2017-09-15 The Doctor and The Captain
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Players: The Tenth Doctor Jacob
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Title: The Doctor and The Captain

For the most part Jacob's been Multitasking on a number of things. Helping rebuild, or Build a new Warpcore for the Parallon, Finding a way to bring Gallifrey out of the pocket dimension safely without causing the Time war to erupt. And Continue training the SWORD members of his Crew. All of who have adopted the standard Star Fleet uniform, the one based from Wrath of Khan.

The Crew knows really nothing of the project with Gallifrey, and more than a few are aware that this Man in the Long jacket is allowed on the ship, along with that strange woman, AKA Doctor Song.

So Right now he's reading reports on crew performance in the last… simulated emergency he put them through in the Holodeck. Jacob has also been reviewing some tech from Starfleet in particular, The guardian of Forever. He's hoping there might just be an analog in this universe that could perhaps be used to access Galifrey without popping the pocket dimension, use it to sort the issues out before freeing the planet….

The Doctor has been spending the last couple of days repairing the damage done to the TARDIS when he arrived on the Enterprise (with a bit of help from sam) and getting to know a few of the crew members.
He has also spent some time examining the changes to this universe, mulling over what to do with Gallifrey, (and a good plan to save it) and overall, settling into this new world.
The Tardis Has been moved to a more suitable location on the Enterprise, and The Doctor has spent some time learning about this ship.

The Agents are from SWORD, and the best, and brightest. The ones with the most open minds willing to embrace all sorts of ideas. Hand picked by both Connie, the Ship's AI, and Jacob. 40 in total. Jacob and Connie are training them to rely on diplomacy as much as possible. But when push comes to shove how to use reasonable levels of force and Violence.

The Enterprise is a marvel, a fully integrated sentient AI helps govern the ship. Her Name Connie, apparently a Marvel in her own manages the ship and was built for the expressed purpose of helping Jacob. The Enterprise is not an Earth creation, or even from a parallel, but was built via a massive construction Facility. One that some 14 years ago JAcob telepathically interfaced with, and used it to create this vessel.

In truth Jacob could have constructed anything from a Star Destroyer, to a Super Star Destroyer even a Deathstar. But He chose this for a reason of peace and exploration.

At first she was very much stock, but as time went on Jacob modified her, reinforcing weak areas, and adding new Technology. Holotechnology, replicators.

The Facility that constructed her left no data, no where abouts of it's future locations after it jumped. But it is still out there.

The Tenth Doctor enters the room Jacob is in "You know, I must say" The Doctor says eating an apple "you have quite an impressive ship, and this AI of your is quite brilliant, i mean it's no TARDIS, but still quite impressive"

As JAcob looks up and then in a mock aggravation asks, "Don't you ever knock?" he says with a smile putting down the report and starts to Stand up and says.

"Coming from you that's High Praise, to be honest I'd be scared if she was a TARDIS. Just before the merger happened, she apparently had used her interface with your previous incarnation to get information on accessing the Time Vortex and Jumped several weeks in the past to the Nova Corp's home world to get help to battle Thanos. Impressive but Time travel gives me a headache. Literally. And too tempting to try and alter my own past." he says honestly.

Connie appears as a Holographic Projection in the room her appearance is similar to the standard uniform the crew wears. And I have to say stories of your expertise and skills, do not do you justice Doctor. Would you care for some Raktajino? Klingon Coffee? She asks. River seems to like it.

The Tenth Doctor looks to Connie and chuckles slightly "Sure why not":looks toward Jacob "So" a more serious expression appears on The Doctors face "After deliberating for a while I have decided if we can save Gallifrey, and at the very least contain the Daleks, we might just have a shot at not destroying the universe."

The Replicator will hum to life as two drinks appear with two Tarts as she says, Iccoberry tarts

Jacob comes to take the drinks and serve his guest. "Discounting the legends of by force or by choice you were made to destroy Gallifrey. If the information is accurate, then you may have found away to save it. I have a few ideas, I think what we need to do is find away to access Gallifrey in the pocket dimension. See what the situation is, if it was taken and held frozen in time at the exact end of the war. That single Moment in time gives us battle field supremacy. If we can move around free of the stasis effect. We could wipe out all Dalek ground forces in one blow the moment it is brought out."

The Tenth Doctor gladly takes the tart and coffee and takes a seat propping up his feat on the table "Well you might just be onto something there, but finding a way into that dimension will be no easy task, nigh on impossible, not to mention even if we do, there is no guarantee that time would be frozen,and as impressive as the Enterprise is, she would not be able to hold against the entire Dalek fleet." The Doctor says while sipping his coffee

"No Enterprise couldn't handle that. I don't think she could handle a single Dalek flying around outside for very long. I did build a BFG designed to take out single Daleks. But I only get three or four shots before I need to reload." he says and takes a Drink of his coffee.

"I remember a couple times when I needed to get into areas shielded by forcefields. I re-modulated my hand phaser, and personal shields with my tricorder to force the force-field to stay on one frequency long enough to allow me to slip through.

"There was something in another universe called the Guardian, some sort of time portal. Apparently it was it's own creation and it's own end. Various sources of fiction, hold it can not only travel time, know times flow, detect paradox, and then help correct them. But also travel to parallel universes and realities. The Parallon comes from a universe that has a version of it. but I'm not thrilled on the idea of reopening a breech, sorta like reopening an old wound."

"Well with all the fluctuations in the various time-streams around here it would be a dangerous prospect, however, it may be worth the risk, this so called Guardian may prove to be the key to accessing Gallifrey. Have you tried searching this universe for it's version of it?" The Doctor says while enjoying his tart

"I have thought about it, but no I haven't searched for it. Connie," he says and instantly on one of the holographic projections come to show a number of Star maps from star Trek various fictions that show a number of Locations of the Guardian, including star maps from the Parallon.

Conne smiles as she stands there. She is good are anticipating her captain's requests. You're Welcome.

Jacob simply smiles and chuckles as a he nods to his friend.

"In Lore If I am correct it is somewhere in this region in star trek." Pointing to some where between Federation and Klingon Territory. And over laying the map of our galaxy, if it slipped through the cracks of the merger. There is this area," And he points out, "That area I had a… time travel incident with a future counterpart of myself. Was fighting someone who wanted to kill me, so together we defeated him marooned him."

"Hm, I will run some scans from the TARDIS to see if I can detect any sort of temporal distortions, though with this universe there is quite a bit of interference." The Doctor says then taking another sip of his coffee "Now, maybe you can satisfy some of my curiosity, how exactly do you know so much about me, or the Daleks. Obviously you have met my younger self, but due to the nature of the universe we are in I have no memory of it, and normally I wouldn't ask for fear of somehow causing a paradox, but somehow, I don't think that will be a problem at the moment"

"Well When I was separated from the Star Raiders, the People who rescued me from the Weapon Makers after my abduction. Good people despite being pirates, little Violent, but they can be reasonable."

"I was trying to find my way to Earth once I couldn't locate them. I began accessing information from Skrull, Shi'ar, Kree Empires and loads of others. Apparently there is this legend and tales of this Man called The Doctor, well several men all calling themselves Doctor. Showing up, solving problems, saving lives. Some… more." And he turns his hand after setting his empty coffee cup down. "Darker less merciful. And I had Connie compile all the data available. And came up with a rough estimate of who and what he was. Which includes legends of the Time war."

"As for the Daleks, I heard legends of them, One showed up before I was separated from the Raiders, Pirate's Paradise, a hidden location known to many pirates where it's neutral grounds, sort of a if you want it, or need it. It's there, Sorta like know-where, only a lot… looser. The Dalek was someone's trophy, he under estimated it, it got loose. I'm sure you can image the results, but we eventually killed it."

The Tenth Doctor says, "Well then, it seems my reputation precedes me, for better or worse" he smiles and says "I'm sure your meeting with my previous self was interesting. Now, about getting to the universe the Parallon is from, what do you know about it, and would you be willing to risk it?""

With out hesitation he says, "Yes I would be willing to risk it. Despite my issues with their Captain's actions of Enslaving Elric, Captain Burke is locked up in secure Quarters on Enterprise until I can return them and him home to face charges." Jacob says. "Connie and I went through their Library, They hold the same guide lines and ethics that kept me strong on my own journey to find home. Their Prime directive, their willingness to render assistance."

"There are times I feel short of those standards, and other times it was the only thing that held my own wrath in check. The one time I failed was when I came across a planet that had suffered massive asteroid impacts, it looked like it had once held people. I found a second system destroyed in the same way, and a ION trail out of the system. I found some race playing pinball with the asteroid belts, knocking them around to try and cause impacts… I didn't get a name of them. But." And he turns from the Doctor…

"I understand, it's never easy, but sometimes you have to interfere to help those who cannot help themselves " The Doctor says while going over and placing a hand on Jacob's shoulder

Jacob nods as he smiles. "There were times I would stabilize a comet in a degrading orbit, but others like when a super volanco was going to erupt and shroud a planet in darkness exterminating all life. I let nature take it's course. After hearing your stories and legends," he looks right into the Doctor's eyes. "How tempted you have to be at times to decide to play god. Some call you a Devil, others an Angel. Not to me. I think I know exactly what you are."

The Tenth Doctor says, "Snd what do you think I am?""

"After seeing and reading the legends. The Doctor saving a race from a great evil, joined by his loyal companions. How many times have you been in the right place at the right time? How many times have you saved the universe?"

"You are Creation's Guardian, You are Time's Champion. For what ever reasons, what ever higher power." He says with a smile. "And the day you ever stop traveling, stop fighting, stop trying to do the right thing. Even if it fails… The universe will die."

The Doctor breathes a heavy sigh "You know, in all my countless years of travel, I don't think I have met anyone that has described me that well, and frankly, I'm not surprised it was someone like you, that has been through what you have, but you should understand, whereas you had to decide whether to interfere with something you saw happening, realize that that I have to make this decision everyday, it's how I see the entire universe. Every waking second, I can see what is, what was, and what could be. That's the burden us time lords bear Jacob, and I'm the only one left.

Jacob nods and smiles as he says, "In some ways we are similar, Wounded in our own ways. You the Time war, me I carry the pain of the dissections the Weapon Makers and having an editic memory," Jacob closes his eyes and needs to focus as he brings up the weapon makers the pain as clear to him as the day it was inflicted he changes the subject. "River explained some of it. To a point I agree with the Timelord's non interference policy. But there are times you can't sit back and do nothing. It's like how I advise SHIELD and SWORD, I just returned home. I'm not going to let them blow it up with some piece of alien doomsday machine." Then he stops and says, "Oh Shit… please not that thing…. Don't let that thing come through…"

"Doomsday machine eh? all of these villains naming things doom this,and killer that,or destroyer 9000, some things never change."The Doctor says "now what are these sword and shield, i'm assuming some sort of organization your working with?

In this Case Connie Brings up a Hologram of the Doomsday Machine that was referred to as well as the specs. A lot of the data is from Kirk's Era but a neutronium hull, and a beam of pure anti proton, that could most likely devastate a Dalek Fleet. "SHIELD Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, and SWORD Sentient World Observation and Response Department. The former is similar to UNIT as I am told by River you are an advisor, But more militaristic. Take charge do things their ways. I'm sort of a source of advice for them on salvaged alien tech."

"After the merger they salvaged a lot of tech as did criminal groups like Hydra, Born out of the World War II Nazis. They deal primarily with Earth based threats. SWORD is their Counterpart they deal with non terrestrial based issues. Of the two SWORD seems to me more… open minded. My crew for example, Hand picked by me and Connie From SWORD personnel. Eventually they will go on to train the next generation of Agents. And be the ones who deal with Formal interstellar relations so I am putting them through the paces, of exploration, and diplomacy."

"Just what the world needs more soldiers with guns doing things "their way" The Doctor says sarcastically "Maybe I will be able to contact SWORD though, if they are indeed as open minded as you say. It seems there are so many new people and groups to deal with now on earth, but you know what, I'm glad the first I met is one that I would be happy to call a friend" he says smiling at Jacob

Jacob laughs and nods, "You may take that back in the future. River said you have a fondness for Earth, Most of your companions are from Earth. I'm not as… awestruck or star struck having seen the universe, I think I met one of your future companions she was a bit awestruck with you. If I think your wrong I'll let you know it. If I have to break your nose to make that a point I will."

Turning serious he says, "But Joking aside, I would stand up to you, as much as I both respect and fear you, and want to call you friend. It's why I said you were wrong to leave Gallifrey If it is indeed trapped in a pocket Dimension. A lot of effort went into saving it from destruction and letting the universe think it was destroyed, if we don't try with everything we have to give. Then it is all for naught."

The Tenth Doctor takes a moment to consider Jacob's words "You know, I may just be able to deal with that, I'll be honest, not many that know who I am would stand up to me like that, and in that moment, you were right. However, don't think that one day I might not return the favor as it were." he says

As Jacob rubs the end of his nose, "Connie often times is able to help hold me back to see reasons. But if I am dead set in a course of action she can't really disobey me, until I cross certain lines. Such as oh wanting to wipe out an entire planet for example. She's got several standing orders such as when I am extremely pissed or angry, or acting completely out of character for myself."

Running his hand over the wall he says, "If you found me going to far I would expect it, you wouldn't be a friend otherwise. Like you I will live a long time, one of the side effects of the experiments performed on me. My cells function normally, but age at one tenth normal human rate. And assuming I don't have my end in a blaze of Glory, I'll be around, oh say a thousand years or so." He says.

Doctor, I may be the Ship's AI, and designed to help the crew learn, understand and care for the ship. JAcob has never treated me as nothing less than a person. She says with a smile.

The Tenth Doctor the doctor smiles"Glad to hear that Connie, and I'm glad that we have come to an understanding and found some common ground between us Jacob. For now though, I need to head back down to the TARDIS and check on Sam, he's been helping me with the repairs, he seems quite attached to the TARDIS for some reason. In exchange I have been helping him with your warp core design problem, impressive piece of machinery that, thanks to my help though when the design is finished it should out perform the Enterprise's own warp core." he says as he gets up to shake Jacob's hand before leaving

As he smiles and laughs at that, "Yeah I think he has a crush on her." he says and standing up to offer his hand, "I think his Cyberpathic abilities have something to do with that. He can actually get to know the Tardis for who she really is."

he offers, "Well I hope that you might help with some enhancements for Enterprise in the future. Sooner or later I will need to get her into a drydock somewhere safe for a serious overhaul and retrofit." he says "If you know a place Let me know."

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