2017-05-14 A song and a singer
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Mike and River
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Title: A Song and a Singer

May in London, and there's a bit of dreary rain falling, enough that the woman who comes out of one of the hotels has a grey umbrella, putting it up the second she steps out into the weather. Not that it seems to bother her any. A mess of blonde curls, a grey pantsuit, black high heels. Nobody who would stand out in the City - she could be a banker or a secretary or, well, anyone.

Despite the rain, Mike, who is still dressed in the more Nick Drago-ish caliber wardrobe is without an umbrella. Hands stuffed into his jacket, he doesn't run but simply walks in the rain. Eh, it is just rain. Wet, the only saving grave to his umbrella-less style is that his hair is pulled back, limiting just how much of it can clump in his face. Rain. Augh.

Wait, is that? From across the street, the woman makes note of Mike. Unfortunately, he's about to be the victim of one of those brief city mistaken identities. Because the blonde ducks around two black cabs and a blue sedan to insert herself next to Mike and extend the umbrella over him in one smooth movement before she double takes. "You aren't my father." By the way? She looks older than him.

The first alert to someone coming alongside him would be the general sense of someone being in his personal space bubble, but the most notable was the sudden lack of rain hitting his face. The performer's head turn, looking over to the now present blonde. Pale eyes blink at River's observation. "You're probably right." Nick responds back, "I know I got around a lot growing up but-"

A bubbling laugh from the blonde. "Sorry. Call it a typical city mistake." Grey eyes, she's quite tall, even if he was old enough to be her father she would have to favor her mother heavily…surely…. "Doesn't mean we have to stay strangers."

"Or one of the more interesting ways to start an introduction." Nick responds,keeping pace with the one with the umbrella. He offers over a hand, "Nick."

River reaches to shake hands. "River Song." Her grip is firm for a woman, but there's no sense of anything to prove with it.

Hands exchanged, shake given, Nick lowers his hand, "River Song… Seems like an appropriate name for a run in in the rain." He pauses, "Given name or stage name?"

"That," River says with a grin, "Is for me to know." Because, well. It's not her given name, but it's not a stage name either… "What's a real name anyway? Way I figure it…it's not always your given name anyway."

Nick chuckles, "I can't argue with that. A lot of performers end up going by completely different names than what they're born with simply because others already had that name."

"Ah, so…" She considers. "Musician, then?" she's guessing. Could be actor too, or both.

"A lot of things." Nick replies, giving a shrug, "But currently, yes. Musician. Nick Drago is the name this time around. "

River nods. "A chameleon, then. But sometimes you need to wear the name that most suits the situation." Which means she's beautifully evaded the question.

"It is the nature of the job." Nick confirms, giving a trademark smile, "And I suspect, the nature of yours as well."

"Oh? And what do you suspect my job is?" She's amused now - she almost likes this guy. Almost, because it takes a bit more time for River to actually like somebody.

"I probably need a bit more data to narrow it down." Mike replies, "But there are a lot of jobs where aliases would be needed. His pace slows, looking to her, "Celebrities, Performers, Law-Enforcement, Government types, those being chased…criminals, spies, heroes. Or you cold just be rich like hell and you don't need to be advertising your routine to people you don't know."

In a disappointed tone, "I was hoping for a guess, not a list." She doesn't look like a performer. She could be mistaken for a government type, though, in her current dress.

"Ok fine." Nick grows quiet, studying her, "I haven't seen you prior to now, nor does the name ring a bell so… Not celebrity, performer, or government." He pauses. "Criminal, Rich, or being chased…"

"…maybe spy."

"Of course, if I was a spy or a criminal, I would hardly tell people." She grins at him. "Maybe I'm just eccentric."

"Certainly not." Nick agrees, "Unless you are of the idea that talking about it would dispel suspicion. Eccentric is a good one too. But then you have the over sharing type of eccentric and the paranoid type of eccentric who feel like they're being chased. Or perhaps, you're more of the type to steer a conversation this way purely for the entertainment value with the least amount of sharing possible."

River grins. "Perhaps I am. Nick Drago. You're…on tour right now, I think I've seen your name on a poster." And no explanation for how 26 year old Nick looks like the father of a woman in her thirties.

Nick nods. "That I am and it is entirely possible you have. It is a bit reassuring that the promotions people are doing their job with the tours. And you're… River Song. Woman of mystery."

"Don't worry. I'm one of the good guys." How reassuring is that? perhaps not much. "I might swing by your concert."

"Something a spy or villain might say." Mike quips, chuckling as something in his pocket starts beeping. He reaches a hand in to silence the offending device, "If you do, I hope that you enjoy it. And, if you find your father, bring him along." Giving a bit of a wink, he lifts his hand out of his pocket, "Well, I have to get going. I have a rehearsal to attend."

"I might just do that." She grins, waves, and turns to walk away, rounds a corner…and flickers casually out of existence.


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