Alek 'Dupe'
Played by: None
Name: Alek Cyrus
Codename: Duplicator 'Dupe'
Alias: Alek
Race: Mutant
Team: None
Occupation: Recent Graduate / Unemployed
Additional Info: I may be wierd but RP is still RP :)

When Alek was born, his yellow eyes caught the attention of the doctors and his parents but noone thought much of it. Within the matter of a month or two however he was showing signs of being a bit more then simply 'wierd'. He presented alot of the classic signs of autism. His dislike of human contact, the lack of ability to communicate even via body language, and also the tendacy to simply 'not be here'. As he grew older, he seemed to grow fascinated with holding objects, seemly having a new favorite object every day or two. This wasn't quite too odd, until they noticed that he seemed to have copies of items they swore he only had one of. One day, while he was fascinated with his father's sunglasses, a slight glow game from him. Another pair of sunglasses seemed to come out of no where.

His parents kept this little tidbit to themselves, they did however discover that this ability allowed him to copy even valuable items, like gold jewerly and such. In this regard, his special needs were able to be paid for by his own handiwork. He spent his free time both playing video games and also wandering the random museum collecting items in his own way. He drifted through life, the kids were tough on him, autism isn't something that most can understand or deal with. To him, everything was amazing, small universes of shiny protons and electrons. Electronics and Computers, organized chaos of charges, things that can be edged into different orders.

Against all odds, he made his way through high school and even into college, though he kept a very non-regular path throughout. He barely showed up for class, he never really opened a book (he did touch them though, so he did technically have read them). He seemed to come up with his own answers to questions, doing terrible on standardized tests but extremely well on essays. He did manage to make his way through college but as he has just recently left college, he's looking for a path in life.

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