2017-03-23 Stranger Danger Pt2
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Diana Prince / Doctor Strange
GMed by Strange
Title: Stranger Danger pt2

Daelious laughs madly up towards Diana, "The great mystic from the other world is now lost forever and there is nothing anyone can do about it." He doesn't even seem to strain against the magical rope binding him. His two students have disappeared into the shadows and there is no remenants of the spell the just cast. He looks away from Diana now and smiles in his victory despite his capture.

Diana carried the man bound in the golden lasso like he were some kind of luggage and he seemed to weigh next to nothing to the Amazon woman. "Who said I was doing anything about that?" She asked him softly while descending into the underworld of Gotham City. She glanced down at him, her blue eyes down on his face where she'd snapped his nose.

"I'm just going to make your life extremely unpleasant now." She said to him very casually. "Because our actions in this life begot consequences. And these are the consequences you face for putting my friend… wherever you put him." She showed him a soft smile. "But do not worry, I won't be killing you. There won't be any such release given to you on this day, or any to come. Not from me at the very least."

Diana would move into the Subway, passing by any citizens that would look at her and her prisoner… They were both obviously eye-catching sights, her specifically due to being in her armor and as attractive of a woman she was. Once at the tracks, she'd wait for the all-clear then head back in the direction that she remembered they'd gone to reach the hidden chamber.

Daelious realizes where she's taking him only after the tram passes and she's taking him right to the altar.

"What do you plan on doing in my earth chamber!?" Demands the warlock with a cough following his words, he sprays more blood from his nose and over his lips. "What do you hope to achieve Amazon?"

Whilst walking down the darknened tunnel, she overheard his questions and looked down to him. "What do I plan to do?" She asked back at him with a small smirk. "You sent my friend away, you refuse to bring him back…" She looked back ahead of them as she continued to walk and tote him at her side. "So I plan to set you down inside the hallway leading to your chamber, and then I will destroy everything that I find inside of it. Including your dangerous Golemn Guardian." She exhaled softly. "That. Is what I plan to do." She said in her thickly accented English.

"Do what you will, the sorcerer will not return because of your actions. Nor anyone else's. I say to you he is lost forever." Daelious sounds almost as if he's pleading to not enter the chamber. Like he's trying to avoid the room for some reason.

"I have lost friends before." Diana said in response to this as they continued on their journey, changing tunnels and going precisely in the direction that Stephen had lead her prior. "I have learned that it is wide to move-on as swoftly as possible, and honoring their memories in the process."

When they reached the doorway, Diana simply paused outside of it and then KICKED THE DOOR IN and it went flying down the hallway and grinding against the floor with a loud bang and crashing cacophony of noises!

"You are my new friend now." She said then and started into the hallway the door had disappeared into.

In the great cavernous chamber, the golumn rises up and stands, waiting for the Amazon and her new 'friend'. The grinding rocks that is the thing's voice growl and scrape at the sight of the two intruders.

"Turn around now, save yourself from the onslaught of my rock golemn." The wizard demands, Daelious does not want to be in this room. That much is obvious by the way he postures and requests Diana to leave.

Diana paused at the entrance to the cavern chamber and she reaches behind her back with her free hand to draw her sword with the soft sound of metal sliding against leather. She looked down at the man she held then, all hog-tied up in that lasso. "He does not seem to recognize you, Wizard." She said down at him.

Diana would then look up to the Golemn and move to set the Sorcerer down on the ground inside the tunnel. "There is only one thing to fear in this cave. And that, is me." She said, turning toward the Rock Monster to prepare to attack it!

The golemn approaches the mouth of the tunnel before it stops and slams its fist into the cave wall to the left of the way out and there's a massive crunching sound before it rends part of the rock from the wall and now weilds a huge chunk of earth as a weapon. The being stands before Diana but doesn't seem to have eyes for her, but is looking deeper into the cave and lifts its new weapon to swing away and knock Diana out from in front of the tunnel.


Diana would spring forward using speed and flight to fly beneath the Golemn after watching him making this smashing move to garner a weapon from the wall!

She'd fly beneath the Golemn and then come up behind him to scale up his back and move toward the back of his head where she'd land on his neck and take a mighty swing with her God-forged sword to attempt to behead the magical construct!

The head is cleaved from the shoulders almost with ease and as it falls the arm weilding the extended bit of hard earth throws it into the tunnel. Not only sealing the cave but smothering Daelious with the attack. Rolling him awfully between the improvised weapon, the wall and the ground.

Once it's head hits the floor the glow subsides and it drops to the cave floor on its knees and laying still a moment.

Diana dropped off of the Rock Monster as it collapsed and she landed on the ground with a gentle bend of her knees. She spun around then and faced the beast, well aware of the damage that the creature had done to the hallway, she eyed the Golemn for a moment, not really believing it to be vanquished quite that easily… She looked around the cavern, worried about the structural stability…

finally though, she'd turn back to the hallway and move to where Daelious had been set. She would move to uncover him and see to it he wasn't hopefully too injured.

The man was a simple mage with no physical strength to speak of, the humongous rock and unforgiving floor and walls didn't treat him kindly. All the blood and exposed bone and entrails that had rolled out from his skin. Yeah, he didn't make it. The golemns mouth moves and the same grinding sound can be heard as a human language errupts from the interior of the beast were the neck is exposed. "I could not stop it." Says a voice from within the body of the creature.

Diana had a mostly blank expression on her face when she'd seen that the Sorcerer had perished. She hadn't thought the Rock Monster would target him so specifically, rather than come after her who clearly posed the greater threat to it… But, this man had made his choices that had lead him here… it was on him.

Diana spun around when the voice was heard and she held her gleaming silver/gold sword out to her right side. "Could not stop what?" She asked back to the disembodied voice, gently shifting her weight from one armored foot to the other.

"The golemn. I didn't have the strength to keep it from slaying that man." The voice almost sounds remourseful, yet it is also tired. "Diana, come help me." Requests the body of the rock beast, still on its knees in front of the cave.


Diana narrowed her blue eyes at the Golemn as she heard its strange words, it sounded far more sentient than she had expected it to… it could be some part of its magical design though… so caution was warranted in the Amazon's mind.

She kept her sword out and walked to the giant Rock Beast. "I have no interest in helping you, Construct." She told the disembodied voice. "You are an unnatural creation and the purpose you were designed for has no place in this world." She was not fond of Evil Wizard's and their strange creations.

"Diana, stop being so stubborn and pull on the rock please." Says the voice once more. The body rustles a bit as if something was struggling from the interior of the construct. "It's Stephen." Says the disembodied voice once more.


Diana'a sword was spun in a artful circle and then slid into the sheath on her back with expert precision. She bounded toward the Rock Monster's body and then grabbed the central boulder and pulled it back toward her, she lifted it up over her head and then turned to set it down upon the floor of the cavern.

She'd turn back toward where the voice had come from with a curious expression upon her face, moving toward it again she put her right booted foot up onto the arm of the rock monster in a Captain-Morgan-style pose. "Doctor?" She asked then.

"Yes?" Stephen asks back as his head is finally exposed from her ripping the rock away and his hand after that. "I don't often make requests like this, but please, hurry and get me out of this rock prison." The man requests with a gasp of fresh air after a long time. His hair is all grey now and his beard is full and nearly white. "Took you long enough Diana to return to the cave." Stephen says with a soft smirk to the amazon.

Once she saw him, and could tell that he was mostly okay… she folded her forearms together across her stomach and just stared at him. "I was here in under ten minutes time since I saw you last." She replied, a bit of indignance in her voice… She could see the signs of aging on him, however, but wasn't yet entirely convinced she was seeing what she thought she was seeing.

"You are an old man now?" She asked, curiosity laced within her accented voice. "This is why you Magical Users are so frustrating to deal with. The things you do make no sense." She glanced to Dae's body. "He said you were sent to a place you could not return from…"


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