2018-02-18 Crusaders for Time Travel
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Warning: N/A
2018-02-18 (Timey Wimey February 18, 2006 and The First Crusade)
Players: Mike, River, Vulcrow
GMed by Vulcrow
Title: Crusaders for Time Travel

She's been keeping an eye on Mike. Even if it puts them all out of order with each other. And after recent events, River Song wants…needs…a reminder of who she actually is and what she is generally up to. She tracks down Mike on the streets. "Hey, kid." Coming up behind him. He's about fifteen. She…is pretty much the same age as when he saw her when he was ten.

As with the past five years, this one is turning out just as shitty for Mike. Hell's Kitchen is not a friendly place and it is very apparent as the quasi-adrogyenous featured boy spins around at the touch, stance shifting as he seems prepared for yet another fight. Foot backing up, his hands lift as well, seeming ready to block whatever's coming that way. It's not until he sees the familiar face that the slightly bruised one freezes, processing her for a few moments before giving a pained smile, "Please tell me we're leaving."

"When do you want to go?" the blonde asks with a grin. Not where. Place kind of goes with time. "Ancient Rome? The colony world of Avosa, where the plants are pink and the waterfalls smell of flowers."

Mike considers for a few moments, glancing around at the scenery before the smile widens, "We haven't done knights yet."

"We haven't, have we." River fiddles with her armband, and then offers Mike her hand. "Be aware, a chivalrous knight only has to be a horseman." Ow.

"Mildly disappointing," Mike replies, taking the offered hand, "Good thing I like horses."

River and MIke arrive during the Crusades, and while those rambunchous "knights" have not yet arrive in the desert, being still in the forest, they are definitely cause issues with the locals. So the locals have hired a fighter to deal with them. It is late night. The moon high in the sky, and there is a beast in the woods tonight. And it is hunting. There is a campfire nearby from River and Mike.

Of course, before they're seen, River uses the infamous perfume spray to change their clothes appropriately. Sadly, it can't make functional armor. "Horses," River notes, "Are often better mannered than their riders."

Mike nods, pausing after their arrival to look at the attire he ends up with. Sadly he's not sure what the ploffy shirt and vest equates to. "So which one are we in?" Hopefully it is the one where they can best blend in with the winning side.

"First. And don't worry, *we* can leave any time." She's put herself in a fairly simple dress. They aren't looking like rich people, because that would carry one risk. Reasonably well-off peasants. She starts to head towards the campfire.

it is rare for locals to be in the woods at night. Moreso recently. Suddenly a group of "Crusaders" come upon them. "You there. WHat are you doing here this time of night?" There are eyes watching from the darkness. Hidden from most, but watching the new arrives and the bandits.

The bruised teen looks over to the group, positioning himself in a way that puts him between them and the time traveler. "We lost track of time."

River may or may not have noticed the eyes. She also manages not to laugh at Mike's comment. She's moving like one would expect a woman of this time period to move…that is to say demure. Which means that between that and Mike's protective attitude, they should completely underestimate her…

The bandits grin at each other. "A girl and her brother. Looks like you are lucky." They stare at River. "You know who we are? We are on the Crusade. Knighted by the bloody king himself." The eye have moved behind the men. "That means you have to give us anything we want."

Mike's eyes narrow at the response, head tilting a bit but not at all amused at the response. "He's heard it all before. Different words, different demands, but the same type of a-holery. The glimmer of some eyes in the background does give him some pause to his reaction. And perhaps is a bit of an inspiration for his next response. Time… to stall. Very well. Two can play at this game. If they want to be douchebags, he can be one as well. Mike scoffs at the men. Laughs. And then lifts up a hand in a halting manner as he sniffs away from the laughter. "Oh sister. Do you believe this?" He says to River, before looking to the men sternly, "Based from those words you have NO idea who we are, do you?!"

"They never do," River says, with a slight grin. "Now, I would note before you continue anything, that my husband is one of the most dangerous men on the planet." She's keeping one eye on the, well, eyes.

Vulcrow 's eyes watch from the shadows. From the darkness. This beast is hunting his prey, and grins a little at the sight. The bandits focus on River and Mike, and surround them. There is a uf! And now there is two of them. But they don't notice and it was hard to see what happeded. "Quite Frank. We have a lass far from home. Your husband would not mind you helping the crusades would he? We do have needs that are going unattented

"I'm quite certain that if any of you touched her, your very existence would come into question." Mike replies rather calmly, "He is not one you want to be on the bad side of."

River laughs ringingly. "How do you know he is not here?" Apparently they have a friend, although River doesn't have a clue, yet, as to who it is. Of course, if they touch her, she might just remove the offending hand.

The eyes, glowing yellow eyes lock on River's for a moment. curious as where she came from. Then to Mika. The eyes seem to move in a more beastly why. Definitely not in a human way. They move left and right. Close to the grond. A couple of feet a best. The bandits laugh. The two of them. "I guess Frank had to piss." One said to the other, then they look at each other. "She thinks she is tough." The men look like very vetern criminals. The kind that have killed before to survive. "You think you cna take us lass? 'Cause I don't see anyone else out here, so I don't think your husband will help tonight"

Vulcrow 's eyes disappear, or rather they move behind River and out of sight

While the sound of the Vulcrow is not apparent, there is the distant croaking sound. Mike's head tilts at the bird's sound before he looks back to them. "The croak of a raven. That does not bode well for you."

"No. I don't think I can take you." River smiles as the raven croaks, shifts her stance. "I know I can. You *really* have no idea who, or what, I am."

Vulcrow strikes! The beast finally strikes! A large beast pounces out of the shadows onto one of the men before they can react. There is a large and loud crunch. The beast crushes on the neck of the man that was threatening the young duo. "What they bloody hell!" The other man screams in terror. There was a really large tiger on the man, but this is Europe. There should be no tigers. Then it stands tall. Like a man. It has the shape of a man, but larger. Standing just under 8 feet tall. 2.5 meters ish. It glares down at the other man. Who is shakeing in fear. Unable to move, and having already pissed himself. "Uh..uh..m…m-monster." The monster strikes. Smacking the last man with a large claw and seems him flying into a tree.

As the flash of movement crosses into the teenager's peripheral vision. The future performer does act. By taking several steps back and reaching over to River to pull her back as well. Best let the large thing take care of the problem after all… Yep yep. In Mike's opinion, while close, this is not the most violent thing Mike has seen. But then again, this is most definitely a biased opinion as the general a-holery score of the bandits did take points off the ranking. Another factor may be that upon this being recognized as being THE attack. Mike has averted his glance to stave off Looky Lou Syndrome. The raven in the distance croaks repeatedly, to which Mike raises an eyebrow at the general direction of the bird. It seems even figures of folklore have morbid senses of humor.

River relaxes. "Thank you," she says to the monster. "I think I could have taken them, but that was much appreciated." She's got no patience with those kinds of people. Maybe she should not have brought Mike here, but his 'conversation' with the raven has to have some significance.

Vulcrow soon glares at the younglings. Staring deeply at them, into them, through him. HTe hulking figure is a groqese mixture of man and tiger. He is a were-tiger, but not one from the far east. To big, and to brutish. He is from Europe definitely. He glares at the two. "You….should…not…be…out now." He pauses oddly between words and speaks in deep grunts. His mouth is bloody at the moment, which does not help

As the raven stops laughing, Mike's attention turns back to the tiger-man. "We gotthat after those idiots showed up." Mike acknowleges, "Sorry, had some trouble at home and we were getting away from there for a bit. But it appears that our timing was terrible." He gives a slight bow to the bloody mouthed beast, "But thanks for your help."

River knows the weretiger. Or thinks she does. Or will, tenses being a distinctly awkward thing when you are a professional time traveler. "It was."

Vulcrow snarls a bit. His eyes dart around and look about the forest. "The…villagers…want these…men died…you…are…not with them." He is panting. Like struggling with something inside. He stares like a wild and hungry beast. One straved and just seeing food. "Where…you…from? Not here"

"A long way away. What is your name?" River's not giving a clue. The weretiger's one of the good guys. He's also very dangerous, so she's staying close to Mike.

Mike nods as River answers for the both of them. Noting that River hasn't stepped away so neither does he. "It is a long distance from here." He agrees.

Vulcrow growls a bit at the two. "You do not answer! WHY!" He is starting to get mad. No, that not right. irrataed and confused. "I…I…will not hurt you." His speech grows more normal, and he begins to move. Grabbing the bodies of the three men. "Do you…have a camp? I have a small cave with fire nearby. It will stop the cold." Suddenly Mike and River would feel the cold. It's late summer, but the nights can drop a little cold. Right now somewhere in the low to mid 50's f

"If that is an invitation, I would like to take it." River really hopes he doesn't plan on eating those guys. Eww.

Mike nods, giving a slight shiver now that the adrenaline is not overriding his senses, "We wouldn't mind. We haven't had a chance to make camp yet."

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