2017-04-20 Jurisdictional Dispute
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Tamara, Jacob, Steve
GMed by Jacob
Title: Jurisdictional Dispute

Rating: everybody

Tamara is out at a party when her watch buzzes her. It is a Smartwatch, something like an Apple Watch, but better and not available to the public…it is, however, required of her. In her job, she has to be on call, so the watch stays with her at all times…even when she is in the middle of the dance floor contemplating letting someone take her home for the evening.

She excuses herself and checks the message. One of the recon teams has detected a dangerous level of radiation from a location near her. As the closest available Atomic Knight she is requested to respond ASAP.

She sighs and acknowledges, and tells her date she got an urgent call from work, but will take a rain check. She heads out to the van and drives closer to the area, switching on the sensors. She gets nothing until nearly on top of the source…it is apparently well shielded and only a single emmision point is letting energy out…no wonder it has been overlooked so far.

Tamara puts on her armor and seals the van behind her as she joins the assembling team. The Scientists say, "We have been going over the data, what we have here appears to be some kind of alien reactor left over from the merger. It has been running without any repairs from months and has sprung a leak, that is how it was detected…it is very well insulated. Knight Banneret, we need you to take a containment device inside and use it to contain the reactor and retrieve it."

Well, recovering hazardous materials IS her job…so she asks, "How large is it, or do we know yet?"

Still the Enterprise might be behind the Moon, but she has Several sensor probes in orbit above earth. Linked on a Tight beam channel using highly encrypted codes transmitting on FTL signals. As such, it is not long before The Ship's AI has detected the energy signature. Connie, The Ship's Intelligence has alerted Captain Jacob Tylor who is currently in Tahiti, doing some relaxing.

Getting the Call while on the more remote area of the beaches Jacob is enjoying the peaceful night. One of his few when he is not going over all sorts of data and information. Opening his communicator He asks, "What is it Connie?" To anyone else it looks like a Flip-phone in the style of Star trek. So Retro. And as he listens she tells him.

"Sorry for disturbing you captain, But I have detected an energy signature of a reactor leak. Non Terrestrial. It emerged minutes ago. I can't get a clear scan of it due to radiation interference at this distance."

Holding his communicator, Jacob will say. "Transport me up. Let's see if we can figure out what I am dealing with."

So Right now he is transported up to the ship.

Tamara is briefed on the size of the reactor, it is not from one of the fighters, no it's from one of the larger ships An LHF Large Heavy Fighter sorta comparable to the US Air gun ships in terms of what they carry, It crashed north of Metropolis, and punched into an under ground cave structure. Another reason why it remained hidden for so long. The natural materials helped shield it but now…

The ship itself is not Tamara's concern, only the reactor. It being where it is means the radiation could effect the Metropolis Watershed, meaning the matter is urgent. Tamara understands that and mentally forgives her bosses for calling her on her day off. Some things just can not wait. Tamara asks about details, "So I will need to disconnect the reactor and remove it, as the device it is in is too large for any container we could transport. I assume we have a shielded fiber-optic line setup with a lasar link, as the radiation will prevent normal communications."

She can not have the line attached while she is working, in case she needs mobility. Thus a laser link which will work much better than radio…unless the air inside is opaque. She is quickly given the materials she will need and heads in. She knows other Atomic Knights will be on the way, in case she fails. She does not plan to fail, but it is a standard precaution. She strings the line as fast as she safely can, planting holding points to keep the line from tangling as needed. Before long she reaches the craft. She says, "It is pretty big, I probably could not carry the ship out." Hopefully the entry process is easy enough to figure out.

Jacob of course has on his ship the equipment needed to help get to the location. He's Identified the energy signature from a Light frigate assault gunship. And with that he has only one means to get it out, The Sulaco. The small stealth shuttle has all he tools Jacob needs to safely patch the reactor along with force fields to help contain radiation for a while. He's also gotten in his heavy combat armor. Mainly because the energy shields can protect him from that much energy as the small stealth shuttle launches.

The Under ground cave system has covered the craft's hole up nicely, disguising it well as Tamara can see the craft broken in half. The Core having finally cracked has a small fracture down the side. A number of lines are needed to handle it down there Safely, As the energy levels are slowly building up, it is not irreparable yet, but if it stays here it will start to kill the local Eco System. Worse if someone attempts to remove it the core could crack all the way spilling it's entire core into the area…

No matter what else she may be, Banneret is an expert at her job. She knows a lot about safe recovery of hazardous materials. Step one in this case is clearly to stabilize the core. She has Containment foam for that, it goes on as foam and hardens to something about as solid as concrete, and is very good at blocking radiation and bonding hazardous materials so they do not leak into the environment. Once a shell of that is in place, finding a way to analyze what is in the coolant lines is the next step…can not stop the coolant flow so you need to know what to use.

As Tamara Works she gets an alert that something stealth based in moving through the trees, it has some form of radar and optical camo system and is very advanced. Almost to the point they didn't detect it till it was right over her hole moving through the trees. Finally comes a slight gust of wind and then several large boxes come down on lines, followed by a figure clad in what looks to be heavy armor, or perhaps an environmental suit.

His head is sealed inside a helmet and face-plate as he does notice the figure there pulling up the Boxes, and instantly one opens up and then starts to Lift up a Spike, instantly a number of dark like structures begin to fire off an imbed in the wall, and moments later there is a massive semi opaque glowing dome over the area, Tamara the armored figure and of course the reactor. A very powerful force field. "That field won't last very long I have tools amble to seal the reactor and hopefully start shutdown." he says. Right now he knows what she might not, a fight in here might discharge the reactor causing it to detonate."

Tamara states, "Sealing the reactor I can probably do, shutdown protocols would be appreciated if you can do those while I work." She is not certain who he is, so turning everything over to his hands is not advisable. However, as this is alien technology, it may take some time for even the brains at STAR to figure out how it shut it down.

Jacob looks at her and then narrows his eyes he can't be seen from inside the helm and nods. Then he grabs hold of a small device. "Here Portable force-field Should help insulate your suit better against the energy. I will want it back." he says and then starts to head over to where the Controls. "Get that crack sealed quickly Ok Thanos let's see what you have." And then he will grab hold of a tangle of Wires that is leading to the part of the ship that is attached to the reactor and he clamps a device onto it, and hoots it into a computer. "Ok, Running diagnostic. Looks like A combination of Kree and Skrull tech… Reverse engineered. Ok, Running through the system commands. Debugging as he pulls up what looks like a wrist computer and begins to try and work on the shutdown procedure. "Oh shit, Looks like he was going to try and start up grading these ships with Singularity drives. That mad Titan, Thank God he didn't do that prior to his attack." And he is trying to get the energy from the reactor diverted to other systems so that it can take some of the energy from the reactor and dial down it's energy output.

The trick with sealing the crack in the reactor is that it was struck by something and the outside object has to be carefully extracted while plugging up the crack at the same rate so as not to leak any worse than it has been in the process. It is slow and delicate work, but nothing she has not done before. Tamara is glad both for the strength enhancers in her armor when she has to move the larger pieces…and for the reaction stabilization system that keeps her armor hands from shaking when needed.

The Piece is contaminated with radiation as Tamara is able to sense that the reactor is having it's energy drawn away as Jacob is working with the Computers. "Ok I have the base commands, I can put it into a Temporary Shutdown mode, but it is going to end up causing a melt down. We'll have twenty minutes to dispose of this thing before it goes into full meltdown mode. That's ten minutes to spare getting it to earth orbit out of gravity and of course heading to the Sun." And As Tamara is getting the Crack sealed at last the energy will begin to die down as some parts inside the reactor slide into place keeping it from too much reaction.

What few realize is that the energy provided by nuclear fuel is much better when you can absorb the energy. Steam power is just a low end byproduct. "That is the best I can do, We have to get it out of there and hooked up to the Sulaco so I can get it out of Earth's atmosphere and heading to the Sun." he says. And then he starts to disconnect himself from he computer as he comes over to use the Manual Releases for the Core, some of which he will need to Phaser out. Using a Campy Star Trek Like Hand Phaser from the early movies.

Tamara says, "I have a welding laser, if that will assist, and also strength augmentation and a few other things." She is not exactly certain about turning over the reactor to an unknown, but removing it is first priority. Worry about who has possession later if needed.

AS he nods and points to where it has to be cut. He does seem to know what he is doing. Of course his armor seems more than able to handle it as he manages to get the reactor core free of the ship. And he presses a Button. "Sulaco, Drop cloak, use phasers to burrow the hole open deeper drop cables for towing." And instantly Tamara is told the Vessel has dropped it's visual cloak and is now using an energy beam to for a lack of better word disintegrate the rocky strata above it as the ship is white and markings are in English. After a few moments the ship begins to lower down into the cavern dropping numerous cables down that can be used to secure the Core to….

Tamara cuts the required parts of the attachments with her laser. While she could not left the entire ship, Tamara is capable of lifting the now separated core. She carefully lifts it into a sling of cables constructed by the other armored figure. She also uses her communications laser to send a message to the ground crew and clarify the situations. She waits for instructions.

Jacob is demonstrating that he is very very careful making sure all the cables are being attached properly and securely as he says. "That is as good as we can get it we are down to 15 minutes to meltdown. I need to get this out of atmosphere now." he says and will actually grab hold of one of the cables. So he can hoist himself up to the shuttle. Right now Jacob is not taking chances with the auto pilot. This need needs a living person to handle it. So Right now unless Tamara intends to stop him or gets orders to the contrary, Jacob is taking the core.

Given that the readings she is getting probably agree in the imminence of meltdown, Tamara will help as best she can. Of course, she is not a fast flyer, so will leave it to one of the scientists to ask to accompany the stranger to ensure proper disposal. She has to go back to the craft and work on using the clear-seal radiation protectant to cover the craft so that it can be safely studied…not as good as the foam, it is still a good radiation protection as well as being transparent.

Of course Jacob does understand the necessity of making sure that they witness it's destruction. The Sulaco will extend it's shields around it and the reactor cor as it lifts up shielding the area from radiation as it begins to climb faster and faster into the sky. Of course what Jacob hasn't mentioned is that he is claiming the wreckage to dispose of it as well. True to his word the Scientist can see jacob taking the core higher and higher breaching the atmosphere in minutes as they get into outer space, and without gravity or wind as an issue. The small shuttle begins to accelerate heading on a direct course to the sun, making sure that the core is building enough momentum to be partially on the other side of the sun when it enters the gravity well. Still with minutes to spare before it goes or threatens to go critical he will launch the core from he Sulaco on a solid trajectory that will carry it all the way to the sun's carona as he begins to head back to earth so he can retrieve his equipment, and gear.

There is one problem, the Force-field projector it is blocking and keeping other hazard personnel out and away from the crash sight. And of course The personal shield device that Tamara wears will of course have it's own surprise if she gets too close to try and shut down the device

Tamara encounters the force field and reports it to her superiors. They in turn use their own advanced technology to place a second containment field around the first…it had been brought in as a precaution…in case the ship should happen to be in danger of explosion or of activating and attacking. Tamara goes up and joins her electrical generation capacity to the generator.

After a few more minutes the Shuttle does return and Tamara can get a good look at the shuttle, it's long white with two engine pods as it reads Shuttle Sulaco 04/USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 The Shuttle begins to set down on the rim of the Impact crater. The Scientist is allowed to disembark as the Man starts to scan the area and then retracts his helm. Dark skin, crew cut hair as he says. "Jacob Tylor, USS Enterprise S.H.I.E.L.D. Representative. I'll be taking over the recovery and disposal of the craft from here. your assistance is no longer required." Jacob says firmly. Standing his ground very firmly.

The chief scientist says, "SHIELD is UN, this craft is within the territory of the United States of America and as we at STAR labs are tasked with the recovery of technology for study on behalf of the United States, your authority is not recognized unless authorization through proper channels is shown." The UN is not a world government and individual nations retain their sovereignty. STAR is on firm legal ground to claim anything within the US for study.

Jacob narrows his eyes as he says. "And I have no doubt you already have plenty of salvage from the Merger so go pick at it. I am taking this ship for disposal. Humanity is not ready for this level of technology." He says and starts to turn away from them to head down into the hole. Jacob is not going to be moved on this. "Connie once I have scrubbed the area of Radiation prepare for sight to side transport to the shuttlebay." he says seemingly ignoring STAR LABS as of now.

The scientist will inform Jacob, "You will find transport through our shield to be quite impossible. On our world, we have considerable experience involving transportation of matter by a variety of methods ranging from Darkseid's Boom Tubes to Zeta Beams. We know how to block transportation in a limited area quite well."

Of course that implies that Jacob doesn't have his own tricks as he will listen to the Scientist and then he begins to use the Sulaco to generate a Feedback pulse. One that is increasing in intensity, the generator in the cavern with the power from the shuttle are producing harmonic that are designed to over load any other shield generator. "And I spent 23 years traveling the stars dealing with technology that is beyond your wildest dreams. You know what screw this. Sulaco, enter the Cavern, Disintegrate the ship and all radioactive material." And at that point the Small shuttle begins to move and over over the cavern.

The generator should overload the other generator…but the STAR Labs generator takes the load and absorbs the incoming energy to strengthen itself. The scientist says mildly, "That field is based on a design by Emil Hamilton that once held Superman…I doubt you can break it. Now please go through channels and cease hostilities." It does not pay to underestimate STAR labs, they are familiar with dozens of alien technologies ranging from the Dominators to the Meztla-ra.

Connie is of course perfectly aware of how Stubborn Jacob can be especially on this as he is surprised that the STAR Labs Equipment is holding us and as this is going on just as Jacob was coming back Connie Alerted SHIELD hopefully they will send someone who can send in to allow someone to serve as calmer heads. Because at this point Jacob turns as his personal shields go up and he will flex his hand ready to reach for his phaser. He's not playing games as of course Connie beeps in, letting Jacob know that she has gotten in contact with SHIELD Apprised them of the situation and they are having her relay someone out side, the shield that is blocking their transporters.

Which is about when Steve arrives at…whatever entrance would be nearest to the altercation. In, of course, full costume. He's official, and he strides right in, nodding to the security guards. Will they even think to try and get in his way?

The guards, two additional persons in Atomic Knight armor who recently arrive, check Steve out in the database, "Captain America recognized, Security clearance top secret plus." He may not be from their world, but by now the databases and government agencies have straitened most of these things out.

"I hear you have a situation…let me in and I may be able to defuse it," Steve offers. He knows a bit of what's going on…and he does think he can fix it. Given the chance and the effort.

Looks to how easy Captain America has been entered as he says. "Basically it's one of the ships from the merge Cap. Punched into the ground into a network of caves. Core started to go critical, I managed to dispose of it with some assistance from These individuals. I'm claiming what's left of the ship on behalf of shield for destruction. STAR Labs already has plenty of salvage from the merger. I know I have scanned some of their facilities and transport trucks. What's down there is essentially a gun ship. A flying artillery piece. Only thing it's good for is making weapons to kill. It's still considerably radioactive down there." Jacob says.

Steve would have seen Jacob's heavy combat armor. On par with something Stark could build. Not with all the fancy equipment and toys stark likes throwing in. But it has energy shields and can take one hell of a pounding. Jacob is ready to battle and fight over this. He might be American. But this he can't in good conscious let anyone have access to these weapons.

Steve nods. "And why, exactly, did you not come through channels on this, Captain Tyler?" Steve's not angry. He's…worse. Disappointed. Jacob knows better. He turns to Tamara, expectantly.

Tamara is simply another Atomic Knight here, security and containment. Currently she is a bit isolated, as she may have some radioactivity, and is hooked to a generator to help provide additional power. The Chief scientist says, "Exactly what we suggested to him. Our mandate is to recover and study unknown technology on behalf of the US government. We can turn the device over to him on orders from the Defense Department, but not on his say-so."

One of the problems with himself is Jacob is used to doing things on his own of his own initiative. Connie's on the end of the Line, "I did alert SHIELD Captain America. I been in contact with them once we understood the situation and it was a reactor core meltdown." she said Over the Commline Jacob has open so everyone can hear. "It was important to get the Reactor stabilized and disposed of before it contaminated the region and I was in the process of compiling the data when he returned and the stand off happened. So I thought it Prudent to ask Shield for some assistance considering I know how Stubborn my captain can be on these things."

"You did. They sent me." That might be a smile for Connie. "Then it appears that our first priority is to remove the ship from a populated area." Steve doesn't like the idea of radiation. It kills people. Or turns them into green monsters.

"The Enterprise is the safest place. But they have transport jammers in place, so I can't begun to purge the area of radiation, Nor transport the ship up for dismantling." Jacob says. Still he is adamant on the idea of keeping the weapons out of STAR Lab's Hands and the US Government. "I can transport equipment down that will allow me to begin collecting the hazardous material but not with the jammers in place. And I can't transport the ship up until radiation levels are much lower."

Steve turns to Tamara. "What can I offer your people to allow us to remove the ship before the contamination gets dangerous?"

"I was about to go in and coat it with an anti-radiation sealant to help prevent any accidents, but was excluded by a force field," States Banneret.

The Chief Scientist says, "We have no objection to removing it to someplace safe, indeed we would have done so ourselves. We have containment areas in each of our facilities designed to handle a variety of hazards. Our Atomic Knights are built and trained to deal with hazard containment. We have been doing so for decades."

"The forceifield that kept her out was my doing I erected it to contain the radiation. But also to keep them from inadvertently activating a doomsday device. I have reports on Thanos. The being who brought these ships to Earth. He worships Death, he courts death offering her in tribute lives. He has killed hundreds of millions of people to earn her affections. A ship of this size could have an anti matter bomb on it or some biogenic weapon of utter lethality. I am not letting them have it Captain Thanos builds weapons to kill, to destroy, to end lives." Jacob explains the situation.

"Then MY suggestion is that we remove it to a safe place…ideally orbit…examine it properly and THEN worry about jurisdiction." Steve's tones are absolutely calm. He doesn't seem bothered by the potential doomsday weapon right next to him.

Tamara says, "Not an unreasonable suggestion. Technically the areas where the lunar landings were made are considered US Territory, though treaties make it clear that only the areas actually explored can be claimed. We could place this in the area where one of the lunar landings was done, thus keeping it in US territory…and also have it under gravity for proper examination. If the government decides to turn it over to the UN, that will be their choice."

Jacob looks to Captain America as if he is insane. Granted his face is shielded from view but Jacob as much as he just wants to power through take it by force and deal later with the repercussions, his body language indicates he is not happy with that. Still better to have it up there, and not down here. "I'll agree to those terms… Conditionally. I'll even transport it up there. But until Jurisdiction is decided No examinations and I am the only one allowed access to it so I can dismantle any doomsday devices I might discover. And before you say I want the tech for my self. I have a star ship behind the moon that, I am sure STAR Labs has detected it."

"Which puts it in your jurisdiction, which is what this is all about, Captain." Steve is, no, NOT insane. "Diplomacy, Jacob."

"Which incidentally makes the moon an excellent compromise position," the chief scientist points out. He suggests, "It might not be a bad idea for you to take one or more of our people with you…you might not always be here to disable any such devices you do find, and it would help to have some of our people know how to do so in that event."

As Jacob looks to the Scientist he grits his teeth at the comment and he just closes his eyes as he seems to finally relent. Finally Jacob lifts his hands up and he bares his teeth and says, "Point taken. But there is a reason Star Trek had the prime directive. I have traveled the stars and seen far more harm done than good in the long run introducing advanced technology to a culture before it's ready. The Technology, you are playing with a loaded gun. And forgive me if I seem arrogant on this. I have seen small groups of people with the technical skill to handle this tech end up unleashing disaster."

Finally Jacob will shut down the force-field and power down the feedback pulse of the Sulaco. So that he can just get to work on decontamination and relocation.

"That isn't always going to be your call, Captain, or Connie's." Steve says it simply. "There's only so far you can protect people before you become part of the problem."

Tamara notes, "It is not the first invasion our world has faced, Captain. We already have considerable advanced technology, and also have specific rules in place about allowing it into the hands of the public. I can not say that that technology has always been used rightly by the government, but you might want to look into what already exists before making any arbitrary decision." Tamara remembers several of those events…the Invasion where the Thangarians, Domininators, and others actually successfully took over Australia before being repelled brought tons of alien technology to Earth…and it was not the only such invasion (merely the most successful). Why, a few years back, one covert agency attempted to use recovered alien technology to stage a fake invasion for their own ends…

And the final words that Jacob says. "And sooner or later you need to step back and just have to let them burn themselves so they learn that fire is hot, and hope they don't burn the house down." The problem with the merger is that it has allowed most of the Earth access to technology it really is not ready for. Advancing it on a schedule that is too fast, what Jacob is scared of is FTL. If humanity gets out there before it's time, it's gonna attract the wrong type of attention.

"You have no idea what is in my universe. There is a race of creatures out there. They are called the Daleks. They can feel only one emotion. Hate. Anything that is not pure Dalek is their enemy. They are the most universally hated and feared race in my universe before the merger… you know what I'm sure you get the idea." And he just seems to leave it at that saying no more.

"Comparing which aliens are the most evil is fascinating, but not productive. Again, it's not always your call. Or mine." Steve smiles slightly. "Believe me, I've tried to protect people from themselves. More to the point, somebody tried to protect ME from myself. It didn't end well."

"There are similar races in our universe," responds the scientist, "For example a mechanical race that destroys all organic life…emotionlessly, and assimilates all the raw materials on the planets to construct more of themselves at great speed. There are reasons we have not ventured off the planet in general terms…though specific individuals have."

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