2017-10-15 Final Designs
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Players: The _Tenth_Doctor Jacob River
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Title: Final Designs

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"So…the coordinates you got from the person who won't let me know his name indicate that we're not
looking in Kasterborous, as we should be." Which means. "And it didn't follow the obvious pattern of
simply being where Kasterborous *was*. There was a shift."

To be fair, Jacob really didn't understand temporal mechanics. So what he did was listen and let the
experts come in and chat. With The seventh incarnation and tenth incarnation here Jacob has his own
problems, attempting to get the Parallon home and thanks to some help from Ten. Whent hey are
together Jacob refers to them as their incarnation number rather than Doctor. It's less confusing
for him. Still bringing in some lunch he sits it down and sighs.

The Core of the Parallon is finished all it needs is installed and fueled. And thanks to the help
from Ten. He's ready to actually make an attempt to open a small breech and send a probe through to
get data.

With time as screwy as it is he has no idea of letting the Seventh Doctor know of what happened
unless Ten and river were adamantly opposed to it. At least Seven hasn't held a grudge for him
pointing a Phaser on him when he materialized in his main engineering. Right now he is looking over
the data while trying to get that cloaking device operational.

The Tenth Doctor, as of late, has been helping out Jacob with a few issues he has been having with
the parallon. He is currently on the Enterprise , discussing the plan to save Gallifrey.

"But, it looks like we're looking to go here to avoid temporal shift." River glances at Jacob. "No
sense making you timesick if we can avoid it."

Jacob has been meaning to ask this of the Tenth doctor for a while now. "Well I think I can handle
the sickness River. But Doctor I have to ask. And it's part of the puzzle I am trying to figure out.
What did you do in the final day of the war? Or rather what do you believe you did in the final day
of the time war that lead you to believe you destroyed Gallifry? If the Time lords thought you still
had the ability to do what you intended… Might make them more open to talk and negotiation."
Little intimidation…

The Tenth Doctor says, "well, there was quite a lead up to when it all happened, but from what I understand you
know most of it. What I did though, is not something I would normally talk about but, to cut it
short, I used a weapon that was capable of eliminating entire galaxies, to destroy all of the Time
lords, Gallifrey and the Daleks in a single instant, and by doing this the event was time locked as
a permanent point in time, I can never go back, what was done can never be undone.""

Jacob looking to the Doctor Jacob just whistles. "Wow. I can certianly understand why you developed
as you did after a ceritan point. If it was that powerful…. That could be a power sourse for this
endavor. Clearly it wasn't used. Unless it is powering what is holding Galifry in the alternate
pocket universe."

Or something else happened. From the fact that Ten genuinely believes Gallifrey was destroyed, River
is reasonably assuming it involves one of his future incarnations. It's a rule, after all, that you
don't remember those interactions. Or it was. She's not sure any more. "No. It's not destroyed."

The Tenth Doctor says, "apparently it's not, but there should be no possible way this could happen,but since it is
,then either somehow I didn't destroy Gallifrey, or something else brought it back."

As he thinks and says. "River told me a while ago when I mentioned an interaction with myself from
the future. I shouldn't remember it, is it possible Doctor, you went back in time and foward in time
to get help from your otherselves? If time was already burning, and full scale war was going on,
what harm would contacting your otherselves be?"

The Tenth Doctor nods and says"it's a possibility, but as you said I would have no memory of it. I
think were getting off track a bit though, it doesn't matter how it's coming back but, it is and we
must decide on what we are going to do with Gallifrey."

Jacob says, "Agreed." And with a nod he says. "Alright Samuel metioned something akin to a TARDIS
around the entire solar system of Gallifrey. Doctor is that possible? You know better than me this
level of tech. If so it will need a massive power source. A supermassive black hole, or this Weapon
you had intended to use. I can think of nothing better to use it for." "

The Tenth Doctor thinks for a few moments"well, it could be possible, though it definitely wont be
easy, and as far as a power source, The moment could be an option, but to secure it we would have to
get it as soon as Gallifrey appeared, and that is assuming another version of me would not be
waiting there with, or it was not somehow used already. plus if we did use it, we wouldn't be able
to do anything until we had it. A black hole or some other super power source maybe be an idea

River hrms. "Do you have an idea that might be less power hungry?" she asks, directing her attention
primarily to Ten.

As Jacob thinks, "Well I have an idea for handling the Daleks, and I was thinking if we do this we
trick them into thinking that Apocylpes is where it is. All the Dalek's show up to attack Darkseid.
Worse case they keep each other busy Best case Darkseid wipes out most of the Daleks doing what the
time lord's couldn't."

The Tenth Doctor says, "not a bad idea, another would be to try and set Gallifrey out of sync with this universe,
though we have to stop Rassilon from using the ultimate sanction somehow""

Jacob says, "that was my idea with the time shift, shifting it out of sync one half second."

River brushes back her hair. "Point is, if we can find them, others can." And then there's Rassilon.
..she has no idea what to do about HIM.

Jacob says, "as for Rassalon. Doctor In star trek the Next generation there was a plot that had
Scotty put into a transporter pattern dianostic loop, a form of stasis. I could pull something
similar and just trap rassalon. Any act of aggression against the Enterprise Connie instantly
disables the matter intigration sub routines and beams him out into space as nothing but energy
channeled through the deflector dish. Enterprise Rotates on an axis and she sends his energy out
across all the galaxy. It would also allow us to undermind his ability to comand."

The Tenth Doctor sighs"I wish it wouldn't have to come to something that drastic, but considering
his plan was to destroy the entire universe and turn the time lords into beings of pure
consciousness, I think I can make an exception.

Jacob says, "I have to agree Doctor. I think we may need to go to my idea of taking a trip into a
parallel universe. In star trek there was an empire that had the ability to move stars. And used it
to replace or attempt to replace their dying sun with a young star before it went nova. If we could
figure out that tech, if we coudl figure out that tech and apply it to the entire system of
Gallifrey. The Time lords could move Gallifrey anywhere at any time. "

The Tenth Doctor raises his eyebrows"well that's certainty some impressive tech, even by time lord
standards, though getting to another universe may prove difficult"

"That's where," River says, quietly, "The Parallon comes in. Isn't it." Her tone is even. "So, we go
to that universe, negotiate for or otherwise acquire the blueprints.

Connie will appear as she says, ~I can have all relivant information sent to your TARDIS Doctor if
you desire. Most of it is just arceological information.~

With a nod Jacob says. "Yes Kill multiple birds with one stone. Get the Parallon home, access their
guardian of Forever to visit the Tkon empire, investigate their tech. and appear back on enterprise
heading home moments after we left."

The Tenth Doctor says, "I would appreciate that Connie, thank you. The plan sounds good on paper, but how do you
plan to cross to the other reality in the first place?""

As Jacob things and turns to look out the window he says. "I found a crack… a fissure if you would
. A Hole in reality. I've kept it's location a secret. For fear that there would be something that
came through it or worse aggrivating it. Some time ago, en route to earth. I did the best I could to
close it, but it was still there kinda like a gyser spewing out water. This one, a white hole. A
partical fountain."
The Tenth Doctor says, "well, that certainly would do it, in theory anyways""

"With two starship warp cores to stabilize the rift and the mathematical talent we have here, we can
do it." River sounds confident.

Connie says, ~In order to make the adjustements to my Core I have to take it off line. THAT was
why Jacob wanted the kill switch for the Parallon's Warp core.~

Jacob nods. "They may have high morals in their universe time line. But only a fool puts absolute
trust in it." Jacob says.

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