2017-10-03 Plans, designs and secrets
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Players: Jacob River_Song Samuel The_tenth_doctor
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Title: Plans, Designs, and Secrets

The advantage of having an AI friend like Connie? She can do boring, tedious computations, without actually getting bored. "Okay…so…assuming that the timelike axis is what I was expecting, the impact of the…hrm." River walks around a hologram full of equations, clearly focused on it…and, incidentally, she forgot dinner.

To be honest Jacob is an engineer, not a temporal physicists, this stuff is a little beyond his full understanding he gets the gist of it. And knowing that Connie has alerted him to the fact she hasn't eaten, he comes in with a plate of all things, Jumbo Romulan mussels, and for dessert a Romulan Osal twist. Very tart from what he knows and he loves tart things. "Ok Break time, you haven't eaten and I am sure you need food to power that brain of yours." he says

"You're right. I haven't." River steps back from the hologram. "Thank you." Romulan food…well, Jacob's been experimenting lately. River doesn't generally seem to mind.

Jacob has always loved sampling new and exotic dishes. A sign of open mindedness, willing to try new things. Not that he hasn't had it bite him in the ass more than onces. And he sits down to sample it the food and looking over the timelike Data he is trying to make sense of it. I know what Sam and the Doctor said about the Dyson sphere, I still think it would work. Plant a construction seed far back in time, find a couple of binary stars that have been ejected out of a galaxy and boom put them together." he says.

"The problem is," River sits down, reaching for mussels, "The tidal and gravitic effects of the double stars insert a spin instability. I'm not saying dyson spheres around binary systems are completely impossible, but…"

Jacob nods as he listens to River and will set his idea a side for a long time, "yeah the main issues is the gravity, and I am assuming the stars are of two different masses and density?" he asks and as he bites into the chewy flesh of the mollusk, andd he sips some of the Kali-fal, a romulan drink known for being aromatic and opening the senses. "oh well it was interesting."

River nods. "Connie, show simulation binary dyson…" She rattles off a couple of numbers. "This is how you make it work, but as you can see, it involves not completing the sphere. Given the amount of energy from a binary, if you're using a dyson sphere for the traditional purposes, you don't lose much. Using one to hide the system, though…"

Jacob nods as he looks to it and says. "Yeah I can see the issues. And in a dead cold area of space, any sort of energy escaping, would be a dead give away something is there." Leaning back and Jacob thinks for a moment. "What about the Crusible? The Facility that constructed Connie? Think it might be worth taking a look at see what it can actually do construction wise? It was the size of a solar system."

"I thought you mislaid it," River says, simply. "Not sure I should go anywhere near it," she adds with amusement. Really, letting a pilot like her near something which telepathically builds ships?

How many engineers does it take to design a warp core? Perhaps in three hundred years or so that kind of question will be the start of a very old joke, but right now the answer seems to be 'one very overworked teenaged mutant'. Even for Sam Stark the challenges involved were vast, almost insurmountable… until, naturally, they were surmounted.

Design and initial construction behind him, finally the boy could start to explore the ship properly, wandering blithely into Astrometrics without as much as a 'by your leave'. And he seems to ignore the picnic going on as well. Over the past two weeks or so, Sam's social skills have gotten progressively worse.

as he looks to River and smiles as he says, "I didn't miss lay it it Jumped through subspace when it was fired upon. Took some friends of mine with it. And I would very much like to know what happened to them. I know where it was, and when it was. Which gives them a chance to handle it before Jacob first showed up." For the most part Enterprise is a near perfect reproduction of the Movie era ship. Schematics, deck layout, granted Jacob has had fourteen years to add improvements. Including reinforcing structurally vulnerable areas and areas where she could be disabled in a sneak attack. But she does have an auto repair system that can repair most damage over time.

He has also added a Replicator system, holodecks, and a few other things.

The Crew seems more over seeing the operation of the ship learning the systems, and being put through various training simulations. Training them for the next generation of teachers in space exploration. The BEST and most open minded of SWORD.

Connie has also done her best to make sure that Samual has time to take a break from his constant work.

"Ah Sam, how goes the build?" he asks.

Sam, apparently, gets antisocial when overworked. River, in some ways, gets more social. "You can't go there, then, not before you were there the first time. Unless…" River tails off. "Time is *funky* these days. I don't like it."

Without Connie, it would be safe to say Sam would have worked himself to death quite some time ago. As it is, all incoming messages to his phone and other devices are being discreetly blocked just to make sure he can actually have some time to himself without feeling guilty about it.

"Hm? Oh, it's going…" and he turns around, instantly back into work mode

"… very well at the moment. The initial framework has been installed and the intermix chamber is nearly complete. Then we're just down to the crystal armature and the control matrices. We can have it done in about six days, three if we push it." 'We'… Connie is now considered a partner, it seems. It's only now that he sees the food, the drink, and a few somewhat atrophied neural pathways click. "Sorry, was I interrupting?"

"I don't want to go, because time travel gives me a literal headache." he says and then offers the large tray of the jumbo mollusks to Sam. "Let's take ten day on it. We are dealing with a Fail dangerous material. I would rather not risk a detonation." Jacob knows full well the dangers of antimatter containment. If the Core's construction is rushed, even something that something minute is off kilter.


"Oh no we were just discussing the idea of possible seeking the Crusible out to see what it could actually do construction wise." Of course Jacob informed Samuel that it was the facility that built Connie from his memory engrams.

"In that case…" Jacob, River is starting to think, has a corrupted attunement to the vortex. Something's wrong there. It's not something she has any clue how to fix, though. "And join us, Sam, you probably have been as bad at eating as me."

For a moment Sam just looks at the food, then glances at his watch and sees the message flashing on its relatively small screen. A not-so-subtle reminder from his past self and Connie that he hasn't eaten for the amount of time elapsed shown. Mollusc or not, the boy takes one and chows down. "I don't know what you plan on doing with something like that, to be honest. Unless you plan on making a solar system spanning Dyson sphere, but I thought I'd explained already why that's not gonna work."

"Not entirely, my idea is to see what it can actually do. I know it can make ships. It can jump through Subspace. We don't know what else it can do. Little bit of modification if possible might allow us do do something, anything. I been working on a few other ideas as well. Reviewing some information on Star trek TNG, There was an episode where a planet had been cloaked and hidden from the galaxy," and then JAcob opens his eyes and slams his fist down. "I have it."

"Connie New model," And Jacob begins to work on a number of devices and equations, putting together a system that can envelop an entire system in a sort of temporal cloaking device, one that shifts the entire solar system out of temporal phase by one half second. Which would result in the entire area being invisible. The planet would be there, but there would be no structures, no people. Nothing to interact with and with so much temporal energy on the planet it would interfere with anyone's temporal sensors.

"Hrm. You need to correct for the high level of temporal inertia the world possesses, otherwise it's going to soak some of your energy here and here." River points. With a mussel, as that's what's currently in her hand. "This riffs off of Samuel's original plan…"

"Not a bad plan." Sam allows, giving River a smile before turning his intellect to the proposal at hand. "Certainly has the advantage that they can come and go as they please rather than trapping them out of phase." Which was what he had proposed back then. "But how do we know they won't simply restart the war themselves? I mean, we're focusing on stopping them from being destroyed, but they're just as likely to destroy the others, aren't they?"

"Yes it is River, it is based off of Samuel's idea but it won't leave them trapped for ever. And if we put the right relays at these points" and he puts the system up as it reflects the energy from the star into a lattice that then forms a spider web of energy and then when activated, poof the system phases out of local space time.

"According to what I understand is that Gallifrey is frozen in a single moment of time in a pocket dimension.

"This is the key point. IF we can access it, and move around freely dispute the time stasis, it gives us absolute battlefield supremacy. Wipe out all enemy ground forces, One attack. All their attackers are gone And we can dismantle his plan to rip the time vortex apart. And when we re materialize the planet phase it out, we take Rassilon and the high council at gun point. Making sure that the Doctor is there to assume leadership. Rassalon might be immortal, but I have a few ideas on how to neutralize him."

"The other half of the plan is to make sure everyone who can stomps the Daleks any time they rear their cockroach-like…well, Daleks don't have heads, but you get the picture." River's tone is grim. Then she turns to Jacob. "No. That's how it became the Time War in the first place. We do NOT use time travel in that way." She's speaking for the Doctor on this one.

"I won't even go into the conservation of energy argument on this one." Sam mentions as he helps himself to another mollusc. They may not be his favorite food, but he hasn't eaten in far too long. He'd have eaten sprouts at this point… "What I'm worried about is, even if we manage to save them from the final battle, and phase them out of time enough so that they appear invisible, what's to stop a Cyber ship from blowing up their suns? Daleks are a pain but they can be deceived." Absolute certainty in that statement, as if he's dealt with them before. "But the moment we build anything resembling any kind of phase shifting technology that's powerful enough to shift a

As he thinks and relaxes as he says, "As for Rassilon River, I wasn't planning to use time travel to deal with him like that. As a rule more advanced the technology more vulnerable to primitive attack. The issue is from what I understand Rassilon is he's from a time when Gallifrey wasn't stagnate." and then he looks around and says, "In the Star wars fiction the Maw was a collection of black holes that shielded an installation used to develop superweapons. It would keep the energy contained." he says.

"I have had to deal with a few self proclaimed immortal warlords who said they couldn't be killed. I may not have killed them, but I made it damn hard for them to come back."

"I meant the entire using the time lock tactically. That *would* start it all up again." She eats the mussel, setting the shell to one side. "Rassilon…was a great man. What has happened, I don't know. Engineering black holes is dangerous." She's answering all of the thoughts in, practically, one sentence. Typical.

Time travel, tactics, the ethics of using ever increasing technology to overpower an enemy… Sam keeps quiet through it all. There's a reason he's no longer a passenger on a TARDIS, but hasn't actually dwelled on that reason for years. Now though… there's a good chance it'll be relevant again. And that must absolutely be avoided. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely…"

Jacob continues to work on his plan and schematic adjusting, tweeking it. "Ah that's the beauty. The time lords would need to maintain it themselves, but they could go anywhere and time they want. Even interact with various times. As for the Daleks, one thing at a time. I have a few ideas for that but…"

"Cybermen aren't *that* hard to deceive." She adds. "I blew up an entire ship of them while they were scurrying around looking for the Doctor." Who, of course, wasn't there.

As the group is talking, they are notified of an incoming hail.

Jacob looking up as he opens the channel, "This is Captain Tylor of Enterprise."

Samuel leans over to River and drops his voice to a whisper. "Ever tried doing that when you're a cyberpath? The second I leave this time frame, they'll be on me like fleas on a dog. Always have."

Over the comm The Doctor says "ello Jacob,it's the Doctor, figured I would pop by for a visit,where do you want me to land?"
as he smiles, "Ah Doctor we're in the Astrometric's Lab, feel free to come aboard." And of course all the plans and such will be provided to the Doctor as he sits down to relax. And of course will get some more food in case the Doctor is hungry.

The Doctor will just have a cup of tea and after having a seat says"Good to see you all again" as he looks over all the data he continues"nice to see some progress is being made on attempting to bring back Gallifrey"

"Working on it. We do need a good way to contain the Daleks and apparently Samuel has Cyberman troubles." Ugh. Of COURSE the Cybermen would want the kid…

With a shrug and a self effacing grin, Sam admits to it, out loud, for the first time. "Why else do you think I gave up the chance to see all of time and space?"

When the Doctor just appears out of no where he looks at him jumping as he points to the Time lord. "How… did you…" and he stops pointing, "never mind, I don't want to know." he says.

and of course Tea will be replicated as he sits down to relax and says. "One thing at a time, get the plan to save Gallifrey sorted. Find away to deal with the Daleks on the ground, then long term. And finally handle the time lord council and rassilon."

"Doctor forgive me for asking, but is there any sort of cultural system, ritual, challenge, anything we could use to lock the Time lord council down and keep them from enacting their insane plan?" Jacob asks. Instead of approaching it tactically with tech he wants to attack the time lords Socially to stop them with their own rules.

The Tenth Doctor sets down his cup of tea and with a somewhat worried look on his face says"Cybermen,there are Cybermen here!? Thats not good, oh thats not good at all, and i'm sorry did you say kid? what kid are you talking about?"

"Not here," River says. "I found some rescuing a friend. I dealt with them." River seems distinctly amused. "Well, you helped. Sort of."

"Not here." Sam echoes. "Mostly why I'm here in the first place." He's just hoping the merging of the universes hasn't had an unfortunate side effect… "But if there were, we could probably handle them. I think."

The Tenth Doctor says, "i see, now Sam, what is it that you think i know? or are you accusing me of something?""

The Tenth Doctor says, "As far as for your question Jacob, i believe are only option for a diplomatic response would be to neutralize the threat to Gallifrey quickly and attempt to reason with them as quickly as possible. Though i doubt they would wish to speak with me…""

"The data indicates that you, Doctor were the one who saved them. Put them in the pocket dimension. You saved them from destruction. I think you may have more pull than you realize." Speaking from experience.

Jacob smiles as he looks to the Doctor, "Thankfully Connie has several safeguards installed that keep her protective from their assaults if the Cybermen did find her." he says and then he looks over at the Hologram and then River The Doctor, and finally Sam. Thinking it wouldn't hurt. But Connie looks over at River and the Doctor, as well as Sam and she gives a slight nod as Jacob swallows hard and nods.

"Connie and I have been talking something over she brought up some time ago and she thinks it would be a good idea if River and the Doctor know of this. And she doesn't seem to think that Sam Knowing would be a bad idea."

Jacob says. "If you three will come with me."

"They're…even less likely…" River tails off. To be honest, she has absolutely no idea HOW the Time Lords will react to her…anything from welcoming her as one of their own to vivisection is possible. "To talk to any of the rest of us." She finishes her food and stands up.

The Tenth Doctor gets up and follows Jacob "what's this about Jacob?"

For a moment Sam looks over to The Doctor but doesn't say anything when River speaks up. In fact, he doesn't say a thing as he stands up and tails along with the others. Anything that would require Connie's approval must be fairly important.

"You'll see in a minute. Something I pray never needs to be used." he says and comes to the wall as he uses a few spots to touch. A few shimmering lights and as he plays what appears to be a slight tone on various wall parts. And then. Comes a Hiss.

Finally the wall begins to open pulling back, breaking the molecular seal, Armor plates retracting,security is heavy. and inside is a dark corridor that fills with a blue light.

Traveling in maybe twenty feet, for those with spacial knowledge they are inside where the main computer core in the saucer is.

Computer banks some 30 feet high, forty foot round, and heavily armored and reinforced. Behind the four the armor plates begin to slide back into place sealing them inside.

Parts of the Computer banks slide open, showing the inside of the core.

A Football sized Crystal shines and shimmers, glowing bright blue, hooked up into the computers through any number of cables.

"This is Connie's main memory core. Personalty, memory, everything. As long as this crystal survives intact. So will Connie."

River nods. She says nothing, she has a feeling she knows what Jacob is about to ask of them.

The Tenth Doctor looks at Jacob"why are you showing us this? I mean i have a pretty good idea, but i would rather hear it from you to be sure"

The closer Sam gets to the true core, the more animated he gets. By the time he's looking at the crystal, he can no longer stand perfectly still, constantly shifting his weight and fidgeting. It's pure sensory overload for him in here, and the crystal lays on his senses like a bowling ball on a rubber sheet.

"We are dealing with forces that could result in the destruction of Enterprise. The Core is well shielded, protected. Designed to eject her if she is terminally damaged. Connie feels if we can accomplish saving Gallifrey, even if it results in the destruction of her body, the shell. Would be worth it saving untold millions of lives."

"I wanted to share this with you three in case that happens. I may not be in a condition to reveal this at the time of her destruction." Jacob explains. He doesn't want Enterprise destroyed, but the ship is an object, and when weighed against millions, billions of lives?

River nods. "And you are making sure we know and can get her to safety." Exactly what River was guessing. She is NOT leaving Connie…or anyone else…behind.

"… if that's the football, call me the Quarterback." It's rare to hear Sam quite that serious, but from the tone of his voice it's obvious that this is one of those things he cares very passionately about.

The Tenth Doctor places a arm on Jacob's shoulder and says"Jacob, I will do everything I can to keep Connie safe but,I want you to know that applies to you as well,I know what you're planning for,and I don't want to see that happen."

Jacob with a nod he smiles at River and Connie says. ~My Core Crystal will descend into the main unit and be suspended in a hyper shock absorbing gel solution. It has a micro replicator, power supply, and repair nanites. If I have access to the materials and an additional power supply I could in theory rebuild my body from the ground up. It would take a lot of time. Though if returned to the Crusible, I could have a new body built in minutes.~ she says.

Jacob nods to the Doctor and says. "Well you know the old saying, Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. But I just didn't want you to fly off the hook of the ship was destroyed thinking she was killed." he says and then he starts to back out of the core area. Sealing it back up as the shielding and armor plats are returned.

"This is also what they were trying with the Parallon. I been debating sharing the tech with starfleet so they can at least get the concept right when we return the ship."

"It's…an interesting thought." And River nods to Connie's words. "I can take you back to the Crucible if needed, if you have the spatial and temporal coordinates." Easy enough done, from her viewpoint.

The Tenth Doctor says, "and if worse comes to worse, I would probably be able to integrate you with the TARDIS Connie""

It's a wrench to walk away from that core, and Sam takes a very deep breath when the shielding slides back into place. The whole thing is starting to give him a headache, and that's rare enough to be practically unprecedented. At least /this/ core was in a predictable physical place, unlike… well… now /there's/ an idea… So much of an idea, in fact, that he seems to ignore Jacob and turn his attention entirely to the Doctor. "I really hope I'm not bringing up anything too painful, but… I just had an idea for Gallifrey, at least for the initial stages of what we're trying to do. And it involves, in a bit of a roundabout way, the TARDIS."

Smiles as he looks to the three of them and Jacob feels safe in revealing Connie's true core to thm. And he listens, to Connie, ~Possible Doctor, but I don't think you would like two ladies vying for your attention. Besides I'm already loyal to My captain. Perhaps together we could find the Crusible. I would rather much have my own body.~ she says.

"All ideas are on the Table Sam. Won't know if something's feesible till we all hear it and give in put."

"well i'm all ears Sam,sometimes i think you know more about here then myself" The Doctor says as he chuckles slightly

"You had an idea?" River actually perks up, turning to face the…it's hard to think of Samuel as a boy, even though he IS one. Young man. Person.

Sam turns to River with a grin. "Hey now, don't act like it's something unusual." A wink, and then he's serious again, once again his attention on the Doctor. "That's because, I think, I actually do. In some ways anyway. But my idea is a bit… look, I saw the files. This involves what happened to Torchwood One. Because we've been trying to focus very hard on how we're going to shield or cloak Gallifrey with our own technology, and we keep forgetting that they have perfectly adequate technology of themselves."

Jacob thinks and he looks over at Samuel and says. "Possible. But the more people who know of our plans to return Gallifry, the more likely it is that it could drift through the time stream and expose that Gallifry survived."

The Tenth Doctor says, "I agree, keeping this info known to as few as possible is our best bet. however Sam does have a point with regard to the technology, though would be extremely risky to use it. Though if you don't know what i'm referring to.. Connie, do you have any information on an event known as The Battle of Canary Wharf?""

At this point Connie says, ~Indeed I do.~ and she begins to show the battle of Canary Wharf assembled from a number of sources and materials between the Cybermen and Daleks.

~Doctor, I may have a few ideas on dealing with the Daleks, But I need some additional data, and form that I need hard detailed scan from various points in they're time line.~

Samuel keeps plugging on, shaking his head at Jacob. "I'm not saying we involve Torchwood. But Torchwood One was destroyed by a joint Dalek and Cyberman attack. Those Daleks were survivors of the Time War, because they had used Gallifreyan technology to hide themselves in an object smaller than themselves. All of them. Called it the Genesis Ark."

He looks around the others again, takes a deep breath and composes his arguments. They always sound better in his head for some reason.

"Here's what I'm getting at. If an entire war ship of Daleks can hide by using Relative Dimensions, then so can an entire solar system. There wouldn't be anything to find, and it would leave no emissions. And if the object is small enough, we can even leave it in its correct relative position and the Time Lords can come and go as they please, except Gallifrey and its entire system would effectively cease to exist in this reality. They'd be there, just occupying less space and no time. Does that make any sense?"

"Ask the TARDIS," River suggests. She might well have just such a scan…or at least the ability to get one. Then she turns to Samuel, musing. "It does, but the energy requirements would be…substantial."

And at that, Sam nods to River. "About the output of an entire sun. Luckily, we know a place that has two."

As Connie nods and then she asks, ~Doctor do I have permission to interface with the TARDIS?~ she asks in a teasing voice as that makes Jacob blink and look at her and then look at the doctor. He knows something is doing on.

The Tenth Doctor the doctor stammers for a second"uh, of course Connie feel free.."

River puts her hand over her mouth for some reason. Probably to hide a laugh. Poor Ten…and it's not even HER doing it this time.

Samuel shakes his head, smiling. "Connie… you really should ask Her, you know that."

Looking at Sam and nods, "Well it's an idea. Literal front Door to storm." he says to Samuel and then looks between Doctor, River, and Connie, he says. "I don't want to know."

~That is True sam, but just as it is polite for someone to ask my captain before interfacing with me, I wanted to ask her captain. And thank you doctor.~ and finally it takes a few moments but eventually Through the TARDIS and Connie she says.

~We have a solution to handle the Daleks. There is one commonality to all DALEKS no matter the Era or design.~

"Other than the stupid eye stalk?" River's favorite anti-Dalek tactic: Eye stalk + coat, blanket, etc.

"Or the blind obedience? The limited vocabulary? The rampant xenophobia?" Yeah, Sam doesn't like them either.

The Tenth Doctor says, "sure they may have weaknesses, but they should never be underestimated"

A Hologram of an element comes up and she says. ~Dalekanium, an element in the casing of all Daleks, past, present and future.~

And she begins to show various harmonic frequencies. And she then shows an energy field that disrupts the molecular bonds and breaks down the element.

~There are other combinations of elements that could make up as strong shells, if not stronger. Then why use this one element in all their shells? Unless it is something they need.~The energy that is used to break down the molecule is very odd.

"It could be that it's needed for the stability of the organism itself," River muses. "Or, this being Daleks, it could be tradition. As adaptable as they are, they're still rigid about some things." Like…eyestalks.

"They don't innovate." And from tone of voice, that's a pretty serious character flaw to Sam. "It worked for them in the past, it's still working for them, why change it? Besides, they probably don't want to rely on a… lesser… element. Who knows? Daleks are just weird."

The Tenth Doctor says, "this,this technology is not something to be used lightly,Connie if you talked with the TARDIS you know what this was used for and by who"

Connie looks to the Doctor and nods. ~Jacob also developed it after resettling survivors from one of Galactis feeding attacks.~

Jacob actually covers his face at this like he was hiding shame. "And it scared me so badly I…."

Jacob actually stands up and actually heads over to one of the walls to calm down, his blood pressure spiked through the roof. The blood vessels on the side of his head are throbbing.

"What about a Delta wave gun tuned to the brains of the Daleks?" JAcob asks clearly not wanting to pursue what Connie is suggesting.

~They would adapt Shielding in time. I believe as does the TARDIS the Dalekanium is needed by the creatures for survival.~

"They would definitely adapt, eventually. It could be useful, though." River sighs. "And no, they don't innovate. Nor allow themselves any freedom." Does she pity them? A little.

And so the discussion is back to ethics. Given his limited capacity for such discussion, Sam wanders back over to the food and helps himself. How far would he allow himself to go? What lines would he cross to get this job done? And almost involuntarily he looks over to the Doctor…

The Tenth Doctor nods"if it were to come to this, we would have to target the Dalekanium, though what were talking about here, depending on the scale, could be mass genocide"

With a Nod Connie says, ~I agree, Jacob thought about killing Galactis, but after he buried the weapon he designed realized that there was only one Galactis. And that he has to serve some form of Cosmic function. Like the Crystaline entity. He designed a weapon to use he couldn't defend, one that had no defense against His exact words, What in god's holy name have I wrought.~

"If such a weapon were to be built," Jacob says, "A very few select should have access to it. People that we would trust not to use it. Daleks show up, they show up." JAcob is clearly upset over that being revealed and more shamed he designed such a weapon.

"I have become Death, destroyer of worlds" Leave it to Sam to quote that at this precise moment.

Jacob say, "And that was the day I stopped inventing."

River nods. "It's a shame…that…every time a better way has been tried it's only ended badly." Very softly, that. "Am I right?"

The Tenth Doctor says, "I'm glad you chose to do that Jacob, it shows great restraint,I fear what you may have become if you did not..""

As JAcob thinks and says, "You know, if we get the Parallon home, I want to present the Dalek problem to Starfleet's best and brightest, may need to take a trip around their time, get Spock, Wesley, Janeway, Dax, Bellana, Data. I mean if they can save the universe in an hour's show, maybe they can see something some weakness we can't. If needed bring them here to show them the evil the Dalek's present."

"You know they would try and make peace." River sighs. "It's been tried. We would need to convince them the Daleks are as bad as the Borg."

You say, "that's why we show them, And Borg are worse. Daleks, they just kill you. Borg they kill your soul."

The Tenth Doctor says, "it's certainly worth a try"

Samuel summarizes for everyone. "So, now we have two options for dealing with Gallifrey, and a potential solution for the Dalek threat. That still leaves other species that the Time Lords may have angered, and the threat they themselves present to the galaxy and, let's face it, all of time and space."

"Borg are more like Cybermen," River muses. Which is why she had no hesitation about blowing them up.

And Jacob has collected himself and says, "So doctor have you investigated the possible locations for the analog to the guardian of Forever in our universe if one such exists?" he asks, Sam would find out about it one way or another.

The Tenth Doctor says, "I have Jacob, and it would seem there is no such analog in this universe, i believe the only way to make use of it would be to somehow take from another universe, which could cause it's own problems..""

"It would." River stands, stretching. "I think I'm refreshed. I'm going to go back to my math." She looks at the three then, mischievously, blows the Doctor a kiss before walking out.

as he thinks and sighs and says. "It was worth a shot. Have Fun River." And Jacob leans his head back and says, "Sorry the talk of designing weapons has exhausted me. I always hated building them."

Some time in the last few minutes, Sam has decided to sit down, lean back and close his eyes. For someone who hadn't slept in the past 50 hours, that was the wrong move to make. The rebuild of the warp core, and his input in the plan to save Gallifrey from the universe and the universe from Gallifrey, will have to wait until he's awake again…

The Tenth Doctor says, "well, at least now we have all of our plans sorted out, now comes the tough part, actually making them happen"

Jacob nods to the Doctor and smiles. "As evil as they are I like to think that the Daleks serve some purpose. I had a couple ideas that are really out there on dealing with them but I would like to keep them as an absolute last result." he says to the Doctor.
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