2017-07-27 A Moral Question
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Players: River, Mike
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Title: A Moral Question

~ Orlando, Florida ~

While technically off the usual Avengers routine as he's entertaining the performer career field. Sheer habit is hard to break. With no performances slated for the day and most of those involved with either tour splitting off to do their own version of relaxation near the happiest place on earth, Mike has instead found himself drifting to something a little less… busy. Taking advantage of the rooftop garden that the hotel they're staying at offers, Mike is enjoying what semblance of quiet the garden offers, seating himself on a bench. Eyes closed and seemingly off in the world of his mind.

With his eyes closed, he won't see the woman flicker into reality. He'll hear her, though. Footsteps that *start* oddly, not from the edge of the room, certainly not from the garden entrance…

This could startle quite a few people but for Mike the question for him is more, WHICH of the people that he knows capable of being able to do this is? His head tilts, wanting to figure out the answer on hearing alone but unfortunately some on the list are those you don't want to give such an advantage to. The eyes open, allowing for the pale blue eyes to look over to the newcomer. "I am still not your father."

"No, you are not." River grins a bit. "But you *are* somebody I'd like to talk to. Indirectly related to your old job."

"Hmm." Mike considers, starting to stand up to walk over to the time traveler, "And which job might this refer to? I've had quite a few."

"The one that had to do with being, at least so I'm told, the lead magic user for the universe." No, River doesn't quite *exactly* understand what the Sorceror Supreme is, but she knows the basics.

A brow raises as Mike looks over to River. One side of the lips lifts up slightly betraying a slight smirk. "Is this a 'how the hell did you manage that' type of question? Because the answer would probably be disappointing."

River laughs. "No. I have less than no interest in learning magic. High magic and high science are not opposed, per se, but it IS true that sometimes things that come from one…have issues with the other."

"Another would argue that magic is just the science we haven't learned how to explain completely yet, don't want to explain, or are not allowed to." He crosses his arms, considering River, "Is there something specific you're wanting to ask or just wanting a basic overview of something? I can't guarantee I can answer completely."

"Actually, I was…" River moves to sit on the end of the bench. "Not many people have to deal with world-spanning dilemmas."

As River moves back to the bench, Mike turns and follows, looming around the seat but not following suit with the sitting. He's had plenty of that for the moment. He looks down to the seated figure, a positioning that likely doesn't occur often between the two. "Spoilers?"

River laughs. "You *know* I don't give out those. As tempting as it sometimes is." She sees, for a moment, the nine-year-old in the man, shakes her head. "Basically. If a species was locked up as the way to stop a war, the cause of the war has been dealt with…but they may still be dangerous. Do you let them out?"

"Hmm." Mike grows quiet for a few moments as he considers the question before sighing. "That is a very vague scenario. With a lot of factors not disclosed. Do you have a set responsibilty to a specific party or are you the mediator?"

"I'm the person who has the precise knowledge needed *to* let them out," River says, finally. "I have a motivation to do it…but I worry they will start the entire thing up again."

"So, you're more of an outside observer in this situation." Mike surmises, "No allegiance to either side, but motivated by a personal code of ethics." He gives a small smile, "Not a bad thing to be motivated by so long as you remember to keep the facts in mind as well." He pauses, "After The World War, what did the nations do to try and prevent another one from occurring?"

"I have a bias," River says, finally. "I know I do." And there was a time, not that long ago, when she would have just rushed right in. "Signed the worst treaty in the history of the world."

"Yes, they fucked it up." Mike agrees, not really bothering for more politically amiacble word choices, "And not all the key players were involved either. So they had a repeat. But they adjusted after that."

River nods. "And in isolation…" River smiles slightly. "I'd call that a vote for letting them out. Before we end up with another Hitler."

"If there's anything we should know by now is that no place, no group, no LIFE is perfect." Mike snerks, "Can you imagine if we got condemned forever the first time we screwed up?"

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