2017-04-01 The Wrong Book
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Lorena, Reilly, Jesse
GMed by Jesse
Title: The Wrong Book

Rating: everybody

The pungent smell of espresso and the sweet smell of muffins and pastries blending in the morning, Joe's is bustling today. Not quite a Starbucks.. but then there are more than a few people here sitting around with books cracked, enjoying the many types of coffee brews available here. Some with laptops open, business or chatting with freinds as they prefer.

Ben is seated near the window, his battered backpack tucked in between his legs. A cup of something vaguely sweet smelling and loaded with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. A book in his other hand, and he's turning pages with his thumb.

Jesse found this place when she came to Gotham University. Granted her parents are wealthy, but she was on a budget…she is actually working her way through school at Quickstart Industries. Her father is of the opinion that the best way to learn to handle money and budgets is to DO it. So she searched the area book stores for used textbooks. After finding this place she has returned often. The atmosphers is good, and it has great rolls and coffee. She is browsing the books while she waits and glances at a dog-eared copy of Altered Egoes with a smile

It's been a while since Lorena Marquez had the chance to actually enjoy a good cup of coffee. Its been a while since she really did much on the Surface period. So after a rather comfy night in her glorified fish tank, she decided it was time to go see what passes for coffee in Metro/New York. After a quick swim away from the Tower, She opted to go for a little walk. Finally she found a nice little coffee shop complete with book store. If only those books were water proof!

Quietly she walks in. She is of course still soaked. Quietly she looks at the Barista and smiles, "I'd like a Cafe Mocha Latte please, Extra shot of chocolate." She smiles softly. "Oh umm Could I get one of those double chocolate muffins?" Her accent is a blend of Mexican and Southern California with maybe a hint of Atlantean thrown in given where she's spent her last year. Quietly she moves her way to seat. With a bit of a squish, she pretty much soaks the floor and the chair. "Sorry. Early morning swim.'

Reilly glances up from his book and eyes the squishy woman, as she's sitting in a chair nearish to him. "Towels in the laundry?" He remarks, looking at the trail of water she's dripping behind her. "Cleanup on aisle 2…" He says and trails off giving Lorena a grin.

Jesse is not really noticed at this point, as she .. like everyone else.. is enjoying her book and buns by her self.

Ben turns the page on his book(with just the one hand) and takes a sip of his whipped cream concoction. He smiles to himself and licks the cream off his lips.

Jesse chuckles as she finds a book her father wrote years ago, when he was trying to teach a course on his speed formula and the math behind it. That was before he figured out the formula was just a trigger for latent speed powers and is of no use to anyone not boen with the right genes. Still, it could be dangerous in the wrong hands. She remembers the story of his secretary Joanie, who accidentally read a page from that book aloud and became a speedster until the power wore off. She better buy that so it does not get read by the wrong person. She heads up to the counter to ask about the price.

Lorena snickers as she get comfortable. "Something like that. I just swam across the harbor. Can't exactly carry a dry towel through the water can we?" She snickers. Of course she doesn't explain why she did it. Just that she did it is enough. Quietly she waits for her drink. The whole place sorta reminds her of home. Not the sea. No. San Diego. Before it sank on one of the merged Earths. She lets out a soft sigh and starts picking at her muffin.

Reilly smiles at the Mexi-lantean. "Well no.. but.. why were you swimming across the harbor anyway? East river empties into that.. and swimming in that is just gross. Sorry." He offers with a curl to his upper lip. "I suppose anything for exercise." He tells her then takes another sip of his drink. "Those any good?" He asks, nodding at her muffin.

A man walks in, young, about the same age as the other college students. he is weating a T-shirt with a symbol on the front that looks like a cross between a pentagram and an anarchy sign. He walks over to the Occult section and starts looking through it as if seeking something specific. Ben feels something wrong about him. Jesses puts her purchase in the book bag and notices the wet (and possibly smelly) Lorena. She considers if she should do something about the water. Well, it is not her place really, it looks like the book store owner has alreads sent someone over in that direction with a mop, buckket, and towel.

Lorena shrugs, "Sometimes you don't have a choice where you swim. Oh and I made sure to avoid the East River drainage point. I just don't really want to smell like whatever they dump in the water there." There is a very real pain in her voice as she mentions the dumping. "I umm. Sorry. My name is Lorena. I'm from San Diego." She doesn't say she was born in Mexico and she definitely doesn't say she lives in the water most of the time!

Reilly lays his book on his leg, open so he doesn't lose his place. He offers his hand for a shake. "Ben. Nice to meet you." Though a shadow of something crosses his face. Perhaps annoyance. But then it's gone and his smile is back. "Pleasure to meet you. I'm from here." He offers in return.

As he offers his hand, his eyes glaze over for just a moment, as if remembering something important just popped into his head. His gaze snaps to the man who just walked into the occult section. Eyeballing him from across the room,.

The man finds what he is looking for and flips it open. He studies the book with a frown. Another student bumps him, and he suddenly pulls out an obsidian dagger carved with intricate symbols (if anyone knows such things it appears to be an Aztec sacrificial dagger from Mexico). He stabs the offending student with a maniacal grin. Blood flows and he is surrounded by a blood red glow. Jesse sees this and says, "3X2(9YZ)4A!" She is filled with the speed force, which allows her to change clothing in an eyeblink. She rushes towards the anarchist…and bounces off the strange red aura trhat surrounds him…

Lorena blinks a few times as suddenly things go a little crazy. The girl looks towards the man. Yeah something is definitely off here. Quietly she looks around. Her gaze falls on the mop that one of the employees happens to be pushing. "May I see that por favor? Thank you." She takes it and twists the mop head off of it. Its not a Trident but it will work! She stands up, "You wondered into the wrong coffee shop!" She doesn't attack yet. She simply gets ready to defend herself.

Reilly frowns when the man pulls a dagger and stabs the man who bumps him. "Bit excessive.. but.. psychopathy will do that." He mutters, and slips his shoes off so he's in socks. He can't cling in shoes. One hand drips his backpack and the other grips his drink. (it's really tasty) He takes a drink and scowls as he drops his drink into the trash half full, and he leaps to the side. Interested observers note he clears two people sitting and misses one standing at the edge of a bookcase, tucking into a roll at the other end.

And just like that he's gone, vanished into the bookshelves farther back.

OK, that did not work. Perhaps Jesse is a bit too much like her father…he was kind of noted for jumping in without thinking. Well, first things first…save the victim. Jesse grabs the hurt student and carries her off to Metropolis General Hospital, returning five seconds later to clear innocent civilians out of the store. She does not want anyone else getting hurt in the fight.

Lorena moves closer to the man with the knife. "Pretty tough! Lets see how you fair against someone who can actually fight!" With a quick motion, she moves in. She's fast. Not as fast as Jesse, but definitely as fast, if not faster then Ben. She quickly takes a strike trying to take the man's legs out from under him.

In the back of the bookcases, out of view, Ben pulls his shirt up and over his head, revealing a red body suit. He undoes his pants and quite literally hops out of them. Out of his backpack he pulls gloves, a mask and a blue hoodie with the spider symbol. All of this slips on and he fits his webshooters over his wrists and snugs them in place.

All of this takes about 30 seconds. He's well practiced.

The backpack gets tossed up and a blast of webbing cements it into the corner of the ceiling.

Everyone elses view, see's twin weblines snap out from the depths of the bookcases *Thwip* *Thwip* They stretch back and snap forward, launching the Scarlet Spider on the other end forward, feet first into the glowing man.

The Cultist cackles as Lorena's staff and the Scarlet Spider's feet both bounce off without touching him, "Fools, while the cloak of Tezcatlipoca surrounds me I can not be physically harmed. However, the Flames of Holocaust and Sacrifice can harm you!" He gestures with the knife sending out a bolt of red flames. Jesse pulls books out of the way as she dodges…she does not want the place catching fire.

Lorena Dives out of the way and as a blast of fire comes flying towards her. The good news, That really helped to dry her clothing out. The bad news, Fire dries other things out too, including pseudo Atlanteans. Lorena licks her lips. They are starting to dry a little. Her gaze goes to the Speedster and then to the Scarlet Spider. "We need to break his concentration. You do that, his magic should falter!" She states "Get the dagger away from him!" Her mind begins working as quick as it can. There was no real sacrifice. It was attempted but nothing. That means more fire is likely on its way. "watch out for fire!"

Spider bounces off, and tucks into a backflip, landing on his feet. "Ow.. like kicking concrete.." He says and leaps up, hitting the ceiling and staying there, skittering across it so he's on the mans other side, in front of him, above the fleeing civilians. With the flames arcing out, Spider is .. as always.. quick on his feet. He sticks to the ceiling with his back and feet, freeing his hands. They reach out and he fires a few bursts of webbing at the lines of fire, attemping to put them out. Smother them.

For the wannabe preist.. he twists his wrists a different way, firing tiny pellet things at him which explode and expand rapidly. Each one is enough to enclose a grown man. He's trying to gum up the forcefield, prevent him from moving without dropping it.

Scarlet Spider's webbing is very fire resistant, he creates a shield to block the flames and then send out more webbing to try to entangle the Cultist. It at least blocks him from seeing us…and seems to entangle the dagger. Jesse says, "The dagger…if he is planning to use it, it has to be able to touch things outside the cloak. And if it can touch things, things can touch it." She thinks about going after it herself, but decides to grab some books off the shelf and see what she can find out about Aztec religion instead.

Lorena backs off for now. She can't do a whole lot at this particular moment not without risking getting roasted. She can handle a little fire but she can't handle getting dehydrated. Thats her real risk. Then something clicks, "I know what to do! Get him to bring down that field!"

"Kind of working on that!!" Scarlet calls back. His hands flick like a madman, webbing spewing seemingly at random. But a perceptive person would likely notice he's building a spiderweb around the man, filling the cafe with strands of sticky webbing. All designed to wrap around the forcefield, smother him in webbing and bind the caccoon in place. "Where's Potter when you need him.. Expelliarimus!" He shouts, flicking webbing at the man, trying to steal the dagger if he uses it as a conventional knife to cut the webbing.

With his quickness and accuracy with his webbing, Scarlet Spider puts a line on the Athame (Sacrificial Dagger if you do not know the term) and pulls it away from the cuiltist with his spider-like strength. Wether the dagger is actually the source of his power, of if he simply believes it to be, it does not matter much because once the dagger eaves his grip the glowing field flips off like a switch and Jesse knocks him out with a blow an eyeblink later. She comments, "From what I was reading, he had some nasty things in mind…"

Lorena takes off and grabs the dagger making sure it doesn't wind up in the mans hands again, even after he is knocked on his ass. She quickly sticks it into her belt and looks the man over! Awesome work!" She frowns, feeling a little lousey over not being able to help much. "Sorry I wasn't much help in this one." She sighs and goes back to her table to sip at some of her coffee. "Again, apologies. That fire blast put me in a bad way. I get to go swimming again here shortly."

Nodding happily at his fancy webwork. Lets see Parker try that. One hand on the ceiling, he releases his feet and back, swinging down and landing easily. Dusts his hands off, canting his head at the man drooling on himself on the floor. "Get a little bit of power and it goes straight to their heads. Pfft." He walks over and binds the mans hands together with a burst of webbing. "Another one bites the dust… duh nanana duh duh.." He sing-songs, picking the man up rather easily. Anything a Spider can do after all. He walks outside with him and sticks him to the lightpole with another line or two of webbing. "Did anyone call the boys in blue?" He wonders.

Jesse slaps her forehead, "I forgot…well easy to solve." She pulls out a cell phone and dials 911 and is soon talking with the police dispatcher. If anyone looks at the book she was studying, it describes a number of nasty practices like flaying people alive and sacrificing their beating hearts to the fires.

Lorena continues to chug down her coffee. "You know, if you are interested in working with others, you could look into the Titans. That goes for both of you. I am a part of that team and its pretty cool. They actually helped me out. by the way, I'm Aquagirl." She smiles a little.

Reilly nods at Lorena. "Spider. " He scratches his head through his mask. "Uhm… I'm good. Kind of a solo act. Appreciate the offer though. I'll hit you up if I'm ever in need of a roomate or 6. Have a good one." He says and back out of the shop. Up he leaps and *Thwip* a webline snaps out, and he swings away, his speed building.

Jesse says, "Bye Spider." She finishes on the phone and says, "I am Jesse Quick, pleased to meet you Aquagirl. I may take you up on that offer." Her mother might be less upset with her if she has a team to gurd her back.

Lorena smiles, "Meet me at Titans Tower." She states as she leaves a note with a time for her. "If you'll excuse me, Jesse, I need to go for a swim. That fire blast dried me out a little more then I care to think about." She smiles and stands, making sure to return the mop handle to the man who was cleaning up the water. "See you there!"

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