2017-07-03 Room with a View
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Warning: N/A
Players: Steve Rogers and Mike
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Title: Room with a View

It is well past the time in which Nick Drago made an appearance in his latest show but unlike the cities in the US, the life has just started in the streets of Tokyo. The Tokyo skyline is impressive with the smattering of lights upon each building. It is even more impressive a sight when you are looking at it from the view of one of the rooms of the Shangri-La. A high end hotel that where the rooms in the penthouse contains a generous share of windows. Two walls of nothing but windows. with the comforts of the North contained within.

Typically Mike would not splurge for a penthouse of this size. And to be honest that is still the case. But it seems his last visit to the city was too long ago for the taste certain fans in the area and arrangements were made with his agent. With the size of the place, it only made sense to include others who came along with the accomodations. After all, Mike only needs one of the beds.

It is quiet. The members of The Curk have ventured away from the penthouse to take advantage of the complimentary dinner at the restaurant down below. Seated at the table in the main social area of the suite, Mike gazes out to the scenery, eyes, seemingly not focused on anything in particular. Almost trance like.

A knock on the door might or might not disturb his reverie, depending on how far "gone" Mike is. Him trancing out is not a surprise. Steve, making sure there's nobody doing anything indecent before making his way into the penthouse. No, he hasn't been on tour as a roadie all this time, but he HAS shown up a cople of times. Just…keeping an eye on things.

Doing the indecent in the social area of the penthouse when others are staying there is just so…so… Tony. Geez! Come on man!

Upon the thir rap on the door, the musician's head turns slightly. The wild appearance from earlier that night has since been tamed. Stage makeup gone, hair pulled back, and a hat to make the rest of it just stay down. He just looks like a simple guy from the street. In a $2,000 a night hotel room. But a simple guy. Pale eyes look to Steve for a few moments before he speaks, giving a small smile in greeting, "Hey Cap."

"Hey. You look a little tired." Of course, he's been working pretty hard, and traveling. These things take it out of a guy. Especially somebody who's not a super soldier.

"Yeah. Comes with the jobs." Mike replies, completing his turn to face Steve completely, "I'm essentially doing two tours in one. But, they're different enough performances to offset the effects of the other. How're things going in the states?"

"Well enough," Steve muses, moving to the penthouse fridge. "There is some beer in here, right?" Steve wanting beer? Well, it's not *that* unusual an idea.

"Yeah. But I'd only touch the Murphy's, O'Hara's, Smithwick's or Guinness. We brought that in. I'd hate to find out what the hotel charges for the Sapporo that was already in there."

"Got it." Steve claims a Murphy's, settling back with it, "Not that I couldn't expense it, but I'd get laughed at."

"Although, it would be amusing to see Fury's reaction to your explanation." Mike considers, grinning before looking to the scenery. "The perks of a performance career. Alcohol IS a legitimate business expense." Mike does not follow suit with grabbing a beer but instead opts to stick to sobriety. "Anything interesting going on back at the tower?"

"Nothing at the tower. Tynan's cat was causing trouble at HQ again." The beast is well trained…but with a stubborn mind of her own, Steve thinks. Training can only go so far.

"Hmm." Mike pauses, "While touring I've been checking with my contacts in regards to the demonInfest returning and its seeming more like small outcroppings of them instead of a full out resurgence. Most of the victims seem to have ties with their respective clubbing scenes. Haven't determined the source or sources yet. There have been occasional sightings in the new cities as well."

Steve hrms. "Clubbing scenes, have you cross referenced with the drug trade?" Party drugs. It's a possible connection.

"Not with my schedule." Mike admits, shaking his head, "But, I will relay the suggestion to them to look into that as a possibilty. Maybe we can see if Robin knows of anything from his world that could have such an effect."

Steve nods. "Toss it over to the analysts. Anything that keeps cropping up in clubbing scenes could be connected to a party drug." Steve shapes his head.

"It's annoying to think people could be willingly doing this to themselves," Mike mutters, "But, it seems to be happening at a slower pace at least."

"People will willingly do all sorts of things to themselves." Steve's lips quirk. "Sometimes for bad reasons, sometimes for very good ones." Think about who you're talking to…

"I didn't say hard to think. Just annoying." Mike replies with a sigh, folding his hands behind his back, "I'll go chat with the contacts…" Eyes closing, he grows quiet. Magic users are weird.


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