2017-05-12 Dublin Discussion
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Players: Janie, Mike, Steve
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Title: Dublin Discussion

…. Dublin, Ireland ….

Of one of the most common things overheard when a tourist comes to Dublin is 'Do you have Bud Light?' However, the second most common thing to hear from them, when they arrive late enough to experience the city at night along the waterway is, "Wow." A railing overlooks the waterway showing a view of a curved bridge lit up by some bulbs. Upon the streets there is a sign of life as the first floor area of the buildings are lit up, showing the entrance ways to restaurants, clubs, and bars while the upper floors where the residences are remain unlight, allowing for the upper buildings to stand out from the purplish blue sky with their darkness. With the exception of a few cars whrring down the street and a few people laughing down the street, it is quiet and peaceful. There is but a hum of music muffled by the walls of one of the bars, soon after followed by the equally toned down sounds of applause. Whatever was going on in there appears to be wrapping up.

Steve has been listening to the music. And not ordering Bud Light. Or even Guinness - he asked the barkeep for something local, much to the man's delight. He does stand out a little - true, he's wearing slacks and a polo shirt with absolutley no accoutrements of superheroics around him, but he's a big guy and then he opens his mouth and gives himself away completely.

Janie on the other hand is pretty much standing out for not being europeen in the slightest way of her looks, but at the same time being so ignorable for her small frame and just wearing the inconspicious combination of jeans and a white blouse that pretty much screams 'secretary' or 'office girl'. The only thing that does give her away as somebody somewhat special is, that she sits at the same table as Steve… but then again, she might be his latest grooppie - would captain america actually pick up groopies and not just being followed by the avangers house cleaning specialist.

Doing a slightly better job than Steve and Janie is Mike. Only slightly because he's on stage as his Nick Drago stage persona, hair a bit wild and wearing the higher end clothing he saves for the stage but hey, at least he's got three other people he's sharing the spotlight with. Seriously though. HOW bad is it when Steve and Janie takes attention away from the band? As the surviving members of the Curk as well as Drago start packing up their gear, the volume in the pub drops own as he applause eventually dies away, leading to the sounds of individual conversation.

Steve takes another sip from his local stout and lifts a hand to Mike as he leaves the stage. It could be a greeting, an invitation, or just an acknowledgment that the music was good. Fortunately, Steve isn't *quite* as instantly recognized here as in America.

Janie chuckles a moment as Steve drinks of the beer - something she has never seenhim do over in the US. "And I thought you'd order irish coffee, sir. With your coffee quota at home, I could have sworn you'd not want to miss out on your 6 PM coffee"

As Mike only has a guitar to manage and the pub owner has allotted a room in the back for the band to put their stuff, Nick Drago gives a nod back towards Steve before popping out of sight down a hallway, with the guitar. He is only gone a few moments before coming back empty handed. Giving a smile to the woman who seems to be the one that they're priming to have take over vocalist duties in the future, he murmurs a few words to her before heading towards Steve's table, letting the remaining band members head off to the back on their own. There's a slight murmur from a couple tables as he grabs a seat at Steve's table. "Hey guys. How's the sightseeing?"

"Dublin is a very pretty city," Steve says with a smile for Mike, "I appreciate the excuse to visit." Yup, you're an excuse to go chasing around Europe. For a bit, anyway. Likely duty will call the good Captain back soon enough.

Janie sighs as she gets up. "It is a nice spot… but the timeshift gets me all wonky. Sorry… but I am at the hotel. See you later, Sir."

Mike nods to Janie, "Thanks for watching the show." He says as she makes her way out before turning towards the Captain. "Yes it is pretty. One of my favorite places to include on my tour schedules." Mike replies with a smirk, "Well you're welcome to tag along for as long as you want. We'll just pencil you in as a roadie or a trainer on my portion of the tour." With only Steve to converse with, Mike's voice can lower as he can speak directly to the one. "Can't get too rusty with the skills while I'm traveling."

"We'll see. I'll probably get called back to work before your tour is over." Steve smiles at him. "But I need a break sometimes." They all do.

"Yeah, breaks are good." Mike replies nodding, "I probably need to take more of them. But there's so much to do." He nods to the stage, "And I doubt I'll be in as good condition as you if I reach my 90s so best I get as much time up there as I can while I can."

"I cheated, remember." He might technically be in his nineties, but he hasn't really lived all of that time.

"Doesn't sound as poetic when we go into the technicalities." Mike murmurs. Giving a shrug, "Must be the lyricist in me."

"You know me, my artistic talent is more visual." He can write a bit - he's a cartoonist - but the art is where Steve's real skill lies.

"I do sketchwork too." Mike replies, smirking, "I just don't make money off of it so I guess I just neglect that side of things." A glass of dark beer is set down in front of Mike despite his not ordering it. "Thanks Betha."

"I don't do it for the money, of course." He finishes his beer, considering the glass for a long moment. "I suppose I might well have been a starving artist if things had gone differently, though."

"Hmm. I probably would have been dead or in jail by now." Mike muses, "Amazing the power of Odd timing, desparation, and stubborness."

"Nobody does stubborn like me, or so I'm told." Stubborn, scrappy, scrawny Steve Rogers. Of course, Mike never knew that guy.

"I'd imagine so." Mike asesses, sipping his beer as he looks to the larger gentleman, lowering the glass, "Ever got to the point where your aunt basically disowned you?"

"I never had huge problems with my family," Steve muses. "No aunt to worry about, though."

"Ah." The musician grows quiet, "Both your parents raise you or just one of them?" One would think this conversation would have come up by now with how long they have worked together but hey, BUSY people.

Steve frowns. "My father died when I was very young." That's probably a sore point. Of course, everything back then is, a little bit.

"Ah." Mike grows quiet again, pale eyes studying his beer, frowning. "…my mom."

"I don't think any of us had entirely normal families. Maybe people with entirely normal families don't become stubborn enough to do what we do."

Mike shakes his head. "Probably not." The other hand reaches up to help cradle the glass as he looks aside of Steve. Eyes not seemingly focusing on anything in the room but focusing on something. "Difficulties, give some interesting perspectives on life."

"At least we had better than some." He's thinking of Tynan…and a couple of others.

Mike cracks a small smile, glance still just off of Steve as it flits about. Whatever he's looking at is moving, "Yeah. Ten years ain't bad."

"It ain't." He signals to Betha. "Refill?" he asks. Apparently he likes that beer.

"Sure thing." Betha replies as she gets to the table before looking over to Mike's glass, and then Mike, "Are you ok, Mike? Never known one drink to get you plastered."

"Hmm?" Mike's eyes blink as he looks away from whatever it was he was watching, "Sorry, just reminiscing about… stuff."

Waitress placated, she head back to the bar to get Steve's drink.

"He isn't drunk, don't worry." Steve has probably seen Mike drunk. Unless it never happens.

Mike watches Betha quietly as she puts the order in at the bar before killing the silence with a random observation. "I think this will be the first Mother's Day I won't be spending in Je- what was left of Jersey."

"Mother's day." Steve smiles wryly. "An important holiday. But not everyone seems to remember those who don't have mothers."

"We all still have them. Just, not necessarily in the tangible sense anymore." Mike glances upwards, "I'm sure she'll forgive me for not leaving the flowers this time since the cemetary is no longer a cemetary. But it still feels weird."

"I…there comes a time, though. And cemeteries are for the living." Steve thinks, for some reasno, of the wall of names at SHIELD HQ.

"Yeah…" Mike nods, glancing around. "Dublin's much nicer to look at than flowers anyways." He cracks a small smile, "To be honest I think she'd be laughing her ass off at what happened to the cemetary she was buried in."

"Perhaps." A slight smile from Steve. Just a slight one. "And Dublin is definitely nice to look at."

Mike lifts up the glass, taking a sip before setting the glass down, biting his lip, before shaking his head. "A strip club. Oh lord, imagine the faces of the other people when they go to visit their relatives and find that."

"MY mother would be horrified." Steve smiles. "She was…well, she was serious, a little straightlaced at times. Always did the best for me."

"My mom did the best for me as well." Mike replies, "But… my mom was IRISH. This is right up our alley for humor."

"Mike? So was mine." Did Mike actually know Steve was Irish? Most don't.

Mike looks over at Steve, quietly. "…Huh. Never would have guessed it." Then again, not everyone gets full dossiers on people. "Southern or Northern Ireland?"

"Northern," Steve admits. His lips quirk. "We might be enemies," he teases. Of course, back when his parents left things were different.

"Yes, but even so, The enemy of my enemy is my friend" Which, considering how Mike became an Avenger, is not that far from how they even ended up on the same team. "I feel like I should talk trash about your chosen soccer team to make this real authentic but that's likely to start a riot over here."

Steve laughs. "I don't have a chosen soccer team anyway, so you can't." Steve grins. He might be of Irish descent, but he's all American.

Mike chuckles, leaning forward, lowering his voice conspiratorially, "Neither do I." Child of the first generation, occasional accent from time to time, but also made in America.

"I think that might be heresy within these walls," Steve admits with a slight grin. "But at least it won't be German beer mats."

You say, "We have to draw the line somewhere after all." Mike agrees. As the waitress brings back a perfectly prepared pint for Steve. Mike sips his beer quietly, glance once more shifting to something going on behind Steve. "

"We have to draw the line somewhere after all." Mike agrees. As the waitress brings back a perfectly prepared pint for Steve. Mike sips his beer quietly, glance once more shifting to something going on behind Steve.

Steve can't help glancing over his shoulder. Is somebody giving him rabbit ears?

As Steve turns, he sees nothing unusual, just a pair of people at their own table having a conversation. Mike's head doesn't move but the eyes follow over to the other side of Steve.

Low voice, "Are you messing with me or is there something there?"

"No and Kind of." Mike replies, observing, reaching into his pocket to pull out a few bills, "Might be related to one of my other jobs. Or a false alarm."

Steve nods. "I would hope if it's trouble they won't want to cause it." Steve, sipping at his beer. He doesn't, of course, have ANY of his gear.

"Not that kind of trouble." Mike replies, frowning. "OTHER other job."

"Magic is not something I can help with much," Steve muses. Except as crowd control.

"No." Mike agrees, setting the money down on the table, "But, you being you might be enough for this one. You're pretty good with pep talks."

"Those I can do. What's going on?" He finishes his beer…not drunk, of course, or even slightly tipsy.

"Not something to be discussed out here." Mike replies, standing up from his seat without bothering to finish his beer. SACRILEDGE. "Domestic related."

"Then…let's see what we can do." Steve stands from the table with his normal odd grace and moves to follow Mike out.


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