2017-11-07 Through a Glass Darkly
This scene is rated Everybody
Warning: N/A
Players: Ten,Jacob,River
GMed by N/A
Title: Through a Glass Darkly

Enterprise has taken The Doctor and River Song to the location of what he found was a Particle
fountain. There is nothing here, however, inside the nebula. Plenty of interference as the view
screen is set with static as Connie finally just uses cameras to clean t up rather than sensors. The
Image clears up but it's not as sharp, but the shields are Online at least as the Enterprise pushes
through the nebula, the sensors are thankfully more clear as there is a trail of particles as if
they are being spewed out of the nebula through a hose nozzle and soon they react the place as the
spray is narrow and behind it stops as he says. "Here is the fountain."
Then he brings up a Directional map and tactical view of the area.

River has taken over the science station, as she often does…when she can't convince the crew to
let her take helm. "We're going to need to open the throat," River says, simply. "Too small right

The Tenth Doctor has been preparing for this trip for a while now, going through the possible ways
to traverse this particle fountain that is causing a rift in space time. He joins the others on the
bridge now to begin the process of finding a way to open it. "what a view! you sure know how to make
an impressive bridge. Now about this fountain, how do you suppose we get it open?" he says as he
arrives on the bridge

With a smile he says. "To close it I launched a probe inside of it which helps hold it closed." and
he will begin to transmit a signal to the probe to begin reducing the power of the containment and
then finally the rift produces a white light and then a stream of energy and matter becomes more
visible as he allows it to open to several hundred meters across. "Now we just need the right
Frequency to get in."

~When we first encountered the Parallon we took some quantum scans, and I am bringing it to the
Science station now.~

The Helmsmen and navigator simply hold their position as they look in awe. "White holes were Theory.
.." he says.

"They normally don't last long I find. This one has been here for I don't know how long."

"Aha. Let me see if I can find it." River glances at Ten. "A little help here?" Two sets of eyes..
.and two very good brains…are better than one.

The Tenth Doctor, after poking about on a few of the consoles on the bridge, looks to the white hole
that has formed as Jacob turned off the suppression signal and whistles and says"oh isn't that
marvelous!" then at hearing River's request to assist her heads over to the science station and
begins looking over the data

The Matter stream is from deep in subspace as it is ejecting various elements, Nothing beyond Carbon
, but still the spraw is much less directional now as it seems to be opening up. It looks like this
could have been the location of where a Black hole in some ancient era had formed and evaporated.
Though no sign of it, and given the hole in subspace it could had torn the hole open.

River's running through frequencies. "Connie, I think we're looking in the gamma kepler frequencies.
Do you concur?" The AI is fast at this.

The Tenth Doctor after looking over the data says"hm interesting, have you been able to send
anything through it so far Jacob, you said you got a probe into it, but were there any readings from
the other side?"

~I do.~ she confirms to River. As jacob smiles allowing the brains to do their job as he will
come to check the readings, and heading back to a tactical station as they look at the view screen
and he smiles tapping their Console to keep them focused.

"Tactical report, no enemies sneaking up on us?" he asks, as he recalls star trek V, when the bird of
prey cloaked while the crew on the bridge was distracted.

"Yes." and he will come over to access some previous recordings and sensor data that showed what
looked like a ship echo on the other side, there is a vague impression of a Miranda class ship. From
years ago, but now there is an Echo of at least three ships attempting to scan and access the probe.

River nods. "Okay, scanning those frequencies…and it looks like your probe has company, Jacob."
She leans over the console a little, hair tied back so as not to fall in her view (or Ten's).

The Tenth Doctor watches River as she works, somewhat impressed"hm, well, in theory if a probe could
make it, we may be able to as well. We should try and send some sort of biological material through
to test the affects."

As the Scans continue, suddenly there is a brief moment as Connie suddenly shifts into Battle
stations. ~Brace for impact~ And moments later the Enterprise is rocked with what is felt to be an
impact. Later the data comes through the ships on the other side are using a gravition pulse
combined with a Tychon Projection. This coupled with a tractor beam has caused the probe to act like
a relay as the Tractor beam is pulling the Enterprise closer and closer to the Hole.

Jacob heads for the Command chair, "All engines astern! Pull us back!"

~We can't the anomaly is amplifying the tractor beam, We either go through or get ripped to

"I vote for going through." Even though…well, River could grab Jacob and Ten. She can't grab the
others, the human crew. "We'll worry about getting back later."

The Tenth Doctor almost falls as the ship is shook then as he notices what is going on looks over to
Jacob "Connie is right, we have no choice if you want to save this ship, we will have to go through!"

Jacob has two of the smartest people in the universe on his ship. And one has saved the universe who
knows how many times. He has faith in the Doctor, "All hands brace for impact, we are going through.
Impulse engines full ahead!" he says and the ship starts to push through the nebula and approaches
the hole in space shining white and bright as the Enterprise, enters the white hole and then in one
firm thrust and shunt the ship tears open as three ships in a triangular formation around the hole
are seen against the blackness of space. The Enterprise pushes through as a number of the consoles
throw spark bursts into the air.

Moments Later the Enterprise and the rough ride ends as Connie says, ~Calculating position, We are
being hailed!~

Jacob blinks and narrows his eyes as he says, "On Screen." And in the View Screen comes a scene of
an older man, as he says.

"This is Admiral James T. Kirk of the I.S.S. Enterprise. Drop your shields, Surrender your vessel,
and prepare to be boarded. You are now prisoners of the Terran Empire! You have thirty seconds to

"…we took a left turn into the wrong universe," River murmurs. This is bad…but they can't fight
Kirk. Maybe she can seduce him?

The Tenth Doctor rubs his head after taking a knock against one of the consoles as they passed
through the white hole. He then quickly senses something wrong and goes over to one of the working
consoles and gets a video view on engineering and sees exactly what he feared, then looks over to
Jacob and says "Well, there goes that option, it seems when we traversed the white hole, the TARDIS
did not go with us."
At this moment Jacob looks at Kirk and the words Terran Empire make his eyes Narrow and then he says
. "Blow it out your ass kirk." And then he points two fingers. And in that moment Connie fires a
Torpedo. The Red star light projection flies through space and not hitting the ISS Enterprise, or the
two Miranda class ships, but is targeted on the hole behind them as it detonates causing a Gravitic
Shock wave that Knocks into the Enterprise and the two Escorts, as Enterprise continues to

"Connie Warp Speed." and then in one firm hard flash USS Enterprise goes to Warp, and then punches
into slip stream for a few moments pushing away from the trio of ships while they pick up the pieces
allowing USS Enterprise to escape.

"Damage report."

"Thanks, Jacob. I was worried I might have to have to flirt with that guy." Because, well, evil Kirk
has to be just as easily swayed by a pretty face as good Kirk. Right?

The Tenth Doctor with a big smile on his face goes over to Jacob"oh that was brilliant Jacob! though
you may have just doomed us to being stuck in this universe for a while, still though, brilliant
escape!" then calms down a bit and ask "so what is this Terran empire, I thought in the universe we
were going to, we would be meeting the Federation?"

over the channel comes Engineering, \\Just a second captain we're picking up the pieces down here.//
As Jacob thinks and the ship comes out of warp.

"If we are in the Mirror universe, Kirk might be very resistant to seduction." He warns River and
then thinks.

As damage and casualty reports come in, mostly bumps, bruises, and some overloaded relays. Jacob smiles
when the Doctor Compliments him. "Well couldn't let them have a door to our universe could I?"

"Yes and no. In the Star Trek TV series there was an event, that caused a transporter malfunction
that Sent Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, and Scotty into a parallel universe. One where the Federation was the
Terran Empire, in this universe Earth went far more militant and Aggressive, A mirror a reflection.
Sorta like a universe where the Time lords were evil and the Daleks are the good guys. Good news is
they should have their own Guardian, and hopefully haven't found it."

River winces. "I don't want to think of good Daleks. They'd probably want to enslave everyone for
their own good." She might be right. "So…we'll get back somehow, but the Guardian is what we're
looking for anyway."

The Tenth Doctor shudders as well at the thought of good Daleks then ask"so, is there any way they
can track us as were going through warp space? Also, do we know where this guardian is?"
As the Enterprise starts to slow down in warp speeds she says. ~Yes they can detect us at warp but
the Gravimetic Shockwave distrupted their systems. I estimate we have one hour before they are able
to locate our general location. Doctor if you can get my Cloaking Device repaired it will give us an

Hitting the comms as he says, "All hands this is the captain, in our attempt to get into the
Parallon's universe Somehow we have entered into what is referred to as the Mirror Universe. It means
that the Federation is the Terran Empire and are conquers. We’ll get home, I need all hands to
expedite repairs. All stations will remain battle ready and on yellow alert."

Jacob says making a shipwide announcement. "I know none of you were expecting to be put in this sort
of position. But you have my full confidence in your talents and abilities. Tylor out." he says.

Closing the channel he smiles and says. "Connie see if you can't access Federation database.
Hopefully we can update our computers before they catch on."

"And if things get desperate…let me fly?" River grins at Jacob. "Short of having Connie do it all
herself." She's the best they have. No offense to the crew…

The Tenth Doctor after hearing the request from Connie he says"i'll be happy to help Connie, should
be able to have it fixed in a jiffy, and Jacob, good luck up here, I trust you to get us out of here
in one piece, just contact me if you need me"then begins to head towards engineering

"I'll get us home. We may just need to do some fighting. Kirk is not one to take lightly or give up
a chase. He'll be back." Jacob says

Connie will tell the Doctor, ~the Cloak is in the Main deflector~ She smiles with a chuckle.
As Jacob is going over the Damage report, while the Doctor Tends to his damaged cloaking device. The
Device is damaged badly by the direct hits it took during the merger battle for earth. Still the
Doctor can get it working with some modification as he has gotten word from Connie.

~Sir Kirk has not alerted the Empire to our presence. Apparently he wants the glory of taking us

"Good for us. One on One, My Enterprise should be more than a match for his."

~You are forgetting that this Terran Empire is much more war like chances are they have better
weapons. And with the Two Miranda Class ships, he may have the edge over us.~

"Oh Yeah Duh." JAcob says, "When I find the one who forgot to make the left turn at Albuquerque, I'm
gonna smack him."

River was helping the Doctor with the cloak, but now she's come back onto the bridge. "We still have
resources they don't," she says, confidently. Perhaps too confidently - but that's River for you.
Almost as arrogant as the Doctor. Probably why they get on.

The Tenth Doctor return to the bridge a bit after River did and goes over to Jacob ans says"well we
have gotten the cloaking field fixed the best we can right now, should work, but will need a cool
down period after use and will probably not last as long as normal. So what’s the plan to get us out
of here? And is that Kirk fellow still following us?"

Seven has his TARDIS on board in case things go completely to hell, but he is otherwise
remaining quiet, ice blue eyes watching and listening. He may seem to be the least capable of the
Doctors, but never underestimate him.

With a Nod Jacob says, "He also has a Tantalus field generator, a device he uses to eliminate
Enemies and rivals without evidence. And I have no idea how far it's range is."

"I have recalibrated the shields to block such fields." As he relaxes in the Chair and sighs. "I
have an idea and it's not without danger. I am moving us closer to the Klingon boarder, in the
vicinity of the Gateway planet holding the guardian. What I am going to do is make kirk think I am
running to join his enemies, and when we get in range we are going to drop River, Ten, and Seven off
in the Sulaco so they can travel to gateway and check out the guardian. I'll engage and draw Kirk
and his forces away." he explains. "I may need to destroy those mirandas. But I have another project
I want to investigate so I may be out of touch for a good while." he explains.

River nods. "Alright." River glances at…well, both Doctors in turn. "Remind me what the Klingons
are like here?"

"I haven't run into them. I can't speak for any of my later incarnations, but I have no idea
of what they are like." The Seventh Doctor says, adjusting his hat.

"In the normal universe War like, warriors, honorable." and Connie will bring up the Data on the
Klingons for the Prime universe. "Mind you here they could be very different." he says and then sits
back as Connie alerts him that the ISS Enterprise and the Reliant, and Miranda are on their trail
and closing.

Even at warp, Jacob is allowing them to play catch up, making it seem that that high warp stun
damaged his engines, as a trail of particles is intentionally left behind them.

The Tenth Doctor says, "hm, well it's your ship Jacob, and you know the most about this place so it sounds like you know what you’re talking about in your plan, so I will leave it up to you. And Doctor, i haven’t encountered them before either"

River nods. "Much like the Sontarans, then." That should help out the people who haven't watched
Star Trek, right? Person. People. Whatever.

"Under no circumstances can the Terran Empire be allowed to control the guardian." Jacob says and
then carefully looking out. "We are approaching the drop off point." he says. "Is there equipment you
want to get, phaser for stunning and such?" he asks.

The Tenth Doctor pulls out his sonic and says"got all I need right here, how do you plan to get us
down there? and more importantly, get us back?"

"Actually I was hoping that you could use the Guardian to solve that issue. But I was going to swing
around and then slip stream to Gateway to pick you up." Jacob explains. "According to Lore the
guardian of forever can also reach into other universes. not just time periods."

River says,"It seems quite a fascinating piece of technology." If they can work out how to operate it. For some reason, she gives a skeptical look to each Doctor in turn.

The Tenth Doctor is thinking about what he will do once they find this guardian, making mental plans
in his head, then realizes he needs to get there first and ask "so Jacob, what's are ETA?, should we
start heading down to your transporter room now or…"

Jacob says, "Shuttle Bay. You will be taking my Stealth Shuttle the Sulaco." Then says "Twenty minutes to drop off." and then stands up and says, "Jacob to Shuttlebay, prepare for High warp
shuttle drop off." he says and the Shuttlebay acknowledges.

"Basically The shuttlebays open, and we force eject the Shuttle behind the Ship."

River nods. "I'll fly." Because, well, she's not trusting the guy who leaves the parking brake on.
Not that that's really what it is, but… She stands, starting to head for the shuttlebay, then,
glancing at Seven. "Coming?"

The Tenth Doctor begins to head down to the shuttle bay with River

At this point the Turbo lift starts to take them to the Shuttlebay as Jacob explains he will be
dropping out of warp, shortly after dropping them off to simulate a cooldown of his engines, at
which point he will have to alter his course.
The Sulaco is ready, armed and operational to take them near Gateway. It is in range as he will
start giving the count down. As this means the ship is prepping for Battle Stations.

River slips into the pilot's seat, doing the final pre flight as if she's flown this shuttle…well,
quite a few times already. "Alright. We're ready…"

The Tenth Doctor Straps himself into the copilots seat of the Sulaco and begins to help River with
any pre-flight checks then says"I hope you know what you’re doing River"

"If you mean the shuttle, I've been practicing." And she's a good pilot - one of the best when she's
on form. Powering up…

The Tenth Doctor nods to River then opens comms with Jacob “we’re ready to go here Jacob, and good
luck with Kirk"

Jacob tells them he is about to open the hanger, and drop the gravity to get ready for a Jolt. Get
stabilized and power down as fast as possible. And then the shuttle starts to lift up when gravity
is turned off, and then a count down happens. And then finally it hits Zero and then a Jolt as the
air is evacuated and it blows the shuttle out into space as the transition from FTL to sublight is
much harsher as the Enterprise Drops out of warp turning as what looks like the right naccelle is
damaged, but it's an intentional leak set by Connie as River and The Tenth Doctor can see three ships
drop out of Warp almost on top of Enterprise.

They open fire as Jacob returns fire from his ship trying to move and avoid the trio of star ships.
A rough transition, but River's ready for it…taking an oddly zig zag course towards the planet.
She's trying to look like space debris.
The Tenth Doctor is keeping an eye on sensor readouts and trying to see how the fight between Kirk
and Jacob is going, all while assisting River if she needs it in navigating to the planet.

USS Enterprise Begins to swerve and move away as she starts to bank firing aft weapons and torpedoes
. and one torpedo is fired and instantly a phaser strike hits it, producing a shockwave as Enterprise
breaks off and turns away before jumping into warp…followed by the three ships.

For a moment, River frowns. Whatever it is, she doesn't voice it to the Doctor as she heads for the
planet. "The Guardian is…if we have this right…basically a time portal."

The Tenth Doctor nods to River"well, more than a time portal if it can link between different
dimensions, honestly, if it weren’t for the circumstances we are in at the moment, I would be quite
excited about finding out exactly what this guardian is and where it's origin is."

As Enterprise and the other two ships are away the Sulaco detects a scanning field up and then it
alerts them on a long range scan a ship has been detected, and it shows it is larger, bigger than
Identified as an excelsior class starship.
And it's more heavily armed and armored than Enterprise is, state of the art for this era,
The computer recommends dropping out of warp before detection…

River…swears. Not in English. "Okay, this might get rough." Time to drop out of warp and hope..
.and she can't really help Jacob and Connie either. Not right now.

The Tenth Doctor braces for the drop out of warp and says"Jacob said this was a stealth craft right?
let's hope whatever technology it has is good enough to get us past that thing"
Jacob's doing his best to not go on a direct path for Space Lab Regula 1. He's in his ready room as Enterprise is moving in the direction of several key installations however and he knows it. Thankfully Kirk has been not informed the Terran Empire, or so he hopes of his presence.
Finally after several days of cat and mouse,Jacob had finally managed to loose Kirk and the Miranda’s. Allowing him, under impulse, to proceed to Space Lab Regula one under cloak. The Device takes his shields off line entirely as well as weapons now. But still, approaching the lab under low impulse should hopefully allow him to swing in and snatch the Genesis research materials. If there is a second thing he doesn't want the empire to have, it’s Genesis.
Kirk has been chasing down this rouge vessel that came out of a Worm hole the past few days. He has
taken to hunting down the captain of this vessel personally after being insulted and seeing him
refuse a direct order from The Captian Kirk! Due to this personnel grudge, he has not alerted the
rest of the Terran Empire of what has transpired so he may take the glory of the victory for himself.
Currently Kirk has lost the trail of this ship, but everyone on his vessel is being pushed to their
limits to track it down and will have a lead soon.

Of course Jacob smiles as Space Lab Regula 1 comes into view. They will need to drop the cloak for a
few moments to get on board the space station as he watches the Cloud of the Mutara nebula in the
distance. Smiling as he licks his lips, and asks connie, "Connie can you access their communication
systems and then the data core to see how and where Genesis is and the start of the project. I dislike the idea but I would rather not leave the big brains behind to build another one." Allowing Connie to access the communication system. Knowing it could trigger an alert to be sent.

As Connie carries out Jacob's order, she finds that the Genesis Project is further along than what
she or Jacob should believe possible and that it is currently in a secure lab on the lower portion
of the station. As Connie is accessing the systems she catches a distress call being broadcast on a
secure frequency shortly after she entered the computer system.

At this point Jacob needs to work fast as he says, "Jam all transmissions, Drop the Cloak, Target
station Shields. Connie try to get a transporter lock on the Scientists and the Genesis Device."
"All hands battlestations." And with that Enterprise decloaks. Shields are up and of course the
Phasers do fire targeting the station's shield generators. He doesn't want to destroy the station or
Kill the Scientists. But still he needs to make sure that this project is killed.

As the distress call begins, it is almost immediately picked up by Kirks ship and without waiting a
moment engages warp drive and heads to the location of the call with his escorts. Meanwhile back in
the Mutara nebula, Jacob is being hailed by the station, while also detecting an inbound ship
signature on long range scanners that will arrive in a few moments.

Jacob Opens communications with the station, "This is Captain Tylor of USS Enterprise. Drop your
stations Shields, and prepare your staff and the genesis materials for Transport. If you do not
comply I will simply destroy the station and all materials on it. Including the tunnels on Regula 1.
The Terran Empire must not be allowed to have the genesis device."

As Jacob open the hailing frequency he is greeted by the face of a women he recognizes as Carol Marcus, who after hearing his demands promptly ask"Under what authority do you demand this, and how do you even know about the device?"

Jacob says,"Carol Markus, you know as well as I do the genesis device will be used as a tool of Conquest. You know what Jim Kirk will do with it, don't you recall the stories of how people who opposed him
simply vanished without a trace?" Jacob is attempting to make her see the truth. But he says. "Dr. Markus… we don't have much time.I can prove to you they will use it as a dreadful weapon."

Carol thinks over what Jacob told her then sighs and says"I don't know how you know all this, but it
seems like I don't have much of a choice here" The station's shields lower "well, go ahead then, prove
it to me"

Jacob Orders the shields to be dropped and then begins transporting the Scientists over as well as
the Genesis Materials, the device itself, the data, everything, as she also transports several
Photon Torpedoes over to the station. And down to the Regula base so that he can totally destroy the
device and it's data. And when the transfer is complete the shields raise as Enterprise begins to move away allowing the station to be destroyed.
Of course he will try to make Enterprise do a warp jump out of the area hoping to evade Kirk once
more, as he orders. "Have Carol and David Markus brought to the bridge…"
Sadly Enterprise most likely won't escape, but Kirk Should see the Space station and the Plantoid

Right as Jacob sends the signal to cause the torpedoes to explode, he detects warp signatures
entering the system and before Jacob can even give the order to jump out of the system Kirks
enterprise begins to attack Jacob's with a phaser barrage.

Enterprise is rocked by phaser fire as he orders the retaliation of phasers. The USS Enterprise
opens fire on ISS Enterprise as the two ships begin to clash. Jacob's shields are powerful and more
As Carol and David are brought up Jacob smiles as he orders Connie to narrow the beams of the
phasers and attack on the secondary Hull. He's trying to disable Kirk's ship and disrupt main power. "Open hailing frequencies."And when the communication’s officer comes up and nods. Jacob transmits.
"It's gone Kirk, all members of the Genesis team are killed, everything is destroyed. Did you ever tell
Carol your first action as Captain of Enterprise was the suppression of the Gorlan uprising through
the destruction of the rebels' home planet." He's trying to bait kirk into responding as USS Enterprise tries to cut her main power. Thankfully for Jacob he put some serious armor in that area of his ship.

As Jacob hails, Kirk does respond and says"Just who the hell do you think you are?! And how the hell
would you know about that anyway?" as he continues to fire phasers and a volley of photon torpedoes
at Jacob's ship, aiming primarily for the engines. Assisted by his escort ships, he is putting up
one hell of a fight.
With a sad smile, Jacob says "I also know you assassinated Pike for the captain's seat before you
did so. Your second action was the execution of five thousand colonists on Vega IX. " Of course
Enterprise is trying to move off as the torpedoes impact the Bubble Shield and Then some of the
phaser damage gets through, scoring the hull as Connie reinforces shields on that area. Sparks fly
from the consoles as Jacob narrows his eyes as he needs to keep the comm link open as Connie starts
to try and hack Enterprise's computers and shut down her weapons.
Moving the Ship carefully, Jacob is attempting to pull USS to the side of the ships so that they
would risk hitting each other in the fire fight as she sends a surge of power to the engines to try
and break off into the desired location. Thankfully the bubble shield his ship has is better at
absorbing damage and incoming fire that the skin tight shields Kirk's ship has.

As the fight is raging outside Carol and David arrive on the bridge of the USS enterprise just as
Kirk responds to Jacob's hail and overhears the conversation between them. Meanwhile, in response to
Jacob's maneuvers, Kirk moves his ship in position to continue his attacks, even risking one of his
escorts as he fires torpedoes at Jacob's ship which explode close enough to harm one of his escorts.
He then replies to Jacob saying "What do you even care about my past anyways, or what I told Carol,
you already blew up the project and will pay for what you cost me and the empire!" At this point,
Carol goes over to interject into the conversation between Jacob and Kirk and says to Kirk "You know
James, I didn't believe this man when he told me what you planned to use the Genesis device for, but
after what you effectively just admitted to doing, I believe him. And I will do everything I can do
to keep it from you"

With a sinister smile as Carol smirks. "Actually I have genuine need for the Genesis device, and I hope to persuade them to continue their work in my universe." Jacob says with a smile as The
Enterprise, Jacob's Enterprise, opens fire on the USS Miranda firing on both sides with ISS
Enterprise to pound her shields into submission and then uses it to disable the Miranda the way
Enterprise did in Wrath of Khan swinging around behind it and ISS enterprise focusing fire on USS
Jacob is hoping that hearing Carol, Kirk will realize that the project can be salvaged and start pulling his shots.

Kirk begins to lessen his attack on the USS and says to Jacob "So, you stole the device did you? I
demand that you surrender it to me this instant, do so, and you may live, deny my request and I will
see to it personally that you will die before my eyes" as Kirk says this, unbeknownst to Jacob, he
is preparing the use of the Tantalus Field on Jacob while also giving orders to his escorts to cease

Jacob is expecting the Tantalus field and Connie's already adjusted the shield to prevent it from
being used. The Lessened attack comes to his attention and he smiles already debating on how to
respond. The Enterprise, Jacob's ship. Then Turns her full power against Enterprise, A sudden spike
in one of the Phaser banks to strike across her lower hull where her primary power supports deliver power to the Nacceles.
"After all the trouble I have gone through? You expect me to buy that? Sorry I'm not being put to
death in one of your agony booths." and of course he needs to disable Enterprise enough so that he can make a break for the Mutara Nebula.
By now they must surely realize that his ship is a cut above theirs. Of course USS Enteprrise has
several scorch marks and impacts from both phasers and torpedoes.
To Connie alone Jacob orders her to try and use the code, 16309 to order reliant to lower her
shields where he can use it to disable Reliant… USS Miranda should be out of action.

As Kirk witnesses all this this transpire before him he says"fine have it your way than, goodbye
Captain" as he fire the Tantalus field and sit backs waiting for Jacob to disappear before his eyes,
but then, at the slow realization that nothing is happening, opens fire again on the ISS while ordering the Reliant to do so as well, just as he receives a message from it saying that there shields are down and they cannot be brought back up. seeing almost all hope of a victory lost, with his ships engine down, another disabled, and his last with no shields he order in a last ditch effort for the Miranda to set a course with impulse power directly at the ISS engines with self-destruct armed.

With that Jacob will begin moving his Enterprise Away fast as he expected this. His ship is tough but
even as the Reliant is disabled unable to fight or fire, it can do one thing. It locks onto USS
Enterprise with a Tractor beam. It holds the Ship as Connie tries to rotate the shields and fires to
try and break the tractor lock, but with seconds to spare the Miranda explodes close enough to
The blinding flash of light hits Enterprise as the shields at full power are over loaded. The core
breech is enough for the shock wave to Hit USS Enterprise causing numerous systems to blow out,
conduits erupt, and then silence. The shockwave knocks Enterprise down and out as the shockwave is
felt through the entire ship knocking crew and personnel down. People injured, Jacob is battered, as
Connie manages to keep her own core from blowing.
When the flash of Light dies down, USS enterprise is still there, her shields took most of the
battering, so did her armor but she is scarred and battered, but still able to move. She begins to
make her best speed to the Mutara nebula.
Kirk's engines are down, but his target is slipping away both wounded heading to lick their wounds
and return to the fight.

With the Miranda gone, the Reliant heavily damaged due to being near the Miranda's explosion as well
, and his own ship disabled and damaged, he orders his crew to begin repairs and backs off with the
Reliant. Kirk knows even though his ship is still heavily damaged, it cannot be near as bad off as
Jacob's and hopes to attack again once able.

Jacob was thrown from the command seat on the bridge as he is struggling to pick himself up as he
groans out. Of course heading over to Carol and David to make sure they are alright, reports from
the crew as Connie is trying to assess the damage, and get repairs under way. Auxiliary power is
stable but at 56 percent, main power is off line, weapons off line, shields at 10. Right now they are heading into the Mutara nebula hoping it will buy them time to repair and such as Jacob asks,
"Are both of you alright?" he asks concerned for both, knowing all this was a hell of a shock.
Carol gets up after being thrown to the floor and checks on her son "Yes captain, I think we’re
alright, nothing but a few bruises. What happened out there?"
Checking on David now "Kirk ordered the USS Miranda to self-destruct on us point blank.
Shields and armor took most of the damage.. but a lot of systems are offline." he tells her and helps
both to stand up as Connie appears in a flickering static filled projection, ~Turbolifts are offline, massive injuries, a few of the crew were killed captain… The Regula scientists are battered
minor injuries but alive. Main power can be restored in three hours.~

"Connie focus auto-repair systems on Main power, we'll work on the other systems, is Genesis
~Yes sir and stable.~

As Jacob goes over to check on David he looks up to him and says "I think i'll be alright Captain"
Carol then comes over to join them and says to Jacob"I.. I just can't believe he would do something
like this, I mean, obviously I'm not in a relationship with him anymore, but I never would have thought he would go to such lengths just to get the Genesis device"

With a heavy heart Jacob sighs and swallows. "Well to be honest, neither was I." And with a smile says,
"How about we go rejoin your team, I am sure after they heard the chat Jim and I had they have serious
concerns with Genesis. Which means you all need to decide what to do with it once you have heard my
appeal and desires for its use, but regardless, I will respect your choices and ruling over such a
powerful device." he says and will move them to the back rooms of the Officer's lounge where
Someone is helping treat their injuries.

Carol and David follow Jacob into the officer's lounge and appreciate the treatment of their wounds,
minor though they may be "Well, it seems we have a lot to talk about then. I am quite surprised that
you even respect me enough to give me a choice in the matter of what to do with Genesis, though,
maybe not so surprised as your obviously not part of the Empire, tell me Captain, who are you really,
and where are you from?"

Jacob comes in and will make sure that David and Carol will be checked and treated as well, of
course when the man in question sees Jacob bleeding there is instant concern as Jacob's injuries are
not serious but needs attention soon as he orders the officer to treat the staff.
"I am Jacob Tylor Captain of USS Enterprise. I come from an alternate quantum reality, one very
different than yours. In my reality there is no Terran empire, in fact, humanity is still in the
early 21st century. In my reality we had a piece of fiction called Star Trek, which detailed the
voyages of the USS Enterprise and her captain James Tiberius Kirk, of the United Federation of
And at that point the ship lurches as the lights dim, and emergency lights kick in as they have
entered the nebula. "The Federation is the polar opposite of the Terran empire."
"As for myself, I was abducted by non-terrestrials in 1993, rescued, was out cruising the stars,
got hooked into a telepathic ship factory and used it to construct… my Enterprise."

Carol blinks as she takes in all this information then says "Well, as absurd as all that sounds, it would
explain a lot if true Captain, but if you’re from another time and reality, how did you even get here?
And I understand why you would want to keep Genesis away from James, but what do you want to use it for?"

At this point Jacob brings up "Well if we get out of this I'll let you watch all the star trek
"Well a starship from another universe had appeared near the moon Luna. We began to investigate and discovered that it was displaced, both out of its native universe, and time. I was attempting to
open a portal to their universe when your kirk on the other side managed to pull me through into
this one." and he shows them on a view screen the data and video of their arrival and the
conversation with Kirk on first arrival.
"As for the Device, Connie show them Galactis."
And at this point comes a scene of dozens of ships attempting to flee a planet as this massive
humanoid creature begins to descend to the planet, and assemble a great machine, which when complete, starts to literally drain the planet dry of all life-energy and heat energy.
"His name is Galactis, and has existed in my universe who uncounted millions of years. Sometimes he
feeds on planets that have sentient life, other times one without. I am hoping to use the Genesis
device once the error of the Protomatter used in its matrix is solved, to either create planets to
allow him to feed, or if he can't feed on them, create planets that can be used to serve as home for
the refugees."
Jacob, turning to David says, "In Star trek, the fiction in my universe, the Genesis device use of
Protomatter made the planet unstable, but it worked for a time." and now he uses this time of an hour
or so to show them footage from wrath of Khan, and search for spock, showing a side of Kirk that
should be very clearly different than what Carol should now, showing the detonation of the device by
khan, the formation of the planet, the Klingons attempting to possess it's secrets, the aging of the
planet, the death of David, and eventually destruction of the planet as it tore itself to pieces.

Carol and David, after listening to all of what Jacob had to say and show them, have come to a
conclusion on what they will do. "Well, Captain" Carol says "I think after all of that there is not
much denying that what you say is true" "Especially after seeing myself die in another universe…" David comments as Carol continues "And concerning your use of Genesis, I honestly can't think of a
better use, at least it's better than it being used as a weapon, so you have my word that I and my
team will do what we can to help you" David then chimes in again "not like we have much choice
anyways, even if we went back to the empire we would most likely all be executed, or worse…" Carol
nods to this "he's right, so Captain, what can we do to help?"

At this point Connie will appear her projection is much more stable. ~You have more experience with
advanced systems. I believe you can help facilitate repairs more rapidly; our crew is still in the
late stages of training. I can give you your assignments if you are willing. I am Connie, the AI of
she says with a smile. Turning to Jacob she says. ~Kirk is still lurking outside
the Nebula. I estimate an hour before his ship is operational. He can outrun, and outgun us at
this point sir.~

David looks to Connie and says "O wow, a full artificial intelligence with holographic presence
projection, very impressive" Carols then giggles a bit at this and says "yes it is quite impressive
son. Nice to meet you Connie, we would be happy to do what we can to help with repairs, I’ll talk
with my crew and fill them in on what’s happening and help you with assigning them." they then begin
to get up to join the other scientist and Carol says "Captain, I know you forced us to join you at
first, but honestly after the way you treated us so far, and the information you have given, this is a
much better situation the we had working for the Empire, so thank you Captain"

Jacob with a nod and smile says. "You are welcome. Now hopefully we can get out of her before Kirk
completes his repairs, I have to pick up some crew members in hopes they can secure another piece of
dangerous tech I don't want the Terran empire to get hold of. The man leading that mission
should be able to correct the errors and stabilize the Protomatter in the Genesis Device, welcome
aboard the Enterprise." Now it is a race against time as he looks to the scientists who he had rescued from Regula 1.
As River and the Tenth Doctor are now faced with the battlecruiser of the ISS Excelsior, the vessel
hasn't detected the stealth shuttle. The shuttle doesn't have a cloaking device but it is designed
to have sensor scans wrap around it, as well as the optical cloak. There are ways to defeat the
scanners such as approaching from the other side of the planet or heading to and using the magnetic
interference of the poles to cover their approach. Other than general information the Shuttle Craft
Sulaco can't actually get in-depth active scans unless they risk giving away their position.

And River's making full use of the planet's magnetic field. Priority: get down there without being
shot at. She's very focused on what she's doing right now.

The Tenth Doctor is keeping an eye on all sensors he can without giving away their position"Our best
bet is to stay as far away from that ship as possible River, probably approach from the opposite
side of the planet, though if we’re going to try and find this gate, we will probably have to use
active scans"

"I know what I'm doing," River says, wryly. Which she does. "But…we may have to, yes, which is why
I'm getting us well inside the magnetosphere first." Into the most active part, too.

The ISS Excelsior is in a geo stationary orbit of the planet as of course there is something River
and The Doctor can feel, time energy, reaching out to them allowing them to sense the disturbance,
subtle at first, but as they enter the atmosphere very clear. Allowing them to move the shuttle
through the Atmosphere and magnetic field, allowing them to pass over to the only place on the
planet with buildings, A large ruined metropolis. And the place is covered with temporal energy and
Terran Empire personnel.

The Tenth Doctor begins to scan over the old city with visual scanners, looking for any active
movement or anything that would indicate the empire is here "well that was easier to find than I
thought it would be"

"It's a beacon, isn't it," River says, very softly. "Feels…interesting. Unfortunately, they seem
to be already playing with it." She's going to have to put down a bit away.

Finally it happens, they can see through the clouds and fog, the entire city is sort of crawling with
Terran Empire. Camps, strong holds, as it looks like the place is being fortified with defenses. As
finally they set down in a culvert, the shuttle allows them to land without notice. As long as no
one walks into it, it won't be found, of course, if the Empire gets hold of the tech? Maybe Jacob
understands that the shuttle may need to be destroyed.

The Tenth Doctor says, "well, maybe easy to find, not so easy to get to. We’re going to need a distraction or something to get them away from here or another way to neutralize them"

River nods. "And we really don't want them having access to this." Grey eyes narrow as she looks out
over the city. "A distraction…hrm."

There are patrols, but they seem lax? As the scans show the entire planet is dead, yet has a
breathable atmosphere, clean sterile, as if what ever happened scoured the planet clean of life. Not
even bacteria in the soil. Apparently they are not expecting intruders.

The Tenth Doctor thinks for a moment "hm, well, I don't think they are expecting anything, let's see
if there is anything in the shuttle we can use"

"There's always finding their ammo dump and doing something nasty to it," River muses as she checks
the shuttle.

The shuttle has tricorders, a couple phaser rifles, extra power packs, some light personal armor,
personal shields, and of course some explosives.
The Tenth Doctor says, "not a bad plan, but I think we need something that will distract them longer, I don't know how long it will take for us to figure out the gate, and I don't think we could just take it." then after looking over everything in the shuttle "Might as well make use of some of this" as he grabs a
shield and phaser, set to stun of course"

River has already claimed those for herself. She double checks the phaser. "Well, let's see. Ammo
dump would distract, but we want to give them something to…fix." The Doctor with a Gun? The Terran Empire is doomed, utterly doomed!

Still it's a mystery as to what happened here. For those sensitive to time manipulation comes a
sound not unlike a thunder clap. Thankfully there is enough temporal interference that scans
detecting their scans is hard, it also makes using the shuttle scanners enough. The Guardian is in
the center of the City with what looks like a large installation around it. The thunder indicates
they are attempting to operate the guardian, perhaps by force.
The Tenth Doctor says, "well, let's get moving, we should see if we can set up in one of those old buildings and get a better idea of what we can do to pull them away from the gate" as he begins heading toward the town"

River nods a bit. "They're going to piss it off," she predicts. Anything that gives off that amount
of temporal energy pretty much HAS to be sentient, in her book.

The Tenth Doctor nods "may be able to use that to convince it to help us, if it is sentient anyway"

River says "I don't know if it could NOT be sentient." She looks towards the portal, then moves quickly to the building, with explosives, something's going to go boom.
Finally as The Doctor and River Song get underway, the patrols consist of five people, one tactical
officer in heavy armor, two engineers, and two scientists it seems, moving through the area as one of
the scientists begins to shake his tricorder scanning the area. "Sir Temporal interference is
interfering with Tricorder scans."
The man, a Vulcan, turns to the scientist says, "You told me the adjustments, would be enough to cut
through interference."
The young man, a human says, "At previous levels, sir the levels have spiked."
"So you failed to compensate for possible increase."
"Not at these levels sir."
"Your agonizer Lt." The command comes from the Vulcan.
"Sir, please!"
The Vulcan lifts his phaser rifle…and the LT swallows hard as he pulls a device off his belt, and
the Vulcan takes it, placing it right on his forehead. It takes very little, but the man begins to
scream in agony, as if every nerve in his body was being ripped apart.
After a few moments the man drops to the ground, as does the agonizer. Some of the others smirk, and
almost seem relatively amused, others are not happy as the Vulcan orders him up as they start their
search pattern once more. The tortured man… clearly recovering from intense pain, struggles not to
fail again.

The Tenth Doctor moves to a position to cover River and keep a lookout for her as she moves in to
set the explosives, he then makes a quick comment over there comms after seeing the patrol "these
people are savages, worse than normal humans, no offense of course"

"None taken." After all, she's not entirely human anyway. "Let's see here…I want to do something
about pointy-ears there." River doesn't like torture.

The LT recovers after a few moments and seems to be fine as they move through the area as the Vulcan
starts to take the tricorder the Lt was using to adjust it and starts to work on the controls, and
finally starts to scan the area. Looking around in the general direction of River and The Doctor
he does another scan and says. "Anomalous reading, this way." and they ready their weapons. Not
standard Starfleet as the Vulcan says. "Set weapons to maximum intensity." And that gets a shutter
from some of them, as if being hit by it will not be enjoyable, as they begin to move in the
direction of the building that River and Ten are inside.

The Tenth Doctor whispers to River "we got company" as he looks around for a way to draw them away
and readies his phaser just in case.

River says, "I noticed." she becomes very still, very quiet. Unfortunately, the Doctor shows up as an anomalous life form. River MIGHT pass as human, depending on what scans they do, but that double heartbeat…

As they begin to move to the area, the group is spread out as they move like a typical military team.
Two move up, three hang back. The Vuclan, dark skin, with a goatee, looks up, his eyes surveying the area. Thankfully River and The Doctor can see them moving up to the door of the building while the rest hang back, as they burst into the bottom floor and move in swinging their weapons around, then when they are sure the first floor is clear, they motion for the rest to move up, the two other guards, then the Vulcan move up closely.
"Commander Tuvok. I don't think anyone is here."
Of course something is going on. "I see ensign, perhaps you are right, we should return to base, and
further fine tune out equipment." The Vulcan says.

The Tenth Doctor stays silent until the patrol has left then whispers "that was too easy, somethings
not right here"

"Move," River says, softly. And does, but it's not a panicked move, it's a quiet one, looking around
, eyes narrowed, She's always got the plan for if she's caught anyway, always.

Oh how right the Doctor is, it was too easy, the group of five begins to move out of the building as
they begin to take up a standard patrol back down at the path, and then without warning Tuvok, suddenly turns around and throws a device up at the top of the building to the second floor window.

The Doctor and River have managed to move out of the room moments before the grenade was thrown.
The grenade Lands and the construction seems to severally dampen the effect, but when it explodes, it
produces a neural disruption field, one designed to cause intense pain.
The shield's provided by Jacob dampen the effect, but it is still feels like hot pins and needles are
stabbing into their bodies, lightly, imagine suffering the full effects.
And now Tuvok and the rest begin to rush into the building. Why haven't they alerted their superiors?
The Tenth Doctor began to move out of the building as soon as River started to, but as the grenade
went off he was staggered slightly by the blast and barely makes it out the back as Tuvok and his
men move in.
Because they want the credit for this themselves, that why. River is faster, diving behind a wall, but she
can't leave without him. She doesn't stagger, but she does catch her breath sharply. Likely, she's
been through worse.

As they get out of the Building River can here Tuvok ordering one of the Lt. to return to the
outpost and alert them they have possible intruder’s planet side. River can hear something about
the ensign muttering how the blasted planet is screwing up comms and communicators.
And with that, the Lt begins to run back as River can see him running out of the building.

The Tenth Doctor motions to River to take care of the one running away then sneaks carefully close
to the building to try and get an eye on the rest of them, sonic at the ready

Get the distance right, make sure nobody's in line of sight, and then River pops off a shot with the
phaser. It's non-lethal, so it doesn't really count as shooting him. Right? Right.

As The runner turns the corner and is out of sight the phaser strikes into the back of the Lt knocking
him forward. Did river keep the stealth phaser she stole from Jacob? did she return it? either way he goes down hard.
As for the Doctor, they are moving through the building advancing on his position, chances are they
won't care who he is.

The Tenth Doctor sets his sonic to the correct setting and begins to, hopefully silently, disable
the phasers of the patrol, then readies his own phaser on stun, debates whether there might be
another way out of this, then decides these people would most likely not listen to any reasoning,
and prepares to start moving through the building and taking them down.

River moves quietly over to the runner and relieves him of his phaser (so he can't use it) and his
communicator. Staying silent, she moves behind a tree and starts to fiddle with the communicator.
THEY might not be able to compensate for the chroniton energy, let's see what she can do. She's
trusting Ten to take care of himself for now.

Of course The Doctor is able to disable the Phasers of the patrol and then they simply short out,
and then spark and almost explode in their hands, forcing them to drop it as a shot takes down the
three humans leaving them dazed with their nervous system effectively numbed.
Tuvok on the other hand, takes the shot and is staggered as he tries to shake it off and lunges forward, his hand reaching out to try and grab the Doctor's neck to neck pinch him into submission.

River finds the communicator, then flips top as the LT. groans out, face down in the dirt, And the
Communicator is all screwy, the temporal energy has made communication almost impossible beyond 30 feet.

The Tenth Doctor dodges out of the way of Tuvok, then sidesteps him and delivers a swift blow in an
attempt to knock out Tuvok

Vulcans, regardless, are three times stronger and much more durable than humans, as he will take the
hit to his neck and despite the pain, still trie to swing around and back hand the doctor as hard as he can. "Surrender and the Terran Empire might be merciful!"

River is still fiddling with the communicator and her sonic, attention half on that and half on her
surroundings. Let's see what she can do with it…

As River works through the communicator it takes some serious fiddling but she is able to get it to
receive with it and listen in on communications but there is static, the closer she is to an open
comm system the better luck she will have filtering out the static, range is only about 100 feet at the moment. She is hearing what sounds like communications tests, then on the other end someone screams similar to the lt who was punished.

The Tenth Doctor says, "oh I'm sure you would" as he jumps back and points his screwdriver at Tuvok "Why don't we see how you like a taste of your own medicine eh?" then using the sonic, causes the agonizer to activate"

Got it, River tucks the comlink into her clothing such that she can hear it and goes to help Ten.
Who really doesn't need it. Ow.

At this point Tuvok was expecting an energy blast, not a sonic attack, and not something that activates
his Agonizer, as he recoils trying to reach for it to get it off gritting his teeth in pain. But
the Agonizer is calibrated to the individual, and designed to cause massive pain. For Tuvok, it
overwhelms his defenses mentally to shut out pain, then drops to one knee and screams in pain, knowing he simply must endure it as he tries to remove it so he can keep fighting.

The Tenth Doctor fires another stun shot at Tuvok as he goes to his knee, hoping that between the
agonizer and the phaser, it will finally knock him out.

Tuvok is hit and is knocked down and out, the agonizer still making him twitch and shift for however long the doctor decides to punish the Vulcan. But this is a different universe; does the doctor
have a right to force his morality on them?

River arrives just in time to see Tuvok stunned and hit the ground.

As soon as Tuvok is knocked out The Doctor turns off the agonizer, he may be in another universe
full a savage warmongers, but nobody deserves to suffer like that.

With the group down and out, The Doctor and River have the advantage, as voices over the
communicators filled with static, indicate they are setting up communication relay buoys, while moving
through the areas. Now, as the pair move on through the ruined City, it is ancient, millions,
perhaps billions of years old. All preserved despite the blowing winds and sandstorms.
In the prime universe this planet was quarantined by the federation, here it looks like they are
setting up a military outpost.
If the Terran Empire gains control of the guardian, they could manipulate history and the future to
their own ends, ensuring they never lose a battle or war…

"Hm. Let's go talk to the Guardian." Talk to it, because River has a feeling that's the answer.
It's trying to resist them…

The Tenth Doctor nods "yes let's, though we still have the problem of actually getting to it"

River taps her pocket, then quietly says "Helps when we can listen in."

The Tenth Doctor smiles at River "well that will certainly help, good work"

And as they get through, it happens, just as the garbled and distorted voice comes over, the
doctor is instantly hit with the presence of another Time lord, one the Doctor has encountered
before… or rather his mind.
"The time ring has malfunctioned, it is nothing more than a glitched piece of technology, once I purge
it of this programing error, you will gain power equal to the Time Lords of Gallifrey."
"Remember the deal Morbius, you help us get this active, and we will provide you with a new body."

The Tenth Doctor stops in his tracks as he hears that over the communicator "no, no that can't be
possible, there is no way he's alive"

"Why is it that the bad guys never stay dead?" River muses. The communicator is set to receive only,
of course. "Seriously?" She sounds more irritated than anything else.

The Tenth Doctor sighs "Yea they never do, but you don't understand who this is, in short, it took
the entire alliance battle fleet just to stop him and bring him to justice, and that was just the
first time"

"Tell me Morbius, if you consider yourself so superior, why would you be helping such a primitive
race like humans attempt to conquer time and space." The voice is aged somewhat.
"Because, the Time lords were spineless cowards, refusing to use the technology to its full
potential Captain Sulu. The humans of this reality show promise and a viciousness to become this
universe's Time Lords!" The voice is garbled, "Had it not been for the accursed Doctor tricking me
into the mindbending contest I would have conquered and destroyed the Time lords, but now I, Morbius, will rise again, and lead humanity onto the path of universal conquest!"
Of course as they get closer to the facility, on a large hill in a depression, comes more thunder and
crackling as they can see it, the guardian of forever in the middle of a laboratory like gathering, a
miss-mashed creature moving around as the guardian is connected to all sorts of devices and wires, the device clearly in pain, now that it can be seen.

Seeing that in full, River winces visibly. "I think I have an idea, but I need to get to that
laboratory, can you talk to this guy?" A disembodied ghost Time Lord, A bad guy, But…Ten can talk
to anyone, All of them can, It's a gift.
The Tenth Doctor says, "I suppose I can always try, hand me that communicator"

River nods, handing it over, then she starts to sneak towards the lab.

The Tenth Doctor says, "Good luck out there" as he sets the communicator to transmission mode then says "You always were a cocky one weren’t you Morbius? Always going on about your conquest, yet you fell to such a simple contest, just an old brain in jar is all you are" as he keeps himself hidden but able to keep an eye on River

As the voice of the Doctor comes over the communicator, the scientists are surprised by the boyish talk that clearly has a grin on his face in the voice. Is there any other way the Doctor would speak to an enemy? Then Morbius flies into a rage and actually kills one of the technicians. "It can’t be? The Doctor, you will pay for your crimes against me. Find the Doctor, bring him to me!"
"Who is this Doctor, Doctor Who?" Sulu Demands to know.
*Insert face-palm image here*
"He's the Time lord who destroyed Galifry in the Time war, he is the one who banished me to this
accursed rock, through him, I Morbius, will live again!"
And at this point the entire place is on red alert.

And hopefully *not* noticing the blonde woman who mostly shows up as human on their sensors, as she slips towards the lab set up around the Guardian. What she's up to might be unclear, but her goal,
if somebody can follow her pattern, is the time ring and the…various wires and cables.

The Tenth Doctor begins to move around dodging patrols that Morbius is sending after him all while
continuing his chat "Oh you would be right for once Morbius, it’s me, your old friend, The Doctor, And
what place do you have to talk about crimes that I did to you eh? did you tell your new "friends"
here what you did in the past? All the people you killed, all the people you promised time travel
and other rewards, just to betray them later as they died for your so called "just cause?"

Right now with the Doctor out there, security is tight, as they have patrols out and are scouting for
the Doctor. The Guardian Thunders and roars in more pain.
At this point, Captain Sulu speaks over the Comm system. "This is Captain Sulu, I assure you
we have Morbius well in hand and expected betrayal." And instantly there is a sudden sound and
scream of Morbius in utter agony as Morbius drops to a knee. "You see when we repaired his brain
case we implanted an agonizer in him, he just found out about it. Morbius has told me of you." Sulu says with a smile, "Fortunately, you will find I am not unprepared. Can you see me?" And then he waves as River watches him point a hand phaser and suddenly vaporizes a teen, of perhaps 16 or so, that was just carrying something, he wasn't human. "Surrender yourself now, or the other slaves will be executed, starting with the youngest of them." Sulu has an evil and wicked grin on his face. "For every minute you delay… another slave will be executed."
Morbius stops screaming as he says, "HOW DARE YOU…"
"You are not the only one who is used to betrayal Morbius, we had you under control the moment we
found you here." Sulu says. "As you pointed out, his compassion for the welfare of a single life is his weakness."

River…can't get distracted, even by that, focus, focus. Quick, Into the lab, looking to see who's
there, cowed slaves or mad scientists, or both?

The Tenth Doctor after hearing this, and seeing what Sulu has done, realizes he doesn't have much of a
choice"have it your way Sulu, I will come peacefully, just don't harm another innocent life" he just
needs to keep them distracted enough for River to enact her plan

When the Doctor comes out into open a group of people are on him, some are telerites, others are
Andorians, only a handful are humans. One comes up to the Doctor and looks him right in the face and
smiles as he says, "so this is the face of a man who slaughtered his own people to end the Time
War?" And there that smirk comes with a slight wink as he says, "Doesn't look all that impressive."
As they grab the Doctor by the arms. The Andorian then allows them to disarm and pull the Doctor
into main area. As all eyes are on The Doctor as Morbius begins to get back to his feet.
"Without my help…"
Captian Sulu says, "We can manage without your help morbius…”
Right now the Doctor has a major problem. An old enemy, Morbius, has been found alive despite apparently having fallen to death on Karn at the hands of the Sisterhood, his body, still mixed and matched. He revealed to the Terran Empire The Doctor’s compassion for others which Captain Sulu took advantage of, executing an alien without hesitation to demand the Doctor's surrender.
Now as A group of aliens, lead by an Andorian and a couple Vulcans are marching the Doctor over to where the Guardian is, Morbius growls at having discovered the treachery of the empire, having slipped the agonizer into his brain case. He is growling out as he promises that Sulu will pay, and then he is punished with another merciless session of torment as Sulu fingering his blade says. "Now Doctor, where is this… Tardis Morbius speaks of?" River seems to be able to move around the area, as all focus for the moment is on The Doctor.
And River…is sneak sneaking towards the time ring known as the Guardian of Forever. Sneak. Sneak. Of course, she's good at this. Unfortunately, she can't steal it - it's pretty firmly fixed in place, but she has another idea in mind.
The Tenth Doctor stares over to Sulu to answer his question “Somewhere you could never get to, that's where, now why don't you tell me why you want this Guardian so much eh? or how my old "pal" Morbius got here?"
Finally after a few moments, comes the sound of a transporter not unlike Jacob's on his Enterprise, and soon that twisted James T. Kirk appears as he narrows his eyes when he sees the Doctor. "So, I was right, he did send someone to Gateway." Kirk comes up as he demands, "Where's Tylor and the Genesis Device. I know he stole it."
"Why Admiral Kirk, a pleasure to see you again, as for Morbius, oh when we first activated the Guardian it sorta spat him out." Sulu Says.
"Well When Tylor comes to Rescue you, he'll have to fight both the real Enterprise and Excelsior, and with his ship as badly damaged as it is… he doesn't stand a chance." Kirk continues
River of course, suddenly finds the Vulcan, Tuvok, approaching her Direction in clear sight, as one of the LT.s comes up and says. "The Intruder had an accomplice, we were forced to vaporize her." he says as commander Tuvok walks past River's location…
The Tenth Doctor looks over to Kirk "Ah, so you’re the one he referenced so much, to answer your question though, I can honestly say I have no idea where the Genesis device or Tylor is" he says with a smirk
Unfortunately, River doesn't quite know she's 'dead' yet, fortunately, she does know that Vulcans have very good hearing. She lets him sneak past and then continues her stealthy approach to the Guardian. She's going to talk to the one sane being here, well, other than Ten, he's somewhat sane.
Kirk looks at Ten and is about to strike him when his communicator goes off, pulling back, he opens it and the voice of Uhura reports that the other Enterprise is starting to approach the system. Kirk then smiles evilly as he slowly approaches The Doctor as Tuvok also begins to approach. "So Doctor, I'll give you a choice, serve the empire or I'll have you executed in an agony booth. Imagine it, spending weeks with every nerve in your body stimulated to extreme levels?" Kirk says with a sadistic Grin.
River is able to get closer and closer to the Guardian; it seems to be hooked up to a power regulating device that is channeling small antimatter cells into the guardian.
The Tenth Doctor grins at Kirk "well, you’re really giving me a hard choice here, maybe you could spare some time for me to think about it eh?"
…except he had to have seen her, River takes a risk, making a quick run for the Guardian, intent on ducking behind it (if she can, if there aren't people on both sides) to get a hand on the ring, if she can…
While the group is on the surface of the planet the ISS Enterprise left to head to gateway, leaving the Reliant behind to battle USS Enterprise, Jacob simply used a shuttle to help disable the Miranda class destroyer in the Nebula, and thanks to the scientists from Regula, he's been able to get USS Enterprise operational, but she is still damaged, armor cracked and shifted as the damaged vessel begins approaching Gateway. He's informed the Scientists of what is on Gateway, the time traveling Guardian of Forever. If he can't secure it, he may need to use Genesis and attempt to destroy the device. Genesis would be a dreadful weapon, but imagine the empire with power over time and space as, Jacob looks on his view screen at the sight of the Excelsior, and of course ISS enterprise…"This just got much more… challenging…"
As the USS Enterprise enters the gateway system, the ISS Enterprise sends a communication down to Kirk to inform him, while also telling the Excelsior to take lead on the fight as the ISS Enterprise has already taken damage. As soon as the order is given, the Excelsior begins to move into a combat position whilst the ISS Enterprise moves to the rear of the Excelsior. Unknown to all but the bridge crew of the ISS Enterprise, Spock has now taken over command and has a plan to take down Kirk and begin a change to the Empire….
As River places her hand on the guardian, she is suddenly filled with an image of the time war. The Guardian is an artifact from Gallifrey, a combination time tunnel and time ring that fell through cracks in time to this universe and stood on this planet for perhaps billions of years acclimating itself. Nothing so overwhelming as all that information, but it was fighting the Terran Empire as it reveals that it was The War Doctor who sabotaged this device from Rassilon to keep him from using it as it can open a portal to any point in time and space.
In space, USS Enterprise begins to approach Excelsior as Jacob opens communications, "This is Captain Jacob Tylor, as you know I raided space lab regula one, and obtained the Genesis device, stand down, or I will detonate the device in system, everything will be destroyed… If you test me, you will fail." he says.
The Doctor can hear Jacob over Kirk's communicator and it's the voice of a man who will pull that trigger as Morbius moves a bit closer to Sulu. What is Morbius Planning?
The Tenth Doctor listens in to Jacob's demands and sees an opportunity “Well I suppose that answers a couple of your questions Kirk, so what are you going to do eh? get yourself and all of your men killed?"
In space, the acting Captain of the Excelsior responds to the hail "This is Commander Rand of the ISS Excelsior, we demand that you surrender the Genesis device to the Empire, if you do so, your ship and its crew will not be destroyed" Meanwhile, on the ISS Enterprise, Spock sends a secure transmission to the USS Enterprise stating that they do not wish this to escalate to a detonation of the Genesis device, and will be willing to assist in the disabling of the Excelsior if no solution can be negotiated.
As he listens to the secure communications from ISS Enterprise, Jacob looks to Connie and gives a motion to her to send the data which involves removing the Guardian of Forever from Gateway, as well as keeping Genesis from the Empire, because the empire can be over thrown. However, if they gain mastery of a time travel device, almost no force in the universe could overcome them, and is asking for Spock’s help to disable Excelsior, as he has agents on the surface who are time travelers themselves. He also details he has a genuine need for this device in his universe; he doesn't want to destroy it or use it as a weapon. The view screen on the planet shows USS Enteprise, her hull scored with black carbon from an antimatter explosion point blank, approaching with battle stations at the ready; she's injured but still ready to fight. ISS Enterprise and ISS excelsior have the wounded ship out matched as Jacob transmits. "I have known too many tyrants, and you all never keep your word." Morbius inches close to Sulu waiting for the right time to strike and knock the remote device away from him so he can't be tortured again. Kirk, of course, almost smiles evilly as he says, "You really expect me to believe you would destroy this planet, this technology, you own people?" "To keep it out of your hands Kirk, in a heartbeat." Jacob retorts Kirk smiles as he says. "You have the heart of a true ruthless warrior, surrender Captain Tylor,and as fleet admiral, you have my sworn imperial oath, that I will make sure you, and your crew receive positions of power in the Empire's fleet." Sulu is shocked as he says, "You know such an oath can never be broken Admiral!"
Contact made, River smiles "Well, hello there." How it will react to her…at some levels she's a Time Lord, at some levels she isn't…she's giving it a chance to consider her. "Let's see what we can do about keeping these fools from using you, shall we?"
The Guardian of course is probing River's life, time stream, and events, and finding she is a companion of the Doctor, will grant her access to its abilities, but needs the devices attached to it to be deactivated before it can properly use them.
River is not his companion, but she gets the map…okay. She needs to remove its shackles, which are more important…and she also knows damaging the Guardian would be tough. Genesis probably wouldn't do it, but might make it temporarily unavailable. With a slight smile, she glances around, wondering if she is being observed.
As Spock receives the USS Enterprise’s response, he responds back with a targeting solution to disable the Excelsior quickly, he also states that he will execute on target as soon as they open fire. On the Excelsior, Rand orders its crew to ready weapons to fire on the USS Enterprise as soon as he hears an order from either Kirk or Sulu, or if Jacob initiates. Meanwhile, back on the planet, The Doctor keeps his distraction up "If I know Tylor, he won't stop at anything until he stops you and the Empire from getting your hands on that portal Kirk, so you would probably be better off just giving up now really." he says with a smile
Jacob nods as he stands up and says, "Dr Marcus, begin genesis activation." She appears on screen and nods walking over to the boxy console and starts to open it up as Jacob says. "You have ten seconds to comply and lower your shields Enterprise and Excelsior, after that, Genesis are activated." "Once the activation is started it can't be aborted." Carol says as Jacob begins the countdown. Time counts down as Carol is preparing to start the activation sequence, Connie tells the ISS Enterprise to follow and drop her shields and apparently disable her weapons using manual targeting to fire a torpedo to disable Excelsior if they drop shields. Number by number Jacob counts down. "He's Bluffing." Kirk says, and for the first time sweat is actually on the Admiral's brow….
All eyes are on the view screen; Jacob has the entire system at gun point. Meanwhile, River is working on deactivating the equipment around the Guardian, crouched as close to it as she can. They need it active for any plan they might come up with, and to get home, and because no sentient being should be chained up.
Spock begins to follow the message from Connie while saying over comms "Admiral, I find it most illogical to risk all of our forces and the Gate, I will be lowering the Enterprise's shields, I recommend you do the same Excelsior" On the Excelsior, Rand ask Sulu "what are your orders sir?" As all this is happening, The Doctor is hoping that Jacob really is bluffing and has a plan as he carefully reaches for his sonic, and silently activates it to short out Morbius's torture device "Tylor doesn't bluff Kirk, you have my word on that, if you want to make it out of here alive you only have one choice"
Finally Sulu looks to the doctor and narrows his eyes as he says. "Excelsior, lower shields power, down weapons, that's an order!" of course that is what Rand does, the ship will drop her shields, sure she could warp away to safety, but perhaps an opening will happen, and Excelsior is in the perfect position for both ships to disable her.
River is able to start removing the chains of the Guardian as finally she succeeds; the guardian is free, as it issues a terrible thundering sound as it roars out. "I KNOW ALL, I AM MY OWN CREATION, MY OWN END. ALL THINGS TURN TO DUST, FOR THE END OF AN EMPIRE HAS BEGUN. FOR TWO, A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH AWAITS, FOR YOU HAVE OFFENDED THE ONCOMING STORM!"
It is at this point that Mobius feels the agonizer be deactivated as he lunges at Sulu knocking him to the side, as Kirk is shocked.
Instantly the ground begins to rumble as The Doctor can feel it, the Guardian is channeling temporal energy into the planet, to age the planet, to make it unstable, to self-destruct the planet.
At this point, all hell is starting to break loose; security is panicking, the captives and the conscripted workers, all of them, as the earth quake erupts, and Kirk raises a powerful shield around the entire city "If I am going down, I'm taking you all with me!" Kirk roars out.
As the Excelsior lowers her shields, Spock immediately fires a torpedo directly into her, almost immediately the effects are apparent on the Excelsior, power has been greatly disrupted, shields are non-functioning, warping is out of the question, and weapons systems are barely functioning. Meanwhile on the surface, The Doctor breaks free of his captives in the chaos and begins to track down the source of the shield.
"Easy…" River knows the Guardian can get them out, but the shield is blocking him, she lets it take what it needs from her mind, even as she tries to work out where the shield generator is…
Both Enterprises fire almost at once, Excelsior is disabled, several phaser strikes allow USS Enterprise to bring low the mighty battle cruiser disabling it. On the surface, just as the Doctor gets to the controls, comes a phaser shot. "NO YOU DON'T Doctor!" Kirk has fired a shot to fry the controls of the shield that is blocking access to the Gatway and transport off the planet. Still, there is a flux in the shield as a transporter beam comes.
Jacob appears, being the only one to get through the shield, as He moves to tackle Kirk, throwing a punch to his face. "I have had enough of you KIRK!" he calls out and strikes Kirk again, only to have kirk roll with it, and backhand Jacob across the face with a double fisted back hand, knocking him back.
Sulu fires his phaser at Morbius as he slashes with a massive claw, but the strange alien anatomy with mix and matched parts makes it hard to actually stun or kill Morbius. People are now panicking, as the doctor and River have to jury rig the shield controls.
The Tenth Doctor jumps back from the phaser shot, but as he sees Jacob appear and tackle Kirk, he quickly use his sonic on Kirks phaser then begins to attempt to fix the control panel, pulling out some wires, splicing others with his sonic. Meanwhile Kirk is struggling directly with Jacob in his face and says "You dare attack me like this? I knew I should have sent my other ship after you while your ship was still smoking"
Jacob is stronger than the average human; gravity on his ship is 25 percent above earth normal. He's been trained in hand to hand combat by Pirates, so he should be an even match for Kirk. Of course he had the edge as he holds his phaser and tries to shoot Kirk, only for his phaser to short out allowing Kirk to hit Jacob again "You are a joke compared to the real Kirk I know of!" he yells out and attempts to grab hold of one of kirk's punches as fire starts to erupt from the City. The temperature of the planet is beginning to spike, mountains begin to smoke and rumble, the whole planet is going to tear itself apart. "Reliant was an easy win; I left them stranded in the mutara nebula!" Jacob screams out, of course right now the guardian is seemingly channeling every ounce of the time vortex into the planet to make it unstable.
River glances at the Doctor, she can *feel* the temporal energy, it tears at her, it almost calls to her, something within her rather *likes* the timestorm the Guardian is creating. She's working on the other console, quickly. "Three, two…"
As the struggle between Kirk and Jacob continues, Kirk reaches out for a piece of rubble nearby created by the quake and uses it to knock Jacob across his head, using this advantage, Kirk pushes Jacob off of him and gets to his feet as he says "The real Kirk? I am the only real Kirk, and you will not leave this planet alive" as he lunges towards Jacob again going for a heavy strike
Jacob has one small advantage as he brings his arm up to take the blow from the rock, he has under armor. Light armor, but armor none the less as his arm is knocked down and he grabs hold of his combat knife, and slashes it across Kirk's chest, leaving a nice skin deep cut across his chest as Jacob holds his knife in a fighting position.
Sulu manages to get some distance between him and Morbius, as he levels his phaser and with a bright blue beam, fires. It strikes the dome head of Morbius, causing the dome explodes, spraying out the container's shell and bits of time lord brain. "Die like the rest of your arrogant pathetic race has!" Turning to face Jacob, Sulu intends to stun the dark-skinned Captain, but a tremor knocks him down, as he loses his phaser into a crevasse that opens up and soon, he realizes that now, for his own survival, he needs to work with his enemies, he'll take them prisoner when this is over. Jacob is intending to try and disable Kirk as Tylor has blood coming from his own head and such.
Sulu comes over to start helping river try to disable the shield, and then Tuvok comes up and uses a Vulcan neck pinch on Sulu. "Commander Spock hailed me of the situation, allow me to assist you."
Kirk continues to fight with Jacob, slowly circling looking for any openings to strike and says "Even if your able to kill me, you will never destroy the Empire, they will hunt you down and make sure you are tortured for life! Not to mention that you abandoned your own starship just to avoid destruction and come down here to fight me"
"None of you," River says quietly. "Are getting access to this technology, it doesn't want to work for you." The quarrel between the two seems to have been won by the dark-skinned Vulcan, for now. That martial arts move would be so useful, but grey eyes rest on Tuvok for a moment even as she gets back to work.
Jacob will make several thrusting swings with his own knife leaving himself open on one small angle, but it's a trap, he trusts his body armor to minimize the wound, still Kirk's blade will get through to cut him, but he can trap the knife, and use it to disarm and get a solid grip on kirk's weapon to knock it away. The ground rumbles below them as it parts and a pillar of rock erupts below Kirk knocking him up and into the air, he could use it to leap on Jacob as he tries to subdue Kirk, preferably to break a leg or arm. "The Terran Empire will fall, no matter what that is the fate of all tyrants!" Jacob yells out.
Tuvok says, "We are in agreement, I can help you bypass security quicker." Perhaps Tuvok can teach her the neck pinch.
Kirk knew what he was doing as he fired on that console; it's a right mess, but nothing the Doctor can't fix, as he finds a way to bypass the damaged tech with some fiddling of the telecom matrix, and the zeta pulse relay.
River nods. "Do so, but bear in mind I'm dangerous if crossed and my husband is worse." She actually smiles at Tuvok, giving him a bit of space.
Kirk does indeed attempt to use the height of the pillar to his advantage, jumping down directly on Jacob. Meanwhile, as the Doctor finally gets the blasted console fixed, he starts the process of shutting down the shields.
As the Shield comes down Tuvok looks over at the Doctor and says, "Naturally." Finally, the guardian says, "Step through my Portal, I shall send you all to safety…." As Jacob grabs hold of Kirk mid fall, pulls back as hard as he can, pushes his foot to his chest, and forces him to roll over him hopefully with Kirk’s back on the ground so he can roll over and punch him in the face several times to stun and knock him out.
Areas of the city are slowly submerging into the land as it turns molten and the mountains erupt like volcanos, the entire planet is self-destructing. Tuvok takes his time to start directing people to the Portal as he grabs hold of Sulu.
River looks at Tuvok, nods to him, and then narrows her eyes at the portal. She studies it for a moment, as if she could see or sense where it leads before she steps through. "I believe it is safe," she says, but doesn't go through right away, she's checking on Jacob visually first.
As Kirk is about to fall unconscious, he utters a final sentence "you will pay for this in time…" then Jacob throws one final punch and Kirk is out cold. Meanwhile the Doctor is making his way to the gate and trying to get everyone he can to follow him, regardless of allegiance, as the last few go through the gate, he takes a final look over the exploding landscape, and the fallen body of Morbius. He then jumps through the gate to be transported hopefully back to the Enterprise.
River moves through with the last group, once Jacob is disentangled from Kirk. She trusts the Guardian, even if it did give her a bit of a headache.
Of course Jacob is not about leave Kirk there, grabbing hold of the fallen admiral and hoisting him over his shoulder and carrying him to the portal. He will not pass through until every last survivor is through and only then will he step through with admiral kirk on his back as River, Tuvok, Sulu, and the Doctor are on the bridge of USS enterprise. Moments later, Jacob comes through carrying kirk battered and bloodied, as the view screen shows Gateway, the planet is burning like hell, something that might remind the Doctor of Gallifrey, or what he believed was Gallifrey still existed when he thought to set it burning.
The guardian imparts special knowledge to the Doctor, that his war incarnation, his next incarnation, and himself saved Gallifrey. That it is locked away safe, and what they will need to do to use the Guardian in the other universe, which means salvaging it from the remains of this planet and transferring it to the other universe and back in time several billions years to retune itself. However, it will never be its fully operational self again.
For nearly an hour Jacob watches Gateway self-destruct and as all three ships move off, there is a final explosion of the planet, reducing it to a field of rubble. At this point an alert is given that something made of stone has appeared in the shuttlebay. Jacob smiles as he looks to River and the Doctor. "Missions accomplished now we just need to finish repairs, figure out what to do with Kirk and Sulu and then get home."

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