2017-12-28 Party Crasher!
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GMed by El Gato, Tech Star, DJ, Shin, Lucius
Title: Party Crasher!

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It'd be about 10pm at night. The nightlife was getting into full swing and that night club on the west side was no different. They'd hired a rather slick DJ and tonight everyone was having a good time, up and dancing to some sweet mix tracks! DJ was at the head of the room, bobbing along to the music he played as he'd run CDs through four different players. Them and the mix board did what he did and enjoyed doing so well.
At the door, there was of course a bouncer. They had to make sure that the place didn't get too full. As word spread via social media, more and more did want to get in. Of course.. those who are VIP? They get in anyways and Ali's name was on that list, courtesy of DJ.

Ali had finished her class, ran home to change and headed out to DJ's gig. She finally had the time and didn't feel like she she would cramp his style.
So there she was at the door, fidgeting a bit to wait to see if her name was indeed on that list. Making her way inside, she'd tuck some of that long dark hair behind her ear then nibble her bottom lip. Just like her brother had taught her to blend in with his crew, she knew how to blend in at least appearance wise at the party.
Pulling off that long coat, she stood there to reveal she was wearing a pair of black fitted knee high boots, a pair of black high waisted shorts that were indeed short and adorned with six little buttons and a black and white striped cropped off the shoulder sweater that was snug. Fidgeting with the little handbag she had, she'd let her right hand idly go to that engagement ring on her left hand before slowly making her way through the crowd.

Lucius_Primus arrives, perhaps the oldest person to make the trip to the party (in more then one way definitely). He smiles to one of the bouncers, "Hey Luis, nice to see ya." after a bit of a conversation, he heads into the loud party, his eyes scanning along the people present, he eventually negotiates his way to a slightly less busy spot.

DJ smoothly blended one song into the next as the party would continue to jam. Everyone was in quite a good mood it seems, happily dancing along, as well as spending money on drinks. To be even more happy to dance around.

For someone that could sense it? There was magic in the air.. like.. literally.. it hummed with the magic and music mix.

DJ kept bobbing along, although he'd be able to spot Ali after a few moments from her coming in. Grinning to himself, he'd watch for her attention, then wave her way. Lucius did get a curious look too. It didn't seem he quite fit in with the college crowd.. But hey.. they come in all types, right?
Lucius_Primus doesn't have an ability to sense magic, though he does literally feel the whole crowd emotions and thoughts. he finds himself a place at the bar and orders the popular drink of the night, probably cheap beer but it just feels right to him for the time being. He bops a bit along with the music as well.

Ali would finally see DJ and saw him waving, raising up a hand to wiggle fingers back at him. Looking around she would exhale a bit but too spotted the older person in there. Shrugging to herself she would slowly start to make her way through the crowd. Bypassing the bar and moving towards DJ was, she'd then get stopped by a bouncer looking guy. Rolling her eyes to herself, she'd just look up at DJ and just smiled, mouthing 'just say hi when you can' before look to the security. Staring at him as he seemed to get in an eyeful, she'd just smirk then flipped him off before folding her arms and just waiting nearby.

Lucius_Primus sips his beer, he simply zones out a bit, enjoying the music and energy in the air.

It's probably some kind of strange extra instinct, some kind of extra sense that percolates through the Stark family. When they feel a need to party, they seem to be able to track down the nearest party with an uncanny accuracy, and generally let themselves in… on the odd occasions they're not hosting a party themselves. That's why Stark the Younger, Stark Junior, Sam the man himself walks in as if he has every right to be there. It's suitably loud, suitably crowded and suitably… well… energetic for his frame of mind. ID at the door? Not an issue. ID scanned to make sure it's not a fake? Hah, that is especially not an issue. But for a teenager pretending to be older to sneak into a good party, his first order at the bar is surprisingly restrained. Just a coke. Because some things /don't/ run in the Stark family.

Lucius_Primus sips his beer still, a glance over to Samuel and then back to noone behnd the bar inparticular, o o (Feel so old, in these places).

DJ kept that music going for a bit more. Another track mix smoothly from one to the other, it's about then that Ali makes it as far as the bouncer, who's looking her up. With a slight shake of his head, he'd flip a set of switches on the mix deck then rolls back casually to slip out of that DJ booth and around the side. Tapping on the bouncer's shoulder, he'd hold up that left hand with his own engagement ring. "Yo yo yo. She's with me man. Ya gotta let her past, eh? I told ya'll to put her and Shin on the list." He'd roll back a little bit and flashes Ali a grin. Although when that Stark comes in? Well.. that just gave a ton more cred to this party and it jumped in the social media! DJ eyed the Stark, then flashed a grin at Ali. "See? Toldja.. have the hottie chicca come by and the parties really start ta jam!"

Lucius_Primus smirks a bit, as if he heard DJ's conversation, maybe he did maybe he didn't. He sips more of his beer, the feeling of the crowd is why he is here. Youth vibrancy is such a nice thing to have around you

When DJ showed up she chuckled a bit then just took his hand as she slipped past the bouncer. Holding up her left hand she'd grin then stuck her tongue out before looking up at him. "….I got in the front but seems he didn't think I was here either…." Chuckling a she would then look to where he was looking then raised her brow. "…well then…." Laughing she'd look back to DJ and shake her head. "I'm sure that's not why he's here…."
Looking around a bit she'd then close her eyes. Shaking her head a bit, she had to adjust to the sounds and smells. It used to be a bit overwhelming but as she got older….she learned to manage it better. "…there…." It was almost a murmur as she then opened her eyes. "So….I'm not disturbing you, am?"

"Actually….you just missed mine then. Here you go: When DJ showed up she chuckled a bit then just took his hand as she slipped past the bouncer. Holding up her left hand she'd grin then stuck her tongue out before looking up at him. "….I got in the front but seems he didn't think I was here either…." Chuckling a she would then look to where he was looking then raised her brow. "…well then…." Laughing she'd look back to DJ and shake her head. "I'm sure that's not why he's here….""
I don't understand that.

He came because he had, at some indefinable junction of the Vortex, helped save all of space and time from a catastrophe that had been going to begin about to happen (conjugations get strange when time travel is involved) for pretty much all of recorded history, and needed to celebrate somewhere he could cut loose and not think about such things… but Sam is staying for the music. He does, however, resist the temptation to repost the party on his social media account, because he doesn't want to be responsible for the riot. But, of course, he can't be responsible for other people if they recognise him. Will there be hell to pay when his father sees the footage? Probably not. Would there be a frown from Captain America? More than likely, if someone where to show it to him. For now Sam simply sips his coke, smiles at people and gets a feel for the music. He's here to have fun, after all.

"Disturbin? Nah nah, heck nah!" DJ would stare at Ali for a moment, then laughs, shaking his head. He'd grin and hugs her closer a moment before shifting on those roller blades (a DJ on roller blades, how original) to tug on Ali's hand to draw her onward. "Come on. Let's get ta the booth. Ya wanna drink?" Grinning her way, he'd sweep the crowd with a look too. Of course having Ali there absolutely hyped him up. But DJ was an entertainer and he wouldn't let the crowd slip either.

Lucius_Primus is just bopping along at the bar with a beer, which he has refilled, he's probably the oldest person here, for some reason the fellow has come to the college party to enjoy the music and crowd.

Well, Shin was invited to this party by DJ and Ali. The punk blinks a few times as he shows up in a tank top and a pair of black denim jeans. He shakes his head a little bit, not quite used to the craziness around him after being in Japan for so long. He looks around a little bit as he tries to find DJ and Ali…

It's a party alright. And when there's a good party, Sam feels he needs to contribute. Draining his coke halfway, he makes his way to the barkeep and gets their attention. Over the music he half-shouts, half gesticulates "Next round is on me", accompanied by the universal horizontal circle in the air drawn by the right index finger. Anyone who has seen that might know what's up, but they'll find out when they go to renew their drinks anyway. The teenager hands his card over to the bar staff with a wink "Don't worry, I'm good for it.". And thus, his small part of the party contributed, he drains his coke and puts the glass down on a nearby table, striding to the dance floor with a grin and a glint in his electric blue eyes.

Ali and DJ were up in the VIP section near his booth….Shin would easily be able to find his way over and through security since his name was on the VIP list as well. "I could use a drink yeah. Wine. But…." Looking out over the crowd she would spot Shin and waved before looking to DJ. "…let me go get him." With that, she wold toss her jacket one the nearest couch then made her way back down past security. Humming, she was sashaying her way through the dance floor towards Shin until she felt a rather firm grip on her upper arm, yanking her to spin around. Blinking she would frown as she looked a rather tall man, dark long hair, green eyes that would just scowl at her. "….can I….help you?"
That man would grab her by the arm again as he leaned in, muttering to her in Spanish that caused her eyes to go wide as she started to pull away but shocking….he could hold her.

Shin blinks a little bit, and catches sight of Ali. The punk rolls his neck, and starts to move along the crowd. As he walks through, he bumps into people, and soon finds himself getting justled a bit. Its a new experience for the former DJ bouncer. He's used to just growling, and people running for the hills. He shakes his head a bit as he starts trying to bull through before catching sight of Ali looking at somebody. He tries to really push through now, but then Samuel makes his cry, which causes the crowd to overwhelm Shin towards the bar…

Pro-tip. If you want a good spot on a crowded dance floor, tempt people towards the bar. Sam is already ahead of most of the crowd and heading the other way, still smiling. Of course, with the thinning crowd, he can spot Ali and her … well… it certainly doesn't look like they're having a friendly chat. He can't help it, it's the Avenger in his blood calling out, that inbred instinct for chivalry that's been getting him into trouble for the last six years, so he simply has to get involved. His smile is friendly, his stance is open, but something in that smile seems to imply that /unfriendly/ is very much an option. "Everything alright here?"

Ali would let out a soft growl that probably couldn't be heard but looked over to Shin. Shaking her head, she would frown as she didn't want this to escalate. Last thing she needed was a brawl at one of DJ's gigs. Looking back to the man she would frown and mutter. "….let…..go." With that she would finally snatch her arm away out of his grasp.
The man would raise his hand as soon as Ali pulled her arm free. Reaching into his blazer of that suit he was wearing, he'd pull out a blade that looked to be steel. "….come on, kitty kitty…." But he was distracted as he heard Samuel. Looking over to him, he'd just shove him back…with a bit of strength behind it. "….mind your business kid…."

DJ saw Shin too and waved his way. He'd grin at Ali and nods, getting back to the booth as Samuel did his call out. Well.. that deserved some proper music! The tempo and beat got a bit heavier with that next mix, DJ grinning as he'd come out of the booth.. only to spot someone messing with Ali. Coming out of that VIP area, DJ reached into his pocket to start one of his own music mixes. This.. this is where it got interesting.
DJ would be on those roller blades and as the guy drew a blade, he'd eye him, then Sam who would get confronted. That was enough distraction that DJ could roll on through, weaving through people like it was it's own dance to simply try to.. scoop up Ali and carry her away in a long loop back for that VIP area.
"Ya ok Ali? Who is that guy? I saw him messin with ya.." DJ eyed her as he'd go.

Shin catches Ali's signal, and then notices DJ moving in fast. The punk looks down at the box he keeps on him. He slowly makes his way through the crowd, raising an arm. He makes a quick series of signals, hoping DJ catches them. Its old street racer signals about a track. Hopefully Dj gets it that Shin is going to try to lure the guy away.

Shin nods his head to Sam as he moves in. "Whats up? I hear there's some issues over here?", he asks. THe punk takes a moment to try to appear nonthreatening. Then again, spending some time in the military, and bulking from 130 pounds to 170 pounds of muscle kinda….changes how you look a little bit.

Ah. As Sam stumbles a few steps back, fighting for balance for a moment, his smile seems to widen just a little bit. Unfriendly it is then. This is a party, and he doesn't want to start a panic in a packed club, but he did see that blade… and once someone pulls a knife, options really don't get better, they just get worse. Smile still on his face, his eyes crackle with lightning and a glow of ball lightning begins to surround his hands, cocking his head at Ali and nudging his head towards the man behind his back as if to ask permission… He can't help it that the creep doesn't seem to realise he just shoved a mutant, one of the more recognisable mutants in New York even. He's the reason that some parents refuse to send their children to the Academy of Tomorrow, and he's very much capable of being overwhelmingly nasty to someone threatening a young lady with a knife… but not unless he really needs to. There seems to be no end of potential knights in shining armor as it is. Does Creep realise he picked the wrong party to try this?

Ali was just about to say something when she was scooped up and let out a squeak! Looking to see it was DJ she would widen her eyes but nodded then. "…yeah….I-I'm fine…." She'd fidget as she shook her head and started to squirm. "Put me down and let me get out of here. It's one of….them…." Glancing behind him she'd then look back to DJ. "….I guess they're looking for me…."

That man would growl as she then saw DJ take his prey away. "….it's mine!" Looking to Samuel and Shin, he'd look then bared his teeth….revealing fangs. Shin would know exactly….what this was. "…move out of my way…." Ignoring the lightning, almost with inhuman speed he'd start his way through the crowd after DJ and Ali.

DJ nods a little at Ali's confirmation she's ok. He'd upnod to Shin's sign and pulls that skating up short on the far edge of that dance floor to put Ali back on her feet. "We gotta be careful.. ifn they're out here.. there might be others.. but Ali.. I ain't lettin him take ya.. huh?" He'd look at her hard, before looking over to Sam and Shin. Raising a hand he'd twirl a finger about. "Ya'll hear that? This guy's a gate crasher! First heavy dance ta the one willin ta take em out!" What's a heavy dance? Well, some might know. Others would probably look it up later. But now, at least, plenty of people are watching the guy even as he'd rush at them quite expediantly. Well.. that was unexpected. DJ would reach into his pocket and click track change on the disc, planting his wheels and when the guy would come in to try to grab Ali, he was right there, pushing back just as hard as the guy might push. The headset DJ had on? It was a different song than what's playing for everyone else.

Shin sees the fangs, and something clicks in him. He looks at Sam a moment, and takes a deep breath. "Hey, Kid, you play with lightning right? Can you cage it?", he asks. "Make a circle around the guy on skates, the Creep, and me.", he says. "If he makes a break, fry his ass hard.", he says. Shin moves towards DJ and the creep.

The punk moves calmly, delibrately. He checks the box. Four, Two, One. Not good odds for him in this enviroment. He stands there a long moment watching DJ and the Vampire. "You know, DJ, I don't think I even need to go all out for this guy…", Shin says with a laugh. There's an evil look in Shin's eyes. Ali would notice…Shin didn't wince, or make any sign that he's hurt…Is he seriously not activating his magic?

Gauntlet. It hath been thrown down. For a moment Sam's watch beeps and the screen goes red, but he shakes his head almost imperceptibly when it does. Whatever the query was, whatever that sign might have been, Stark Junior doesn't seem to want to invoke it.

…Which is why, ten blocks from the party, on the Ninetieth floor of Stark Tower, a ramp has opened on the Penthouse balcony, but the launch had been aborted…

Giving Shin a look, the teen nods and smiles again. "Sorry everyone, we have contestant number one. One at a time please, no pushing." A moment later, a bubble of translucent energy crackles into place over the dance floor, encapsulating DJ, Shin, the Creep… and Sam. "You never said I had to be on the outside…" Quite aside from the bubble, an aura now surrounds a grinning Sam, a perfect imitation of a Super Saiyan power-up… except, of course, his aura is blue and his hair doesn't spike up. Might be a clever special effect. Might.

"DJ….look…." But he was already on his own plan. Frowning she would then look as he turned on those headphones. Stepping back, she would just stay out of the way….for now. At least Shin was keeping his head on straight. When he came in, watching the man get pushed back with as much strength caused a grin. For once….she didn't have to cause a mess. But it was too soon….she felt something and she gasped. Looking down she would see….that dagger in her side. But it was pain….real pain….searing. Letting out a scream she'd drop to her knees as she panted heavily, one of her hands going to touch the handle but it too….was silver. "…DJ…."
Sure DJ had pushed the creep back just as hard but he had already let that blade fly. Before he could do anything else….he was surrounded by that bubble. Letting out a snort she'd look at the three for them and frowned. "….I just want….the mongrel…..and I won't even tell them about the rest of you…." But then his eyes cut to Shin and he frowned. "….well…you're already screwed….."

And then it all went wrong.
DJ eyed the man, only to hear Ali scream in pain and with a look back at her, saw the blade and Ali's response to it? He knew what that meant..
"Shin? Ash his ass." DJ called over as he'd roll over to Ali quickly. Kneeling next to her, he'd grab the blade and carefully, but quickly, pull it free.

Not like he's ever had to do this sort of thing before either..

The blade is dropped to the side as DJ makes sure that Ali can start mending the wound and he'd look at the creep with a glare. "That's my fiance asshole.. and fer that.. I'm gonna be kickin yer ass too.."

Shin hears Ali scream. Murder hits his eyes, and the man looks at the Vampire. He drops down to a knee. The man slams his fist into the ground as he growls. He's not summoning his magic still. "Right, his ass is mine. Hey, kid?", he says, looking at Sam. Shin smiles a little bit. "Mind playing with a vampire for a few seconds. A good party has fireworks…", he says. The punk opens the box. "Hey, Dj, get me some wood.", he calls out.

Shin looks at the Vampire a ittle bit. He flips his hair a little bit to reveal that scar that covers that half of his face. "Yeah, well, your kind has been trying for awhile.", he says. Shin stays kneeling. "This a fight or you just going to stand there being all Twilight Sparkle boi over there?"

For a second, Sam watches everything in slow motion. His indecision lasts exactly as long as it takes for him to get angry and, boy, these days that doesn't take much. His smile turns into a sneer and then he utters the words that something, somewhere has been waiting for. "JARVIS… send it." With nary a thought as to what he's doing to the structured setlist of the DJ, Sam switches the music over to 'Thunderstruck' as lightning grows around him, and he rushes the vampire. A halo of high voltage surrounds him now, and the teen is propelled by equal parts rage and indignation… and two years hanging around with the Avengers.

From Stark Tower, an object launches on a pillar of plasma fire and begins to plummet the short distance towards the club. Whatever was sent out should be with them presently…

Panting heavily she would slowly look up at DJ and frowned. "….bastard…has silver…." As he grabbed it, she'd close her eyes then let out a gasp as he pulled it out. Putting her hand on the wound she just slowly stand up. Bleeding, that wound was slowly…very slowly starting to shut. Those eyes were narrow as she made her way over and just stood there. "….drop it….." Looking to DJ and Shin, those eyes of hers had turn into almost catlike slits….her nails slowly growing into claws. She was starting to lose it but had to reign it in. "…no…." Panting she would shake her head. "…we can do this in here….get him out….he's too dangerous…"

The creep was now….dumbfounded. Blinking he would back up as he let out a roar like yell. "Foolish children!" Looking to DJ he would then smirk. "….oh….you must be her little pet…." With that he rushed at the DJ, pouncing upon him then.

Ali wasn't having it then as she realized….she was inside….she was blinded by pain. Without even skipping a beat she'd catch the Vampire mid air and held him there. Still bleeding, she would pant as she narrowed her eyes then. It was almost comical….a 5'4" Latina holding up an over six foot man. With that she would bring him down to the ground with such a force, the whole building shook as she held him by the throat. The creep? He let out a yell as he struggled in her grasp….but couldn't break free!

Shin takes a deep breath for a moment before he rushes over to the Vampire. He positions himself where the vamp can't get to him directly, and then slaps on all four Fire talismans on the vampire. "Ali, on my mark, let go.", he says to her. He smiles. "Reminds you of old times?", he asks. The punk takes a deep breath as he pulls out the barrier talismans, both of them. "Now.", he says, slamming the first one down on the vampire, and then setting a second one on top of it. He growls, and then sets off all 4 of the fire talismans, hopefully with the vamp still held down by the barriers, and that the barriers hopefully hold long enough to contain the explosions inside. If not, ALI SAVE ME!

It's as much the sight of Ali getting back after being stabbed as well as watching her /bodyslam/ the Creep that brings Sam to a complete and utter halt. He loses just enough concentration to accidentally fry the DJ booth and winces when the music suddenly drops. Yeah… he'd been trying to avoid a panic, not start a riot. With his hands raised, the teen steps back from Ali, now smiling again. "This seems a tad personal. All yours, I won't spoil your fun unless you want to share."
There is, right around that time, a *thump* just outside the club as a suit of power armor lands and walks into the club, neat as you please, ignoring the bouncers by the door. Most New Yorkers would recognise Tech Star, who the press keeps referring to as 'Iron Boy', and the thing begins to push its way through the crowd with exaggerated care. It doesn't take much for it to get to the dance floor, and when it does, Sam doesn't even turn around as it steps up right behind him. "What took you? Deployment time of sixteen point eight seconds? I need to have a look at those launch rails." Then the suit opens up and steps forwards, engulfing Sam Stark, the first actual public confirmation that the teenager is, in fact, Techstar. How long before /that/ makes it to twitter?

Ali would stare up at Shin with a growl then nodded. Sure that DJ was out of the way she would just keep her hand on him as Shin went to work. Glancing to Sam as he put his hands up she would just stare before quickly leaping back, almost catlike as she backflipped and landed in a crouch. Licking her lips she would slowly stand up, that hand going to her wound that was…slightly closed now. Looking to Sam she would chuckle a bit. "….you don't go after my fiancee and think I'll just watch it happen…."
The Vampire would grunt as he struggled as those talismans would do their work. Screaming out in pain, the fire would begin to engulf him…..the man actually bursting into flames as if he was covered in gasoline.

Shin would sigh as he stands there, holding the barrier…The first one will collapse instantly. The initial force wiping it out. The second barely holds the fire inside. The punk sighs as he watches the fire, seeing it burn itself out.

He looks over at Ali a moment. "Ummm, I think the party is over. Unless we want to move the party to his place?", Shin says, pointing at Tech Star. "Having a Stark host the party, even impromptu…", he says. Well that and Shin semi wants to talk to Ali a bit more in private, but not at the apartment…

Okay… Now, Sam is very worried about what the crowd is doing to think of this. Kicking a trespasser around a bit, or six ways from sunday for stabbing someone is one thing… but watching him set on fire in front of everyone? Yeah… this is New York, but that might be a bit much. So, with a presence of mind that only comes from having to do far too many PR appearances, the teen mutant hijacks the club's sound system again, patching in his suit's music player. He doesn't have a full library in there, but enough to keep him going in a fight, and so a few moments later the music starts up again. 'Ignition', in fact, by Toby Mac, just because he thinks it fits enough to make people think this is part of the entertainment. The blank faceplate of the suit's helmet turns to Ali, Shin and DJ for a moment, as if suggesting they might do something about this before the party turns into a stampede, before he starts to lead the first cheer and the first few steps of a dance he's very much improvising right there and then. The shield around the dance floor? Gone now.

Ali was already on it. Wincing she would take a deep breath as she held in the pain and hopped up on the DJ booth. Then there was that flawless smile as she cleared her throat and pulled the mic. "Aaayyy!!!" All of sudden that almost sensual Spanish accent laced her words as she giggled on the mic. "DJ hopes you enjoyed the show! We have so many friends in the special effects world we thought we'd do a little demo and do a belated Halloween gag!!" Spinning around, but hiding that now closed wound on her side she would smile brightly as she pointed out. "Now let's dance!!! Dance and let's end this year right!!" Shutting the mic off, she'd look to Sam and smirked as she went back to that almost perfect English. "DJ can finish this….I'm getting the hell out of here….I'd go if I were you too, Stark." With that she would jump down and hissed as she just snatched her coat then moved to Shin. "Party? Ugh. I'm so over it right now…"

Shin nods his head a little bit. "I was going to go with a Movie schtick. That was brazen, even for them.", he tells. The man rubs his face a little bit. "To attack in a crowded area like this, with this many humans and possible mutants? And in public view…", he says. Shin moves over to her. "Want to lean on me, at least until we get to the apartment?", he offers.

Shin looks to Stark, and offers his hand. "Thanks man. There's…just some personal issues between us and them. I don't have much money, but hit me up at this garage, and I'll see what I can dig up.", Shin says handing over a business card to the Garage that he works at. "And thanks for the quick thinking. I'm…just a bit frazzled at the moment, that they would do this.", he says to Tech Star.

Shin sighs a little bit. He looks around. Probably the last time he's going to be going out in public for a long time…And he didn't even get a drink, nor had a chance to even look at any of the girls in attendance. Damn you VAMPIRES!

"Never know when I need to have spinners put on this rig." Techstar replies to Shin and shakes the man's hand. Well, it's an approximation, because the gauntlets make it difficult to do it without crushing that hand, but it's close enough for government work. And being paid for this? Oh my, if anything he had the reverse in mind for ruining a party. The faceplate of the helmet slides back, just so he can put some more facial expression behind his words. "We've all got a few vampires in our closet, I suppose. Or was that skeletons? One or the other, I just know I keep a double lock on mine and the damned things still get out." A wink at that, and then he turns to Ali. "Yes ma'am. But I'll stay another ten minutes, just to boost the party rep a bit. And see if I can patch up the equipment I fried or this is going to be one hell of a short party." Indeed, the system was currently running /through/ his suit, so he couldn't just up and leave. "Be safe. But with your friends, I think you'll be okay for tonight. If not… give me a call."

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