2017-09-18 Drug Den Doctor
This scene is rated pg-13
Warning: Drug den
Players: The_Tenth_Doctor, Jacob
GMed by Jacob
Title: Drug Den Doctor

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For the most part Jacob's been willing to play host to the Doctor in this strange new world. After all when the merger happened several alternate realities merged into one and no doubt that has caused all sorts of issues, but for someone who has seen almost everything? Perhaps there would be something new to experience as Jacob explains.

"Gotham has it's own set of Vigilantes. The main one is called The Batman. Someone who dressed up in a bat outfit, skulks around like a ninja, scares the absolute HELL out of the various criminal elements. To my knowledge Rumors rage form him crippling people to drinking their blood like a Vampire. Though to be honest Police reports I scan and read no confirmed fatalities. Seems he has a very very strong moral against killing, but is a very aggressive, personality, one who relies on intimidation and terror. So… He might not respond kindly to you trying the same."

He tells the Doctor. Dressed in a black military like uniform, he wears sunglasses as it is day time out and of course they are linked to both his Armor and tricorder so he can scan the area for odd energy signatures, tech etc.

The Doctor has been enjoying his time touring the new Earth with Jacob, as since this apparent merger there have been many changes to the Earth that the Doctor once knew. "This The Batman character seems like quite an interesting character, I can appreciate those who go for a non-lethal solution, i just might have to meet him some day" The Doctor says

"Another you might be interested in is Kal-El, Last son of Krypton. Apparently his planet was about to die, or explode, and he was sent to earth as a baby. Good man. Called Superman, Home Base is Metropolis. Incredible powers, super strength, invulnerability, self flight, speed, and a host of others. I think he is off planet helping with something."

And then he smiles and makes a motion to a small side cart selling hotdogs and food he says, makes and order, far larger than he could eat himself. And once he has the food being ordered will tell the vendor where to deliver the food he's ordered. And once he has a moment to speak privately to the Doctor he says, "SHIELD Agents, 7 O'clock behind us. I do this once in a while to annoy them." he says Chuckling.

"As much as I don't like dealing with them. Playing by their rules is… important. I had to tell them about you. I also told them you are not someone they want to piss off. So I think for the time being they are observing from a distance." he says. And then he stands still and is looking around the area, "Would you mind scanning for a possible Alien energy source, confirm my readings Doctor?"

Thankfully with the Merger, weirdness is common place in the World.

The Doctor discreetly takes out his sonic as the SHIELD agents are being distracted and begins scanning the area. "hm, well your right that it is alien, but I can't quite get a fix on what it is, some sort of radiation though, could be harmful."The Doctor says after examining the readouts of his sonic "Now, about you telling SHIELD about me, I won't deny I'm a bit upset about that, but I understand why you would have to, honestly though, they probably would have found out about me eventually anyways, let's just hope they don't cause me any trouble. Any idea if they work with, or know about UNIT?" he continues to say as he leads them towards the source of the energy

Jacob coming back after dealing with the Shield Agents he says, "I have one of two choices, I leave Earth for the next fifty years and don't come back. Or some Co-operation with them. I would Imagine they know of UNIT, chances are they know of them. Work with them, how closely I don't know." he says and then smiles. "One of their Agents is Captain America, WWII Super Soldier. Down to earth, good nature, uses an indestructible Shield, as a non lethal weapon. Throws it like a boomerang, acts like a pinball."

Pulling out his tricorder as he starts to scan the area more actively. Drinking a Soda as he says, "Could split up do a Triangulation?" he offers the Doctor.

The Shield Agents are of course naturally a little annoyed at the sudden meal.

The Doctor laughs and says"Captain America ey? I swear where do they come up with this stuff." he continues saying "hm,not a bad idea, could probably give them SHIELD agents the old slip too"

Jacob Smiles at the Doctor as he is well good at reading people and he will start to head off down the street putting the sensitivity up on his tricorder before he re pockets it. And begins to move off. As for the Doctor, the energy is weak as it leaks through subspace to effect the are around it.

Which means it is poorly shielded and close by, or very powerful and far away. Given the need to triangulate it, it is most likely the former. Of course the Agents were watching and instead of Jacob they to start to talk the Doctor more covertly in his general direction. Not on a direct intercept yet."

The Doctor begins to track the signal, following the trace and checking in with Jacob to keep up to date of his status. He also keeps track of the SHIELD agents tracking him,and then ducking around a corner and putting on a perception filter and then continuing on to track the signal

Of course when the Doctor Ducks around the corner and the agents loose track of him they are suitably annoyed. But it allows Jacob to also loose his agent and such, Shield will gripe, complain. But Let's face it, they don't need access to the Doctor's tech. They'll argue someone as dangerous as him needs constant watching.

Still The Doctor is able start homing in on the signal as he can feel the energy, not lethal, or dangerous. But it is somewhere in the back allies behind a Door of some sort. One of the old storm cellar style doors.

The Doctor begins to search through various back alley storm doors,or any others doors that might hold the source. After around 10 minutes have passed he believes he has found the source of the signal and calls up Jacob to tell him where to meet up at.

Jacob signals the Doctor he is being followed. The Shield agents figure that Jacob might very well re locate with the doctor. So The Doctor is on his own. The Door has a simple padlock on it. The kind that is brand new which doesn't fint the old rusted look of the shelter.

Being Day time Batman won't be out for several hours unless it is a threat that endangers all of Gotham.

Nothing special but the signal is strongest down there.

The Tenth Doctor uses his sonic to easily open the padlock and carefully begins his descent into the basement

the Lock pops open without a hitch, as the drain opens up. And What the Doctor is greeted with smells like an opiod den, musty, heavy with scents, and of course.Inside the train is new, apparently refurbished, as the inside of the doors is lined with a metal, lead if scanned.

And the stairs are carefully lit and maintained. The Sounds of someone moaning out in the distance. Not of pain but of pleasure.

The energy is stronger now, still not dangerous as there is a bit of a network of tunnels, as one big burly looking mutant, one who appears to have a rock like skin texture stands at a door from around the corner.

The Tenth Doctor starts making his way around the guard whilst still doing his best to track the signal, he is confident (at least at the moment) that the perception filter will keep him hidden from the guards sight

Of course Mutants can be a number of types, this one has developed a mutation that has turned his body into an organic stone like structure very hard to hurt, if not neigh impossible. He may not be the brightest bulb, but h will smile when some people start walking down from the hallway, apparently some moderately wealthy people from how they are dressed, five or six. So what's one more added to their ranks as the move past the Doctor's side hall ignoring or not noticing him.

Thanks to The Perception Filter and if he followed the group the is lead to the door and the guard nods as he reachs down to grab hold of a very large handle and lifts, as the sound of stone grating on stone is heard. And he pulls open what looks like a wall section, that must weight like fifteen tons easy and is three foot thick metal reinforced.

Once inside the area serves as an airlock as the outer door is closed, and then the inner door opens.

Inside the sound of music is felt and heard lights flashing in a disco strobe like effect.

People lounging around just seemingly in a state of euphoria.

For the humans here they instantly get giddy and one of them notices the doctor as the woman turns around and grabbing hold of his face to kiss him right on the lips. Then after the breif kiss she says, "Find me in the red rooms, maybe we can have fun!" she says and starts to get into heading inside.

The radiation is permeating the area, effecting the pleasure centers of the brain, like a form of heroine, causing a speed up in the production of Dopamine. The energy signature is close down here. A number of guards in what looked like hazard suits seem to be modestly protected as one seems to get a little giddy, and is taken out by his companions to get him away from the source of the energy. Somewhere in a 50 foot radius of what is now clearly a bomb shelter from the cold war.

The Doctor, as he enters the room with the group, realizes the radiation is beginning to effect him, but not near to the extent the humans in the room are.(somewhat like a good alcoholic buzz) he begins to roam around the room, attempting to be discreet as he keeps tracking the possible source of the radiation, though finding it more difficult in his current state

As the scan commences The Doctor can locate it, as there appears to be a door, that is locked nice and securely. There are no guards but the metal on it shows it is intended to help shield the area from out side. A few people are eventually picked up and carried out when they clearly start to get too relaxed.

And then one of the people in the hazmat suits comes up to the Doctor, "Have a seat, enjoy your self, we'll take you out when your time's up." he says. The Suit allows him to operate down her as they at least seem to be helping to move some people out of the walk ways. Apparently the filter is not working all that well any more.

The Tenth Doctor begins to lazily stumble towards the red hallway and keeping an eye out for the women from before

As the Doctor moves into the Red rooms apparently there is a curtain inside as he can see why it is called the redroom, it's more for cuddling and more intimate areas and things But The Doctor can feel it, it is closer to the energy source, a door on the far end.

The Woman who sees him reaches up and then tries to grab hold of his arm to pull him down to join her, "Oh I knew you'd come…" she says

The Door has a slit into it and it seems to open a bit as there is a reddish glow inside and the Doctor can feel it, as the energy spikes the wave of light intoxication is there. Getting stronger. But the Light was the source of the energy apparently the Red room is for higher doses.

"well, I would never want to disappoint a lady" The Doctor says as he sits down with her

as she comes over to more or less try and Drap her self over his chest arching her back almost like a cat. "So first time here my good Sir?" she asks running her hand over his chest feeling his heart beat or trying to and then she giggles and says, "I must be here longer than I though, Feels like you have two heart beats!"

The Tenth Doctor laughs and says"i think maybe you have been down here longer than you though" he looks at her for a moment and says "you know what i feel like doing" he then pulls her up with him "dancing! I havn't danced in forever!" he begins to slow dance with her, and slowly leading them towards the back door

The Dancing Doctor as she giggles and allows her to be pulled up moaning out as she says, "Oh yes you wild Tiger, Oh!" and the sensation of ovement as she gets closer and closer to the door makes the reading more and more intense. Of course someone, one of the guards comes in and then notices the pair as they warn, "Don't geet too close to the door." and they will carry someone out who clearly is almost catatonic checking vitals and helpong them to be escorted out. The place may be like a drug den, but they don't want people to die down here. Bad for business.

The Tenth Doctor continues dancing with the woman but not straying too close to the door but keeping her closer so the effects of the radiation increase, then bringing her over to a nearby sofa and making out with her hoping that the she will soon be in such a lucid state that he will be able to escape her and sneak into the back door when there are no guards in the room

it doesn't take too long before she is amost like Jelly, a stuipor is over her face as she is laid on the sofa and soon the door slot closes as people seem to slowly adjust to the lower energy. It's not a sudden shut but it creeps down slowly cutting down the flow of energy but in the end she and the Doctor are close to the door as it appears deadbolted and locked from the other side.

The Tenth Doctor checks for any guards and when the coast is clear attempts to use his sonic to unlock the door

The Guards are not here, and thankfully the Bolts are just screwed in, and finally they will pop the bolt outs as the door can be opened. Once three the door the Doctor can see an alien device that has a crack in it, and inside is a glowing red light. The room is filled with Lead lined with various other sheet metal to help contain it.

The Cell is providing energy to a generator, so it keeps the place powered but also, nice and giddy as a Voice comes and says, "You are not human." she says as a human woman comes up perhaps 20 or so, pale white skin like chalk, black hair, as she tries to start probing the mind of the time lord.///

The Doctor puts up a defense against the psychic probe of his mind and looks at the woman while keeping his distance and says"well neither are you, so it seems we have some common ground ey?"

the Woman walks around with the energy Cell between them as she says. "I was very much human until I became a mutant." Her voice cold, emotionless, hard. I developed Psychic powers, and at the cost lose the ability to feel anything. Hate, love, joy, sadness. Instead I have to experiance those emotions from those around me." she says.

"I assume you are hear to reclaim this device. I will not allow that." she says stating fact.

"welllll, you can't just have an alien device emitting a tone of radiation and not expect it to attract some attention" The Doctor says smiling "but to say i'm here to reclaim it wouldn't exactly be accurate"

As the woman stops and once more jabs at his mind attempting to probe his mental defenses as she has no intention of loosing something that allows her to feel such wonderful emotions. "I am causing no harm her they do not want. And I keep them from dying. What are you doing here if not to reclaim it?"

The Tenth Doctor says, "well you see, to reclaim this device would mean it would have belonged to me in the first place, i just happened to be strolling along and detected the radiation and decided to investigate. However, you say you can no longer feel anything and have to take it from others? well, maybe i can help with that""

As she once more Tris to force her way into the Time Lord's mind this time much more aggressively wanting to know what he knows. "And how do you think you could accomplish that?" She says asking a firm honest question but she is nearing the controls. The radiation doesn't seem to effect her one bit. Would make sense, making a drug den like this, and use it to feed on the emotions around her, but clearly she is not effected.

The Tenth Doctor says, "well, given some time to perform some research and test, I may be able to reverse the adverse effects of your mutation, or if that fails, possibly relocate you to a place where you could be given the ability to experience the emotions of others without having to leech off of those in a drug den fueled by alien technology" meanwhile in his mind The Doctor is aware that his defenses are weakening but is prepared for when she will break through "you know I would really appreciate it if you would stop trying to break into my mind, but if you must persist, I warn you, you won't like what you may find"

Being Logical of course the side effect of no emotions. She is not one for lies, simply thinks, and asks. "If you present me evidence that you could acomplish this without deception…." And he assault seems to pause. She doesn't entirely know what he is or how powerful… but still. "I will consider your offer. But none here can do so without a mutant suppression collar that turns us into slaves. While is suppresses my telepathy it doesn't restore my emotions."

The Tenth Doctor says, "well, why I can't give you proof of a solution to your exact problem, I would be willing to share a few memories of others I have solved in the past, and what resources I have to solve your problem "

She narrows her eyes and then slowly she will touch his mind with hers as she says, "Then share." is her response she is interested and curious. To see if he can indeed make good on a serious attempt to help her.

The Tenth Doctor begins to share memories of the many people he has helped in the past and a few glimpses of higher technologies that he has used (not including the TARDIS)

As she sees the images her Mind latches onto them inspecting them searching making sure that the details are there that it is not the fabrication of some powerful psychci mind. But she can already sense that he is telling the truth and she inspects them long and indetail as she conseeds that he is telling the truth. "Impressive. I will accept you help." she says. "But I will need time to allow those here to finish their sessions, it would cause a shock to their systems that could be harmful. And it is illogical to harm them without reason." she says.

The Tenth Doctor nods"of course,I assume you understand that by agreeing to my help you will hand over the device so it does not fall into the wrong hands or be used for harm?

She tilts her head and says, "Agreed."

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