2017-04-01 STAR of Doom
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Steve, Doom, Tamara
GMed by N/A
Title: STAR of Doom

Rating: everybody

Tamara is at work. Not out collecting hazardous materials today though. Nope, routine maintenance. She has to make sure her collection van and Atomic Knight armor are in tip top shape. If she gets trouble…like that gamma irradiated virus, she has to handle it. That means replacing used and outdated supplies in the van and so on. Not Glamorous, but it needs to be done.

Suddenly the break in alarms start going off. It's full panic mode too. Someone is in the building! Someone who should not be, and they want something badly enough to blow up doors. The only thing the cameras capture is a green clock.

This is going to attract attention. Of the cops, of course, although with a rather faster response time - mostly by sheer chance - Captain America. Crouched over his Harley, he roars up to the nearest entrance to the building, eyes narrowed beneath the cowl. Who is blowing up a research lab?

Atomic Knights not only work on containing hazards, but they also function as security. The moment the alarms sound Tamara opens the armor locker and starts getting into her armor. Since she often has to get into the armor when hazards, like radiation leaks, are detected, she armors up FAST. Now to locate the threat…preferably before it opens any of the hazardous containment areas that are not yet neutralized.

Victor is deep in the underground containment facilities. The ones that hold the really dangerous stuff. The stuff which Tamara usually works with, and some alien stuff too. But Doom does not care about this. He easily makes his way through the security team to a reinforced vault. "Hmmm""

Tamara makes her way down, checking with security to find out where the threat has gone. She checks the containment areas to make sure they are all green as she passes. It slows her down a bit, but it is vital. She reaches a strait corridor and spots the armored figure in the green cloak at the far end. She says, "Cease and Desist, this area is secure containment for things that are dangerous to the world at large. Please leave peacefully or I will have to resort to force."

Cap, for his part, is running through the corridors. An employee points him towards the source of the alarms, and he pounds down the stairs, emerging somewhat *behind* Doom. He can see the two armored figures facing off at this point, and he flips the shield to the front right away. In case of stray blasts.

Victor says, "Yes, Doom knows what's in here. That is why I am here. Be off now. You can't stop me." He glances back at Benneret, and he sees the Cap. THE CAP! Running towards him. He facepalms briefly. "Really now." He charges an energy blast and fires it at Cap."

Banneret adjusts her lasers, the containers in this area have a lining that is a specific color, just under the first layer, by matching that color her own lasar will not penetrate and do damage to the containment. Once that is taken care of, Tamara fires a few blasts at Doom to see how well he handles them.

Or, deliberately aimed blasts. That one squarely hits the shield, knocking the Sentinel of Liberty back slightly. He doesn't recognize his armored ally right away. But he's hoping that Doom takes some of those blasts from her, not counter-attacking right away. "Really," he says, simply.

Victor groans deeply. This is not the first time Cap interrupted his plans, and pretty sure it's not going to be the last. "Why do you always appear when you are not wa-" He pauses as a laser hits him. Well his forcefield. He stops and blinks at Banneret then glares at her. "Did you just-…Don't answer." He fires a few more blasts at Banneret and Cap, but also blasts at the large security door.

The energy bolts strike Tamara's composite armor, doing slight surface damage and knocking her back. She staggers, but keeps her feet. She switches and tries electrified plasma…perhaps artificial lightning will work better.

Good news…Victor can't keep that up. He'll get tired eventually. And when he turns back to the door, Steve tosses the shield, trying to bounce it off the armored man and back to his hand. It's a casual motion, but timed well. (Hey, there's a reason the bad guys hate him).

Victor totally get hit by the shield. The lightning hits him first, distracting him enough for the shield to hit. Clank! "Ah! That's enough of you." He fires a few more blasts at the two. He knows that he needs to even this fight. His attention needs to be on the vault and what he wants inside. He lifts his hand and suddenly two magic portals. What comes out of those portals, not saying just yet.

Tamara grabs two square packets from her armor storage area and tosses them at the portals as they open. They burst open on impact filling the areas…with rapidly expanding quick hardening hazardous waste containment foam…

The shield, caught just in time, but the angle is such that the blast tosses Steve into the wall with a solid thunk. He's hesitating before getting up, too.

Victor stares at the foam as it sucked into the portal. A few moments later, longer than Doom wished thanks to the foam, finally several Doombots come out to begin fighting Banneret and Captain. Doom turns back to the vault, and begins to blast the door open once again. Now that his attention can be fully on the door. It's a tough cookie to crack.

Banneret jumps forward as the first Doombot starts to emerge. She is not sure if they have force fields, but if they do they probably will not function during transport. She grabs the Doombot and uses it as a club to smash the other robots back into the portals as they emerge. She probably is not damaging them, but she can keep them busy while Captain America deals with Doom.

Which he's trying to do, but a couple of doombots are in his way. He's using the shield as a bashing weapon to smash them - they're only doombots, after all, so reducing them to spare parts is not something he's got any qualms about.

After his Doombots are smashed, and a few more come out of the portals just to be smashed themselves, it is clear that Doom got inside the room now. He is in the vault. With the dangerous and deadly things. Doom is in the vault now and begins looking for something. Something special and alien. He does not care about the tech, the hazardous stuff. He seems focused. Moreso than a laser at this point. He needs an alien rock.

Tamara enters the vault and puts her gauntleted hand on a panel just to the right of the door. Suddenly the entire vault is filled with a field of amber light and a voice says, "Lockdown initiated." They have anticipated the possibility of a break-in, and have precautions in place. Right now, the triangular grids on the floor and ceiling are emitting a field that locks down objects in a kinetic energy damper, a focused gravity field, and a temporal bender that makes time slow vastly as you approach the containment areas…

Nice move. Steve is still occupied with the doombots, but manages to send one flying. Into the vault, or at least into the temporal lockdown. That might be…interesting…to watch.

Victor is of course not affect by time anomaly. He is Dr. Doom after all, and messes with time quite often. He is adapted against it now. The forcefield around him is something else to deal with at the moment. He watches his Doombot slowly fall, then finds the lead container he was looking for. Well he sees it at least. "This place is very interesting indeed." He then stares at Banneret. Glaring cold and deeply. Both her and Cap can tell he is smirking behind his mask. "But this place was not made to handle Doom!" He teleports to the container. Which seemed to pain him. Must have been the force field. He stares at Cap and the armored woman fighting him "So, how are you going to get me now."

Banneret can not speak to answer, it is hard enough breathing with her body under high gravity. She is frozen in place, unable to move much of anything, moving her armor would be like pushing through a brick wall unarmored. Still, she can use the emergency optical interface…looking with her eyes at the HUD to select options. One hand may be on the switch, but the other hand is pointed in doom's current general direction. She switches the multi-blaster to thermal plasma…perhaps a flame thrower will be more effective than lightning or a laser…

Cap…actually isn't sure how he's going to get him. Seeing what happened to the bot, well, a shield throw's not going to work. He glances at Banneret, and then vanishes from their view. Looking for controls. Some way to mess with them from here.

Victor just waits now. Sure there might be lightning lasers coming his way, but they will soon hit the time wall and slow, or at this point he will just deflect them. Nope, he totally gets hit by them. His forcefield still very strong, but he does get pushed back quite a bit thanks to the force of the blast. He then laughs. A dark cold laugh. "That is all you have left to do. Weak." He glances at the container he wants, and waits. "It's looks the boy scout left you behind. Such a shame. Who are you?"

Tamara still can not answer…how Doom is managing to talk under this gravity is beyond her. She has only one trick left, well possibly two. Try the less dangerous one first. Firefighting gas…binds the oxygen in the area to make it unavailable to fires. Fortunately her suit is sealed…

Anything Steve does is going to hit Tamara to. What…aha. He finds something. A nice little sonic attack. Set more to be annoying than anything else. Magic requires concentration, right?

No, no no nononono. Dr. Doom does not want what is going to happen until it does. Whatever Captain does it hits Doom and forces him down onto one knee. "AH! What." He shakes his head a few times. With a deep grunt, then a deep sigh. Doom, Dr. Doom, stands back up. His head rattling at this point. He is quite distracted so he is getting weaker now. "So your plan is to just annoy me all day."

OK, last chance. Hopefully Doom is not suicidal… The Armor announces, "Power core feedback loop initiated, self destruct imminent, all personel, retreat beyond annihilation radius. Core breach in fifteen seconds. Fourteen…"

Captain America hears that…and turns off the sound. Now he *wants* Doom to be able to teleport out. Preferably other side of the planet out. Annoy him all day indeed…

Victor facepalms at that sound. He laughs though. "Oh this is interesting. What are you going to do now Captain. Save the girl, stop me, or run from an explosion." He looks back at the container he wants. It's going to drain him, but he stands before it. Slowly a portal opens below him and the box. Between the gravity and the weigh of the container. They both are sucked in the moment the portal opens. Gone. Just like that. Could he have done this the whole time…

Tamara turns off the self destruct…she seems to have failed. She Uses the optical interface to stand down the Lockdown. When she can move again, she exits the vault. She says with a sigh, "My bosses will probably be less than happy at my failure." She introduces herself, "Atomic Knight Banneret, thank you for the assistance."

"Doom is a tough foe. You did alright." Steve, out of breath, bruised, picking up his shield. "What was it he took?" How bad is this, is what he's asking.

Tamara says, "I do not know, the vault is not my work area. Something in a lead case is all I tell you."

Captain America nods. "I'll talk to the people who DO know, then." He lets out a breath. "I'm trying to decide if the lockdown was good or bad, but I think it was definitely a good idea."

Victor deep inside his lab now, the great Doctor arrives with his case. He pants heavy, and soon falls down to his knees. "AH, I grow weak. I need more power! Maybe this will help."

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