2017-09-28 The Doctor, Jacob, and a core
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Players: The_Tenth_Doctor Jacob
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Title: The Doctor, Jacob, and a core

Going over the final checks for the Core of the Parallon David's asked the Tenth doctor to speak
with him about the Parallon and in particular about it and not wanting Sam to find out for personal

The Doctor, after receiving Jacob's message arrived on the Parallon in engineering "nice to see you
again Jacob, so what exactly did you want to ask me about?"

As David looks over the Core he smiles. "Ah What's up Doc?" he says having a Carrot of all things
he's muching on and says, "Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyway I need a little help with a personal
project. When we tried to recode the PArallon's Core, I tried to put a back door into the Core that
would let me disable the ship without needing to fire and damage it. Sam Locked that out because he
considered me to be too personal. If the Parallon's crew decides to liberate their captain, My ship
will be at a serious disadvantage. I have done what I could to minimize those vulneribilities. But
they are still there."

The Doctor say's "hm, well that seems quite a conundrum you have there, i assume you want me to make some
other way to disable the core that sam couldn't find? or do you just want my opinion on whether you
should go behind sam's back?"

Jacob says, "I was hoping you could help me rig something that he won't find. Just to take her
engines, shields and weapons off line. Nothing else. chances are they will go through the codes line
by line. I just want to disable it without firing a shot. "

"I suppose I could rig something up, but i'm curious why sam wouldn't agree to allow you to do this,
seems like he would be all for saving lives, though, I can understand not wanting you to exclusively
have that power over the ship." The Doctor says as he begins working on the core

As he steps back and says, "Well I have to admit that might be it. But I had to admit that the idea
of getting some data on their weapons like quantum torps and tricobalt devices has crossed my mind
more than once. You read the files I gave you from their library, there would be complications. Mind
you I would only use such for defense." he says and leans back.

As The Doctor continues work on the core he says"remind me, does Sam work for SHIELD or another
organization? if so that could be why he wouldn't want to you control this ship. Also is there any
sort of security system on this ship, or AI like the one on your ship? could be watching us you
know" The Doctor is in the hardware of the core and appears to be inserting some sort of device

"More on comission, sorta like a consultant." he says and smiles. "Oh That would involve him getting
through Connie."

And with a smile Connie appears as she says. And he wouldn't be the first one attempt to over ride
my core processes.

"Nice to see you again Connie, all processes operating at peak efficiency I hope" The Doctor says
with a smile as he replaces the panel on the core and tosses a small device to Jacob"And there you
have it just hit that button 3 times within 2 seconds and all ship system will be shutdown except
for life support and other essential systems"

Jacob nods and smiles as he says. "Thanks. This could save alot of lives."
The Doctor say's "And thats the only reason I did it, wern't you going to attempt to get this ship back to
it's home universe anyways?"

Jacob nods and smiles "Yes I have every intent, it can't stay here." Connie is different, //Unlike
the Parallon I can command the entire ship on my own and avoid being taken over. The Parallon gets
boarded by say AIM or Hydra."

The Doctor say's "So tell me more about the former captain, I assume since you are worried about the crew
freeing him, he is locked up in the ships brig, and I could further guesse that at least some of the
crew do not agree that he should have been locked up"

Jacob says, "Oh Basically from what I was able gather in a nut shell is that the Ships Core was
designed around Elric. I think from what the captain told me they found elric floating in an alien
shuttle and when they dis connected him all he would say is Error. So they took him to a ship yard
where they began to refit the Parallon with him as the central computer core. The only core. And of
course when they got out, and it started to malfunction and Elric when into distress. In a nutshell
the captain violated his rights as a sentient being, and enslaved him."

The Tenth Doctor nods"well hopefully he wont cause any trouble.well if all you wanted was for me to
rig up the core, I suppose I should be going, unless you had something else you wanted"

As he thinks and says, "No I don't think so. And Thanks Doctor. Hope to see you again soon."

"Always a pleasure" The doctor says as he returns to the TARDIS

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