2017-09-12 Doctors and Dilemmas
Players: River_Song, Jacob, Samuel, Elric, The_Tenth_Doctor
GMed by None
Title: Doctors and Dilemmas

Rating: PG

Working on helping the Parallon's warp core rebuild Jacob's been enjoying a Lot of things, reading up on the REAL prime directives of Star Fleet as he says. "I think I would have ben court Marshaled and they threw away the key." he says refering to a couple times when he did help a race or two. Such as Stabilzing a comet's orbit that was degrading to impact a planet's moon. Granted another time he didn't help a race when a Super Volcano erupted. Allowing Nature to take it's course. Some times he found hard to do what he felt was right.

As he drinks a Raktagino, and eats an Icoberry tart, he smiles looking to River as for the most part just some fine construction needs to be done of the New core. Enterprise along with The Parallon are behind Earth's moon, as he narrows his eyes. "River I am thinking what happened from the Parallon may be after shocks of the Merger."

"Entirely possible. Also, I've been thinking about your dyson sphere idea." She also has raktajino. "The real complication is that we're dealing with a binary system. So I thought…if you don't mind…I'd call in another genius." River grins at Jacob over her mug.

With a nod, "Not an issue with another brain. The issue is where to get the materials for it. Where can we take them from, or when that won't cause a complication. We are dealing with something designed to encapsulate an entire solar system several hundred AU out from the main planet we are trying to protect." Jacob says to River.

In the ready room, but sitting away from River and Jacob, Sam has gone into full on 'Stark' mode. Building a new warp core is not a trivial engineering challenge, even if the principles are well understood by now, and he has most of his concentration on the minutiae of specs, projecting the smallest of parts holographically around him. Each part is examined, tested, inspected and checked again for even the slightest of tolerance failures. A cloud of holographic data and blueprints surrounds him utterly, leaving him in a bubble of data and engineering that is about as close as he gets to a religious experience.

"Or we can just use that one," River quips, indicating Samuel, who's helping with the Parallon. Which, River supposes, is more urgent. No, it hadn't fully registered that the kid was actually in the room with them until now. "If we can get him out of there. I think he has a science problem."

Connie has been working with the Young Technopath. Unlike the situation with Elric, Connie, the Enterprise's AI, is properly designed and fully intigrated. As she is working to begin going over the details, checking, double checking and then tripple checking she is sharing some data and information with him. He's proven that he can handle the advanced technology responibly but she smiles and needs to Break his connection alerting him that he shoudl take a break. And that there is another design issue. A Dyson Sphere for a Binary star system. With it she tries to bring him out of the constant work on the core. Granted the young Stark Might notice she is regreting needing to stop their teamwork.

"I think he's in love with Connie if I didn't know better." he says wondering if Samuel heard Jacob. "Connie likes working with him." He says with a smile.

"That's what happens when you grow up with a fully integrated AI." Sam responds, still working on the data but slowly starting to lighten up on the work load and finishing the current projects. "Though I must admit, Connie, it's refreshing to work with you. Just don't tell JARVIS I said that." His tea has by now gone cold, but he drinks it regardless, standing up from the couch that had doubled as his workspace for the past… well… he was there when you came in, was in the same spot when people left yesterday, might have been a full twelve hours really. "So, what's all this I hear about a Dyson sphere?"

"Well, that's one approach. We're talking about hiding a solar system so their enemies don't know where or when they are." Because when matters too. Time. Space. Same thing, really, from her perspective. Sipping her raktajino, River muses. "Really wish I could ask the Doctor, but I keep bumping into the wrong *one*."

Suddenly, a odd whirring noise can be heard, soon following this noise, a blue box with a blue flashing light can be seen slowly fading into existence in the room.

Rest assured Samuel, it will be our secret. Connie tells him projecting a semi transparent Hologram.

"Basically Samuel I had a Visit from a Time lord I think. Gave me some information on the last days of the fabled Time war between the Daleks and the Time lords. Including some poltical issues, and their leader. The Data included a time and location to bring Gallifry out of the Timewar, and time lock safely. I have chosen to modify the plan. Near the end of time, inside a dyson sphere, in an area of the universe where there is nothing to find." he explains.

The main issue is getting…."

AS the Whirring sound comes Jacob jumps to his feet as he listens grabbing hold of his Phaser as reflex as the TARDIS starts to Materialize… "I told him… one of him to hail me before he comes on board." and JAcob seems only lightly annoyed.

Connie of course locks down the Data concerning Gallifrey Jacob was given, incase it is the wrong Doctor.

"That's a horrible way to hide a star system…" Sam begins, getting ready to launch into a long explanation on gravity fields, perceptible light and a dozen other emissions that would betray the existence of something vast, when suddenly …

… That sound….

… It's been YEARS!…

Slowly, lowering his cup of tea, Sam starts to grin, glancing over to River and then back to the box that is starting to appear out of thin air. "He left the handbrake on again…"

As the whirring comes to a stop the doors of the blue box open to reveal a puff of smoke and a man in a brown suit jacket spraying a fire extinguisher inside the blue box.

When the man in the tacky brown coat comes out as does the Smoke Jacob grabs one of the wall panels and opens it to get hold of his own fire extinguisher! and will come over to try and help offering it to the Doctor. "Here's a second one!" he says as the ventilation in the room begins to increase to draw out the smoke.

"What the hell did you do to her?" Jacob asks.

Connie of course attempts to interface with the Tardis to find out which version of the Doctor this is, and what he did to the Tardis!

The doctor, somewhat surprised by the help and the apparent knowledge this man has takes the offered extinguisher and uses it to finish putting out the small fire inside.
Ten says, "well, just a minor spot of crossing timestreams, hold on a tick, do i know you?" the doctor asks

"Don't be mad with him," River asides to Jacob, standing. "The time phase oscillator appears to be on the fritz. Again." Then she turns to the Doctor, and smiles, "Hello, Sweetie." Oh, this might just be the right Doctor. Maybe. "We need to do a timeline check."

Throughout it all, Sam stands well back. Well… at least six feet away from the Tardis at least, smiling at some kind of inner joke. It's a link he hadn't experienced in a long time, and experiencing it again is like coming home out of a particularly dark and rainy night. "Happens when you try to exist in two different time lines at once."

Ten notices river "wait, but you were…how did you get here?" turns to look at jacob "and why are there two giant ships behind earths moon!"

As Jacob looks to the Man he says, "Connie?" And at that point A picture of a semi show man in a white outfit with a white bowler hat appears.

The Seventh incarnation of the Doctor appears. "You been him yet?" Javob asks as the semi transparent image seems to wave at the Doctor. Considering the issue. Jacob smiles. "Oh abducted in 93, spent ten years wandering with space pirates, got my own ship. Spent fourteen years trying to get home, get home, multi universal merger event, and the other ship out there sorta punches through here I think through an after shock of the merger." he explains to the doctor.

Elric pads into the room and lifts both Vulcanish brows. "My vessel is called the USS Parallon, a Starfleet vessel from the 25th century. We experienced a subspace anomaly and fell through, our journey ending here. I was its AI, but these individuals rescued me."

"Oh, he's been him." River smiles. "Spoilers." Which sounds more like a warning than anything else…for once, he's about to spoiler HER. "As to how I got here, vortex manipulator." Yeah, she still has that thing.

Ten stares at the picture of himself for a moment"ah yes, i would be the 10th, from the way you are acting around me i will assume you have already met him, er me. now if you would be so kind as to explain to me why i just got dragged into a merger of what seems to be an unknown amount of timestreams?" the doctor says

With nobody minding him, Sam is edging closer to the entrance to the TARDIS, glances inside… and then slips inside. A glance around confirms what he had suspected… "Wow. Talk about redecorating." And then, it's as if he starts to talk to JARVIS or Connie, slipping into that subconscious habit of his to speak to technological entities as if they were standing right next to him. "When's the last time you had a tune up?". And then, to answer the question, Sam actually calls out from inside the Tardis, heading for the center console. "This universe experienced a full merger of time and probability with its twin from a different quantum signature. The amalgam is acting like an anchor for loose time streams, and those who travel through them. I suspect she…" and he nods to the Tardis console "… was looking for a stable place to set down, and it doesn't get more stable than this. You know. On a quantum level."

"Ah good, the TARDIS materialized in a storage alcove in engineering. We had a chat." Jacob tells the Doctor with a smile. "Would you care for something to Drink Doctor? or do you need another Extinguisher?" he offers.

"As for the merger Doctor I have no idea what caused it. I do know that in two different universe Two versions of earth under went a massive Alien invasion, and then SNAP, Both united."

then Turning to Elric he smiles, "Good to see you Elric, Do you approve of the design and construction progress of the new core?." Turning to the Doctor "Oh Doctor Welcome Aboard the USS Enterprise." he says.

Ten looks over to sam"and who might you be?" the doctor ask

"Yes, but you will still need my assistance to actually use the core." Elric's grey eyes dialate as he looks over the Doctor, taking physical scans and recording data. "This individual is not cleared for boarding the USS Parallon. More information is required."

"Sam." is the simple reply, and the boy mutant takes a few more looks around before kneeling down and feeling around one of the floor grates. "And for a while, about six years ago by my reckoning, I was your technician. Guess it's been a bit longer for you. Mind if I have a look to see if I can fix some of this? Basic tech doesn't seem to have changed much, have to say the decor is improved…" another look around. "Minus the scorch marks, of course." And he doesn't mention that most of what he knows about temporal mechanics and high energy physics he learned from the Doctor all those years ago.

Amused, "Or it hasn't happened for him yet, Sam, you need to learn to do timeline checks." She grins at the kid, then looks at first the TARDIS, then the Doctor. "Rather glad you're here. I want your eyes on some data that could either be very good news or the Master setting a trap for us. Or both."

Looking to River JAcob says, "River let's hold off on that for a short while." Jacob says and then moves to Sit down, as he relaxes. The Data is stored on a computer that is not interfaced with the Enterprise. Simply because he doesn't want to discover there is some form of Hyper advanced Time lord Computer virus on it, just waiting to get on his ship.

"Assembling a warp core in the main shuttle bay's not easy." he admits to Elric and then smirks, when the Andriod says he's not cleared. "It's a very long story Elric, Bascially this is the Doctor A time traveler he comes from a hyper advanced race that mastered Time travel. As well as one of the Few timelords to escape the events of Gallifrey's fate in the Time War with the Daleks."

"well" the doctor says as he clasp his hands together "it seems i have my work cut out for me. first of all, though" he says looking at jacob and elric"one of you is going to tell me which of you is lying. second of all" he says as he pulls out a small wallet and shows it to elric "you will find that i do have clearance to be here. and thirdly, can someone get me a nice cup of tea?"

"The title of The Doctor has no meaning to me." the young looking android replies, casting his eyes up at the tall, lanky man. "I am not capable of lying." he says, reaching up to try and swipe the wallet. Psychic paper doesn't exactly work on him. "I can only surmise that it is Jacob that is telling a mistruth, but I do not believe that he is."

Ten puts the psychic paper away before elric can grab it and pulls out his sonic screwdriver and begins to scan elric"hm,an android eh?" he says looking over to jacob "so assuming this android is not lying, then i must be on the Parallon not the enterprise, which i can assume was the other ship behind the moon."

"Elric did not say you were ON the Parallon, he said you weren't cleared for it. You're on the Enterprise." Which was, yes, worded a little bit confusingly. River smiles. "Connie, please replicate the Doctor some tea, British style." Which River has, no doubt, thoroughly educated the AI on.

Since the Doctor doesn't seem entirely comfortable with him yet, Sam lets the Tardis be for now, smiling as he speaks into thin air. "I'll be back, don't you worry." Of course, as he's been taught, he closes the door behind him. Actually, Doctor, you're on the Enterprise. Elric is from the Parallon. We're building him a new warp core, and I think he's pre-empting your attempts to go aboard the ship that fell through time and space while looking like it had been attacked by malicious sentient dinosaurs. Because let's face it Doctor… you would." All this is delivered with a smile, while the kid sits down on the couch.

As he is addressed to be a liar, JAcob seems to take offense at that. "And exactly what is it you think I am lying about?" he says almost accusingly to the Doctor. "Not Title. Name. He is known as The Doctor." he tells Elric and soon the Replicator appears as a cup of Hot Tea appears.

Your Tea Doctor, River Song told me your favorite types. Seems River works well with Connie.

Ten grabs the tea and takes a seat"replication technology, very nice" he looks toward jacob"i'm afraid i must apologize for that, i was a just going off of the information i had at the time, but as your friends here explained it seems i was a bit off" he says "and to you sam, we must have met or will meet each other at some point for you to be that clever" he turns to river"and you Ms song, you said something about comparing notes?"

With a Smile Jacob seems to calm down. "It's Complex Doctor, Apparently it is entirely possible Gallifrey was not destroyed at the end of the Time war." JAcob says Almost hesitant to reveal it.

"You are not cleared for access aboard the Parallon, therefore, you are not on the Parallon. it is a much more advanced vessel than the Enterprise." Elric frowns at the sonic screwdriver. "Stop that." he says flatly, reaching for that as well. He's a grabby little bugger.

Ten ponders this for a moment"that shouldn't be possible, gallifrey was destroyed and the event locked in time."

It's hard to argue with that assessment. By Sam's own calculations, his encounter with the Doctor those years ago was responsible for a nearly sixty point jump in IQ score. Shame it had to end, but then again… there were very good reasons. "That would certainly be the best way to make sure nobody would come looking for it anymore, wouldn't it Doctor?" Sam is trying to keep his voice neutral, knowing how much of a sensitive issue this is, and always has been. "I haven't seen the data myself, but… maybe… worth having a look at?" And at that he glances at River, as if to make sure he's not stepping out of bounds here.

As Jacob sits down to relax, "That is the appearance, but according to the data I have received, Gallifrey was pulled into a pocket dimension, instead of destroyed, That a certain renegade Time lord and his various incarnations was responsible. The Daleks destroyed themselves in their own Cross fire. The data I have also gives me an eye full of what Rassalon's plans were at the end of the time war."

He allows Elric to believe the Parallon is the more advanced ship, it's an argument one can't win. Speaking up Connie says, The Data Jacob has is isolated from my Database and sensors on it's own computer system, in case it is a trap by the Master.

"I've been working on a variation of the plans presented to me to possibly Bring Gallifrey out into the universe, safely with no one knowing the truth." Jacob explains.

"Unfortunately, the person who gave Jacob the data made him promise not to tell me who it was." Then she looks speculative. "You promised not to tell ME who it is."

Ten says, "well if you have this data isolated,let me take a look at it"

Looking over at River he says, "That is true River." and then he thinks and points to the computer on his desk.

"Isolated Database, Access program: Fluffy Puppies, ISO code, epsilon-theta-287-tango-0-0-0-1" Yes Jacob locked the program under the name, Fluffy Puppird. Add in there is a bunch of entertainment programs on it like games, music, under similar names. Might be a good hiding spaces as the Computer beeps and opens up for the Doctor.

Ten pulls out his glasses and begins to read through the file

While the Doctor pores over the data, Sam leans every so slightly over towards Elric, asking as sotto voce as is possible under the circumstances. "What's the maximum output range of the Parallon's main deflector? I need to make a few field strength calculations…"

Ten puts away his glasses "well, i can see why you thought this could be a trap by the Master. That is the face of someone i have not seen in ages, and to all accounts should be dead" he says scratching his chin"though if this information is accurate, this universe could be in great danger. I see you have plans to build a dyson sphere around the area, interesting"

"It's one idea. If everyone knows right away that Gallifrey is back…well, it could start the Time War up again, and *none* of us want that." Possibly not even the Daleks, at this point. "I was hoping for better, though. It's…" River pauses. "Practically very difficult."

Really interesting." Sam agrees, making a few furious calculations on his tablet, even going so far as to reactivate another hologram just to visualize the complex mathematics going on. "And it wouldn't work. But interesting nevertheless." Yup, blunt. Stark type blunt.

Jacob listens to the Doctor and asks, "It was possible, I know of the legends and tales of the End of the Time war. So I felt it was prudent to keep the data isolated as possible. Is the data safe for interface with Connie Doctor?"

"well,if this information was indeed from who i think it is, than it should be safe"The Doctor says"However, the more pressing matter is how are we going to stop this from happening, putting a sphere around them will do nothing to stop them from getting out. This data appears to be from during the time war, which shouldn't even be possible, but if they appear here during that, nothing will be able to stop them or the daleks."

Softly, "So, what, you would leave them in there?" River knew he would be like this, in her heart. And maybe he's right…but…

As he thinks Jacob says, "The trick here is letting the universe think that Gallifrey has remained destroyed. But if the time war still rages on inside this pocket realm, then we could have cracks in reality form. and escapees. As easy as it would be to simply leave it we are asking for trouble. No we need to bring them out and put an end to the fighting. Imagine a crack that opens to let the Nightmare Child out?"

"Leaving apart the engineering challenge of building a Dyson sphere the size of a solar system…" Sam begins, still working on his calculations but seemingly coming to a conclusion, since he's pulling up specs on the Parallon's warp core again. "… and, in my opinion, it can't be built, a Sphere of that size would create a gravitic field of such intensity that you might as well put a large neon sign on it saying 'We're back, queue here for entry'. You'd also have to account for stellar drift, or you'd end up destroying Gallifrey in a a millennium or two. And, of course, that's assuming the sphere even lasts that long, and as the Doctor points out, the Gallifreyans don't try to break out. Nope. Too many variables, too many impossibilities." He looks straight at Jacob now. "It can't be done. And this is /me/ saying that. If I had three or four centuries, maybe, just maybe, I could pull off a sphere to envelop the planet. But not the solar system. I have another plan."

JAcob nods to Sam, "Yes which means we would need a carefully balanced system that can help neutralize those sheers." he says and nods. "Well we need options on the table, and the materials are the biggest issue."

Ten says, "Sam is right, the sphere won't work. we must find out how this is going to happen and who is causing it and do our absolute best to stop it."

Ten looks at river"and river, if you really know me, you would know what i did on the last day of the time war and why i had to do it, and why, they can never be allowed to return." the doctor says
"So, we leave them where they are." Apparently that's his decision, and River…always listens to the Doctor. She thinks he's wrong this time. "In fact, apparently, we're going to make sure they stay there." She can't even say why she's upset by this.

For a moment, Sam nods at the Doctor and then contradicts him in the same effort. "I can do you one better." And now, those lessons in public speaking and project presentation come to the fore. With a flourish, the technopath stands and swipes his left arm towards the far wall. The hologram obediently enlarges and flies over to the wall, where it becomes a presentation of mostly math and advanced physics. "Given that we know where and when the solar system will return, knowing the rough dimensions of the stellar objects and the effects they will have on the surrounding space, the re-emerging of so much potential energy is going, to put it mildly, do interesting things to subspace. I propose that on the moment of emergence, we direct an anti-graviton beam to encompass the area of manifestation…" and so he waves to the presentation again, showing the raw numbers, ending with an inverse of the energetic potentiality, but projected on the negative axis. "… and shunt them out of phase with our reality."

"Doctor, No one deserves to remain in this state. We have to help them because it is the right thing to do. Is it without a doubt we need to be careful, we will most likely have survivors from the Timewar, The Daleks, and the other horrors we need to take care of. This time you are Wrong." Jacob says.

"Like a Phantom Zone Protector…Interesting Sam." Jacob says.

Samuel points to Jacob as if to a promising pupil that managed to grasp a difficult concept first go. "Similar. The practical advantage is that for all intents and purposes, Gallifrey will cease to exist in this reality. The Gallifreyans themselves are free to go where they want, but will be forever unable to interact with our phase of reality. Daleks, Cybermen, all those who would wish to start the Time War all over again, would find nothing but empty space. There's only two major and practical downsides to this particular concept."

Elric pushes up his sleeve, opening a small panel on the underside of his arm. After removing something, he walks up to Jacob, and, with a completely neutral/bored expression, adheres a gold star an inch in diameter onto his chest and returns to his previous position, folding his hands behind his back.

Of course Jacob is a little surprised when Elric puts the Gold star on his uniform as he looks over at the Andriod. "Thank you elric." and he relaxes. "Doctor may I make a suggestion, perhaps you should rest and think on this for a while. From what I understand of the legends, by choice, or after reviewing that information, you wewre forced to do something that you believed destroyed Gallifrey. It is very possible that did not happen and is quiet the shock. So why don't we rest on it, and think on ways to make it work rather than how to stop it. And We need some help returning the Parllon home."

Turning to Elric.

"That is one of the main problems with my plan, actually." Sam admits, when Jacob talks of the Enterprise's sister ship of the future. "To do this, we'd need all the output the Parallon could muster, and that means taking the core well beyond anything it can stand. I'm confident I can engineer it that way, but we'd lose the ship in the process."

Ten sighs and looks at jacob"maybe your right, it seems almost impossible, and maybe, if we can save Gallifrey while destroying the threat of the Daleks, it might just work" the doctor says "maybe they deserve one last chance" he says as he closes his eyes to think for a moment

"It's…" River pauses. What she's seeing here is that side of the Doctor that took the universe apart…to find her. Or will. He hasn't done it yet. "I won't oppose you. Not on this." Perhaps not on anything important. But it's hard to admit the one you use as a moral compass - when one's own has no idea where north is - can, yes, be wrong. And even harder to admit in this case that he might be right. "We've never successfully destroyed the Daleks. They always come back. But…there IS something which has changed."

"The universal constant, for one, when the universes merged…" Sam mentions and then quietly swipes his presentation back to his tablet and slinks back to the couch. This is something beyond maths and science… this is people stuff… he's not good with that.

As Jacob thinks, "Doctor, it's not the timelords as a Race who are the threat. It's their council Doctor. If we can make it so Gallifrey is Safe, and show it. Then Rassalion may loose all support for his insane plan. or if needed simply remove him, and the council." he says.

"Loosing the Parallon is not an Option. But Elric can you get me information on the location of the Guardian of Planet Gateway? I am wondering if there might be an analog here in our universe. Maybe one came through in the after shocks."

Ten opens his eyes and looks back at jacob"i would like to believe that would be possible, but as sam mentioned in his plan, if we were to go through with it would prevent them from appearing in this reality, but even if we did that, they would still be at war with the daleks, so unless you have a plan to destroy them, the council would still go through with its plans"

Looking over the data, Sam frowns at Jacob. "You know how hard it is to find that kind of output in a vessel that is capable of getting where you want it to go? It's not like we can build it ourselves, you'd need something the size of a city that flies like…" Almost inevitably, his eyes are drawn to the TARDIS. Oh, well now… "I suppose there's another alternative. But it's a long shot. And I mean a really long shot."

"Like I said, destroying the Daleks has always proved impossible. BUT." River brightens. "If we could convince the council the Daleks can be…contained. There are entire civilizations now that were not there before, and some of them have some very interesting technology indeed."

"You may be over thinking things Sam. Sometimes the simplist technology can work. When I need extra power, sometimes I hook up a device that is effectively a Tesla Coil. When primary power was down, I for a short time ran enterprise on a warp capable shuttlecraft through such a device."

Then pointing to River, Jacob smiles and then he stands up placing a hand on the Doctor's shoulder. "There is an answer to saving Gallifrey we just have to find it. As River said, a lot of new races. We may just need to think outside the box. Same with the Parallon."

"I was just about to consider thinking inside the box, actually…" By now Sam has his eyes fixed on the TARDIS, and the calculations start again.

Ten stands up and goes into the tardis for a few minutes"after doing some scans of this reality, i think you might be onto something, but i want to get one thing straight the daleks cannot be allowed to be a threat anymore."

"Every time the Daleks show up, we make sure somebody stomps them back down," River says, simply. "Set the shi'ar on them, or the Daxamites, or…well, if they mess with Earth…they get stomped."

As River says of Stomping them Back down "Good idea simply Eradicating them leaves the possibility of something WORSE taking their place." as he thinks and says. "We all have a lot to think and talk on. Doctor, You are welcome aboard the Enterprise. Just a reminder from your previous incarnation, just call ahead before you land ok? Even River calls before the pops on." he says offering his hand in friendship."

Ten shakes jacobs hand"will do,i think this is going to be interesting to say the least


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