2017-04-06 Back via the Future 2
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Atalanta, Jacob, River, Tinya
GMed by Atalanta
Title: Back via the Future

Rating: everybody

After River has a brief discussion with Rond Vidar and Brainiac 5, which was extremely technical but short, it is agreed that Superman can safely leave the time bubble for testing bu Jacob. He s quickly taken to the medical lab to begin showing that he is actually Atalanta's father.

Phantom Girl is still in the Time Bubble trying to figure out what is going on. She hasn't been this torn since she was forced to leave her home. She quietly looks around, trying to make sense of everything.
Right now Jacob's main issue is his desire to avoid causing Atalanta more harm. Getting her hopes up and then smashing them down. Of course at this point Jacob as Connie the AI of the Enterprise is doing the Quantum scan to compare it, and of course Brainiac 5 can assist in a second option. River can help with a third, After all two out of three agreeing is better than just a second opinion.

While the scans are taking place Jacob informs Superman of the new arrival Faora. and her concerns about this Dru-Zod and his possession of War World. And what Faora explained. While jacob has no desire to harm of kill anyone, he has showed them his estimates of what would happen if a power mad Kryptonian got to earth and started a rampage. The results… are not pleasant. So Jacob has asked Superman for information on the source of their powers, and a possible way to neutralize a Kryptonian in the event Dru-zod escapes from the phantom Zone. As well as his idea to try and pull all the Kryptonians out of the Phantom Zone and put them on a planet where they will not develop powers not be discovered for thousands upon thousands of years, and build and entirely new society from the ground up in a decently hostile environment.

River did have one other question, delivered casually, "Who built your time machine?" She's curious about how it was built, what the power source is…comparing it to the technology she knows.
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Superman says, "In my world, the light of a Red Sun is able to block the super powers of a Kryptonian. There is also something called Kryptonite, created by a nuclear fusion reaction that took place in the center of Krypton creating a new element that fused with the common silicates to form a number of related isomers of the same basic molecular structure. Kryptonite can have a number of effects, which can be guessed at by the color of the form of Kryptonite."

Brainiac 5 says, "Rond did most of the construction of the first one, I helped with some of the finer detail work, just as I helped refine his time theories."

Tinya notes the presence of the time beacon locator and the time viewer…if she wants to look into the future this time bubble came from…

River nods. "I'm always curious about independent developments of time travel tech," she says with a grin. "It all goes the same way, but the different approaches are interesting."

Jacob listens to Superman as the Data compiles from Connie of course the AI project a Hologram. Of course she will be most interested, including explaining to B5 about how she was able to access the Time Corridor through communication of a Time Lord's time Machine called a TARDIS, and of course River's jaunts onto the transporter pad.

"Just thinking of time travel gives me a headache."

As he listens and starts to think. "A grenade designed to emit red solar radiation in large amounts might be effective. Perhaps laced with some energy of Kryptonite in small amounts to help suppress the strengths. The issue is finding a level that will weaken but not kill." he says as He looks over at the data progression. "And I want to Thank you Kal-el." He uses Superman's real name as a sign of respect. "I had wanted to earn the Trust of our Local Kryptonians before asking for this information. But the knowledge of this Dru-Zod and what he has. Puts that on the back burner."

Phantom Girl looks at the time beacon locator and then the time viewer. Things just feel very familiar to her. Quietly she reaches out and touches the time viewer. The technology is very familiar to what she knows. Within moments, the time has been set to 3016. What she sees brings tears of joy to her eyes. "It… It's still there. Home is still there! I seen it go!"

Rond says, "I can take you below decks on the time bubble if you like…it is multidimensional of course, it has to be to remain stable in the time stream."

Superman tells Jacob, "Kryptonite emits on a specific range of what is called Q-band radiation. Other forms of Q-band radiation can also have some effect, as I learned when I fought the Weaponeers of Quard. If you look, you might find reference to an Earth mineral called Jadarite, it is chemically similar to Kryptonite, except for the absence of the specific radioactive element formed by the core fusion."

Tinya realizes, very quickly, that the world she is looking at is the one linked to the Time Beacon this bubble came from, not her own future. There are many similarities and some differences…

"Of course, and also, proper use of dimensional stepping reduces the amount of effective mass you're moving through the vortex, lowering energy needs." River, in her element.
Phantom Girl continues to quietly look at the images set before her. It feels like home. Even if some of it isn't. She reaches out trying to touch it but… No dice. Obviously its only images and not the real thing. "It.. It's not my home. But Its close. So Close. Why did I leave…"

Jacob nods as he listens to Superman and things as he does call up some information on the Jadarite so Connie can run some tests. When he listens to Phantom girl and he just bites his lip. "I don't know. Your friends were trying to save you, maybe themselves." he recalls her trying to search for her friends when she met him. He understands what it is like to be alone, even when surrounded by new friends always longing to go home.

Rond explains, "We use a time beacon and link our time bubble to it…under normal circumstances this prevents us from drifting to other time lines. If course, in this case, we had to alter the setting specifically to cross timelines to reach the same one where Brainiac calculated that Superman's Daughter wound up…which appears to have been the one of the merged worlds with no resident Superman. In any case, we will return to our own time once we have recovered the girl, so as to minimize out impact on the current merged world."

Phantom Girl's time viewer is set to the current location of the time bubble, in orbit around the Earth, but she can adjust the location to view specific places if she wants. Sh sees Rond and River enter the cabin and exit through a trap door in the floor that she has never really noticed before…there really should not be enough room below the deck for a person to stand.

The initial readings match much of what was learned about Atalanta, but Superman uses far more of the available energy. He has an integral energy field that should boos his reflexes to a substantial fraction of the speed of light, as well as making him highly resistant to all conventional attacks and boosting his strength by at least a million times. His senses conform to what you learned of Atalanta's, but at least a thousand times more potent. The residual dimensional vibration energies also seem to match the readings you had before.

"Time's not quite that fragile," River muses. "Although if you're having to anchor yourself to *not* go sideways, you're definitely using a different way of interacting with the vortex." Which…is probably a good thing. "And keep it to yourself. I don't want the Daleks getting hold of that."

As she's talking to Rand, though, Phantom Girl will see Rond and River come out of the hatch in the floor, with Rond saying, "I think the temporal sync is off."

As River and Rond exit the Time bubble, Jacob just looks at them and then their counter parts. Then looks to superman. "This is why I hate Time travel. I actually had something similar happen where I ended up meeting myself from the future." he says and then he does his best to ignore the pair of Rivers and Ronds.

of course Connie will give all information available to Brainac 5 and Rand about the Daleks explaining all about the murder machines.

Rond says, "Most probably…the trouble with going sideways is there are potentially vast numbers of worlds out there, and it may be nearly impossible to get back." Indeed, that was why he invented the time beacon in the first place…so that one could find the right timeline to return to. He shows her around in ther much larger lower level of the Time Bubble and steps back out to the upper levels. Seeing himself and River coming IN, he hastily pulls the two of them out of sight of the ones coming in, saying, "I think the Temporal Sync is off." Once the others pass without noting them, the two leave the time bubble.

Brainiac 5 is studying the information on the Daleks and noting, "It is likely they can not enter any timeline in which the Legion is active, our enemy the Time Trapper is vastly powerful and would prevent the interference." Superman waits patiently for the tests to conclude.

"Oh, that's not good," River murmurs. "Let's not meet ourselves and tangle the timelines?" Which causes all kinds of problems. Especially as that's the same her, which…well, yeah, makes it worse.

Finally after all of the information is gathered Connie will show her results to Brainiac 5 and then finally as says. "I am 99 percent certain that Superman is from Atalanta's Quantum universe." She says. 100 percent certainty is not entirely possible." she says with some regret. Of course Connie looks to Jacob and instantly he says. "No, Don't even ask Connie." all without looking directly at her for more than a few moments.

Glancing at Brainiac, "she was interested in accessing your technical database."

Rond agrees, "It is highly likely it is a problem with being unaligned with our time beacon so we could reach this universe, because we are not in our proper universe time desynchornization may possibly get worse the longer we remain, so our inherent frequencies attempt to adjust to the external frequency bombardment."

Brainiac 5 says, "It is impossible, to prevent temporal contamination certain parts are inaccessible while out of our proper era. Our minds are similarly blocked to prevent potential temporal paradoxes."

Superman says, "So this Atlanta of yours is my daughter then? When can we retrieve her?"

"Which means you should head home soon." Hopefully arriving before they left is the smallest problem. She frowns. "I was sensing a little bit of vortex instability." Wait, sensing. Without any equipment? She smiles at Rand.

As he looks to River with a smile and says, "Well River, I think you should keep that promise. I am glad I could help return her to you Kal-el." he says with a smile. "thank you for your patience."

Superman says, "I have not seen my Daughter since Christmas, how has she been? What has she been doing?" He is clearly restraining himself from going after her. Rond is working on the time beacon link to make sure they are properly locked on. Brainiac 5 is steadfastly NOT trying to poke into any of Connie's technology, though he is clearly consumed with curiosity to determine the secrets of the ship.

Jacob explains the best he can and while he wasn't there when she arrived in his universe before the merger, he was able to locate her, and attempted to get her back home through the hole she punched through dimensions. Sadly it apparently sent her to another version of their world. But since the merger he has shared with Kal-el what Atalanta has been doing, including testing her powers, which of course Connie Shows Superman how she used the saucer section as a treadmill and did some damage to it despite the force fields and such at maximum. about her also becoming a hero best she can.

"Connie, if you would please locate Atalanta for me?" River says. Which River? It's probably synced back up by now. Probably.
The Information is fed to River so she can get her here as quick as possible.

Phantom Girl sighs as she finishes looking at the time viewer. She frowns. The reminder of where she belongs tearing at her. Finally she just turns and walks away. "This is Phantom Girl, What is going on? Is there anyone who can talk to me?"

And as soon as she has it, River messes with the wristband she's wearing and flickers out. Wait. THAT is a time machine? According to any sensors the other time travelers have, yes, although she's only changing spatial coordinates right now.

Atalanta is on patrol. Every day she has the Titans computer generate a random time and route so that she does not get predictable…in case any supervillains happen to be trying to do…oh any number of things a predictable pattern can let her do. She patrols at subsonic speeds so her super hearing can detect any threats. So far patrol has been quiet. Metropolis is is pretty good shape.

Tinya exits the time Bubble and inquires about what is happening, Superman responds, "Tests confirm, within degrees of accuracy of the tests, that Atalanta is my daughter. River is going to go get her."

And, with a flicker, an alleyway nearby. "Atalanta!" calls a female voice, one that's familiar, although she hasn't really ever hung out with Atalanta.

Phantom Girl frowns, "What are you going to do with Atalanta?" She asks curiously. Technically they are teammates at the moment. "Superman? Are you from the future?"

Still as he looks over to Phantom Girl and he smiles. "Well most likely She's going home. I've confirmed that 99% percent likily hood that Kal-El, here is her father and they are from the same universe."

Atalanta hears her name called and stops beside the person who called it, "You look familiar…I think I saw you during the Merger though I was busy at the time. Did you need something?"

Superman says to Tinya, "I am not FROM the future, though as a youth I was made a member of the Legion of Superheroes and have visited them in the future on many occasions. When I realized my Daughter was nowhere to be found on Earth nor in near space, I went to the future to check on exactly what happened to her using a Legion Time Viewer. To my surprise, as I was unaware she had super powers, she traveled at super speed and burst through the vibrational barrier between universes. Brainiac 5 was able to track her here. Her mother is quite worried…she is rather moody since she became pregnant the second time."

"Yeah." River lowers her voice. "Your dad's here." A pause. "We've confirmed he's the right version." As if this kind of thing happens all the time.

Phantom Girl frowns, "She's very lucky." She looks out across the vast expanse of space. "I should probably get back to the surface. My time period is gone. Seeing it on your viewer in the bubble there… It made me wish it were still there." She sighs and gently phases her body a bit more as she begins to move toward Earth.

Jacob sighs as he watches Phantom girl leave and he himself is heart broken over it. Perhaps he can empathize with her the most. He was abducted, stolen from earth. Robbed of a normal life. And now she is loosing someone else, Atalanta. Someone else who can understand what happened and how it feels. "I'll need to check with her soon. Make sure it doesn't cause any lasting damage.

Atalanta seems to be uncertain if she should trust River for a second, but her enthusiasm quickly overcomes her doubts, "I knew it! I knew he would find me, it was just a question of when. Where is he?"

Brainiac 5 says to Tinya, "You are welcome to come to our future with us, it may not quite be your home, but the Legion could use a Phantom Girl again…and Jo may very much want to meet you."
"On a ship in orbit." River offers a hand. "I came to get you. Unless, of course, you want to stay here." Because, well. Atalanta IS old enough to make her own decisions.

Phantom Girl blinks a few times and stops. She is outside the ship at this point. Would it be wrong of her to go? To not follow orders? Her orders are impossible to follow. Her future can simply not exist. But with her here. With her in this time… She could cause a lot of problems. It's not safe for her here. Finally she floats back inside. "Are you sure?"

Slowly approaching Phantom Girl and Jacob says. "Things may be different in their time. But your friends, their counter parts. If they are true friends will understand and respect you. Be very happy to see you, and more than accepting." Granted Phantom girl would be of great benefit to a future mission he is planning, but he will not deny her a chance to be happy in her own world again with her friends.

Atalanta seems to think, "As much as I have friends here, I miss my family. This world has plenty of heroes, even a Superman of its own, it does not need me. I think I am probably a disruption to continuity here as well. I should go home." It is clear that she will miss her friends like Kory and Raven, but this world is not really her home.

Brainiac 5 responds, "I am certain that your abilities are as needed by the Legion as they ever were, I can not swear as to your welcome by Jo…he can be rather unpredictable." Even Brainy has underestimated Jo and miscalculated his actions in the past.

Superman says, "I agree with the Captain, The Legionnaires will welcome you."

River grips Atalanta's hand, pulls her a little closer if allowed, and then the world flickers out, to be briefly replaced by a swirling maelstrom…and then they're with the others. "There," River says with a slight smile.

Phantom Girl thinks a few moments. "My presence in this time is a threat to the timeline. I miss my time but I can never return to that. So. I will go with you. I hope my inability to complete my last mission is not held against me." She looks at her ring, the L* logo on it catching the light just right. "I'm a Legionnaire." She raises her ringed fist above her with a smile.

With a smile he says, "it was nice meeting you Phantom Girl" and Standing at Attention he gives her a salute as one in the military. The Legion may not be Military. But still, she deserves the respect.

River and Atalanta appear on the Deck. Superman takes in Atalanta's costume and checks her DNA all in less than an eye blink, and she simply Jumps into his arms faster than most eye can follow saying, "Daddy! I knew you would come for me. I told Raven I kept expecting you to show up." She glances around, "Hey, Hi Jacob…what are you doing here Tinya? And who is the green Alien?"

Jacob simply says, "Well Tinya is going to go with Brainiac and Rand here to their time." he explains and then relaxing he also says, "Phantom, if by some measure or freak accident happens where your counterpart shows up. Don't take it personal. Just consider her a sister." he advises Phantom girl. Then once more addressing Atalanta. "Atalanta, it has been entirely my pleasure and honor assisting you "Try not to punch a hole in dimensional barriers again alright?" he teases her. He considers he a good trusted friend.

River did, of course, release Atalanta as soon as they were out of the vortex. She watches with a slight, sad smile, at the reunion. Perhaps thinking of whatever family she might have.

Phantom Girl smiles and salutes, "Thank you. If I find my other self, I will go visit Mom." She smiles a little. "I make no promises about punching holes in dimensions. Given I do it all the time." She snickers. "So, Atalanta, what do you think? You don't mind some company on this trip do you?"

Atalanta says, "I will not mind the company. I am glad you will be able to go..well some place more like your home anyway. She holds her father's hand and says, "Does mom know whether it is a boy or a girl yet. I overheard that she was pregnant when my powers first manifested…" Superman and Laura move into the time bubble discussing what has happened the last four months.

Brainiac 5 says, "It was nice to meet both or you. Should you happen to wind up visiting out timeline, look us up. Perhaps then we could discuss that information exchange." When everyone is on the time bubble, Rond sets off to bring the time bubble to the time beacon….they will have to return Superman and Laura to the past after they are firmly synchronized with their own timeline again.

"I might well swing by," River notes. Of course, she can't cross timelines that easily…but, well. Maybe she'll show up, maybe not. "Take care." And she glances at Jacob as the time bubble starts to fade out.

Jacob looking over at River he smiles and says. "Well took some time. But I was able to help get her home." he says. "Thank you River, for all the help." he says.

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