Agent Melinda May
Ming-Na Wen
Played by: Ming-Na Wen
Name: Melinda Qiaolian May
Codename: Cavalry
Alias: alias here
Race: Human
Team: S.H.I.E.L.D.
Occupation: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
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Very little about Agent May is known by either her colleagues, friends, or family. In reality, she doesn't seem to exist on most files and systems thanks to long-standing status as a field agent.

What is known about Melinda May is generally known through her alias-nickname that she generally despises: The Cavalry. What is known has been subject to exaggeration thanks to years of tales behind passed on from one generation of trainees to another.

May was a promising agent at SHIELD. She quickly rose up in the ranks thanks to her natural athleticism, propensity to resort to handheld combat, and her advanced martial arts training. Beyond that, she proved herself a skilled tactician. Over time, she became a go-to agent for complicated situations, which she took on with ease. SHIELD was everything she hoped for: she had an innate ability and loved feeling like she was doing something important. It's no wonder she met her first husband through her time with SHIELD.

One mission, however, changed everything. It would also happen to be the mission for which she'd gleaned the nickname: The Cavalry. The details were sketchy at best to those not on the inside, but the long and short of it was a little girl with the ability to control others ended in the captor of SHIELD agents by gangsters and a woman named Eva Belyakov. Single-handedly, armed with only a knife, May thrashed her way to rescue her fellow SHIELD operatives, taking out the gangsters and Belyakov on the way. It was only then that she learned that a little girl, Belyakov's daughter Katya, was controlling the others.

The choice was obvious: May had to shoot the girl to protect the SHIELD agents. She did so, but not without its toll on her mental and physical health.

Following the standoff, May took an administrative position, completing desk duty — where she's stayed to the present.

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