2017-09-19 Blue Box on the Blue Moon
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Players: The_Tenth_Doctor Jacob
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Title: Blue Box on the Blue Moon

When the Doctor arrives on Enterprise, JAcob is not in his normal routine, and the reason is he
isn't is he is in Sickbay being treated for a plasma burn on his right arm. Seems some experiment
decided to blow up in his face. His shields only partly protected him, so right now he's laying on
his left side as his right arm under goes dermal regeneration.

The Doctor enters sickbay after being directed there by one of the crew members"Well now, your
looking a bit worse for ware arn't ya, what happened?" he ask
Gritting his teeth as the device is run over his arm as he says, "Oh I was doing a little bit of
testing on a Phase shift aligner, to see if I could open a small hole to subspace, and succeeded byt
there was a massive feedback power surge, and it kinda went kaboom on me in one of the labs." he
says as the burns slowly fade. "My own fault really, I got interested in the energy readings and my
reaction time was too slow to stop it." he says

~That and JAcob is not one who simply invents or tinkers anymore to simply see if he can
accomplish something anymore.~
Connie says.

The Doctor nods"trying to tear a hole in subspace, now why would you want to do that?"

As Jacob looks To The Doctor. Not the medic tending his arm. "See if we could perhaps get something
to help you with your project, without resorting to the Guardian. That thing Scares me. Speaking of
which reminds me. Do you know about the Blue area of the Earth yet?" he asks the Doctor as the Medic
finishes up with Jacob's Arm and says,

"Light duty, or I'll Confine you to bed here in sickbay."

The Doctor thinks for a moment"no I don't believe I have, what is it? also good news on that radiation signal
from gotham we were tracking the other day,the device was secured and turns out its effects were
being used by a human psychic who was leeching off the emotions of those created by the device in a
sort of drug den, luckily I was able to convince her to stop and got her some help" The Doctor tells

As he looks to the Doctor he smiles. "Oh what sort of help?" he says and as he gets his uniform out,
well a new one he winces as he will pull it on. "The Blue Area of the Moon is an aea that actually
has atmosphere and the remains of an alien Civilisation. As well as the Home of Uatu the Watcher."
he says and as he slides the uniform closes it up but leaves part of the flap down.

"And Uatu is exactly what he sounds like, A watcher who watches and records historical events. His
race apparently has a strict none interfearance polocy, so strict, that if a sentient was laying at
their feet dying begging for help, they won't provide it."

Then looking left and right, he comes closer to say, "He's the one who told me that. But considering
he told me that I get the impression he might bend those rules from time to time."
The Doctor says, "oh, I brought her offworld to an old friend of mine that specializes in reconstruction of
the mind she's in good hands. Now a area on the moon with an atmosphere that houses a ancient
recorder of history, that seems like someone I would like to meet." he ponders for a moment and then
smiles"you know I bet I would be like a celebrity to him""

"Well given your history, and future doesn't surprise me. Also I need to get with River and ask her
if she can put your incarnations in proper order for me. it'll make life easier." he says for
himself and then he asks, "So shall we use the transporters or the TARDIS?" he asks "I been down
there plenty of times, and still amazes me." he says "Stop one would be to grab you an EVA suit,
just incase something happens to the atmosphere. An ounce of precaution is worth a moment or two
being spared a total vaccum." he says

The Doctor thinks for a moment"why don't we take the TARDIS, if this guy does know me, I won't
be surprised if he would want to see it. In regards to other versions of me, the one you have met is
the 7th incarnation of my self and i'm the 10th."
Jacob nods, and with a smile, "will you have an 11th incarnation? Cause if so, and I can get him and
seven in the same room, I can greet them as Seven, Eleven." he says making a bad pun. And he says,
"Let me grab a tool kit Tricorder and Hand Phaser. And before you complain, it's as much a tool as
your Sonic Screwdriver. I don't kill unless I feel at that point there is absolutely no other option.
And believe me it takes a lot to get there. I would rather hand it and never need it then need it
and not have it."

And of course getting the tools and items in question won't be hard. The TARDIS is in Engineering
lab, and those labs do have the proper tools and such, including those hand phasers.
You say, "firstly yes,I will have an 11th regeneration, barring any unusual circumstances at least,
secondly, that is a horrible pun and you should feel bad, puns are the lowest form of humor, well on
Earth at least, and thirdly,I understand using something like that as a tool, honestly my sonic
could be used as a weapon depending on the circumstances."
jacob nodding as he says looking at the TARDIS, "Well if I get bopped I'll deserve it, no I don't feel
bad in the least." As he looks over the Tardis, "Well You are known for never carrying a weapon. So
The Last time I was on Seven's TARDIS, Connie and she had a conversation. And Connie used the
information combined with the scans of River using her Vortex Manipulator to acccess the Time vortex.
.. and later several universes Merged." and he waits for the Doctor to properly invite him in.

Also grabs for the Doctor on of his EVA suits.

The Tenth Doctor waves his hand at the suit"no need I have my own inside" The doctor says as he
opens the door"come on in"

Setting down the suit he will come inside and look around and says. "You've redecorated. I don't
like it. I think I prefered your Seventh incarnation's But I assume your tastes change with each new
body."" he says and then looking around and swallows hard.

The Tenth Doctor begins to prep the TARDIS for flight and says"you know I said the same thing when I
saw his,far too open that version" he notices Jacob looking a bit off"are you alright? you seem
nervous or something
as he says, "Oh Remember when I said I get a head ache when I travel time. I said litterally. Went
through with River and her way and I had a headache during the battle for earth and the Merger." he
says and moves to sit down so he won't get too dizzy through the trip through the Vortex.

The Doctor says, "well lucky for you we won't be going through time, just space" as he smiles and
yells"Allons-y!" as the TARDIS begins to make it's way towards the moon"

As the Tardis moves through space he seems to wince a little as they will find themselves on the
moon in the blue Area. And of course the Tardis reads the advanced Alien technology, the atmosphere,
and the age. Tens of thousands of years old. Including some technology, that is still very much
active. There is also an energy signature close to the tardis the likes of which the Doctor has
never seen. And it is Alive.

"When I found the place, I did some investigation, whcih was where I discovered the Watcher's Palace
. I thought the Shi'ar, Kree, and Skrull had some advanced technology…" he says

"Welcome to the Blue area of the Moon Doctor." and he will allow the Doctor first glimpse of the
area. And of course he remembers the Rule to close the TARDIS door behind him when he leaves.

After stepping off into one of the other rooms of the TARDIS to grab his suit The Doctor follows
Jacob out onto the lunar surface and says "Well this should be fun eh, do you know what this energy
signature may be? It reminds me of the TARDIS"

As Jacob looks over the console and says, "Looks similar to the Watcher's Palace but I haven't seen
it before no." and then he smiles as he starts to disembark. The air is cold when the pair step out,
he looks around and smiles as he doesn't seem to notice anything off. But There are two large feet
in sandles, one on each side of the TARDIS, and coming up, The Doctor can see the large massive
humanoid, with Eyes that glow and shine with neigh infinate energies and knowledge and wisdom. His
face is impassive and neutral. the Large Bald head as he holds his cloak over his arm.

"Greetings Time Lord." the figure says. "I have shielded his eyes. No harm shall come of your
companion, but he can not percieve me or our words."

This being might vvery well give the Doctor a memory of the White or Black guardian. Perhaps someone
in between.

The Tenth Doctor stares up at the large being"well,I wasn't expecting this,hello I'm The Doctor,and
you would be?

JAcob doesn't seem to notice the Watcher or the Doctor talking to him, it's almost as if he's semi
frozen, a mere moment of time for the two beings to converse. "Uatu, the Watcher." he says "This
system is my home, I use it to watch this galaxy and record all that I see."

You say, "Nice to meet you, it's strange though, my companion here Jacob seemed to indicate that you
two had met before,he's the reason I learned that you were here actually, so why would you prevent
him from seeing you?"
"In time he would have discovered my home, and me. As you have in the past and will in the future.
Your protectiveness of Earth through your regenerations is well known to me. As you have no memory
of our previous encounters of them. It prevents… unpleasantness from occuring." he says and
stepping around the Tardis he slowly starts to Shrink down inside to the height of the Time Lord.
Standing at Equal height to the Time lord. "You no doubt have questions, I am permitted to answer a
few, by my people without breaking my oath of none interferance."
The Doctor says, "well, if you don't mind me asking, where do your people come from and why are you
monitoring history?"
"Billions of years ago, my people once believed it was our duty to help the universe's less advanced
races. In their first such experiment, proposed by Ikor my father, a delegation of four brought
atomic energy knowledge to the planet Prosilicus. The Prosilicans accepted the gift, but used it to
develop nuclear weapons and engaged in an auto-genocidal war. Ashamed of their actions, the Watchers
vowed never again to interfere in the affairs of other race."

"Ikor drafted a code of ethics based upon strict noninterference and passive observation which was
so strict that if another being were dying at a Watcher's feet, the Watcher would offer no aid. With
their new code established, the Watchers evacuated their home-world and relocated throughout the
galaxies, each Watcher choosing a star system where they could observe and mentally record the lives
of other races for the purpose of eventually sharing it with their fellow Watchers."

"When this Universe dies, and we are all that is left, we shall store our knowledge and pass on all
we know unto the next."
The Tenth Doctor thinks on this info for a moment"Reminds me somewhat of the Timelords. Do you know
anything about this universe merger?
The Watcher says, "That it was not our doing. A great threat, and to counter it, a great power
decided many must join as one or all the multiverse would perish."

The Tenth Doctor nods"as I landed here I picked up readings that were similar to the TARDIS was that
you I was picking up or some other technology you have here?
"Both and Neither." he says speaking in riddles. "I am allowed to say this one last thing. The
threat to the Multiverse is beyond what could be if the Time lords and Daleks united as allies."
The Doctor says, "well, if that is that last thing you are willing to tell me, I must say it was an honor to
meet you" The Doctor holds out his hand"
The Watcher offers a hand shake slowly carefully. Of course the Doctor will get a sense from it the
Watcher has a fondness for Earth as well.

And then the Watcher Fades and vanishes.

"So Doctor, What is your first thoughts of the area?" Jacob asks as it seems that no time has passed
. Perhaps it was all just in the mind of the Doctor.
The Tenth Doctor stares into the distance for a moment"oh, I think it's quite impressive
As the Area is cool and breezy, wind of all things as the dust blows through the area as Jacob says.
"I don't think anyone's been here for thousands of years, well I have. And I found possibly what
could be a computer center but the machines are old and I am having trouble coaxing any information
out of them."
The Doctor says, "well why don't you give me the grand tour since you have been here before, lead on my

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