A Plague on Asgard
A Plague on Asgard
Title: A Plague on Asgard
Status: Finished
Synopsis: The vengeful dragon Fafnir gives Malekith a plague to use on Asgard.
Duration: April 13, 2014 - May 3, 2014
Participants: Beta Ray Bill, Frigga, Loki, Malekith, Odin
Run By: Frigga
Additional Info: Though Asgard has been cured, there is a lingering sadness over the realm. So many Asgardian lives were lost, including their beloved queen.
  • In his search for allies against Asgard, Malekith visited Nastrond and found Fafnir sitting in the ruins of his city. The two discovered they had a mutual hatred for the Asgardians, and agreed to work as allies against them. In exchange for a report on their deaths and misery, Fafnir has supplied the Dark Elf sorcerer with a plague specially made to kill the people of Asgard.
  • The disease created by Fafnir is not only biological, but magic in nature. It drains the Asgardians of their very essence and leaves them too weak to fight the viral nature of its effects. It has also been designed to spare Odin, as a way of letting him experience a similar helplessness that Fafnir felt when his people were slain.
  • Disguised as a citizen of the realm, Malekith slipped into Asgard and began spreading the disease. As promised, it began to take effect within days of exposure. Not known for being ill, the Asgardian people assumed until it was too late that there was a growing trend of fatigue.
  • The Royal Healer, Eir, and two Matron Healers, Dorna and Zerinda, discover the true nature of the illness and rush to inform the palace. Frigga is devastated to learn that her people have become so vulnerable, and quickly issues a quarantine.
  • All of Asgard continues to suffer while the disease cure is researched. The Queen of Asgard overworks herself and takes ill.
  • Once the primary ingredients are discovered, Loki sets off with Beta Ray Bill and Dorna to find the first ingredient on Jotunheim. They encounter a strange pack of ice wolves, but manage to ward them away without getting into a struggle.
  • Loki and Eir visit a mischievous Cat Elf on Alfheim and answer her riddles to retrieve the second ingredient.
  • Loki and Beta Ray Bill venture to Muspelheim and track down a giant lava-swimming turtle for the third ingredient.
  • The Queen of Asgard has been killed by Malekith to further cover up his involvement in the plague.
  • Learning that the last ingredient is in Nastrond, Odin and Loki rush to the cavernous corpse strand to take out Fafnir.
  • With the last ingredient in hand, all of Asgard will begin to recover from the disease.
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