2017-04-02 Did you bring enough food
This scene is rated Everybody
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Players: Twilla, Jesse
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Title: Did you bring enough food

Rating: everybody

Everyone knows about the merging of worlds. In fact…a lot of people have somewhat confused memories from before the merging. It seems a lot of people had analogs in both worlds…and those merged almost seamlessly. What is not seamless is the memories which involve people or places that do not exist in one world or the other. Jesse Chambers, for example. Some of her old friends sometimes do not remember things the same way she does. Here she is in Centrl Park with some people she knows, and some of the things they remember simply never happened for Jesse. Right now, they are discussing the time the Hulk damaged the Statue of Liberty. She does not what to ask who the Hulk is…

There is nothing better then a day where ya don't have to be in school. Even better is a day when you can just enjoy yourself and you are just starting to use what you've been learning! That is the boat that Twila is in right now. She is out and about. She's using her Twitch suit which is violet with black accents. On the upper left corner, right over her chest is a rather intriguing symbol. A Lightning Circle in yellow and cyan. Then in the center is the X logo from Xavier's school.

So What is Twitch doing right now? Well she just so happens to be racing back from Tokyo! Why Tokyo? Where else is she supposed to pick up real Mochi and Tayaki? Not to mention Really good Udon! About 30 seconds pass before she enters the NYC, slowing down enough to not cause damage. Quickly she races over buildings and across streets and cars. Finally she comes barreling into Central Park. A streak of violet and black with Red and Yellow Speed Force Lightning is all anyone would see. Though Jesse would definitely feel the effects of a speed force speedster ripping apart in the area.

Quickly the girl sets down her food and with a quick tap of her necklace she changes into her street clothes. Back to Twila Mode for Twitch! Time to enjoy Lunch! She sits down and to anyone who has no idea what to look for, she looks like she's just another person in the park. Enjoying some rather odd street foods.

Most people would not notice, speed force characters move so fast all the eye can register is a momentary flash of light lasting less than an eyeblink. Jesse has lived around a speed force user her whole life, she notices and looks around discretely. She soon spots the person who was not there a second before. She excuses herself and walks over, she says, "Hi, may I join you?"

Twila is quite content sitting on her bench. She happens to be nomming on a Tayaki when Jesse approaches. Still having the Fish shaped filled pastry in her mouth. Her eyes go up to the blonde. With a quick motion she takes the fish Pastry out of her mouth. "Oh umm. Sure! Hiya! I'm Twila. Nice to meet you." She is out of uniform and is currently wearing her super girl Tee which honestly is kinda cute. "How can I help you?" She smiles and may or may not be checking Jesse out just a little. She does well to keep that under wraps.

She responds, "I am Jesse. Do you think you brought enough food? Most speedsters I know would consider this a light snack." Well, she actually only personally knows Three other speedsters, but it is true of both Jay Garrick and Max Mercury. For some reason it does not seem to bother her or her father…but then their speed powers are not permanent.

Twila blinks a few times then flushes white. Crap. Gigs up. Stay or go? Stay or go? What to do? Her mind is racing a mile a second as she thinks of how to field this question. "Oh ha! Me? I'm just a normal girl." As if that would fly. Then the amount of food dawns on her. She blinks a few times and her eyes go wide. "Shoot!" There is a quick flash of light. Behind the bench is several more bags now. Where did they come from? Well They may have gotten stuck in her necklace with her suit.

Jesse chuckles, "So am I, but my father wrote the book on speed…literally. Here, take a look." She pulls out a book, it is a text book entitled "The Magic Formula" by Johnathan Chambers. Despite the title it appears to be a text book involving higher math to describe a hyperdimentional relationship between speed vectors and something that some speedsters might recognize as the speed force. Her father, at the time he wrote the book, did not know of the speed force and was theorizing about how his powers worked.

Twila blinks a few times and lets out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank goddess." She grabs the rest of her food from behind the bench and just shakes her head. Quietly she looks at the book and cants her head. "Wait, the speed force?!" Her eyes light up. "Thank Goddess someone who isn't Power Girl that is tapped into the Speed Force. Don't get me wrong, I like Power Girl… I mean REALLY like. But umm Yeah. Its awkward with her you know? She's this powerhouse and I'm just me ya know." She blushes a little. "Maybe you can help me out a little bit?" She blushes.

Jesse shrugs, "I do not know if I could really. I mean, sure I know a few things, but I am just learning. 3X2(9YZ)4a!" Jesse moves to the other end of the bench…after cleaning up the empty bags from Twila's meal…all in the blink of an eye.

Twila watches as Jesse Moves. She lets go of her mind for the moment, allowing her to easily watch Jesse as though she were moving at normal speed. "Huh. So you speak that formula and then get plugged into the Speed Force. That's kinda cool. I am pretty much jealous over that. I'm always plugged into it. Its crazy! My day to day life feels like years of time pass and I still am just struggling to get through it. I've had this stuff going for a few months now and yeesh has it been crazy!"

Jesse frowns, "I do not know if it would help you, but there IS a counter formula that releases my speed force store do I can resume a normal pace. Z25Y(2AB)6!"

Twila looks at Jesse as she slows down. "Well I guess I could try it." She takes a deep breath. "Z25Y(2AB)6!" She waits and… It doesn't work. So much for olive branches. "It must be with how this all happened. I didn't get my speed through a formula or anything like that. It was just a mess ya know?

Jesse nods, "I did not think it would work for you…your connection to the Speed Force is deeper. It was worth a try. What else can you do besides run fast? Can you build a brick wall in seconds, create tornadoes, vibrate through walls, heal yourself in seconds, or fly?"

Twila takes a deep breath and smiles. "I've never tried building a wall in seconds. I can create tornadoes, Vibrate through walls, My body does heal fast. Don't think I can fly. I've also umm… Broke the time barrier once…"

Jesse frowns, "That is very dangerous. When you travel in time, you are skimming the edge of the speed force, it can draw you in and be very hard to escape from. Max wound up stuck therefor most of a century once." Max Mercury told her about being born more than 150 years ago…

Jesse adds, "Not many speedster can fly. It also tends to be a bit slower. I could build a brick wall in about five minute…longer if I have to make the bricks first. I can fly…though it is a lot slower than running it is a darn fun thing to do. I can fast heal…within limits. No vibration or tornadoes yet. I am still learning. I have one other trick too, but it is not a speed thing."

Twila winces, "I umm… I've been in the Speed Force." She winces and just blushes. Quietly she reaches into one of her bags and begins fishing for some of her Mochi. She pulls some out and takes one to nibble on. "Mochi? I got them from Japan. Really good stuff!" She offers.

Jesse takes one and sniffs it, if it smells all right she will take a bit. Should it agree with her she will eat the rest. She says, "Fortunately I do not have the super fast metabolism thing…possibly because I use my speed for a relatively brief time."

Twila smiles, "Sadly I have that. I'm amazed I have shut Xavier's kitchen down." The Mochi wouldn't smell terrible. Its a rice cake after all. It would have an interesting taste too. Its pink, and very reminiscent of a cherry blossom even with an edible leaf. "When I was in the Speed Force… I think I was there for a year or so. I don't know. I know I was there longer then time says I was. When I came out of it, only a day had past. It felt like I was there for so much longer then that. It was weird. I was unconscious for a long while."
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Jesse says with a smile, "The Speed force is outside of time but connected to time…or something like that. If you can understand the math in my father's book perhaps you can make sense of it. Me, I am studying business math not theoretical physics."

Twila winces, "I will need to get a copy of that book. I don't know much about the math but I guess I could learn. I mean… I can learn faster but getting stuff to stick is difficult. It might help. I mean Music has a lot to do with math right? That's gotta count for something."

Jesse says, "Go ahead and keep that one, I bought it yesterday to keep it out of the hands of…well you see there are some number of people like me who can use the formula to tap into the speed force. The exact number is not known, but it could be dangerous if any one of them happened to get their hands on it. It should not be a problem if YOU have it, since you already have speed."

Twila accepts the book and smiles bright, "Thank you Jesse. I will make sure it stays out of the wrong hands. I live at a school. So I guess learning about some advanced math shouldn't be too terribly difficult right?" She smiles a little. "If you ever want to chat, or race, or anything you can find me at Xavier's. The Professor opted to take me in shortly after I got my powers."
Jesse says, "I have not heard of it…but then again, there are a lot of things around lately I never heard about." She shrugs, "Probably I should get back to my friends. They will be wondering what happened to me soon."

Twila smiles, "Its a good place. Good people." She quickly writes down directions. "Don't let anyone see this. The place is a safe haven for Mutants… I'm not a mutant… At least that's not what the doctors think. I'm a Meta. Yet I'm from the other world. Ugh. Its confusing. Anyway I will see you around. I should get back to school."

Jesse puts the paper in with the parts of her costume that are not under her normal clothing, in a hidden compartment in her purse. She says, "I may stop by sometime. Have fun and learn a lot."

Twila looks at Jesse and notes where her costume is, "Ummm… Get in contact with umm, Power Girl. She might be able to help with that. She's pretty cool and really nice. She's the one who helped me out with this." She gestures to her necklace pendant. "Its where my uniform is so I always have it and I can get changed in a hurry. Just gotta worry about a few seconds of blinding fast nudity!" She giggles and blushes over that. She quickly taps the pendant and rapidly changes into her violet and black uniform. Giving a little salute, "You have fun!" With that she takes off running.

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