considering the results of the merger, and what happened.

An armada showed up in his universe and it's commander ordered the extermination of all humans, and in the other one a being called Darkseid invaded the earth, and ordered his forces to exterminate all humans. Perhaps it could be understandable. But finally when she gives him a time and date he will meet her there asap. In fact Jacob expects her to give him a time of Right now, and a location that is relatively heavily populated. He'll be surprised if it is not that.

Faora's email was curt, at best. It simply had the proper subject line, a set of coordinates, and a location. The time was during daylight hours, with the sun high in the sky- near noon. The location wasn't particularly populated- why? Too much noise. She can hear better in the open swath of grasslands she dictated the meeting would take place. There was no way for anyone to approach without her knowing about it. She had literally countless avenues of escape- and there wasn't anyone innocent around for her to hurt if she had to bring the pain.

The message had a single other note- Come Alone. This whole SWORD business had left a bad taste in Faora's mouth. How Atalanta had gone about informing Jacob was particularly distasteful to her- and now she wasn't particularly certain that Jacob and his people could be trusted.

At the appropriate time and spot, Faora is standing quietly. Waiting. She's just quiet, and contemplative- listening carefully.

Finally after perhaps a few moments there comes a sound of a humming buzzing as finally after a few moments appears about forty feet from her a single blue energy field as a figure starts to materialize. A man with dark skin, short curly black hair. A slight goatee and thin mustache. he's wearing a Black uniform, that is relatively uniform there is no real markings on it, and he has two devices on him. One is a box like scanner.

The other a small hand held energy weapon from the grip. Chances are it, X-ray shows he is wearing some light body armor under his uniform and appears to have an implant in the head area his ears mainly, perhaps a alien translation device. Considering how well constructed he just stands there, no one else appears, no one is around them as he smiles at her.

He tries to speak Kryptonian, granted his pronunciation is not perfect but perhaps it is the thought that counts that he is attempting to greet her with respect in her language. <Greetings I am Captain Jacob Tylor of USS Enterprise. I come in friendship and peace.> he says. The accent is thick…

Faora just stares in quiet as Jacob speaks in her language, eyes narrowing. "Don't bother." she states simply. "Friends approach you openly. They do not go behind your back to tell their superiors of you." she notes simply. "Since Atalanta works for you, and she went behind my back, you went behind my back." she says very simply. "I understand fully your purpose and duty to this world, but the manner in which we have been introduced leaves very little faith and trust for your offers of friendship. Peace, well. Maybe."

As he looks at her slowly approaching Faora he stops when she mentions Atalanta working for him, and he looks at her genuinely confused. "She doesn't work for me. She's a member of a group of Young Super Powered Heroes calling themselves Titans. I have done some information exhange with them on threats from my universe and they their universe."

Coming closer to her. "I am not here to arrest you or judge you. Merely find out who you are, how you arrived here. Diplomacy is not my most powerful skill so please forgive me if I somehow offend you."

"Uhuh." Faora doesn't sound particularly convinced. It sounds, very much, like something someone who wanted to manipulate her would say. Distance himself from Atalanta- get in better with her… she just watches Jacob quietly. A long bit of silence. "I've already told the Captain of America all of this." she notes, "Does he not share information with you?" she asks, as she takes a step away when he comes closer. "You stay right where you are. We can talk from here without issue."

As he stands there holding his position he closes his eyes and then opens them respecting her desire to stay apart. "Actually He and I have not had a chance to talk for several months actually. Several months prior to the merger I returned to Earth and began talking with a Group called SHIELD, and began to work through their training. So I am offically what you would call a Cadet. But when the Merger of two universes happened, once the battles settled down I got drawn into talks and discussions concerining planetary security."

"Including the Reorganization of a Group called SWORD, Some on the United nations Security council want to start building massive city sized war ship to protect the planet, others want Faster than light exploration, others want to shut down all space exploration, and about half want to take a more moderate approach. So I have been tied up trying to talk them into a more moderate approach to concerns of dealing with," and after some mulling about chooses his words carefully. "our place and role in the universe without making the universe see us as a dangerous to it as a whole."

The distance Faora tries to maintain is tactically sound. It would give her enough time to react under normal circumstances- its the sort of distance a police officer or soldier would demand from a potentially dangerous suspect or contact. Its simply sound thinking- the same with this location. With her abilities- she has the high ground. She could hear and see anything coming for miles. Her reaction speeds would allow for a quick escape- one where she could easily go somewhere highly populated. Metropolis isn't all that far away.

"Well, I'd suggest preparing for war." Faora states simply. "And since apparently, the Captain of America chooses not to tell you.. You can call me Faora Hu-Ul." she states quietly. "Once of Krypton." she says next, "I was sent to the Phantom Zone for crimes against my people, and being a member of a seditious terror cell bent on staging a military coup against the ruling council. I pulled back too late, and was found complicit in the plot." she offers, "And had committed a murder under the orders of my commanding officer. A man I highly respected, like a father, by the name of Dru-Zod."

Faora just looks on quietly. She listens. If she cares, it doesn't show on her face. She just continues after a quiet moment, "We were all sent to the Phantom Zone. An interdimensional prison. While in the Phantom Zone I tried to pull Zod back from the bring- he was already close to madness. I failed, but stuck with him. He was like family, all I had left." she states. "Eventually, we explored- and discovered two things. Warworld and Doomsday. A pair of weapons. One kryptonian, and another.. well. I don't know who made it- but they certainly had no plan on losing the next war they were going to have. Warworld has endless armies. Literally endless armies." she states firmly,

"It has a full compliment of nuclear weapons- all large enough to turn this planet into a wasteland. It has directed energy weapons and mass drivers more than capable enough to cause great damage on any city or fleet this planet can provide." Another pause. "Doomsday is just that- the end of your world. " she notes. "An attempt at creating a super soldier, it has no real ability friend or foe distinction and will be nearly unstoppable. Its designed to survive anything, and it very likely an."

As he listens to her, "Then I hope you intend to Give Captain America detailed information on War World and Doomsday. As for the Phantom Zone, I know of it. Right now with the universal merger, and your appearance. I have a concern that the barriers between reality and the Phantom Zone could be breaking down. Last thing I would want would be someone dangerous to split through. This may be an instant were I need to find away into the Phantom Zone and neutralize this War World. If my ship's weapons can't stop it, Well I can always detonate my warp core point blank. Five thousand tons of Antimatter going off point blank should do a serious number on it." he says.

"Thank you for the talk, but there are groups that would love to get their hands on me and you. Hydra and AIM for starters from my world. A number from the other world, so let's not give them time to mobilize."

"It might work. The Phantom Zone doesn't follow regular physics." Faora offers simply, "And yeah. I'll keep an eye out for myself. I told Captain America quite a bit- him and that Sam fellow. They can bring you up to speed." Faora says next as she begins to move away- making use of her ability of flight to start getting distance and height- eyes still checking. Very uncertain and very much so unwilling to take her eyes off of Jacob.

As she pulls away Jacob smiles at her. "Welcome to Earth Faora Hu-Ul, I hope someday you will consider it a second home." Jacob says smiling. Once he can't see her any more he will pull out his communicator, and transport back up to his ship. Of course if she looks into the sky with her super vision the ship is there, orbiting the planet, peacefully speeding along always falling but never hitting the ground. And in the end she can loose her self fairly well in Metropolis, long enough that she can be sure she has not been followed or tracked by Jacob. Apparently scaring or pissing off a Kryptonian is very low on his list.

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