2017-05-17 Raven meets some Defenders
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Raven
GMed by Phantasm
Title: Raven meets some Defenders

In the western part of the city is the Harbor. Many boats and such can be seen on the Hob river. There is a ferry that takes those that want to go over to Gotham, can either drive your car aboard or just ride along on the top deck.

Heading west takes you towards the city, from here all the high rise buildings can be seen and the most prominent one is the Daily Planet with their golden earth sphere on the top of it.

Metropolis is just as its name suggests, its a booming hive of human civilization and its a crowning jewel of humanity's undying efforts to strive toward a better tomorrow. The city shines in the sunlight and glimmers in the moonlight.

In costume, Raven touches down after floating over from the island. She glances back towards it. For this time, she's alone, the other Titans all busy on their own things and their own patrols. It's warm, a bit of a breeze that catches at her hood and threatens to pull it away from her face. She reaches to hold it for a moment, then pushes it back just enough not to mess with her peripheral vision.

As with most patrols being at night to avoid the blatantly obvious tan lines a daylight patrol would bring about, there is minimal light as most have moved on closer to their abodes. It makes for picking out the unusual much easier. A figure lingers at the dock whose last ferry was hours ago. A young looking blonde woman with a preference for the darker toned, lacy clothing. Extra fancy. And yet not at all concerned with being out here on her own. Instead she's just looking around curiously.

Raven makes note of her, she doesn't approach yet, but keeps an eye on what might either be a naive person…or somebody well equipped to look after herself. Raven can't, of course, tell which.

The question eventually answers itself as the blonde's head tilts, turning to look directly in Raven's direction. She does not make an effort to approach but instead keeps an eye on the Titan. Lips move, murmuring quietly before there is a momentary glow around the figure. A protection and judging from what twinges may be picked up on, protection from the demonic sort.

Raven's rather used to people making signs against evil against her. Also, if the protection works, the woman will drop from her empathic awareness. Well, that means she can look after herself. Heading along the docks, Raven glances around, not yet taking off on patrol.

As Raven moves along, the feeling of the woman's gaze would still follow her as the blonde unapologetically watches. Making no move, she just stands there. As Raven moves along, another person makes use of the dockway, quietly walking in the opposite direction, glancing to Raven curiously as he passes. While not calling upon the same protection spell, there is a bit of a presence of power within him as well. He walks towards the blonde.

Finally, Raven's clear gaze rests on the guy - who didn't put up wards - and the blonde. Hrm. Approach or not. She hates scaring people, she hates being mistaken for a bad guy, but she fears that if she approaches she'll spook the warded woman - who's emotions she can, of course, not sense.

Although the exchange of glances is odd and the pair don't make much in terms of conversation with Raven, as the guy reaches the blonde, he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a pair of escrima sticks before handing them to the blonde. As he does, what power was with him seems to transfer over, showing him to be quite normal. The ward vanishes as the blonde takes the steps and proceeds to move through several odd positions, a slight glow streams around the sticks before they seem to be absorbed inside. The sticks are handed back to the man. No fear. Only Caution and purpose.

"I assure you…I mean no harm," Raven finally says as she approaches, pushing her hood back slightly. They might know who she is. More likely they're just seeing a demon.

As Raven approaches, the man looks back over to Raven, brow raising as she removes the hood while the escrima sticks remain in his hands. "I assumed that when you didn't attack immediately." The blonde gives a 'hmm' in addition to the man's response before she finally looks away from Raven, glancing towards the rest of the city buildings. The guy gives a small smile, "Have you seen anything extra- Well, demon-HEY!"

The blonde lowers her finger from the man's side, grumbling before taking over the conversation, "Have you had any uptick of demon posessions recently in this city?"

"I had noticed a slight increase, yes, I'm keeping an eye on it." She smiles. "I don't attack people unless I need to." Or they attack her, but neither did, so…

The blonde nods before reaching a hand into her pocket, pulling out a card which she promptly hands over to Raven, "If you are able to retain one of the victims and they are able to talk about the events leading up to their experience, Please give us a call. We'd be appreciative."

The card, to the magically uninclined, appears to be blank, but to those who know how to look, there is contact information on it. "Based off of past history, assume that anyone possessed is the equivalent of a hostage. Do you know the quick way to exorcise someone or any deposession spells?"

"No, but I know somebody who's very good at that kind of thing." She'll take the card. "I'll see if she's available to help." Raven smiles. "I'll keep my eyes open." Because, yeah, she's not keen on demonic possession. At all. "I'll start looking." More of a purpose than a random patrol is good, after all. With that, she starts to lift into the air, floating towards the city.


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