2017-04-26 Golem Records and Wayne Records Team Up
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Players: Damian and Nick Drago
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Title: Golem Records and Wayne Records Team Up

Red Hook is situated on the south eastern corner of the Midtown island in Gotham. Its primarily a commercial zone with a lot of businesses headquartered here and a lot of stores / restaurants that draw in quite a bit of crowds in the evenings.

The borough is also notorious for its nightclubs and nightlife in-general. There are quire a few adult shows hosed in the seedier corners of the Red Hook district which helps add to the maturity of the area.

One of the more common draws to the district is that of the Red Hook Mall, which is the largest building in the borough and it consits of a large two-story mall with a parking garage situated to the east side of its large form.

As with many major world changing events where there are persons affected by the events in a negative manner, there are plenty of charity related events to be had. Supply drives, donations, volunteer work. But as time separates the less affected persons from the events, some people start to forget that people are still in need. With the world's homeless population effectively doubled in the course of a night. There's been an ever present need to keep pushing for donations. With the merger of worlds bringing about concern about the 'other side', there has been a need for developing cooperation. And perhaps this is where this Charity Dinner takes precedence as representatives from both Gotham City's Wayne Records and New York City's Golem Records have teamed up to bring about this event with the help of some of the featured music acts of both labels.

Along with The Curk from the Wayne side, Nick Drago is here representing the Golem side. Although quite chummy with the other act previously, Drago is nowhere near them as he is in full on diplomatic mode, making nice with the Gotham elite while members of The Curk introduce themselves to the New York elite.

It was an inevitability. When you say 'charity' in Gotham, the first thing that springs to mind for the true Gothamite is 'Wayne'. Bruce Wayne, in this case, and of course Wayne Enterprises… today represented in its guise as Wayne Records. Honestly, sometimes he thought it would never end. Huff… Because wherever Bruce Wayne goes to be seen in public these days, there is Wayne Junior. Damian is looking absolutely grand in his tailored tuxedo, not a hair out of place, if you happen to ignore the sneakers underneath. He's not so much holding court as being besieged, giving polite but usually quite short interviews with the press, occasionally sipping his glass of sparkling apple juice. No surprise he's hamming it up on the New York side, and seems to be slowly but surely engaging the Glitterati and the Paparazzi alike in a very complicated dance that is inevitably eliminating the gap between Gotham and New York. It's a lot of hard work, nobody said being rich and famous was easy.

Indeed not. However being a rock and a selective movie star does have the saving grace of a few allowances. Not going the way of the tux, the pale eyed performer's attire, while not at all shabby is very relaxed. While the black jeans were traded for black slacks, he's opted not to wear the tie. Because well, with the black designer shirt and dress jacket… Why? No matter the attire, he's not having trouble gaining the approval of the more book inclined donors that tend to go for his gender. "Mister Drago! One second!" Turning with his practiced smile, Mike is blinded by a bright flash of one of the many cameras in the room. Oh great. Those damn boxes are in his vision again.

"… got their latest album. It's great to see them working with the New York music scene, can't wait to hear what that sounds like. Thank you!" Aaaand scene, yet another interviewer left slightly puzzled and somewhat dazzled by Damian's innocent charm offensive. Honestly, at this rate he's going to need a refill on that drink. Turning on his heel to escape any follow-up questions, the boy Wayne makes his way to the next cluster of cameras, on the general principle that if they're already busy tormenting someone else, they won't have time to torment him. At the same time his contact lenses are scanning the faces of the crowd, with a discreet ear bug linking back to the Bat Computer warning him if anyone attending here might actually pose a threat… not as uncommon as you'd think in this city. This leads him to the happy coincidence of practically bumping into Nick Drago, bearing down on the man with the innocent smile of a kid spotting an actual celebrity.

Boxes in vision or not, Mike is the master of navigating with strange imagery running all about his field of vision. Already stepping forward when the young Wayne shows up, he backsteps, avoiding running into Damian. "Sorry, mate." He lets out, giving a hint of Irish accent despite the Italian last name, "Was about to run into ya." The smile does not waiver. Standing fast.

"At these things, a lot of people do, eventually." Damian quips, keeping up his public persona. "One way or the other. I'm Damian, pleasure to meet you Mister Drago. Looking forward to hear how your collaboration with The Curk sounds. Father was afraid their last album was going to be their very last, if you know what I mean."

Mike offers a hand to Damian, "Nice to meet you, Damian. You can call me Nick. Less of a mouthful that way." He glances in the direction of the Irish band before looking back to the youngest Wayne, "Ah. Well, I know what they're going through." He gives a bit of a nod in the direction of Bruce, "We'll make sure that it is a fitting farewell to Liam but not to The Curk."

"I'm sure Liam would have wanted that." Damian replies, shaking the offered hand. He has to juggle his glass of apple juice first, remembering slightly too late he has it in his right hand, being slightly clumsy with it but luckily not actually spilling anything. There's no real power behind the shake, just something you'd expect from a kid. "Soooo, can we look forward to more Nick Drago stuff in Gotham?"

Mike gives a slight chuckle, shaking Damian's hand before releasing the hand. The handshake a bit firmer than Damian's but holding back on the pressure. "It's a possibility. Your city pretty much landed on top of my old home so I do have reason to swing by every so often." Handshake freed, he slides it into his pocket, "Plus with the new city comes new nightlife venues to check out."

"Can't help you with that, I'm already up past my bedtime." As jokes go, it's not a good one, but Damian is still hamming it up for the press that has by now taken an interest in this meeting. "But I'm sure we can give you the grand tour at some point. The Wayne Foundation is doing a lot of good in this city, and we do like showing off our good work."

"I wouldn't mind taking that tour." Mike admits, smile setting back in place as the pair are starting to get surrounded once more, "And while I may not be the go to person to show you around New York, I do know a few people who would be more than qualified to give your family a grand tour of that city in style."

"That sounds like a good idea to me." A dazzling smile and another handshake offered. A lucky photographer clicks the shutter just at the right time. It's a picture that will be in the majority of Gotham's newspapers tomorrow…

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