2017-03-25 Wolves Meet
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Loki, Hrimhari
GMed by N/A
Title: Wolves Meet

Rating: everybody

Hrimhari has returned to the scene of the combat. It is fairly easy to find…an area os earth that was frozen then scorched rather stands out amid the plants that are starting to grow green with spring. He is in his wolf form, as it is his least noticeable comfortable shape. Human shape is not very comfortable…especially in clothing…and if he is not wearing clothing he rather attracts attention. So does his Vargr form, which resembles what the locals call a werewolf.

Loki appears in the shadows, wearing his leather pants that are such a deep shade of green that they almost appear black, and a soft black tunic. His hair brushes over his shoulders, catching a light breeze now and again. In Viking culture, having short hair means the person is a servant or in some other form of servitude. Not Loki. Loki has no plans to be in anyone's service.

He sees the wolf, and silently draws his dagger - one he holds with the blade facing backward.

Hrimhari narrows his silver eyes, he recognizes Loki. The Trickster has been both friend and enemy to the Wolf tribes. There are times he has lived with them, and times he has used them. He shifts to his half human form, and speaks, "I know thee trickster. If the had aught to do with the Frost giants attacking me here, I may forget the truce we are under." A truce dating from the last time Loki aided the wolves…Loki is unpredictable.

Loki exits the shadows and lowers his stance, shifting into a wolf with a tentative snarl. He circles Hrimhari carefully keeping an eye on him so he doesn't get too close, growling quietly."

Hrimhari resumes the form of a large silver wolf, asking in the way of Wolves, "What do you want?" He turns to face Loki, but stays in a basis stance, ready to attack or defense as called for.

"I was told that there was another Asgardian here and I wanted to investigate." He paces back and forth, ready to spring into action. "What are YOU doing here?"

Hrimhari says, "It is a very good question. I am not entirely certain. I woke up following an attack on my pack on Midgard…in a distant place. I hid on what I thought was the claw of a dragon, though I am told it was the wheel of an airplane…these Midgardians have very clever smiths. It took flight and I found myself in a place called New York. Some ladies from this place aided me, and I am helping teach the students here."

Loki scoffs, "Students…what could you possibly teach mortal children? This place is called New York. I was part of the initial party of sorcerers that attempted to hold the Bifrost together. Unfortunately, we failed, and I fell to earth with the section of land that went down with it."

Hrimhari sits and pants like a friendly dog, "It is acknowledged that thou art one of the greatest users of magic on Argard, possibly third after Odin and Karnilla. I live well back in the hinterlands of Asgard, I know not of what shattered the Bifrost. As to what I can teach, I am acknowledged to be fair in unarmed combat…and expert in survival. There is a blind girl I am teaching to better use her senses…"

The black wolf with green eyes sits, tail swishing back and forth in an agitated manner. "Fifth?!" He exclaims, a growl to his voice. He might not be most perfect of Asgardians, but he tries. "How interesting…"

Hrimhari corrects, "I stated possibly third, and so I noted who is plainly before you. There are others near you, it is hard to judge." He knows very little magic. Allspeak and his shape shifting and a few other tricks, nothing significant.

"Third." Loki scoffs, shaking his head. "Clearly, you have never actually seen me in action." Ok, so he's not that great, /yet/ but he'd learning from Frigga and Amora. "I should strike you down where you stand for such insults!"

Hrimhari barks with canine laughter, "'Tis no insult to be third after Odin and the Queen of Nornheim. However, let us lay aside the debate and ask rather how the Frost Giants I fought yestereve came to be where I now sit."

Loki turns back into his youthful form and shrugs. "How should I know? I can only imagine that they passed through a portal when the shock wave from the merging of Midgard occurred. The question is why would they come to you and not a prince of Asgard?"

"A fair question. They came with magic, when they fled from my companion and I, they used a magic in the form of a giant snowflake, which they crushed to open a portal. I assumed it was to Jotunheim…however it is possible they have a hall somewhere here on Midgard," Hrimhari cocks his head, "You would be the one to figure that out…but as to why they came for me, that is obvious…one hunts the weakest and the stragglers first."

Loki frowns and nods. "I will attempt to locate a portal. I have not yet sensed one between Jotunheim and Midgard, but that does not mean there isn't one."

Hrimhari perks up his ears, "I am to assume, then, that thou hast no ready way back to Asgard either? It is likely best that I return to the school and my teaching until such a way is found."

Loki bows his head, eyes closing. "Unfortunately, no. I have not seen my family since my arrival here. It is most unfortunate."

"Should thou find a way, or need mine aid, thou knowest where to find me," states Hrimhari before rising and trotting off back to Xavier's.

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