2017-10-28 Good Cheap Fast Pick One
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Players: Gambit, Loki, Mike, Theo
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Title: Good Cheap Fast Pick One

This Domino's Pizza sits off of the main street outside and its not a very big place at all.
The main entrance to the restaurant is a single door that sits between two large front windows and a big blue/white Domino's sign above it on the outside. There's often a bicycle parked outside the front of the store for the delivery-kid to take orders around. (its chained and locked!).
Inside the restaurant the booths line both walls on either side of the doorway. They have red plastic benches and match red table-tops with various food accesories on each. White painted brick walls stretch toward the back of the restaurant where the counter is located and the register for paying for your orders. A big menu board sits up above the counter and it is loaded with all the eats options.
Behind the counter is the doorway into the kitchen and employees can always be seen back there going about their daily routines.
This restaurant always has a wonderful smell of delicious pizza pie in the air and its most busy in the evenings.

It's not often that Theo gets to treat himself to something delicious. He's usually relying on others for that, seeing as how he's homeless and all. But today he's managed to get himself a nice chunk of change. He'd run across a person he'd helped in the rescuing of during the issue with the frost giants, and that person insisted on rewarding him with a bit of money. And Theo's never one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So… what else would a non-smoking, non-drinking, non-drug dealing street urchin wish for? Pizza, of course! So he's at a small Domino's pizza place, arranging for that pizza wish to be fulfilled. The blond teenager with the short, punk-y ponytail manages to look not-grubby, even if his green shirt, dark denim vest, faded jeans, and sneakers look like they've seen better days. He also manages to look distinctly not much like a teenager at all, given he's pretty tall and well-built. Though he's not huge.

Currently he's standing in line waiting to put his order in. And he has plans to get the biggest pizza he can afford; it's been way too long since he's hard anything remotely like a pizza.

Not in line but at a table positioned near the line, Mike is seated, one elbow resting on the table to allow for the arm said elbow belongs to to act as a prop for the musician's head. Still tired, he lets his eyes close for a few moments with the brim of the baseball cap to act as a shade from the harsh indoor lighting while he waits for their order of pizzas. Legs sprawled out underneath the table taking up the feet space before him, it is a good thing it is a four seater table, leaving at least one seat free for Loki. A little tag rests on the table with the number 13 on it.

Loki sits across from Mike, looking equally bored. One arm is in a sling from having been impaled by a shaft of ice. Theo kept him from bleeding out, so he owes the fellow kid. He draws an invisible pattern with his fingernail on the placemat, flicking his eyes up at Mike on occasion, mimicing his bored demeanor."Can they not make it any faster?"

Remy walks through the doors of the pizza joint with the determined gait of a man on a mission. Apparently that mission is getting some pizza, and in a hurry to boot. As soon as he is basked in the the harsh florescent light, he notices the assembled crowd with a huff. He briefly looks back over his shoulder out the door and through the storefront hoping to catch a glimpse of another pizza place, but to no avail. He impatiently juts his hands down into the pockets of his jacket, and falls in place at the back of the line.

Theo finally moves to the counter where the orders are placed, and well, places his order. He pays for the order, and then turns to take a seat. And as he heads to the tables, he notices Loki there. He gives a smile and heads to a table near where Michael and Loki are. "Hi," he offers. It's to them both, but mostly to Loki. He just doesn't want to leave someone out of the conversation. A pause, as he notes Remy. He nods in greeting to the man.

The performer's eyes open, shifting their positioning to better look to the Asgardian prince, "They could. But generally quality and speed are inversely related when it comes to pizza." To the greeting, Mike turns his head looking to Theo, giving a nod in response. His head tilts, almost reminiscent of the bird he was when he last saw the blonde, his head turns, following Theo's glance, taking notice of the temporary traveling companion from earlier in the week. He gives a bit of a smirk to Remy, "Small world."

Loki nods at Theo, moving his hand under the table to generate more money in his pocket in a way that would not be discovered. "Theo, was it not?" Loki asks, leaning backward over the chair to look at him upside down, hair splilling over. Lifting a brow and looking over at Remy, he sits up and rubs his shoulder. "Ow. how are you?"

As Theo places his order and moves away from the counter, the line shuffles closer like cows in a feed line. Remy shuffles as well. He fidgets slightly, and the look on his face gives way that hes displeased with the situation. He returns the nod to Theo with an agitated and forced polite smile. The cajun recognizes Mike with his head turned and the greeting. "Well if'n it ain't de Magic Pony man 'imself," he says, his spirit at least seeming to brighten a bit. "Petite monde, indeed."

"Very," Theo agrees, to Michael's words. It wasn't precisely aimed at him, but it's still appropriate. He chuckles. Loki's question of his name gets a nod. "It is." He actually bows, hilariously enough, though it's a small one. "I hope your arm is recovering all right? I apologize that I couldn't get all of it." He has a formal sound to his words, in a way one doesn't see of youngsters these days. He also gives an amused smile at Remy's words. "Just don't start singing the song. I might have to join in." He's clearly kidding, though.

Smirk fading quickly at the utterance of pain from Loki Mike turns his head to look back towards the Asgardian, the sling in particular. His lips part but immediately close before looking back towards Remy. "I guess that makes you the guy from the red eye." The smirk returns.

Looking to Mike, Loki simply says "Frost Giant incursion." Then springs up when their pizzas are ready. "Perhaps you would like to join us?" he asks,then looks to Remy. "Your friend is welcome to join us as well. To Theo, he asks "What song?"

"C'est moi," Remy says to Mike with a smirk. "Den 'gain, e'ry flight fo' me be de red eye, non?" He looks to the line again, and again is frustrated. He was pretty sure pizza feel into the "Fast Food" category, but this felt like anything but fast. "An' don' worry, mon ami," he says to Theo, "Singin' ain't in my repertoire."

Theo looks between Michael and Remy at the mention of 'guy from the red eye'. He blinks a little, tilts his head. "That is a wonderfully ironic statement!" Theo chirps brightly. Though he doesn't say more about it. No sense bringing attention to it, right? Loki asks what song, and Theo reaches into his jeans pocket and retrieves a phone. It's a nice model phone, but it's a basic black and has a logo on the back — what looks like a light brown wooden wagon wheel. He messes around on it a moment before he finds the song. Yes, it's that one. "This song." And he presses play. It's really annoying, so he doesn't play it for long, just long enough to get the idea across. Remy's mention of singing gets a smile, as he puts the phone away again. "Used to be in mine. I've got a half-decent voice, if I'd ever practice."

"Then perhaps we should shorten it to just 'Red eye guy'." Mike quips back, "Or actually exchange names." Mike turns back to Loki and Theo, "Frost giants again?" He frowns, "Today?" Geez he's been out of the loop for too long.

Loki looks at the device with interest, listening to the song. "Ah. That is interesting that you can reproduce music in such a way." Looking to Mike, Loki shakes his head. "It was a couple of days ago."

The line moves up again, ever so slowly. As no one has come in behind Remy, he lingers a bitnext to the table with the others. He looks back and forth bewteen the members of the rather eclectic crew assembled there. At the suggestion of actually exchanging names, he offers his. "Remy. Heureux de vous."

Theo shakes his head to Michael's question. "It was a couple days ago…" Pause, and he looks to Loki. "…Was it? I lose track of days pretty easily." He nods to Loki's confirmation. "Right, that." As for the smartphone? "It was a video on the internet, that's all." Theo seems a bit confused that Loki doesn't seem to understand it. But as Remy offers his name, the blond teen does the same. "Theo. Pleased to meet you." He politely ducks his head in greeting.

"Hmm. Must've happened when I was in airport transit hell then." Mike gives Remy a nod, "Names it is then. You can call me Mike. Nice running into you again. Voicework references aside and all."

Loki nods to Theo, then looks puzzled. "We do not have such technology in Asgard." Looking to Remy, he bows his head and says, "I am Loki Odinson, Prince of Asgard, son of Odin and God of Mischief."

Remy looks to Loki at his introduction with disbelief, and then to Mike looking for confirmation. Clearly he's mentally imbalanced. "Din' know gods ate cheap pizza," he says playfully.

Theo nods to Mike's introduction — again, even if it wasn't aimed at him specifically. He heard it, so there's that! "Pleased to meet you too," he offers. He doesn't connect Mike with the bird he met. And then Loki says something that just completely takes Theo off-guard. He actually admits to being a god. In public. Not just ANY god, but LOKI, of all gods. THE Loki! He makes as though he's going to say something… and then he thinks better of it. Or maybe he just doesn't know what to say. Finally he decides on, "Well, ah. I'd bet you have more interesting things than that anyway." He smiles. Crazy or not, he's not going to make a ruckus. Let the guy call himself whatever he wants, right? Theo doesn't doubt Loki has powers — he saw them. He's just… kind of confused right now. Remy's words get a smile. "Hey, when in Rome, right?"

Catching Remy's glance and expression, Mike gives a quiet nod before pausing and giving a sigh as Remy calls the food cheap. "Cheap, Fast, and Good. You only get to pick two." He nods to the large pizza box and then the much smaller single serving sandwich box, "If you knew how much Asgardians burn in terms of calories, you would not need to question this."

"Rome? I thought we were in New York." Loki says, picking up a slice of pizza. He nibbles the pointed end of it, then lifts a brow. "I get the impression that you do not exactly believe me. I know that is slightly ironic as I am known for my talent of weaving the truth."

Remy snorts a slight chuckle at Loki and the discussion of his eating habits. "Who am I ta argue wit' a god, non?" The line moves up again, and this time, the lithe cajun seemingly remembers his very important "Mission: Obtain Pizza," and it looks like it's his turn next.

Theo considers this mention of Asgardians and their caloric intake. "That makes sense. With what I saw him do against those giants, it wouldn't at all surprise me if he metabolized like a nuclear furnace." Loki's seeming unfamiliarity with that expression gets a tilt of his head. "Ah. That's a colloquialism — 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do'. Expressing the opinion that when one is in an unfamiliar place, one should attempt to emulate the locals to avoid looking out of place." Remy's words, however, also get a nod. "Yes indeed," he agrees. "Whether it's true or not, he's likely to take umbrage at the suggestion."

Mike nods and proceeds to pick up his sandwich, taking a bite from it contentedly. Ah peaceful food time. His eyes shift, seemingly focusing on something behind Loki. Expression shifting, the chewing starts to slow.

Loki doesn't get an immediate response as Mike finishes chewing and sets the sandwich back into the box, starting to get up from the table, "Another way of saying you burn a lot of calories when you use your abilities." he explains, pausing to look to those seated, before bending down to pull a backpack out from under the table, "I need to head off. Something came up." Not waiting for a response, Mike slings the bag over his shoulder and heads out, leaving the boxed up sandwich behind.

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