2017-04-10 Jesse and Rachel chat
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Jesse Quick, Raven
GMed by N/A
Title: Jesse and Rachel chat

Rating: everybody

Jesse is in her costume and arrives is classic speedster fashion…running over the water to the tower rater than taking the bridge. She uses her counter formula to slow down and knocks on the door.

Which opens to reveal Raven, in her costume, but with the hood thrown back to reveal her face and black hair. She blinks a couple of times. "Not using the bridge?" A slight hint of amusement marks the half-demon's tone.

Jesse says, "Hi, I am Jesse. Aquagirl suggested I stop by. I thought I should show what I can do, though I can do more than just run fast." She is not sure who Raven is, but figure she has to be a hero.

"Come in, then." Raven smiles. "Starfire's off world, so I'm keeping the home fires burning, as it were. I think Aquagirl is busy?" She doesn't think Lorena's here, although her fish are.

Jesse says, "They call me Jesse Quick. I am not the fastest girl around, but I am very fast, and I can fly and can have enhanced strength too." She wonders why she is telling this girl, who has not identified herself, all this…but she wanted to make it clear she belongs here.

"Raven," she says. "Empathy, telekinesis, and resident expert on magic." The Tower's lounge is pretty big and open. Raven's…wishing Aquagirl was here, but…

Jesse says, "Nice to meet you Raven. Who else in in this team besides you and Lorena? You mentioned a Starfire?"

"Koriand'r. She's…dealing with something right now, though. I'm hoping she'll be back soon. Nightwing, although he spends a lot of time in Gotham." They do need more. Raven smiles. "So,
Aquagirl suggested you come here?"

"The two of us had a brawl, along with Scarlet Spider, with a cultist with an enchanted dagger. She invited us to stop by and try out for the team," Jesse explains.

Raven winces. "Tell me more about the cultist - did you manage to relieve them of the dagger?" Raven inquires, moving to the fridge. "Do you want anything?"

Jesse grins, "I am a speedster…I am not as bad as many, but constantly hungry is in the job description. Yes, we took the dagger away…I think Spider had it."

Fridge opens, "Hrm. I can warm up some pizza. You can have the pepperoni. And I'll talk to him, then. I may be able to provenance it better."

"Pizza will be fine," says Jesse. She really only eats like a healthy athlete, not the hude amounts may speedsters do…possibly because she is onnly a part time speedster.

Raven grabs three slices of pizza from the fridge, and starts to warm them up. In a toaster oven, because she has been thoroughly educated about pizza and microwaves.

Jesse says, "So Empathy and Telekinesis? Are they psychic or some kind of magic spell you know…you did say you are the mystic expert."

"Magic, but innate." The smell of cooking pizza is stronger now. She heads back to the fridge. "Soda?"
Jesse says, "I prefer Juice, if you have any. So tell me about the team."

"Juice is even better. Apple or orange? And…we primarily work with younger heroes, learn from each other and develop our skills." Raven's still close to being a rookie…but certainly not the team's newest member any more.

"Apple goes better with Pizza, Orange is too sour to go well with Pepperoni," replies Jesse. She is pretty new as a hero, so learning with other novices might be a good idea.

Raven pours two glasses of apple, handling one to Jesse and claiming the other for herself. "I am used to people who think the strangest things go together."

"Super heroes are often pretty odd ducks," replies Jesse, "I have met a few…my father has quite a number fo friends who were once in that line of work."

"I think that we tend…" She glances at the oven. "…to hang out together because who else would understand."

Jesse has to admit, "That is a point, though I have met a few others like us lately." The other speedster she met was the interesting one really, hopefully the girl is finding her father's book on speed useful in helping control her powers.

"It is always good to meet those with similar abilities." She stands up, retrieving the pizza. Two slices of pepperoni for Jesse and one pepper and mushroom, apparently for herself.

Jesse eats quickly, but at human speed. She says, "So where are you from? My father runs a company nearby."

"A place you won't have heard of…I was not raised on Earth," Raven admits, between bites of vegetarian pizza.

"Then you are probably right, there is a great deal of 'off-earth' that I have likely not heard of," replies Jesse with a grin. Actually she prefers Mushroom on a single topping pizza, but Pepperoni is much more common.

"Myself too…and quite a bit of Earth I am still working on being familiar with." That would, of course, explain the unidentifiable accent.

"My parents are what you would call old fashion…though they do not look it both of them are like a century old. Some kind of supervillain fight they got in retarded their aging…which I guess is a good thing because having a daughter at eighty or so would not work well otherwise," says Jesse.

Raven gives a bit of a laugh, "No, it probably wouldn't. I wonder if they feel the villain did them a favor…other than you, of course."

"Possibly so…but that is one reason my parents have so many old friends still around…all the others who were in that fight are still around too," well, not all of them…but close enough.

Raven nods. "Perhaps. But I do still think we tend to…flock together." Punning on her own codename? Perhaps she has more of a sense of humor than most see at first.

Jesse nods, "Possibly, there are other reasons to work together also. Each of us has different strengths and weaknesses, together we can overcome things that may defeat any one of us."

Raven nods. "Always good, too. I have my own way of getting around quickly, but…" But a speedster on the team is a good idea.

"A good hero needs five things to succeed: Information to find out what has happened, transportation to get to where things are happening, offense to defeat a for, defense to keep from being defeated, and utility because combat is not everything," states Jesse…quoting one of her father's lessons. She adds, "On a team, some of these may be covered by allies."

Raven nods. "That sounds like a quote from somebody." Raven smiles. "The good thing about allies is that you can usually find some hole in the bad guys' defenses."

"Something my father taught me," Jesse admits, "Most of the time, what a speedster needs is information, they have nearly everything else in their speed." There is only so much speed can do on information gathering though.

Raven nods. "And knowledge, well…it often pays to know people who know how different things work."

"Well, it was nice talking to you, but I should run home. I have things to do before I sleep tonight. I guess I will have to wait to meet the others some other day," says Jesse after glancing at the time.

Raven nods. "I think things will work out, though." She smiles. She'll talk to Aquagirl. "If you spot that Scarlet Spider guy, tell him you have somebody who wants to look at the dagger."

"If I should happen to see him, I will let him know. It can be hard to figure out who people are when they are not in costume though…see you. 3x2(9yz)4a," after stating her magic formula, Jesse speeds away.

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