2017-03-31 Back via the Future
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jacob, River, Phantom Girl
GMed by Atalanta
Title: Back via the Future

Rating: everybody

Earth 16: 3017. Superman breaks out of the timestream over the Clubhouse of Heroes, the meeting place of the Legion of Superheros. He lands and heads in…the defenses recognize him and let him pass. He walks into the Monitor Room and greets Shrinking Violet, who is on duty, "Hi Vi, I need to use the time scanner. My Daughter is missing and I need to figure out were she went. She does not seem to be any place on Earth…believe me I checked EVERWHERE." Salu replies, "Sure thing Superman, you know we are always available to help you."

After focusing on the last time he saw Laura, Superman follows her forward. He is surprised at her suddenly running at super-speed, fast enough that she leaves the surface of the planet…then suddenly vibrates and vanishes. He says, "Better ask Brainy up here…"

Brainiac 5. the resident genius of the Legion, is quite capable of feats few others can match, including figuring out a vibrational frequency from observation via time scanner. He adjusts a time bubble to travel not just in time, but into the other world where Laura has gone…

Connie alerts Jacob, "Captain, I am detecting a temporal anomaly with a tachyon variance of 0.7."

As Connie alerts him Jacob is currently sitting on the engineering computer going over the patch hack job Zork did, clearly enjoying the small camera feed of Zork ranting and raging in his cell perfectly trapped. Granted he thinks he is ranting and raging. He has the sound turned off. So as Connie gives him the look he looks to River. "Go figure and the day was going so nice." as he heads over to the sensors to get a good look as he takes a multispectral subspace scan. Coming to get into the command chair he says, "Connie is it coming to the earth from space, or is it on Earth?" he said hoping to catch what ever is coming out before the ship or what ever comes through to endanger earth.

And…River flickers in on the bridge. "I'm not Connie, but I'm assuming she already noticed what I noticed." The blonde moves to the science console quickly, quietly. She doesn't say what she noticed. And Connie's more accurate anyway. AIs, unfair advantage that way.

Out in the city, Tina is having a rough night. She's been struggling with the fact that she is alone. Even if she's been crashing with the Titans and has been accepted as one of theirs. This time period is not home to her. Her friends and family are gone. Silently she flies along, making sure no one is causing mischief. Finally she lands on the roof of a building.

The nightly tradition begins to run it's course. Using her Legion communicator, the Phantom Girl begins. "Come in any Legion Personnel. This is Phantom Girl. Is anyone out there? I repeat, Any Legion personnel, please come in."

The Time Bubble enters the rime stream a nanosecond out of phase, staying invisible and intangible, but allowing sensors to function. Brainiac 5 is at the controls, with Legion ally Rond Vidar, of the Time Institute, along for the ride. Superman is inside as well.

Brainiac comments, it may take a bit to locate your daughter, and we should keep our interference in this world to a minimum. Especially you Superman, there is a good chance you already have an analog here, the damage could be great if you interact with yourself." Rond Vidar says, "Quorl, I am detecting a distress call, it is from Phantom Girl." Brainiac 5 frowns and start trying to determine if it is THEIR Phantom Girl.

Connie says, "The disturbance is still in the time stream, but holding a relative place in time fractionally off of current now. We could interface with it if we used a tachyon field to do so."

Of course the scanners of the ship Enterprise can detect the temporal shift. Even things out of phase leave a trace if you know what to look for. Knowing it might be bad if he moves Enterprise from behind the moon to earth Orbit, he says, "Connie Site to site transport to the Sulaco. River you coming?" he asks standing up as Connie is getting the ship ready for launch. and of course he will be transported to his shuttle. The very one that helped him send Atalanta back to her world, or so he thought. And the ship will be sped launched rocketing through the space and void into the atmosphere with Jacob and of course River.

The Sensors of Brainac's pod can detect the advanced ship coming from Orbit despite being invisible to MOST tech on earth at this time and on a direct course for the location of the time bubble.

"It might be close enough that I can jump to it, but if you can hail them, Connie, do it." Then, she nods to Jacob. "Good idea. Let's go." She doesn't ask who's flying. Jacob will have to beat her to the controls. It's probably a good thing the Enterprise mostly flies itself.

"Is there anybody out there?" Phantom Girl asks with hope. She sighs and just shakes her head. In Desperation she takes her ring off and winds up to just throw the thing. She stops. Shaking her head, She puts the ring back on and speaks once more. "I am looking for any Legion Personnel. Please respond. This is Phantom Girl. Please come in."

On the Time Bubble, Rond Vidar says, "We are being hailed by an advanced ship of unknown design. It is small in size, apparently a short range craft."

Brainiac, using his own communicator says, "Greetings Tinya, this is Braniac 5. We have missed you in the thirty-first century since you vanished just before your wedding. Is this where you wound up?"

Rond has a signal from Brainiac 5, indicating he should handle communications with the other ship. He transmits back on an extremely narrow beam, "This is time bubble #5 from Temporal Institute on Titan circa 3017 AD. We mean to leave this time with as little interference as possible."

As he listens to the time bubble Jacob says. "Oh for the, River I am already getting a head ache. Would you like to handle this?" he says leaning back. Jacob hates time travel. Gives him a headache. As he knows that was transmitted to the time bubble 5. And he keeps his ship on approach. "Contrary to what your historical records say, technology in this era is not as primitive as you might believe. There are individuals with genius enough to build sensors that can detect temporal disturbances. Not all of them are good guys." he says over the commlink.

"I'll handle it if you want." She's giving Jacob and the controls a look. "So…a time bubble, eh. I'd ask your range, but you won't know I'm allowed to know. What are you doing now?" Which she says as smoothly as if she uses that kind of language all the time. British accent - and yes, there are probably still British accents in the 30th century.

Phantom Girl 's heart skips a beat. The last time she seen Brainiac 5 he was being erased. She listens to his voice. There is no mistaking it. That is her friend and teammate. "Brainy!? Wait what? Wedding!?" Then she just sighs. "I don't think I'm your Phantom Girl." She then listens to the words of the others on the line. "What is going on?" Using all her will She launches herself upward, sailing clear out of the atmosphere. Her body, phased, easily withstands the vacuum. "Someone give me coordinates please?!"

Rond Vidar responds, "We are aware of such individuals, and have the means to defend ourselves if necessary." With Superman on board and Brainiac's Force Field to deflect anything that can reach them in the time stream, he is pretty confident of his assertion. He then responds to River, "We are looking for a lost girl from another dimension, he father is very worried about her."

Brainiac responded, "Our Tinya was lost when the Iron Curtain of Time collapsed into the present, about five years back. It would have been nice to have found her. Still, it is nice to hear from you. Current location: Latitude: 4042'51? N, Longitude: 7400'21? W Elevation above sea level: 10387 meters.

As he listens to the talk of the lost girl and her father? Jacob instantly asks. "Atalanta? Is that the person you are looking for?" Jacob asks over the commlink.

River glances at… "I thought we sent her home. Are you telling me we missed and the Atalanta here is…" And, yes, she facepalmed. Crap. She should have done better than that, unfamiliar and untested equipment or no.

Phantom Girl listens as she makes her way upward. "I am unfamiliar with that time. I don't think that sort of thing happened on my Earth. I understand though. Still. Best to meet and actually discuss this." As she listens to the coordinates, she quickly responds. "Alright be there in a moment."

Superman comments, "Atalanta, Greek mythological character, a woman of great speed and strength. Diana used to tell her stories from Greek Mythology…it is possible she would cover up her identity, especially if I do have an Analog here."

Rond Vidar says, "It is possible that is the girl we are seeking. If you are aware of her current location, it would facilitate our leaving your time quickly."

Brainiac holds the time bubble steady, he knows Tinya can enter on her own, he will direct her when she gets closer.

As he listens and says. "Well That is were the situation gets sticky. it's… Complex. I am sending you data on an event we call the Merger, as well as what happened with Atalanta. I have her Quantum scans on my ship. I would like to compare those scans to your quantum signature prior to alerting her. She was rather heart broken and distraught ending up in my universe, and then when we failed to get her to her proper home. I would rather not like to put her through the trauma of getting her hopes up of seeing family again… only to discover it is not hers. I am sending you the location of my starship behind the moon. Please enter through the shuttlebay, not through phasing through the hull." Jacob has failed her once, he doesn't want to give Atalanta false hope.

"And I'll go get her once we've checked…and don't worry about interfering with the timeline too much. It's already kinda messed up after the merger." The woman's voice, River's, sounds like somebody who *knows* about timelines.

It doesn't take too terribly long for Tinya to arrive at the Coordinates. She simply hovers there for the time being. "I am at the given coordinates. Awaiting further directions." She states as she gets ready.

Brainiac extends his force field around Tinya and phases the Time Bubble into visibility, altering his field to hide the craft form observation from further out. Once she is on board, he will shift to near the Enterprise. He will let Rond Hail the ship while He and Superman greet Tinya in Interlac.

Rond says, "We are now 500 meters to your stern and preparing to come aboard. One of those on board will remain on this craft, as his presence in this temporal juncture may cause problems. If you need to interview him, I would suggest your own time traveler com on board. It would be interesting to discuss temporal theory with you, but I doubt it would be appropriate to do so."

The Shuttle bay doors will open and soon they are allowed Docking into the ship as the shuttlecraft will also dock. Inside the Shuttle bay is what appears to be a cell with a four armed alien inside looking rather pissed off. As the deck pressurizes, and the alien can soon be heard by superman. Promising all sorts of nasty mean cruel evil things he will do to the captain, his family, his planet. And that is just through the sound dampening forcefield of the self contained prison unit. Once on board. Jacob leaves the shuttle, "Don't mind him. He's having a bad day." in reference to the alien.

River follows Jacob out. "I still haven't decided exactly where to put him," she muses. "Ah well." The alien now proceeds to make similar threats to her. She wags a finger at the forcefield. "Such *language*. Haven't you noticed I'm a lady." Like she is…

Phantom Girl passes her way into the time bubble. As soon as she gets her bearings, she makes her way towards Brainiac and Superman. Once there she stands and smiles. "Hello Superman, Brainiac 5." The young girl's heart is racing. Here she is with a friend she watched get erased from time.

Brainiac 5 managed to appear both pleased and unemotional at the same tome…kind of like he just solved a major logic puzzle of something. He says, "It is interesting to meet you Miss Wazoo. You presumably know Superman and Rond Vidar, who worked with me to build our temporal technology. We are here seeking Superman's Daughter, whom we believe to be in this time period and world, possibly using the alias Atalanta." He will add, "You may remain on board if you wish wile we speak to the owner of this craft and his time traveling companion." He will then step outside with Rond and say, "Greetings, I am Quorl Dox of Colu and this is my companion, Rond Vidar of Earth. In the 30th century, we developed time travel technology." It is possible to well from the way he says it that he means the two of them in specific, not the world in general.

As he looks to Quorl Jacob smiles as he says. "Pleasure to meet you. I thank you for your patients in this matter. and to you Superman. She has told me much about you and the Superman of this world and I have yet to cross paths. But I am looking forward to the day that happens." he says and says, "Science lab is this way. " The ship is also empty there is no one else on it except for perhaps some other prisoners in the brig as Jacob says, "I would drop Zork off in the middle of a planet he has seriously pissed off with no way to defend himself. Bounty hunting slimeball." he says wanting to escort them to the labs to get conclusive proof that her Father is here.

River inclines her head to the two. "Tempting," River says, "But I would rather not actually kill him." She glances at the two. "Sorry. And I met Superman. We got on reasonably well. He agreed with my concerns about some things…we'll talk when we don't have guests." Yes, the ship is empty. The time traveler with a British accent finally turns to the two. "River Song."

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