2017-03-24 Chilly Reception
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Faora, Atalanta
GMed by Atalanta
Title: Chilly Reception

Rating: everybody
Hrimhari has decided to step out of Xavier's, for the first time since he arrived there. He is out looking around in wolf form. A wolf could be confused for a dog by many, while his hybrid form seems to upset people. It seems there are these cursed creatures called Werewolves that many people fear. He is not ready to be out as a human yet. He can speak any language, by virtue of his Seidr he has the Allspeak as well as his shape shifting. He has, however, realized he can not read and knows nothing about local exchange for goods. He is here, outside a small group of buildings, studying.

The world was a wide one. Earth, such a strange place to Faora- who's memories of home are still so vivid. Who's memories of the Phantom Zone are more vivid, still. Everything looks different under a yellow sun. Even the color of her eyes. Everything has changed.

The powers, though. Frightening- perhaps she is not an actual god like those of Asgard… but she might as well be. Here, Faora Hu-Ul is a Titaness, equaled only by those within the House of El.

Faora's decided to try something new- super heroes wear costumes, it seems, and so she went about to create her own. Something simple, really, white and black accents, skin tight, domino mask and a short half-cape, with high heels. She's on patrol- a random one, at that, flying over the state called New York. Watching. Listening.

Hrimhari's fur stands on end, he feels a sudden chill, something very strange on a day this warm. There is a flash of bluish light that strikes down from the skies like lightning, which spreads pot into an opening more than thirty feet in radius. Out of the rift step three Jotun…Frost Giants, armed with weapons and armor magically forged from Ice and wearing wolf skins. Hrimhari growls, Frost Giants are traditional enemies of the wolves of Asgard.

A flash of light- and Faora Hu-Ul sees the danger as she flies so high about the danger below. Giant men, dressed in ice and furs. They don't look particularly friendly- and there's that Dog. Or is it a wolf? Faora hardly knew the difference.

Faora descends from above, floating slightly above the ground as she gazes at the appearing Giants. She just stares at them quietly. "You should know that these lands are protected." she states firmly, "Are you friend or foe to the people of Earth?"

The Giants, one points something…it looks like an elaborately carved icicle…and grunts in his language, "There. We have found the Prince of Wolves. We will be well rewarded when we bring back his hide."

Another looks up at Faora and cocks his head…HE does not have Allspeak and does not understand her words, but understands the challenging tone rightly enough. He laughs, "It seems there is a Valkyrie here to collect his soul already…let us deal with both."

Hrimhari assumes his Hybrid form and says (understood by Faora as if it were Kryptonian, even though it clearly is not), "You do not belong on Midgard, back to Jotunheim not or I will slay thee as I have slain thy kin before when they threatened mine."

Faora's eyes narrow quietly and she sinks to the ground. She is wholly unimpressed by the size or strength of these giants- fully intending to teach them the error of their ways. She knows trouble when she sees it. "Very well, you have made your choice." she states, "You now face Absolution."

Faora then rockets forward as only a Kryptonian could, although, unlike so many of her kind her movements are not those of a brawler. Rather, a dedicated warrior's movements- she starts with a swift, sweeping kick to try and take one of the Giant's feet out from under them.

Faora has probably never faced magical armor before, but the Giant's armor has also not faced the force a Kryptonian can bring to bear. While her kick SHOULD strike the giantish flesh and avoid the armor, the magic of the armor defends the wearer. The result is the kick functions mostly as planned, the Giant is struck and the foot is swept aside…but the Faora it is like she just kicked a wall on Krypton…as if she hit something far more solid than she expected.

Hrimhari's own magic is limited, but he is one of the fastest of those on Asgard and he waits until the first giant strikes at him and dodges at the last moment, using his own strength (a bit weak for an Aesir, but far stronger than most humans) to push the giant further off balance. The third Giant is calling upon Yrmr the Ice King, and the area is strick by a sudden ice storm…

Faora's eyes narrow. She's no stranger to pain, luckily. And she's kicked her fair share of walls. Still, she can't relent- her attacker has likely fallen. The sudden cold is unnatural and causes her to shiver within her costume- but still, she won't give up. She's made a decision. Protect Earth. Protect humanity. These big blue bastards are most certainly not here to make friends.

With her victim more than likely on his back, Faora's body shifts, and with both hands she grabs the Giant's foot. Using leverage she attempts to wrack the limb- hoping to take at least one of the giants out of the fight quickly… even as Ice and Cold begin to quickly wear on her otherwise undefended body.
Faora realizes this unnatural cold may quickly freeze her, though the hybrid wolf seems far less vulnerable to cold. She attempts to use leverage to break the giantish limb…but the limb is very thick…still she is most certainly twisting and pulling upon the limb…in fact the giant howls in pain and strikes at Faora with an armored fist. He apparently does not want to risk hitting himself with his own weapon.

Hrimhari grabs the weapon of the fallen Giant and uses it to strike at the one who is summoning the storm, He knows their weapons are enchanted and, thus, better able to penetrate their armor than his strength and claws alone.

Thud. Faora flies back as she's struck- shaking the pain out from her head as she frowns deeply at the situation. She's not looking at this tactically- she's running into battle. Ice.

Time to bring the heat. Faora's eyes suddenly glow a frightening red before beams of energy flare out and she attempts to heat the land below the storm as she growls in quiet unhappiness. Just a flash of heat into the earth itself. The ground rapidly heating under Faora's flash of vision.

Faora uses her heat vision on the ground around her, keeping it below the flash point of the plants so as not to start any fires, but making it warm enough to be toasty…The Giants see, to flinch back from the heat…as does Hrimhari though not as much. Heat is the domain of the Fire Giants, not the frost giants. Hrimhari rallies and attacks again. The weapon is weakened by the heat and breaks with the force of the blow…the giant staggers backwards even as the other two are rising to their feet (one with difficulty due to the damage to his foot).

Faora's eyes narrow, and the flash of heat is allowed to wane- at least for the moment. As the injured Frost Giant gets to his feet, and Faora's mind appreciates just how her attack has affected her and Hrimhari's opponents she shoots into action.

Now she modulates the heat of her attacks- quick bursts of heat at the icy armor itself as she starts to fly in an ever speeding circle- flashes of heat and pain from so many directions.

It is a minor, but reasonable, technical error, direct application of her powers against magic has limited effect. Any specific point her heat vision strikes melts, but quickly reforms when the heat moves to a different point. The armor is magically kept in shape and as ice. Hrimhari narrows his eyes and sinks his claws through the momentarily liquefied armor. The giant grunts in pain…both from the heat and the pain of the claws.

Faora, having never faced magic before.. or really having used her powers before, for that matter, can be forgiven for her errors. She stops, dead, the wind and snow whipping around her as she narrows her eyes. Heat worked. Time to get something hot.

Its only a partial moment that Faora seems to disappear- tearing the steel bumper off of a vehicle and creating an impromptu club. She heats it- hot. Glowing hot. When she returns, she's holding the thing in both hands as waves of heat distort the air around it. "Lets try something different."

A car alarm, goes off in the parking lot as Faera appropriates a bumper and heats it to glowing hot. The Giants shy back. Apparently deciding things here are too tough, one pulls out what looks like a large snowflake and crushes it. A surge of ice-blue light streams from the snowflake, opening a portal…

Escape?! Faora's eyes narrow. If they're going to go- it'll be with a few burns. At least, if Faora has her way. With flowing, graceful motions- someone who's used a weapon before- she strikes at the Giants, unless they really make a turn towards the portal and get right on out of here lickity split!

The giants, while neither as strong nor as fast as Faora, are expert fighters with great experience. They use their weapons to block her attacks, though the weapons are destroyed in the process it buys them time to retreat. Hrimhari almost follows, but that would leave him on Jotunheim, not on Asgard…not much of an improvement over being on Midgard. On the other hand, people will be out looking to seer what happened soon, he needs to vanish. He turns back into a wolf and runs off.

Faora, too, is an expert warrior- she is a soldier, born and bred. Unlike those in the House of El, Faora Hu-Ul trained for battle from a young age. Between her strength, speed, and ability she makes for a frightening warrior indeed.

Luckily, Faora has no desire to truly kill these giants. No. She simply wants them to think twice before returning. She tosses the bumper to the ground the minute the portal has closed… floating quietly above the newly created snow and taking a slow, deep breath. If people arrive, she doesn't really stick around- no. Into the sky, she flew- the air around her like a thunderclap as she rockets into the heavens and returns to her patrol.

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