2017-03-26 Stranger Danger Pt3
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Diana Prince / Stephen Strange
GMed by Strange
Title: Stranger Danger pt3

Stumbling down on to the cavern floor, his hands catching his fall and caughing with his first breaths of real air in who knows how long. Stephen looks up to Diana and smiles faintly as his grey eyes stare into her own. "I don't know how to thank you Diana." The wizard says between coughing fits.

Diana shifted her weight on her armored feet and she looked down at the man who appeared to have aged a lifetime since she saw him less than an hour ago…

"I am confused." She said then. "How long have you been waiting for me to come down here and slay this monster?" She'd ask him then as she would bend and offer him a hand to help him up. "Is this some kin dof a wizard's trick?" She'd then inquire.

Her blue eyes looked him over to see if he was harmed in anyway.

"I lost track after the first year." Stephen says, caughing again and reaching up to take the offered hand and climd to his feet, his legs and arms wobbly having not carried his own weight for a long time. "I remember having to find a way to connect myself to that wizard in order to get brought back to our world." He says softly, eyes as sharp as they ever were however his body isn't.

This all seemed to displease the Amazonian woman. She stood before him and looked around. "You seem… jovial… for having lost so many years of your life?" She asked him with a questioning gaze upon her elegantly featured face. "Is there a way to restore your youth? Because to be entirely honest… I'm not sure you will be able to make it to the subway station without a walker." Diana was capable of jokes? Apparently so!

"I will be fine if I can make it back to Grenwich." Stephen says with a bit of a wheeze, then he cocks his eyebrow at her joke. "You're going to force me to walk up the stairs with a walker? You Diana, are insufferable." Stephen says with a kind friendly wink before he starts to walk towards the mouth of the cave and up towards those stairs he just mentioned.

Diana would look around the chamber that the Rock Golemn had occupied and she'd frown then. "There is nothing else left inside this that we should worry about?" She asked, and then would walk over toward where the other Wizard had perished. "And what of him?" She asked. "Surely we shouldn't leave his bag of muddled bones to pass into dust down in this foresaken hollow.."

The Amazon's blue eyes would look to the hobbling Doctor Strange and she'd frown. "Stop walking, it is depressing. I will fly you to your home… My ride is not far from here."


Stephen stops to address her when she ask so many questions, "Do I look like I have time to worry about this man and his poor choices in life?" Stephen says, lifting a hand to rest against the rock face to support his tired form. "I normally don't ask friends for favors like that Diana, but in this instance, I very much appreciate the offer."

Diana would take her eyes off of the fallen Sorcerer with a small frown. "Very well." She said softly in response to Strange's words. She'd walk toward him then and smirk at him. "You sure are grumpy in your old age." She'd chide the Sorcerer who Lived. "Come on…" She'd move to put her arm around his back and place his left around her neck. Once situated properly, Diana would glide up off of the ground and then fly them both out of this chamber through what was left of the original hallway.

Opening his door and keeping it open, offering Diana a chance to come inside of his New York home. "You're welcome to come inside, though I can not be the most gracious host and I apologize for that." The doctor hobbles inside, curious as to where Wong might be but assumes the man is out shopping like he usually does on weekends.

Diana had collected her overcoat once the'd gotten back to the top of that Subway station staircase. She'd put it back on over her armor and otherwise exposed body. She got out of the vehicle as well and did take up his offer. He was too curious of an individual not to see this home of his in this rather expensive part of Manhattan (a city she'd learned a lot about in a small amount of time).

Once inside, Diana turned around looking the interior of the place over. "Impressive." She'd say to him. "Its like a Museum. Much like the Embassy to my people in Metropolis." She'd look back to him then.

"You could call it that." Stephen says with a small chuckle as he hobbles slowly into the kitchen and sets about filling the stove-top kettle with water and turning on the burner. Calling back out to Diana. "Feel free to look around, anyone without a magical attunement wont be able to use anything here anyways. So you're probably safe." The wizard says as he reaches up for some tea flavors kept in the cabinet.

Diana's eyes were filled with curiosity as she looked around. She overheard what he said about magic attunement and she mumbled softly under her breath. "What about Godly attunement." She said it so softly that she didn't mean for him to hear it, merely said it to herself as it was the first thought that crossed her mind after hearing his warning.

Diana would move to the large staircase and she'd look upstairs, but not ascend the steps. Instead she stayed on the first floor and would walk to a wall of weaponry. She loved melee weapons and these were surely the kind that would draw her attention. She'd stand there looking / inspecting each one without daring to reach out for them as they were not hers to touch.

"What of your aging?" She'd call out to him then. "How will you solve that? The eternal desire of most on this world…"

"Age is something each person has to deal with on their own." Stephen says softly, she could practically hear his apathetic shrug from the other room. He's busy prepairing two mugs for the tea and is there fore not worried about it, or he's trying to keep his mind and hands busy, so that they wont wonder about his own looming mortality. "Is there any kind of tea you'd prefer?"

Diana's eyes left the weapons and she walked to her left to look upon a row of armor and protective clothing, magical items? It fascinated her.

When he asked his question about the tea, her voice replied, only she was much closer now. Diana was standing in the doorway of the kitchen. "Sugarless, whatever is the most naturally flavorful." She'd said to him then, standing there in her long black coat that draped over her almost like a cloak. "I am three thousand years old." She told him, for some reason. "Give or take a decade."

"Alright." Stephen responds and pulls out a packet of leaves and flavor and leaves it in the cup, now just waiting for the water to heat. The man moves around the kitchen well enough, but the counters and the island are at the perfect height for him to lean against and support himself. "That's such a burden you bear. Are you truely immortal or do you simply not age?" The wizard doesn't seem flabbergasted by the news but intrigued by it.

Diana stepped into the kitchen then and she looked around at it, it was as extensive and wealthy looking as the rest of this flamboyant home. "Ageless." Diana responded to his question. "I was created to protect this world by the Gods." She added while walking slowly and observing the various details about the place. "This home does not fit your personality." She tells him then. "Your personality is… conflicting with the entire place." She stopped and looked over at him. "You inherited it, didn't you?" She asked. "Whatever Wizardry Order that you learned from?"

Stephen nods once at her question before pitching one back at her, "So you're more similar to the golemn than me, or the man who attacked us so long… earlier today." Strange says, lifting his hand to his brow as the wave of emotions catches him off guard and he stumbles again, catching himself on the counter. Stephen pushes himself back to his feet as quickly as he can, to avoid help from Diana. "This place and everything was more thrust upon me than inherited…" He says smirking weakly before caughing again.

Diana would step toward him when he stumbled but when he recovered himself, she yielded him his pride and let him recover. But she -did- stare with a disapproving glare at the fragile man before her.

"I do not think that the tea is what you need, Stephen." She spoke his first name. "How do we solve this issue that is plaguing you?" She asked then, growing a bit more impatient. He was vaguely correct about her being somewhat similar to the Golemn that she'd slain… but she decided to ignore that.

"It's not a 'we' problem Diana." Stephen says, looking away, keeping his focus on the kettle on purpose. He's not wanting to include Diana in the trials he's going to have to face in the coming days. No one can be included.

"Let me worry about myself Diana." Stephen says, his own way of asking her to let him be.

The tall woman with the black hair and the black longcoat stared at him after he said these things. She let the stare linger for several heavy seconds before she gently dipped her chin.

"Perhaps I should take a rain check on that tea then." She said as she started toward the kitchen archway to go back to the main hall. "I hope that you come to solve this. I am sorry that I was unable to do more to prevent it. My methods may not mix that well with your magical ways." She glanced back at him while she walked.

Stephen doesn't have the best bedside manners, so he simply lets her go but once she says she's not going to have any tea, he moves the kettle off the burner, turns off the range and vanishes from the kitchen. He's got work to do, and the sooner the better. Should Diana look back, he's no where to be seen, there's no trace of where he could have gone.

Diana did look back, and yes he was gone. She'd seen such things many times in her long lifespan, but she hadn't expected him to do that here and now. She stuttered in her step a moment, conflicting thoughts clearly going on behind her large and expressive blue eyes. But she resolved herself and cinched her coat around her neckline and then moved to make her exit of his home back to her car waiting outside with her two sisters inside of it.


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